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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Here's 25 things you didnt know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands. Named after the team, Giants Stadium opened on October 10, 1976. Giants controversial move from New York to Jersey. First game at the Stadium. NY Giants -Wikipedia.
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2016 Preseason Schedule
Aug 12MiamiL 27-10
Aug 20at BuffaloL 21-0
Aug 27at JetsW 21-20
Sept 7New England W 17-9

2016 NY Giants Games
Sept 11at Dallas20-19
Sept 18     New Orleans16-13
Sept 25    WashingtonL  29-27
Oct 3 at MinnesotaL  24-10
Oct 19at Green BayL  23-16
Oct 16    Baltimore27-23
Oct 23at Los Angeles17-10
Nov 6     Philadelphia28-23
Nov 14    Cincinnati21-20
Nov 20    Chicago22-16
Nov 4at PittsburghL  24-14
Dec 11    Dallas10-7
Dec 18    Detroit17-6
Dec 22at PhiladelphiaL  24-19
Jan 1at Washington19-10
Jan 8at Green BayL  38-13

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2017 Preseason Schedule
Fri 8/11    PittsburghL 20-12 Sat 8/26   Jets7:00 PM
Mon 8/21at Cleveland8:00 PM Thu 8/31at New England7:30 PM
2017 Regular Season Schedule
Sun 9/10at Dallas8:30 PM Sun 11/12at San Francisco4:25 PM
Mon 9/18     Detroit8:30 PMSun 11/19    Kansas City1:00 PM
Sun 9/24at Philadelphia1:00 PM Thu 11/23at Washington8:30 PM
Sun 10/1at Tampa Bay4:05 PM Sun 12/3at Oakland4:25 PM
Sun 10/8    San Diego1:00 PM Sun 12/10    Dallas4:25 PM
Sun 10/15at Denver8:30 PM Sun 12/17   Philadelphia1:00 PM
Sun 10/22    Seattle4:25 AM Sun 12/24at Arizona4:25 PM
Bye WeekSun 12/31    Washington1:00 PM
Sun 11/5    Los Angeles1:00 PM Complete Schedules - All Teams
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2017 NFL Draft - New York Giants
1Round 1 - 23rd pick (23)Evan EngramTE
2Round 2 - 23rd pick (55)Dalvin TomlinsonDT
3Round 3 - 23rd pick (87) Davis Webb QB
4Round 4 - 34th pick (140) Wayne Gallman RB
5Round 5 - 23rd pick (167) Avery Moss DE
6Round 6 - 16rd pick (200) Adam Bisnowaty OT
7Round 7 - 23rd pick (241) Pick traded to Titans  
Coaches updates on rookies
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Aug 19 Memo to Geno Smith and Josh Johnson: play better on Monday night in Cleveland. That was Ben McAdoo's message at the very least Thursday afternoon when the coach said rookie quarterback Davis Webb is not out of consideration for the No. 2 job backing up Eli Manning.
He is the Giants' first legitimate heir apparent to Eli Manning, but that doesn't mean Davis Webb is a young man in a hurry, whether he truly has a chance to overtake Geno Smith and Josh Johnson for the No. 2 job or not.

Justin Pugh is entering his fifth season with the Giants. That may not sound like a long time, but consider the changes that have taken place during his tenure. There's a new head coach, he's playing a different position than he was when he started at right tackle as a rookie, and virtually everyone who was in the locker room to greet him in those first days with the team is gone.
All of the weapons the Giants have on offense won't mean anything if the offensive line isn't able to open holes in the running game and protect the quarterback. Offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan conceded that undeniable fact and said he's confident the line will do its part this season.

Aug 18 Special Report - While the Giants toil through summer workouts - training camp wraps up this week - there is still plenty of work to be done, especially along the offensive line, in the running game and at backup quarterback, among other key pressure points on the depth chart.
Because the Giants feel that they have more than a good chance to win the NFC East division and possibly go deep into the post-season (further?), there are 16 games in their way, six of which are against division rivals. Why don't we take a look at what the NFC East opponents have been up to so far this summer?

Aug 17 Brandon Marshall already knew Odell Beckham Jr., but Giants training camp - which broke Tuesday after three weeks - was the first time the veteran wide receiver and the superstar spent significant on- and off-field time with each other.

Banged-up Giants linebackers give two rookies chance to impress in practice. The banged-up crew is certainly a concern for what is probably the Giants' weak link in their highly touted defense, but it has opened the door for other guys to make the team, most notably Calvin Munson and Curtis Grant.

Cracking the Giants secondary as an opposing offense is a tough challenge. Even more difficult? Cracking them as a newcomer to the group. Valentino Blake has been able to do that.

Aug 16 Heading into an 11-day span that includes three more preseason games, the team held practice No. 14 on Tuesday at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center.
The New York Giants wrapped their annual summer training camp Tuesday afternoon, but head coach Ben McAdoo knows the team still has a lot of work to do before their September 10 regular season opener.

A ticked-off Ben McAdoo made Geno Smith and Wayne Gallman run a lap around the field at Tuesday's practice after two fumbles on two consecutive Smith snaps at quarterback.
Geno Smith and Wayne Gallman did not run a lap around the practice field as punishment for botching a handoff and fumbling the ball in Tuesday's practice. Rather it was for catharsis.

Players get a much-needed day off on Wednesday. They'll return for four days of preparation for Monday's second preseason game against the Browns.
They got through this stage in remarkably good health. They assuaged some fears, yet failed to alleviate more than a few nagging concerns.

Aug 15 The New York Giants held their final open practice of training camp on Monday, so a certain three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver decided to leave the fans with the best highlight of this summer and really any summer.
Odell Beckham Jr. has made a pair of incredible catches in the past two practices. Videos of the catches on the Giants' Twitter account have combined for more than 50,000 likes as of Monday afternoon. Coach Ben McAdoo is not among that crowd. "I like two hands on the ball better than one," McAdoo said.

Odell Beckham Jr. is so confident he can win a Super Bowl with the Giants that on Monday, he said the team needs to make room for banner No. 5. It is yet another lofty goal set by the fourth-year receiver.
He is the 13th Wonder of the World at Giants training camp, his one-handed catches accomplished with the greatest of ease, his dancing made for "Dancing with the Stars." But on that one hand, he is desperate for one ring.

Giants coach Ben McAdoo declared Paul Perkins the team's starting running back in May. The last few days have raised some questions, though. McAdoo went out of his way to criticize Perkins only getting seven yards on a run to open the Giants' first offensive series in last Friday's preseason-opening loss to the Steelers.
Orleans Darkwa has done his part to put pressure on Perkins. Darkwa carried over a strong start to training camp with an impressive performance in limited action in the preseason opener against the Steelers on Friday.

Aug 14 Giants coach Ben McAdoo calls QB Eli Manning 'a little bit rusty'. Giants coach Ben McAdoo knew he had a supplied a headline. And even as he tried to put the toothpaste back in the tube, McAdoo knew it was too late.

Following Friday night's preseason opener, the New York Giants resumed training camp on Sunday at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center.

Sterling Shepard practiced in full on Sunday for the first time since spraining his left ankle in a non-contract drill on Aug. 2, finally putting Ben McAdoo's full, first-team offense back on the field.

Ben McAdoo already getting restless about the mistakes on offense. McAdoo wants to see his offense - the one he calls plays for on game days - produce, clean up and step up. And it's good that he's speaking up about it earlier.

Aug 13 After months of speculation, we finally got to see the Giants in action in their preseason opener on Friday against the Steelers. The game revealed revealed where players stand on the depth chart and laid a foundation for who is on the outside looking in.

Evaluating the Giants' defense in the preseason loss to Steelers. Ben McAdoo's first-string defense dominated on Friday, with two three-and-outs and two interceptions by Valentino Blake and Devin Taylor.

Aug 12 Steelers 20, Giants 12
The Giants got a good look at their kickers on Friday night, but settling for field goals didn't cut it as they fell 20-12 to the Steelers in the preseason opener.
The Giants offense had many of the same issues that bogged it down last year. On third downs, they were five of 17, (29 percent). They went 0 for 2 in the red zone and in goal-to-go efficiency. And they averaged just 3.2 yards per carry on the ground, with starter Paul Perkins gaining just three yards on five carries.

Geno Smith takes early lead in backup battle despite ugly pick. The word Justin Pugh used to describe going out there without Eli Manning was "strange." Scary might be another apt description.
Giants rookie TE Evan Engram has good first experience. Evan Engram moves around a lot in the Giants' offense, but the rookie tight end came away from Friday's preseason opener with a sense of stability.

Giants' first-string defense picks up where it left off. Landon Collins set an early tone against the Steelers. Possibly, too, it will set the tone for the season.

Landon Collins said he was flying to the ball to start the Giants' preseason opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers Friday night because he is "coming out of the gate blazing" in the 2017 NFL season.
The Giants first-team defense, with the exception of defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, got the start in Friday's preseason opener against the Steelers.

Aug 11 The numbers that back up Eli Manning's 'best' start with Ben McAdoo. Ben McAdoo had some interesting praise for Eli Manning the other day.

Although the preseason can't be over fast enough, there are still some intriguing questions as the Giants take the field for the first time in what could be a Super Bowl season,

How Evan Engram's mom scared him into going for greatness. It took exactly one question, about her son's professional football debut Friday night,

Giants give up on draft pick who just keeps getting hurt. Sometimes it just is not meant to be. Such was the case for Mykkele Thompson's stay with the Giants, which ended Thursday, one day before the preseason opener.

Aug 10 Ben McAdoo isn't one to show his cards, but the Giants coach offered a telling clue on Wednesday about his plan for quarterback Eli Manning in Friday night's preseason opener against the Steelers.

In their final full practice before Friday night's preseason opener, the New York Giants were back on the field Wednesday at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. Here is a recap of the day.

NFL News
Colin Kaepernick gets the attention. Jay Cutler gets the job. And Robert Griffin III gets to work out furiously, apparently, preparing for a job that hasn't begun to formulate.

Aug 9 The legend of Matt LaCosse grows every spring. The Giants tight end has demonstrated a knack for standing out during Organized Team Activities (OTAs) and minicamp when players are wearing shorts and t-shirts.
The Giants' first preseason game
is this Friday against the Steelers, which means it's time for guys on the roster bubble to show what they've got. One of those guys is tight end Matt LaCosse.

Select Giants season ticket-holders enjoyed a special treat on Monday afternoon when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Giants President/CEO/co-owner John Mara, and Super Bowl Champions Amani Toomer and Shaun O'Hara gathered for a season ticket holder town hall.

Brandon Marshall's ex-teammates with the Jets may not have anything nice to say about him, but the Giants seem to be getting along with their new addition.

Aug 8 There isn't an Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield and the Giants don't have the Cowboys' offensive line. That won't stop the men in the Big Blue running backs room from believing they can run enough to see a Lombardi Trophy in the distance.

Ereck Flowers on Saturday uttered maybe the most significant words the Giants left tackle has spoken since the team drafted him ninth overall in 2015. He did something unexpected: Flowers criticized himself.

Aug 7 The Giants look like a team with Super Bowl potential on paper. Sunday's release of their star-studded first unofficial depth chart of 2017 confirmed that, ahead of Friday night's preseason opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers at MetLife Stadium.

Eight practices into camp, the Giants are pretty darn good. The defense should be exceptional. With nine starters returning and locked in, the only starting battles or positions to wonder about were at middle linebacker, free safety and right defensive tackle. Well, fret not. All three spots appear as if they are well-manned.

Donte Deayon emerging as reliable depth option for the Giants at cornerback. Donte Deayon had a stall in the Giants' locker room last season off the wall, in the middle of the room. He was a practice squad rookie corner with a space in the building but no game day jersey to wear on Sundays.

Giants linemen Bobby Hart, Ereck Flowers have something to prove. Both are young. Both had disappointing 2016 seasons. And both return to a starting position in training camp with a microscope on their progress.

Aug 6 The Giants held their longest practice of training camp on Sunday. Coach Ben McAdoo was pleased with the amount of work the team squeezed into the 2-hour, 10-minute session.
One of the things the Giants worked hard on was their red zone offense, which last year wasn't very effective. Tight end Evan Engram stole the show in the red zone, showing exactly why the Giants liked him so much to draft him first overall.

Former Giants.
Michael Strahan was a visitor to training camp Saturday. Strahan watched some of the session, and then addressed the team at the end.

Aug 5 The Giants have a period in practice that they call "Opportunity Seven-on-Seven." It might as well be called The Davis Webb Show.

B.J. Goodson's high level of intensity has stood out through the early part of training camp. He's been consistently delivering hard hits on his teammates, and that physicality has gotten him involved in some scuffles.
After playing just 13 defensive snaps as a rookie fourth-round pick last season, the Clemson product was tasked with becoming the starting middle linebacker in his second year.

Aug 4 Even when he is given a day off, Eli Manning isn't far from the action. But instead of simply observing in his baseball cap, Manning grabbed a walkie-talkie and started calling the plays like an offensive coordinator.

When Sterling Shepard planted his foot while running a routine route during Wednesday's practice, the Giants wide receiver said his left ankle rolled 90 degrees.
The fear Sterling Shepard could be lost for the season was about as real as his supposed tears. But Friday, Shepard said an MRI confirmed the team's initial prognosis that it was nothing more than a sprained ankle and bone bruise.

When the Giants reported back for training camp in late July after a six-week break, coach Ben McAdoo commended his players for staying "off the ticker." On Thursday, every player was rewarded for his good behavior with a new pair of Air Jordan 4 sneakers.

Aug 3 For the third straight day, the New York Giants went through a full padded practice. And for the third straight day, there were some dustups - at least three to be exact - that occurred during team drills.
Ben McAdoo had no problem with tempers flaring for the fourth consecutive practice on Thursday. There was a particularly heated skirmish during a run drill on Thursday that featured linemen on both sides of the ball.

Aug 2 What a difference a year makes for Paul Perkins. Last season as a rookie, Perkins was playing catch-up with the offense and found himself way down on the depth chart behind the likes of Rashad Jennings, Shane Vereen and Orleans Darkwha. Now, he's the Giants' featured back at training camp.

Well, it was fun while it lasted for Aldrick Rosas. The rookie spent the first few days of his first NFL training camp as the only kicker on the Giants roster. That changed Tuesday, when the Giants signed Mike Nugent, a 13-year veteran with 158 regular-season and postseason games on his resume.

His NFL career is in its infancy and this is the early stages of his first training camp, yet Dalvin Tomlinson sees a pathway to a coveted starting job on the loaded Giants defensive line.
What Tomlinson hopes to do is convince the Giants coaches that he's the right man to step into the spot vacated by Johnathan Hankins on that defensive line.

Win one for Jayro. It was a rallying cry for some Giants before training camp began and now it hits even closer to home as Jayro Ponce, the 9-year-old Giants fan battling a rare form of cancer, lost his battle with the deadly disease late Monday night, his family announced.

Former Giants
Jared Lorenzen was known in his playing days for his large frame, but ballooned to 500 pounds last year. He is now launching a video project to help inspire others to drop pounds.

NFL News
With the start of the season almost upon us, it might be useful to look at the various changes that have been implemented that will affect the manner in which the game will be officiated this season.

Aug 1 Giants coach Ben McAdoo has been talking up Evan Engram's blocking ability since the team selected the tight end in the first round of the draft. The Giants plan to move Engram around frequently. They have been tinkering with a variety of looks early in training camp, including more two-tight end sets than they used last season.

It is almost as if they are linked, joined together by their age, position and career arch. They are referred to as "the two young tackles" and at times it seems as if the fall or rise of Ereck Flowers and Bobby Hart is intertwined.

Steve Spagnuolo is still the Giants' defensive coordinator. Maybe because of the strides they made last season, going from the worst defense in the NFL to one of the top units, Spagnuolo is allowing the players to have more input and more say in what will happen on the field this season.

Jonathan Casillas grew up in New Jersey, right in the heart of Giants territory. And he played for seven NFL seasons and won two Super Bowls before he signed with the Giants in 2015. Yet even he did not appreciate the full scope of what it means to play defense for this franchise until he arrived with the team.

Aldrick Rosas is the only kicker in Giants' training camp. In some ways, his competition for the job come Sept. 10 in the regular season opener against the Cowboys can be found in the mirror. But that's not entirely how Rosas sees it.

NFL News
Colin Kaepernick is still unemployed, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell believes it has nothing to do with the quarterback's political beliefs.

July 31 Training camp fights are typically reserved for members of opposite sides of the ball and usually happen during full-contact drills. Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins and safety Eric Pinkins got into a scuffle after a wind sprint late in Sunday's practice.
It took until the New York Giants' third training camp practice for things to turn chirpy. The dustup was over as quickly as it started. And McAdoo seemed fine with what happened.

Giants rookie Jadar Johnson abruptly retires from football. The Giants rookie announced his retirement on Sunday three days into his first training camp.

Former Giants
Larry Donnell will get a chance at a fresh start after signing with the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Donnell spent five years with the Giants after joining the team as an undrafted free agent in 2012.

July 30 The Giants upped the intensity for their second training camp practice on Saturday. While players were still only in helmets and shells, there were competitive 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 team periods.
On the first play of the 7-on-7 period, Eli Manning looked as if he wanted to make an immediate statement. Manning's pass got hung up a bit in the stiff wind, but Brandon Marshall used his size and strength to box out Janoris Jenkins to make the catch, much to the delight of the fans on hand.
Head coach Ben McAdoo hasn't come right out and said it in so many words, at least not yet but it's clear that's really pushing the "all for one" motif in his locker room. The best example of this came on one of the very first plays in the 11-on-11 session.

The Giants' 2017 training camp needs a new official name: The Odell Beckham Jr. Lovefest. On Saturday, the Beckham hype machine spun into dizzying overdrive when new Giant Brandon Marshall declared, unsolicited, that "Odell obviously is the best player in the NFL."
Beckham lined up to the left of the formation, awaited the snap to Eli Manning, and then raced upfield. He ran a deep crossing route and was wide open when he caught Manning's pass in stride and raced in for the touchdown. A crowd of several hundred people roared their approval from the bleachers.

July 29 The Giants are going all-in on Odell. John Mara committed unequivocally Friday afternoon to signing star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to a lucrative long-term contract extension, possibly "sooner rather than later.
Mara wants him to be a Giant For Life because he believes Beckham can be instrumental in delivering that fifth Lombardi Trophy to East Rutherford, because he hasn't had a player this impactful since Lawrence Taylor.

Eli Manning showed some signs of fatigue Friday after the Giants held their first practice of training camp. It had nothing to do with being 36 years old. It had everything to do with discussing the fact he is 36 years old.

Conventional wisdom says the Giants can't have enough capable pass catchers, but it would be understandable if Sterling Shepard has some qualms about that logic. It seems inevitable Shepard's targets will go down. The question is just how much.

B.J. Goodson is primed to become the Giants' new middle linebacker, but it's an old, familiar face that's helping him prepare for the challenge. Former Big Blue middle linebacker Antonio Pierce was back on the practice field at Quest Diagnostics Training Center in East Rutherford, hovering over Goodson during drills.

July 28 John Mara said several times during the offseason that he wants Odell Beckham Jr. to be a Giant for life. On Thursday, Beckham gave the team's co-owner a hint of what that might cost.
Odell Beckham wants to be the NFL's highest-paid player. Does he have a chance? Could Beckham become the Giants' highest-paid player once Eli Manning retires? Certainly. Is the highest-paid non-quarterback a reasonable goal? No doubt.

GM Jerry Reese's big risk could undermine this Giants season. Jerry Reese was in a good mood on Thursday, which is typical for everyone on the first day of training camp.
The Giants have high expectations entering this season, but perhaps their most glaring weakness is the offensive line. Big Blue returns all five starters on the line this season, but center Weston Richburg and guard Justin Pugh are optimistic things will be different.
Their line was substandard, especially the work of their tackles, Ereck Flowers on the left side and Bobby Hart on the right side. The run blocking was shoddy and the pass protection was suspect.

Reese: Eli Manning's workload to be managed in 2017. Through careful attention to detail, including managing his snaps, general manager Jerry Reese is hoping that there are still a lot of good years left in Manning's right arm.
There has not been much intrigue around the Giants' quarterback situation since Eli Manning took the reins from Kurt Warner in Week 10 of the 2004 season.

July 27 Special Report - Well, Giants Nation, training camp opens up Friday, and expectations for this team have not been this high entering the summer sessions in at least five years, going back to 2012 (when New York was the defending world champion), so there is a lot to be excited about in East Rutherford.
After all, the team finished 11-5 last season, a record that was only exceeded by one solitary team in the NFC. Unfortunately, that team happened to be in our division (Cowboys) which meant a trip to Lambeau Field on Wild Card Weekend to play the Packers in January, always a challenging proposition. And we all know how that ended up after a promising first quarter - a 38-13 demolition that ended the Giants season.
But 11-5 is the best record they have had in nine years, and on top of that, their formerly moribund defense went from second to last in the NFL in 2015, to second best scoring defense in football (17.8 points per game), only behind the Patriots (16.7 pts/game).

July 26 The start of the Giants' most-anticipated season in a while is a day away. The second year of the Ben McAdoo era will open Thursday when the Giants report to the team facility in East Rutherford for the start of training camp.
Players report Thursday and the Giants take the field Friday for their first training camp practice of the summer. Of the 90 players assembled, nearly 40 percent will not make the final cut. For the next five weeks, the Giants will evaluate the talent on hand and determine who stays and who goes.

Landon Collins spent part of this past Friday on a high school field in Wayne, New Jersey, working with about 200 grade school-aged football campers. He posed for pictures, threw some soft passes and handed out a few tips and words of advice to the kids. It was a very sweet optic. But that was not the camp on Collins' mind.
Much has changed since Giants safeties coach Dave Merritt played linebacker in the NFL from 1993-95. The latest example is the huge projection screen on a wall in the Giants' indoor practice facility. The screen is large enough that players appear life-size, so a film session becomes interactive.

The Giants travel to Dallas on Sept. 10 for a Sunday Night Football matchup with the Cowboys. It will be the Giants' third straight opener in Dallas. Dwayne Harris has a personal connection to the rivalry. He spent his first four seasons with the Cowboys before signing a five-year, $17.5 million contract with the Giants in 2015.

July 25 Open Letter to Odell Beckham: We've seen too many talents wasted in New York -- don't be the next one. When you report to your fourth training camp with the Giants on Thursday, your approval rating with Giants fans will be at its peak after your act of kindness last week.

July 24 Evaluating the New York Giants running back situation. As training camp prepares to open, several position battles become focal points.
The Giants don't have many loose ends to tie up as they prepare to report to training camp on Thursday, July 27, but they do have some.

July 23 The biggest question of Giants camp should lose training wheels. Here are five Giants to watch when training camp begins on Thursday: OT Ereck Flowers, LB B.J. Goodson, RB Paul Perkin, FS Darian Thompson, K Aldrick Rosas.

Running back Paul Perkins has the greatest potential of any Giant for a second-year breakout. In an uncharacteristic move, Giants coach Ben McAdoo named Perkins the starting running back this spring.

NFC East News
The Post's guide to the 2016-17 NFC East.

July 22 Landon Collins appears to be more offended by Dak Prescott's prediction of a repeat NFC East title for the Cowboys than Jason Pierre-Paul had been the previous day. The All-Pro safety fired back at Dak on Friday, saying he highly doubts the Dallas quarterback's prognostication will come true this season.

At next week's training camp, Giants' safety Landon Collins wants a chance to showcase his skills on the other side of the ball. During OTAs earlier this summer, McAdoo introduced an "opportunity period" after practice which allowed players to work with other positions. Collins said he worked with the receivers.

Former Giants
Plaxico Burress, the former Giants wide receiver and Super Bowl XLII hero, was on hand Friday in Glendale, Ariz., as the Cardinals opened training camp, according to multiple reports. Burress is said to be there as a coaching intern under head coach Bruce Arians, who was his position coach with the Steelers in 2004.

July 21 Jason Pierre-Paul doesn't blame Dak Prescott for guaranteeing the Dallas Cowboys will win the NFC East at this month's ESPY Awards. JPP is just as confident in himself and the Giants. Plus, Prescott and the Cowboys, swept by Big Blue in last year's season series, are going to have to prove it anyway in Week 1 this fall down in Texas.
Jason Pierre-Paul won't declare the Giants a Super Bowl contender because "everyone thinks they're a Super Bowl contender" at this time of year, but he understands others have a somewhat-different outlook. It's also about the fear - in the Giants and their defense, that is.
Just like that, Pierre-Paul, 28, is entering his eighth season with the Giants and is the longest-tenured defensive player, around the team longer than any player other than Eli Manning and Zak DeOssie. It does not seem as if he just recently arrived, but the thought of JPP as an elder statesman is, well, a bit unnerving.

NFL News
Here are 50 predicted headlines to mull over, laying out the various highs and lows that will mark the season as it unfolds, from September to February.

July 20 The Giants will open training camp in eight days (on July 27), so the 2018 offseason is a long way away. That being said, what happens between now and the end of the 2017 season will have a major impact on the future of a slew of Giants who are entering the final years of their contracts, including left guard Justin Pugh, center Weston Richburg, linebacker Keenan Robinson and others.

Ereck Flowers dedicated himself this offseason to change his New York Giants narrative in 2017 and veteran defensive tackle Damon Harrison has taken note. "I've had the chance to watch Ereck Flowers this offseason first-hand," Harrison said Tuesday on Sirius XM Radio, via Big Blue View. The guy is 100 percent committed to doing better than he did last year."

July 18 It looks like New York is finally getting to Ben McAdoo. At least fashionwise. The notoriously style-challenged Giants head coach appeared on NBC New York with Bruce Beck on Sunday night looking as though he'd undergone a full-fledged off-season metamorphosis into Pat Riley.

Former Giants
Mark Bavaro, arguably the greatest tight end in Giants history, wondered why it had taken so long for the organization to use a high draft pick on a tight end.

July 15 The development of a high-quality middle linebacker has been a longstanding issue for the Giants. The Giants have a legitimately elite defensive line and a secondary that's deserving of that same distinction. Between the front four and back four players, however, is a trio that ranked amongst the very worst in the NFL in 2017.

NFC East News
Eagles - NFL Fantasy Draft: Where does really Carson Wentz belong? Pro Football Focus recently put together a mock draft. Leaving Wentz off the list is surprising.
Redskins - As Monday's deadline approaches, the Redskins aren't the only franchise pinning their 2018 hopes on Kirk Cousins.
Cowboys - For the first time since he was a little kid, Tony Romo is not spending his summer getting ready to play football.

July 14 Brandon Marshall saw which way the Jets were going and wanted no part of losing. The former Jets and now Giants wide receiver said in a radio interview Thursday he asked for his release from Gang Green when he saw the team was going to rebuild.
Brandon Marshall abruptly walked out of a radio interview when the subject turned to race Thursday morning. Appearing on a remote broadcast of WEEI's "Kirk & Callahan Show," Marshall was upset when the interview veered towards race and comments he made in 2015 about how white and black players are treated differently.

July 10 Sometimes we don't appreciate what's in front of us. That seems to be the case with Giants quarterback Eli Manning. Manning gets picked apart more than any other two-time Super Bowl MVP.

July 9 Thirteen months back, Ben McAdoo was a 38-year-old with big eyes and nothing to lose, coaching a 2016 team on a four-year playoff drought after two-time Super Bowl winning coach Tom Coughlin was pushed out the door. But following an 11-5 debut and a 2016 playoff berth, McAdoo suddenly faces heightened outside expectations: Simply making the playoffs won't be sufficient.

July 6 Don't sweat it, Giants: 7 reasons why 2017 schedule means NFC East title. The league did space out the long flights. The Giants have at least two weeks between each of their four long flight. The Giants will travel 22,954 miles this season, according to Delta. That is the ninth-most travel miles in the NFL this season, and the most for any East Coast team that is not playing a game in London.

Several Giants asserted themselves in the offseason as sleepers to contribute on offense, including receiver Darius Powe, quarterback Geno Smith, fullback Shane Smith, running back Shaun Draughn and offensive lineman Adam Bisnowaty. Here are the guys on defense to keep an eye on as training camp approaches in late July.

Jason Pierre-Paul has sold his 5,433-square-foot mansion in Boca Raton, FL, for $1.2 million-exactly the price he paid for it five years ago. The 28-year-old defensive stud grew up 10 miles south of Boca, in Deerfield Beach, FL.

July 4 Are Odell Beckham Jr. and Landon Collins on their way to The Hall Of Fame? Will the Giants' two best young players have careers that are Canton-worthy?

July 3 The Giants' path to prominence this season is on the ground, according to Pro Football Weekly. The long-running periodical has released its 2017 NFL season preview magazine, and it projects another playoff trip for the Giants. PFW says the Giants will just miss winning the NFC East, tying the Cowboys on record (10-6) but losing the division on unspecified tiebreakers.

June 30 Special Report - Jerry Reese is the Giants' general manager and he is also an undeniable optimist. "This is football," he says, "not a mathematical equation. Things happen that you don't expect and can't predict, either way."
So the man who is accused of presiding over a collapsing offensive line and playing with fire regarding a young, inexperienced and insatiable backup quarterback situation is sitting back - well, sort of - and evaluating the team he has built with the season drawing ever closer.
"Things tend to work out," he says, not mentioning that his first draft class (2007) saw all eight players make the team and help to lead the Giants to a Super Bowl victory.

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