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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Here's 25 things you didnt know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands. Named after the team, Giants Stadium opened on October 10, 1976. Giants controversial move from New York to Jersey. First game at the Stadium. NY Giants -Wikipedia.
Warner DVD NFL: New York Giants -
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2017 Preseason Games
Aug 11PittsburghL 20-12
Aug 21at ClevelandL 10-6
Aug 26JetsW 32-31
Aug 31at New England W 40-38

2016 NY Giants Games
Sept 11at Dallas20-19
Sept 18     New Orleans16-13
Sept 25    WashingtonL  29-27
Oct 3 at MinnesotaL  24-10
Oct 19at Green BayL  23-16
Oct 16    Baltimore27-23
Oct 23at Los Angeles17-10
Nov 6     Philadelphia28-23
Nov 14    Cincinnati21-20
Nov 20    Chicago22-16
Nov 4at PittsburghL  24-14
Dec 11    Dallas10-7
Dec 18    Detroit17-6
Dec 22at PhiladelphiaL  24-19
Jan 1at Washington19-10
Jan 8at Green BayL  38-13

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Transcripts: Eli Manning, Ben McAdoo, Jerry Reese | Giants TV and Web Schedule
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Giants in the Super Bowl   |   Best photos from the first half of 2017   |    

2017 Regular Season Schedule
Sun 9/10at DallasL 19-3 Sun 11/12at San FranciscoL 31-21
Mon 9/18     DetroitL 24-10Sun 11/19    Kansas CityW 12-9
Sun 9/24at PhiladelphiaL 27-24 Thu 11/23at WashingtonL 20-10
Sun 10/1at Tampa BayL 25-23 Sun 12/3at OaklandL 24-17
Sun 10/8    L.A. ChargersL 27-22 Sun 12/10    DallasL 30-10
Sun 10/15at DenverW 23-10 Sun 12/17   Philadelphia1:00 PM
Sun 10/22    SeattleL 24-7 Sun 12/24at Arizona4:25 PM
Bye WeekSun 12/31    Washington1:00 PM
Sun 11/5    Los AngelesL 51-17 Complete Schedules - All Teams
Giants week-by-week breakdownd   |  Game-by-game predictions  -  Curtis Rawls   -  James Kratch

Eli Manning Photos - Every start from 2004   | More Manning - A look back

Dec 14 John Mara wants Eli Manning to play for Giants in 2018 as team's GM search begins. John Mara can't forget the look on his father Wellington's face when GM George Young cut Phil Simms in June of 1994.

When announcing the firings of Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese, John Mara said "there were certain guys that on this roster that aren't playing as well as they should be playing." While Mara didn't name names, it doesn't take a mind-reader to figure out who is on his list of underachievers.

Collins hasn't performed at last season's Defensive Player of the Year level and the ankle injury has obviously been a factor. But he has 102 tackles, which is 38 more than any other member of the Giants and is the most of any defensive back in the NFL.

Landon Collins has Eli Apple's back, but he did not mince words with his assessment for why the embattled cornerback's second season has been so tumultuous. The Giants safety said Apple's struggles are "mental" and related to off-field issues in his personal life.

Giants rave about Davis Webb's 'Wow' factor, now let him play. It wouldn't be the end of the world if he doesn't get his feet wet behind that offensive line, and without a heavy-handed running game or a defense that has his back. Just give him the damn ball in Arizona anyway. Let's see what we got.

Dec 13 Giants' offense knows it's not pulling its weight and helping league-worst defense. While the offense may not be ranked as low as the defense, it's pretty clear that the majority of the losses this season have come from a lack of scoring and not a lack of stopping the scoring.

The Giants' 2017 season has been an unmitigated disaster from the beginning and it is almost finally over. Five Giants with the most on the line in last three games of disastrous season.

The debate is actually quite silly. For those who wonder if Davis Webb is ready to start an NFL game, we bring you back to late November 2004. Was rookie Eli Manning ready to start his first NFL game?

Continuing to try to find players to complete their roster and finish the final three games of the season with enough healthy bodies, the Giants signed two players off other teams' practice squads, adding offensive lineman Damien Mama from the Chiefs and receiver Hunter Sharp from the Broncos.

Dec 12 Special Report - Giants' head coach Steve Spagnuolo conducted his first post-game interview Monday, after the disheartening 30-10 loss to Dallas on Sunday, and two players seemed to monopolize the conversation - quarterback Davis Webb and cornerback Eli Apple.
The assembled scribes wanted to know why each player had been listed as inactive against the Cowboys, and as it turned out there were different explanations.

Everything Steve Spagnuolo said about Eli Manning, Davis Webb, Giants' baffling QB situation. To sum it all up: Spagnuolo said he will do whatever he thinks gives the Giants the best chance to win each week.
The time has not yet come for Davis Webb's Giants audition. Don't hold your breath waiting to see him play, much less replace Eli Manning.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie calls Giants teammate Eli Apple's retweet 'bad timing'. Interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo, who has worked with Apple in his first two seasons as defensive coordinator, said he spoke to him about the tweeting.

Dec 11 Giants lose to the Cowboys 30-10
On the game. Game 13
Gamegirl ..."It was really hard to watch the game last week without Eli Manning playing. The fans were glad to see him back on the field..."
Mikefan ..."The Giants held their own in the first half. It's too bad they couldn't continue. Eli Manning had completed 14 of his 18 passes for 117 yards, and a touchdown in the first half..."

ESPN - Prescott throws 3 TDs as Cowboys spoil Eli's return. - Instant Analysis: Cowboys 30, Giants 10.
StarLedger - Giants lose to Cowboys, 30-10, in Steve Spagnuolo's debut.
StarLedger - Giants' Eli Manning can't work a miracle in starting return vs. Cowboys.
StarLedger - Eli Manning is going to start again next week -- and that makes no sense.
StarLedger - Steve Spagnuolo explains why Eli Apple was inactive again.
TheRecord - Dallas Cowboys 30, New York Giants 10.

NYPost - Eli Manning apologizes to fans in a year that just won't end.
NYPost - Steve Spagnuolo points the finger where McAdoo wouldn't.
NYPost - Evan Engram quietly rails about Giants' inept offense.
NYPost - Giants' glimpse of life without Landon Collins was scary.
NYPost - Giants report card: Eli Manning's back, and problems haven't left.
NYPost - Eli Apple celebrates Giants getting torched.
NYDailyNews - Steve Spagnuolo flops in first Giants head coach audition.
NYDailyNews - Giants crushed by Cowboys, 30-10 despite Eli Manning's return.
NYDailyNews - Giants Grades and Extra Points: Another failing effort from offense.
NYDailyNews - As Manning falters, decision not to play Webb is baffling.
NYDailyNews - Eli Apple celebrates Cowboys RB Rod Smith's TD on Twitter.
Newsday - Eli Manning returns, but so do Giants' bad habits in loss to Cowboys.
Newsday - Grading the Giants: Offense gets an F.
Newsday - Explosive Cowboys overwhelm Giants' secondary.
Newsday - Eli Appreciation Day earned, but now let's see Webb.
InsideFootball - Dallas Cowboys 30, New York Giants 10.
BigBlueInteractive - Dallas Cowboys 30 - New York Giants 10.
Star-Telegram - Cowboys shake off Giants with big plays late.

Giants (2-10) vs Cowboys (6-6) Game Preview
The Cowboys enjoyed a Thursday night 38-14 victory over the Washington Redskins. The Cowboys never trailed in the game, and the Redskins didn't help their cause by committing four turnovers.
The Giants tried something new last Sunday in Oakland, but ended up with the same results. Head coach Ben McAdoo had second string quarterback Geno Smith take the start. The Giants lost to the Raiders 24-17, and McAdoo lost his job the next day.
Giants - Raiders Wrap-Up

Dec 10 This is a chance for Giants fans to show their love for Eli Manning. He gets this kind of day largely because he was wronged when he lost his job and his 210-game consecutive streak, because it has dawned on Blue York finally that it won't soon see the likes of an Eli Manning again.
The MetLife Stadium crowd is almost certain to give Manning a standing ovation befitting a two-time Super Bowl MVP who may be nearing the end of his time with the only franchise he's ever known.
If only this was the championship showdown so many predicted back in September. From that perspective, the Giants failed miserably to live up to their end of the bargain. Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese have paid for the Giants' incompetence during this 2-10 campaign with their jobs this past week.

Dec 9 The Giants season has been far from ordinary for even the most seasoned veterans - just ask Eli Manning - so imagine going through this as a rookie?

Jason Pierre-Paul will play through finger injury. Jason Pierre-Paul plans to play Sunday, but the Giants defensive end might take the field looking like he did in 2015, when he wore heavy, club-like padding on the right hand.

Only two Giants have been ruled out for Sunday's contest. Lineman Justin Pugh will miss his third straight game with a back injury, while linebacker B.J. Goodson will again be sidelined with an ankle injury.

Former Giants
Rashad Jennings retires from NFL as member of Giants.
Rashad Jennings said he is in good enough shape to play in the NFL right now.

Dec 8 Mike Sullivan has been the Giants' offensive coordinator for almost two full years. On Sunday, for the first time during that tenure, he'll get to feel like one. Until now, it's been Ben McAdoo's team and Ben McAdoo's offense.
But before Mike Sullivan, under the leadership of interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo, gives it another try Sunday against the Cowboys, let's provide him with some advice..

Eli Manning will start again Sunday against the Cowboys, but is it simply to save face with the fan base or - as he hopes - will he be back next season?

Giants players Olivier Vernon and Landon Collins both stood up for Geno Smith on Thursday, expressing disappointment that the fans did not give him enough support.

Justin Pugh's return this season just got a whole lot cloudier. The Giants offensive lineman underwent an MRI on his back on Wednesday after being unable to finish the last period of practice.

It was an obvious question in the aftermath of the Giants' firing of Ben McAdoo on Monday: Does co-owner John Mara regret firing Tom Coughlin two years ago?

Dec 7 Steve Spagnuolo brings back a Tom Coughlin rule. With Steve Spagnuolo the interim head coach of the Giants, there will be no creative attire allowed during practice. Grey and blue is in. Red and white is out.

Is there any way Spagnuolo can find a path to permanence over the next four weeks? When Spagnuolo didn't get the job in 2016, but was retained as defensive coordinator - a move he thanked McAdoo for on Wednesday - he told reporters he was "not giving up on my dream of being a head coach again."

Steve Spagnuolo aims to 'restore Giants pride' as organization turns page. Spagnuolo said his "gut" told him that Manning should be the starter and after a discussion with offensive coaches they reached the decision to play him, although he would not commit to a plan for Davis Webb

Eli Manning rightfully gets job back, but Davis Webb's patience must be paid off. Where does Webb stand in all of this? It's as important of a question as the Giants must answer over the next four games than any other.

Former Giants
Ben McAdoo released the following statement through the team Wednesday, two days after being dismissed following a 2-10 start to the season.
Jerry Reese, who was fired Monday along with head coach Ben McAdoo, released this statement through the team on Tuesday.

Dec 6 Eli Manning will make his 211th start in the past 212 games when he gets the call at quarterback for the Giants Sunday against the Cowboys at MetLife Stadium.
Davis Webb should be starting the team's final four games of the season at quarterback. But if Webb isn't starting against the 'Boys he at least should be active for the first time all season, serve as the No. 2 quarterback, and play at some point in the game.
Five promising Geno signs Ben McAdoo left behind, but will another team notice? With no playoffs at stake, McAdoo wanted to evaluate his bench, including Smith. It was a decision owner John Mara signed off on.

No one can question Giants safety Landon Collins' loyalty or patience. Giants co-owner John Mara fired coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese on Monday. But Collins believes McAdoo and Reese deserved one more shot. "I would say (evaluate) next year because the biggest thing is the injuries that really hurt us."

The Daily News obtained a copy of a letter signed by Mara and Tisch sent to the average Joe Giants ticket-holder on Monday, after the firings of Reese and Ben McAdoo, to empathize with the disgruntled Blue bloods and reassure them that better days are ahead.

Bring back Victor Cruz. Would Cruz be up for it? Maybe. Probably. He felt like he left a lot of unfinished business with the team when he was released this offseason and seemed genuinely hurt and confused when they did not reach out to him after they lost almost all of their wide receivers.

Former Giants
Victor Cruz twists McAdoo knife: Firing was 'long overdue'.

Dec 5 Eli Manning tells Steve Spagnuolo he wants to be the Giants' starting quarterback. Manning ultimately does not know what Spagnuolo will decide, but the interim head coach clearly has a soft spot for Manning.
Eli Manning gave little clarification on his NFL future Monday evening, hours after the Giants fired head coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese, except to confirm he expects to play somewhere in 2018.

The many advantages of firing McAdoo and Reese now. A season that began with Super Bowl expectations ends with a franchise in turmoil and disarray. The general manager didn't get the head coach the right players and the head coach couldn't coach them.

John Mara not guaranteeing long-term deal for Odell Beckham Jr. John Mara said in late July that he expected to sign Odell Beckham Jr. to a lucrative, long-term contract at some point. On Monday he backtracked from that commitment a bit.

Former Giants general manager and Ring of Honor member Ernie Accorsi will consult the Giants as they begin their search for a new general manager immediately following Jerry Reese's dismissal on Monday, according to team president and CEO John Mara.

Dec 4 UPDATE - Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese fired by Giants

Dec 4 Giants lose to the Raiders 24-17
On the game. Game 12
Gamegirl ..."I had mixed feelings about this game. I wanted to see Eli Manning out there on the field. I wanted to see him do what he's always done, try to win football games for the Giants..."
Mikefan ..."So what did Ben McAdoo prove today? It's up to the head coach to get the best players on the field each and every week. Did that happen?..."

ESPN - Marshawn Lynch powers Raiders past Giants 24-17. - Instant Analysis: Raiders 24, Giants 17.
StarLedger - Giants' offense remains dreadful in what could be Ben McAdoo's final game.
StarLedger - Geno Smith's turnovers hurt Giants in loss to Raiders.
StarLedger - Ben McAdoo says he'll coach Giants 'as long as my key card works'.
StarLedger - Giants' Eli Manning: 'I plan on playing next year'.
StarLedger - The Giants are doing Ben McAdoo a favor if they fire him now.
TheRecord - Geno's Giants fall to Raiders, 24-17.

NYPost - Geno Smith not the answer in another depressing Giants loss.
NYPost - Ben McAdoo circus has flipped Giants' world upside down.
NYPost - Ben McAdoo might not be here to give Geno Smith second try.
NYPost - Giants report card: Offense fails in the old familiar way.
NYPost - Giants might need to prepare for full-on revolt over Eli Manning.
NYDailyNews - Giants lose to Raiders in what may be McAdoo's final game as head coach.
NYDailyNews - Giants owners talk on sidelines as Ben McAdoo refuses to comment amid reports.
NYDailyNews - No More Talk: The Giants need to act and finally fire Ben McAdoo.
NYDailyNews - Manning now most beloved Giant, while McAdoo likely done.
Newsday - Will loss to Raiders be finale for Giants coach Ben McAdoo?
Newsday - Giants' grades: Few bright spots in another loss.
Newsday - Geno Smith also may start Sunday against Cowboys.
Newsday - Support of ex-teammates comforts Eli Manning.
InsideFootball - New quarterback, same result as Giants fall to Raiders, 24-17.
BigBlueInteractive - Oakland Raiders 24 - New York Giants 17.
EastBayTimes - Raiders 24, Giants 17: Oakland moves into tie for first in AFC West.

Giants (2-9) vs Raiders (5-6) Game Preview
Last Sunday the Raiders and Broncos fought it out in Oakland in more ways than one. A physical fight broke out and three players were ejected from the game. The Raiders went on to win 21-14.
In their game, the Giants struggled to put points up on the board. Even with their defense scoring a touchdown, they came up short, losing to the Redskins 20-10.

Dec 3 A Giant message for Big Blue faithful: Give Geno Smith a chance. Smith, 27, is more human than most people give him credit for. He is well aware of the chaos swirling around him.
A year ago Geno Smith was in the early stages of rehabbing a torn ACL and wondering if and where he might get another opportunity to play quarterback for an NFL team.
Giants fans aren't angry at Geno Smith, per se. They have nothing against him as a person, or as a quarterback. He's just the guy who will line up Sunday afternoon behind center who isn't Eli Manning. And Smith brings a lot of baggage to this.

Dec 2 Ben McAdoo keeps repeating he's on same page with Giants co-owner John Mara during contentious press conference.
Ben McAdoo was forced to repeat time and time again on Friday. He has no regrets with how he handled Eli Manning's benching, no qualms about how he communicated the controversial move.
McAdoo said the plan presented to Manning was for the quarterback to make his 211th straight start on Sunday and then get replaced by Smith at the start of the second half. Mara indicated that he was not on board with such a defined exit strategy.

Former Giants
Michael Strahan, 46, who won his first and only Super Bowl in 2007 with Manning under center, is still reeling over the Giants' stunning decision Tuesday to bench the beloved 36-year-old quarterback after 210 consecutive starts.

Dec 1 Eli Manning had good reason to be offended by Ben McAdoo's poorly-presented Monday proposal that Manning would play only in Sunday's first half in Oakland as the Giants phased Eli out.

Open Letter to John Mara: You may not like it, but it's time for Giants to make some changes. You helped create it and you are the only one who can fix it.

Geno Smith will take the field Sunday inside Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum - affectionately known as the Black Hole - and become the first quarterback in 13 years not named Eli Manning to start a regular season game for the New York Giants.

When Olivier Vernon signed his five-year contract with the Giants, the $85 million played a large role in his decision. At the time, though, he said there was one other factor that carried just as much weight. He wanted to play with Eli Manning.

There are those within the Giants organization who are thinking this: 'Why the heck didn't we give Davis Webb increased work in practice the past few weeks to get him ready to play now.'

John Mara said Wednesday not to "write the obituary" on Manning's career with the Giants just yet. Offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan, it seemed, was the most upset. He was the wide receivers coach when Manning came to the Giants in 2004, worked with him closely as quarterbacks coach in 2010-11 and again in 2015, and has been his offensive coordinator since 2016.

Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard compared the migraine headaches that sidelined him for the past two games to a vicious hangover - that lasted 10 days.

Giants' last anthem kneeler: If you don't like my protest, 'don't come.' Vernon has always maintained his actions are about highlighting racial injustice and not about disrespect for the flag or country.

Nov 30 The Giants' haphazard, unorganized arrival at the decision to bench Eli Manning highlights how dysfunctional and out of touch the organization has become, from co-owner John Mara on down.
Mara thought that Manning would start the game with the assumption that, if he was playing well and the Giants had a chance to win, that he'd stay out there -- something that sounds perfectly reasonable. McAdoo told Manning that he would play the first half and backup Geno Smith would play the second half no matter what.

John Mara realizes now he should have known better, that he should have known that the quarterback who had given the franchise two Super Bowl championships could not and would not submit to a plan that involved anything less than a total commitment on the team's behalf.
Mara revealed that over a week ago he had told Jerry Reese: "Don't you think it's time that we start to get a look at these other quarterbacks at some point during the games?" McAdoo's plan to play Manning for a half before sitting him for Geno Smith was nothing short of half-baked.
Mara also made it clear that the team is not trying to tank the rest of the season to improve its draft position. "That's not the case. We're still trying to win game. I read something somewhere wondering if we were going to tank the rest of the game. I would never allow that," he said.

Nov 29 Benching Eli Manning is the final insult from Giants' Ben McAdoo. McAdoo, who goes to great lengths to avoid criticizing most players (and himself), never seems to hold back when asked about Manning.

Incompetent Ben McAdoo did Eli Manning wrong. For the better part of 14 years, Eli Manning has been the best thing about the Giants. Championship quarterback. Unparalleled leader. Class act on and off the field. About as perfect a player as you could ever want to be the face of your franchise.

The New York Giants owed Eli Manning a heck of a lot more respect than what they showed him Tuesday. And for that, the entire organization should be ashamed.

Breaking down the decision to bench Eli Manning from all sides. Deep down, Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese genuinely feel this is in the best interest of the organization, a source told The Post.

As he has done every week in his storied Giants career, Eli Manning today stood in front of his locker and patiently and candidly answered reporters' questions. But today was much different.

Eli Manning's Giants career wasn't supposed to end like this. Manning was choking back emotion as reporters circled him before the questions even hit. His eyes welled up with tears and emotion. He was in pain. He could not say if he ever would play a game for the Giants again. He probably won't.

The Giants' house of cards is falling down and Kate Mara is devastated by it. While Kate appears to disagree with the decision to sit Manning, it's unlikely such a call was made without being approved by her uncle John Mara and co-owner Steve Tisch.

Giants Bench Eli Manning: Why it was the right thing to do. With the team 2-9 and heading nowhere, the Giants braintrust thinks franchise first, player second in decision to sit down two-time Super Bowl champion.

Former Giants
Kurt Warner seemed more upset by the benching of Eli Manning than he was when he himself was benched in favor of Manning late in the 2004 season. "Shame on the Giants," said the Hall of Fame quarterback, the last man other than Manning to start a game for the team.

Nov 28 Giants mathematically eliminated from playoffs. Hard mathematics have finally caught up with perception. It marks the fifth time in six years the Giants have failed to reach the playoffs.

Evan Engram provides glimmer of hope for Giants' future amid lost season The rookie tight end wants to finish the season strong after a pair of shaky games.

Monday was on off-day on the schedule for the Giants but that did not stop the season from continuing to fall by the wayside. They put four players on season-ending injured reserve, including guard D.J. Fluker, who emerged as a key run-blocker along the offensive line.

Jan. 3, 2016 is a pretty significant date in recent Giants history. It was the last game Tom Coughlin coached, a 35-30 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, dropping the Giants to a 6-10 record for the second straight year. It was also the last time the Giants offense scored 30 points in a game.

NFL News
A breakdown of the NFL's division and wild-card races.

Nov 27 This season has already been historic for the Giants in many ways. They are 2-9. They lost to an 0-9 team for the first time since 1966. They are 0-8 in NFC play for the first time since 1976. Here's a closer look at some ugly history still on the table for the Giants.

In a lost season, the best the Giants can hope for is to find some hidden gems tucked inside their roster, a young player or two worth keeping around for whoever is coaching the team in 2018. Amid all the injuries and terrible play, B.J. Goodson's absence is often overlooked.

Watch the 2 plays by Eli Apple that reportedly angered his Giants teammates. Apple reportedly threatened to leave the team facility twice in response to the criticism from teammates, but he decided to stay after having a discussion with coach Ben McAdoo.

Nov 26 Eli Manning has had many memorable moments in his career with the Giants. One that will always stick with him took place in Baltimore about 13 years ago on Dec. 12, 2004, when he made his fourth career start.
What you don't want is for this season to end for Eli Manning, one of the great Giants of them all, the way Y.A. Tittle's career effectively ended a long time ago, with Tittle on his knees at old Pitt Stadium, helmet off, blood coming down his face from a cut on his forehead, At least Eli is still standing. For now.

Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins, who has played the past two months with a debilitating ankle injury that has limited his ability to cut and change direction, could be shut down to undergo ankle surgery. The ankle has hindered Jenkins for roughly the past eight weeks.
Seven of Jenkins' nine touchdowns have come off interceptions, tying him with Aqib Talib for the most in the NFL since 2012. He also has returned a fumble and a blocked field goal for touchdowns. Jenkins' latest effort may have been costly.

Eli Apple's second NFL season with the Giants continues to deteriorate. The cornerback taken with the 10th overall pick in the 2016 draft was so upset with pointed criticism directed at him by coaches and especially his teammates that not once, but twice, he nearly walked out of the team facility, seeking to get away from it all.

Nov 25 Eli Manning should ask the Giants for an offseason trade. Why would Manning, who looked shellshocked after throwing for just 113 yards against the Redskins, want to go through that with just a couple years left in his career? Why wouldn't he welcome a change of scenery?

Eli Manning's career deserves a better ending - with or without the Giants. the Giants can win with him if only he could be throwing to Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard, if only he could set up in the pocket behind Shaun O'Hara, Chris Snee, Rich Seubert, David Diehl and Kareem McKenzie. Beckham and Shepard will be back to join Evan Engram, but Manning's treasured, trusted bodyguards are long gone.

Giants' offensive numbers under Ben McAdoo are horrifying. The problem is not that this is a new problem. The problem is this is a recurring problem. The problem is their consistent ability to avoid the end zone and their irrepressible inability to put points on the scoreboard..

Tight end Evan Engram has been a bright spot during a dismal season. But the rookie has been in a slump recently that has been plagued by drops. Engram had just three catches for 18 yards in the Giants' 20-10 loss to the Redskins. He had a pair of drive-killing third-down drops.

Nov 24 Giants lose to the Redskins 20-10
On the game. Game 11
Gamegirl ..."Tonight, the Giants scored only three offensive points. The defense scored more points than the offense. I don't think that's the way it's supposed to work if you want to win games.."
Mikefan ..."On defense they were 'Crowdered out' tonight. They should have had someone covering him. If they did, he simply ignored it, as he caught 7 passes for 141 yards and 1 touchdown..."

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Giants (2-8) vs Redskins (4-6) Game Preview
Last Sunday the Washington Redskins played in New Orleans against the Saints. They had a 15 point lead late in the fourth quarter, but ended up with a 34-31 overtime loss.
The Giants surprised everyone, maybe even themselves, with a 12-9 overtime upset win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Nov 23 Giants relishing Thanksgiving spotlight that they dimmed. Getting things right has been one misadventure after another for the Giants, on and off the field. They did not win any games in September, won one in October and thus far one in November. Beating the Chiefs 12-9 in overtime Sunday offered a rare release in this tightest of seasons and allowed for at least some good cheer at this time of year.

Nov 22 Special Report - One foot in front of the other, the saying goes. After pulling off an upset Sunday afternoon by beating Kansas City at MetLife Stadium, Giants found themselves with their second victory in 10 tries - and let's be honest, Kansas City didn't look like a playoff-bound team should - and have their eyes on at least saving face by getting a few more wins before the season closes out.

Receiver Sterling Shepard was not on the field for Tuesday's light practice, and it appears he has little chance to play Thursday night against the Redskins.
Nine days ago, the promising second-year receiver had set career highs with 11 catches for 142 yards in the Giants' Week 10 loss at San Francisco, a performance Shepard described to the Daily News as simply being "in the zone."

Ereck Flowers is starting to bloom. With fans and analysts preparing to slap the dreaded "bust" label on the No. 9 overall pick in the 2015 draft, the 23-year-old Flowers was working on every little detail of his game behind the scenes.

Nov 21 Injury hits Giants offensive line as soon as it comes together. Right guard D.J. Fluker came out of Sunday's 12-9 overtime victory over the Chiefs with a toe injury that will force him to miss Thursday night's game with the Redskins at FedEx Field.

If the Giants can beat the reeling Redskins after a short week, or at least hang tough, they may have a run in them, whatever it entails. And McAdoo may have a much greater chance to keep his job than most assumed.

Eli Manning is likely still the QB for next year's Giants, who may not draft a top quarterback after all. Complicating matters is that the jobs of both Reese and McAdoo are on the line for mismanaging this catastrophic 2017 season, and their futures with the Giants could impact Manning's.

Overlooked Giants WR Roger Lewis comes up with biggest play in win over Chiefs. Lewis seized the moment late in overtime when he made a tremendous sliding catch of a 34-yard pass from quarterback Eli Manning.

Damon "Snacks" Harrison has a reputation for feeding on running backs, but the Giants defensive tackle had himself a new meal on Sunday. Harrison picked off a shuffle pass from Alex Smith late in the first quarter for the first interception of his career.

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