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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Here's 25 things you didn't know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands.  First game at the Stadium.
Warner DVD NFL: New York Giants -
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2014 NY Giants Games
Sept 8at DetroitL  35-14
Sept 14   ArizonaL  25-14
Sept 21   HoustonW 30-17
Sept 25at WashingtonW 45-14
Oct 5    AtlantaW 30-20
Oct 12at PhiladelphiaL  27-0
Oct 19at DallasL  31-21
Nov 3    IndianapolisL  40-24
Nov 9 at SeattleL  38-17
Nov 16   San FranciscoL  16-10
Nov 23   DallasL  31-28
Nov 30at JacksonvilleL  25-24
Dec 7 at TennesseeW 36-7
Dec 14   WashingtonW 24-13
Dec 21at St. LouisW 37-27
Dec 28    PhiladelphiaL  34-26

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Transcripts: Eli Manning, Jerry Reese, Tom Coughlin
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The New York Giants' 2015 opponents.   |   Experts predict Giants 2015 Draft pick.
How tough is Giants schedule in 2015?   |  Giants in mock draft. |  Giants Draft History.

2015 Preseason Schedule
Fri 8/14at Cincinnati 7:30 PM Sat 8/29    Jets"7:00 PM
Sat 8/22    Jacksonville 7:30 PM Thu 9/3at New England"7:30 PM
"Giants will also play these teams in the regular season.
2015 Regular Season Schedule
Sun 9/13at Dallas8:30 PM Sun 11/15    New England Patriots4:25 PM
Sun 9/20    Atlanta1:00 PM Bye Week
Thu 9/24    Washington8:25 PM Sun 11/29 at Washington Redskins1:00 PM
Sun 10/4at Buffalo1:00 PM Sun 12/6    New York Jets1:00 PM
Sun 10/11    San Francisco8:30 PM Mon12/14at Miami Dolphins8:30 PM
Mon 10/19at Philadelphia8:30 PM Sun 12/20     Carolina Panthers1:00 PM
Sun 10/25    Dallas4:25 PM Sun 12/27 at Minnesota Vikings1:00 PM
Sun 11/1at New Orleans1:00 PM Sun 1/31     Philadelphia Eagles1:00 PM
Sun 11/8at Tampa Bay4:05 PM Complete Schedules - All Teams

2015 NFL Draft - New York Giants
1Round 1 - 9th pickEreck FlowersOL
2Round 2 - 1st pickLandon CollinsS
3Round 3 - 10th pickOwa OdighizuwaDE
4Round 5 - 8th pickMykkele ThompsonDB
5Round 6 - 10th pickGeremy DavisWR
6Round 7 - 9th pickBobby HartOL

A post-minicamp guess at the Giants' 53-man roster | Offense.
Rookie report: Assessing Giants' draft picks heading into training camp.

July 7 The Giants do not know if Jason Pierre-Paul will be ready for the regular-season opener after a fireworks accident Saturday in South Florida injured the defensive end's hands. When asked Monday about Pierre-Paul's status for Week 1, the source said, "No idea."
Jason Pierre-Paul did more
than just damage his hand in a fireworks accident over the weekend. He also destroyed any chance of getting a long-term contract from the Giants this year. The chances may have been slim to begin with, but there's "no chance" now.
The only certainty resulting from Jason Pierre-Paul's ill-advised tussle with those fireworks that left injuries to both of his hands on July 4 is this: His actions were dumb beyond description.
JPP is their best defensive player, easily their best pass rusher, and the centerpiece of new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo's defense. Other than Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. and perhaps Victor Cruz, JPP is the most indispensable Giant.

July 6 It's hard enough to understand why anyone would put their life, health and career in jeopardy by doing something as dangerous as playing with fireworks. But it's almost impossible to understand what was going through the mind of Jason Pierre-Paul this weekend, considering everything else he had at stake.
It's not going to cost him any fingers or his hand, but there remains concern about possible nerve damage, according to multiple reports. Pierre-Paul's injuries are not believed to be career-threatening after a fireworks accident. He has burns on his palm and the tips of three fingers, and there remains the possibility of some nerve damage in a finger.

July 4 Special Report - The rumblings, during these quiet days before training camp, continue on the subject of quarterback Eli Manning and his final contract year. There has been plenty of public talk that the two sides could very well begin negotiations at any moment, negotiations that aren't expected to be contentious or drawn out or difficult. And yet, some are beginning to wonder if the 2015 season will be Manning's last with the team.
For the sake of argument, let's say that deep in the bowels of the Giants' home office, owner John Mara, general manager Jerry Reese and head coach Tom Coughlin (is this his last year?) are talking about "Easy" Eli and his future with the team. Part of that conversation would be simple: He's going to cost a lot of money to retain, especially at 35, and that would hamstring the team for the next several seasons.

Could this year's passing attack surpass 2011's? Eli Manning could very well be in line to have his finest season as a pro, despite the fact that he could theoretically leave the Giants. The reason why Manning could be in line for his best year ever is because he now has an ultra-talented group of skill players around him.

Will Eli Manning set career highs in passing yards and touchdowns this year? Yes. This Giants offense is set to explode with the return of Victor Cruz, growth of Rueben Randle and star power of Odell Beckham Jr. A solid run game will keep opponents offense, and the offensive line will be good enough to keep opposing pass rushers under control in a quick release offense. He will finish with 4,150 yards and 33 touchdowns.

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July 2 Defensive back Walter Thurmond, the Eagle who spent 2014 with the Giants but tore a pectoral muscle in Week 2 and missed the rest of the season, had plenty of time to take note of Tom Coughlin's philosophy on injuries, and according to Thurmond, the old-school coach doesn't subscribe to "modern medicine."
The Giants have been decimated by injuries in recent years as they have missed three straight postseasons since winning Super Bowl XLVI. According to Football Outsiders, the Giants led the NFL in "Adjusted Games Lost" over two seasons, a statistic which measures how much teams were impacted by injuries.

Defensive tackle Markus Kuhn knows there are 'no more excuses,' it's now or never. The Giants need to see more. Kuhn knows it. It's now-or-never time for the fourth-year tackle. "I was always young to the game. But now I've been in the league three years, I'm going into my fourth year, this is the end of my rookie contract," Kuhn said during last month's minicamp."I have no more excuses.

Odell Beckham Jr. was offered a contract to be a pitcher Tuesday by the Can-Am League's Rockland Boulders. This after video of him pitching a softball (80 miles per hour or so?) at a charity event went viral over the weekend. The Boulders are an independent league team based out of Pomona, New York.

Five Giants who could be "Fantasy Superstars." Looking at's projections, rankings, and average picks and rounds, here are five fantasy Giants you'll want on your roster this season, which begins Sept. 13 against the Dallas Cowboys.

This slideshow is designed to highlight five Giants who are most likely to be cut before the regular season begins. Just to be clear, these players have almost no chance of making New York's 53-man roster at the end of the summer. This piece is designed to give the undiscussed players some love for once. After all, this could be the only NFL shout-out they get.


June 28 It took only one season away from the NFL for Giants quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan to get the coaching itch again. Sullivan spent 2012 and 2013 as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offensive coordinator during the tumultuous tenure of former Rutgers coach Greg Schianom.

Steve Weatherford takes shots at the Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks. "I'm the biggest Tim Tebow fan in the world," he said. "I mean, who wouldn't want their daughter to date a guy like that? I'll tell you want, I don't want him taking snaps for my team."

Two Giants named "Top Rookies of All Time." Odell Beckham Jr. came in fifth, one place ahead of wide receiver Randy Moss and his record-breaking year with the Vikings in 1998. Lawrence Taylor finished third, trailing only cornerback Dick "Night Train" Lane (1952) and halfback/returner Gale Sayers (1965).

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June 25 Why a humbled Weston Richburg feels his second season with the Giants will be better. The competition was bigger, stronger and meaner than Weston Richburg had ever seen. The season was longer, more demanding and physically draining than he could have ever imagined.

It's all about the tone. That is what Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is saying these days after his comments from an ESPN interview turned into a serious complaint about teammates. "I have no problem with anybody on the team or inside or anything," Beckham told The Post.

Jason Pierre-Paul: I'm dropping weight like crazy. JPP posted a picture on his Instagram account this week showing a scale with a weight of 274.7 pounds. He wrote he wants to shed 10 pounds to get down to a playing weight of 265.

Like most NFL teams, the Giants will again wear an alternate uniform in the 2015 season. But they will again break from the norm and change their pants instead of their jerseys. For the third consecutive season, the Giants will wear white pants instead of their traditional gray for two home games -- Thursday, Sept. 24 vs. Washington and Sunday, Nov. 15 vs. New England.

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June 23 The spring started with new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo admitting the team had uncertainty about their nickel cornerback situation. The Giants didn't have a surefire starter at the position. After organized team activities and minicamp, four true candidates have emerged.

The Giants are primed to have a big year on defense in 2015, but to accomplish that and return to the playoffs for the first time since the 2011 season, the team must get the most out of its athletic secondary.

Rueben Randle is the most underrated player on the Giants' offense. The guy is arguably the best number-three receiver in the entire NFL, but still, nobody seems to respect Randle. Last year, Randle's third as a pro, he finished the season with 71 receptions for 938 yards and 3 touchdowns.

As far as early returns go, the Giants couldn't have asked much more of their 2014 draft class. Four of the seven members became regular starters as rookies and picked up accolades throughout the season, including fifth-round pick Devon Kennard.

Ever wanted to see Odell Beckham naked? Bryce Harper, Kevin Love and Odell Beckham Jr. will be featured in ESPN The Magazine's seventh annual "Body Issue."

June 21 The football resources available to star quarterbacks Eli and Peyton Manning are abundant. While they have access to some of the great minds if the NFL, there's even more: In their contact lists, or sometimes just hanging out in the kitchen, is a great wealth of football knowledge -- someone who has been in their cleats. Archie Manning is only a phone call or short flight away.

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June 19 Special Report - As the Giants' three-day mandatory minicamp (except for Jason Pierre-Paul, one assumes) closed its doors Thursday afternoon, there was concern that the team's two most electrifying offensive weapons hadn't produced enough. Or anything. Neither of the two spectacular wide receivers, Victor Cruz or Odell Beckham Jr., participated in practice sessions. Cruz is coming back from a torn patella tendon while Beckham, last season's NFC Offensive Rookie of the Year, was hobbled by a sore hamstring. Head coach Tom Coughlin tried to assure everyone that there is no reason to worry.

The Giants held an abbreviated practice session for their third and final day of the mandatory minicamp, a session that wasn't quite as intense as the first two days and one that even head coach Tom Coughlin really didn't acknowledge when he spoke to the media afterwards. The players are now off for six weeks until the start of training camp on July 30.

It was the most dynamic and electric move Odell Beckham Jr. had made in weeks. And all it did was get him past the media and clear of the questions about his recent thin-skinned comments about his teammates.
After complaining to ESPN earlier in the week that ribbing from teammates about missing practice with a hamstring injury "bothers" him, Beckham blew off his only scheduled interview session with the media of the three-day camp.
Was the second-year pro wrong to duck questions about his ongoing hamstring troubles, an opposite leg occurrence of the injury that delayed (but didn't dampen) his NFL debut a year ago, that kept him out of full participation in this minicamp? He probably was.

The Giants needed a new defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo needed a new job, Tom Coughlin needed a trusted lieutenant and ownership and the front office needed a proven guy. Connect the dots, sign on the dotted line and welcome back, Spags. It is a return with a risk.

Ereck Flowers was "close" to agreeing to terms on a rookie contract with the Giants on Wednesday. It's a done deal on Thursday, just before he hopped on a plane home to Florida for the summer.
Flowers did not use an agent and instead negotiated the contract himself. "It was great," he said. "(I) talked to them. Got a great deal done. Everything went good. It was smooth."

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June 18 Looks like the proliferation of drones across the globe has extended to Giants minicamp as well. It was a rather bizarre sight to see, but in the early portion of practice, a small white helicopter-esque device was seen hovering above the Giants practice field during team drills.
During a series of 11-on-11 drills, the UFO-like drone, which retails for more than $1,000, surveyed the session. It was controlled by a team official via a tablet, and it went nearly unnoticed by Giants players.
The Giants' football video department practiced using the drone above an unoccupied field for three weeks before having it hover over the players and coaches. Tom Coughlin deferred comment until he has more detail regarding exactly what the drone will provide and has had an opportunity to review the video shot from the drone.

The team was outdoors at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center for the second round of its three-day mandatory minicamp. From drones to interceptions and a former player returning to the sidelines, Wednesday had it all. Steve Spagnuolo's defense won the day again at minicamp.
Both Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Prince Amukamara came up with interceptions today, Rodgers-Cromartie's being an acrobatic one-handed grab on a pass intended for Rueben Randle. Amukamara appears to be seeing more of the pass targets, which isn't a bad thing.

NFC East News
Eagles - High-priced veterans are becoming extinct in Philadelphia under Chip Kelly. First came DeSean Jackson. Next was LeSean McCoy. And now there's Evan Mathis. All three have one thing in common: They clashed with Kelly and ended up elsewhere.

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June 17 Steve Spagnuolo's eagerness to restore the Giants to the heights they enjoyed in his first tenure as defensive coordinator in 2007 and 2008 was readily apparent when he met with reporters Tuesday at the start of a mandatory three-day minicamp. So were his limitations.
Spagnuolo is an immensely popular coach around here, thanks to his brilliant work with the Giants' defense in 2007, when he overcame a rocky start and went on to help the team win its first Super Bowl of the Tom Coughlin era. After leaving the team following the 2008 season.

Jason Pierre-Paul may have made the tough business decision to stay away from this week's Giants minicamp, but his coaches still believe the talented defensive end will be ready to take care of business when it's time to hit the field.
He did make it out to the Giants' facility early in the OTA schedule and he met privately with defensive line coach Robert Nunn, who gave the team's top defensive end a look-see into the new defensive scheme implemented by coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

The media has only had access to four Giants practices this spring - the first day of the mandatory minicamp was the fourth one for those keeping score at home - and without question, the first minicamp practice was probably the best of the bunch.
Eli Manning overthrew Rueben Randle twice. That might be a good thing. "I don't recall that ever happening," Randle said after the first workout of minicamp Tuesday, taking it as a sign that the quarterback's arm strength may be at its highest level in years. "That's something we noticed when we were down at Duke working with him [in the spring], we noticed that his arm is stronger."

Odell Beckham appears done for the spring, out for Giants minicamp with hamstring problem.
Minicamp practice (6/16) - Photos  |  Photos

June 15 The Giants have a three-day minicamp starting Tuesday and then they go their separate ways until training camp. The coaching staff certainly won't mind if Corey Washington joins Odell Beckham Jr. in Arizona for workouts, rather than work out at home in Greenville, South Carolina, as the more of Beckham that rubs off on Washington, the better.

Former Giants
David Wilson's track debut did not go as he had planned, but his goal of competing in the Outdoor Championships at the end of June is still very much alive.
David Wilson's former Giants teammates put the "Once a Giant, Always a Giant" mantra into practice on Saturday, with several players showing up at Icahn Stadium on Randall's Island to watch the former running back compete in the triple jump at the Adidas Grand Prix.

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June 13 Eli Manning reveals meaning of "Omaha". Eli Manning and his older brother and fellow quarterback, Peyton, used 'Omaha' for years as a pre-snap call that has grown into its own legend. 'Omaha' just told everybody to put their hand in the ground, shut up, and the ball's about to be snapped.

Ereck Flowers on negotiating his own contract with Giants: 'It's going good'. With first-round pick compensation pretty much predetermined nowadays, there isn't a lot of wiggle room in Flowers' rookie contract. The one real negotiable point is the "offset."

NFC East News
Cowboys - The Giants could catch a huge break in the season opener if contract talks between the Cowboys and Dez Bryant remain at a stalemate. The All-Pro wide receiver would consider sitting out Dallas' Week 1 home matchup with the Giants.
Eagles - It was likely a confluence of factors that led to the release of Evan Mathis on Thursday. But Kelly would have never parted with the two-time Pro Bowl guard unless he was convinced the offense could function at a high level with what on paper looks like a weaker offensive line.
Redskins - Two months after he was dealt from the last-place team in the NFC South to the last-place team in the NFC East. Does Dashon Goldson still have the muscle and moxie to help a struggling secondary?

June 12 Offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo's star is rising. No longer hidden behind the greatness of Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, McAdoo is being recognized by respected NFL minds as one of the top candidates to become a future head coach.

After a day off, the Giants resumed organized team activities on Thursday at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. It was their second-to-last OTA practice before next week's mandatory minicamp at the same location.
As the Giants put their slate of 10 OTA practices into the books - the final OTA is set for Friday, with the following week consisting of the mandatory three-day minicamp - Tom Coughlin now has a better idea of what they have at some spots and how that will affect what they hope to do on the field.

New Giants linebacker Tony Johnson is currently the 90th-man on a 90-man roster. It still doesn't necessarily mean he should be an afterthought. Wide receiver Victor Cruz was once in a similar situation. Wide receiver Marcus Harris and tight end Jerome Cunningham, too.

Defensive tackle Jay Bromley reflects on his lost rookie season, and how he's improved. Bromley knows he wasn't good enough - especially against the run - in his first season after being a surprise third-round pick out of Syracuse.

Former Giants
David Wilson will be making his professional track and field debut this Saturday at the Adidas Grand Prix at Icahn Stadium in New York City, competing in the triple jump.

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June 10 The Giants entered this spring without a true safety who has started an NFL game on their roster. There was/is undoubtedly an opportunity for any safety to play themselves into a starting role. Nat Berhe had as good a shot as anybody at claiming one of those spots.

How Eli Manning borrowed from baseball to develop arm 'with pop' The most telling indication Eli Manning will be armed and dangerous this season comes from Rueben Randle. "His arm, it seemed like it got stronger throughout the season," Randle said. "He's never overthrown me -- and he's overthrown me twice already."

Injuries create opportunities, and so far, at this early juncture of the Giants' offseason program, wide receiver Corey Washington is taking advantage of his chance to fill in for Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz on the practice field.

The Giants are coming down the home stretch in their spring football schedule. Out of 10 allotted days of organized team activities, the Giants now have eight in the bag with the completion of Tuesday's outdoor practice at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center.

Former Giants
David Wilson, who was forced to retire during training camp last season after multiple neck injuries, will be competing in the triple jump at the Adidas Grand Prix NYC event at Icahn Stadium on Saturday.

June 9 Corey Washington is getting every chance to show what he can do this spring. Victor Cruz has not participated in the drills as he continues to rehabilitate from his knee surgery, and Odell Beckham Jr. has been held out of team drills for two weeks because of hamstring soreness.

Predicting the impact of every Giants 2015 draft pick. In the draft, the Giants were able to fill some major needs while still managing to get talented players. Here's a look at the impact their draft class will have.

June 8 The spring OTAs are just the very start of what will be a lengthy evaluation process for the Giants' coaching staff. Here's a look at five such players who have stood out for all the right reasons.

Former Giants
Henry Carr, a sprinter who captured two gold medals in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and later played defensive back for the Giants, died on May 29 in Griffin, Ga. He was 73.

June 6 As the countdown to the 2015 kickoff turns to double digits, looks at five major storylines to keep an eye on from now until Sunday night, Sept. 13 in Dallas. - Restoring the defensive tradition; McAdoo, Year 2; The new-look offensive line; Safety valves; The NFC East pecking order.

Health of starting cornerbacks is paramount for Giants. This year, the only proven quantities are the starters. And if one or two of them get hurt, the Giants get to the question marks a lot more quickly at this vital position.

TE Jerome Cunningham is seeing first team reps at OTAs, after spending most of last season on the practice squad. He's a 6-foot-4, 240-pound tight end who went undrafted out of Southern Connecticut State in 2013 and is still looking to play in his first NFL game.

NFL News
If you've ever wondered what the inside of NFL Films headquarters looks like then scroll through the photo gallery.

June 4 Linebacker Jon Beason is on the fifth defensive coordinator in eight professional seasons. Clearly, the cerebral middle linebacker has seen plenty of schemes and defensive approaches. Still, he's admittedly never seen anything quite like what new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo is bringing to the table.

Why Marshall Newhouse believes he's better prepared to be a starting tackle with Giants. Newhouse must prove to his new team they can trust him as their right tackle. He was signed to a two-year, $3 million deal as a free agent this offseason.

Earlier this week, Prince Amukamara was asked about replacing Antrel Rolle as the leader of the Giants defensive backfield. Rolle, a team captain, was the unquestioned unofficial captain of the secondary, but he's gone, signed with the Bears. Remarkably, Amukamara, entering his fifth season with the Giants, is the longest-tenured defensive back on the roster.

June 3 Giants fans did not get to see what Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is capable of last season. Neither did he.When the cornerback looks at clips from his 2014 injury plagued season, he said he often has the same thought: "I know that's not me."
Rodgers-Cromartie arrived for the Giants offseason workout program at a career-high 208 pounds. He believes it will help him become a more physical and complete cornerback. "I know Spags' mentality. He want you to get your hands on people. So I had to bulk up a little bit, you know what I mean ... That's the Spags mentality."
Giants rookie safety Landon Collins really wanted to honor his idol, the late Sean Taylor. That's why Collins wore No. 26 (Taylor's number at the University of Miami) when he played at Alabama. It's why Collins will wear No. 21 (Taylor's number in the NFL for the Redskins) with the Giants.

The Giants were again inside the field house on Tuesday for another day of organized team activities at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. Here is a recap of OTA No. 5 - Photos

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ESPN analyst thinks Eagles are favorites over Giants, Cowboys to win NFC East.

June 2 The Giants held their fourth of 10 organized team practice activities on Monday at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. This is the time of year when teams begin to come together and players set the stage for training camp before rosters are finalized and the season commences.
The practice report. Remember as you read these reports that a) there is no contact in the team drills and b) these are still voluntary workouts. With Larry Donnell sidelined (tendonitis in his Achilles), Jerome Cunningham had a chance to work with the starting unit as did Adrien Robinson. Without any question, Cunningham was the star of the practice.

It's only June and already the Giants are in midseason form. Several key players weren't on the field during Monday's organized team activities workouts because of injuries. Fortunately there is plenty of time between OTAs and the regular season. Three-plus months. So at least there is ample time to heal. Still, it's starting to reach the point of absurdness. The Giants have suffered the most games lost due to injuries each of the past two seasons.

If Odell Beckham Jr. is trying to replicate his record-setting rookie season, he's off to a good start -- at least when it comes to his offseason availability. The wide receiver was held out of team drills at Monday's OTA with a hamstring injury.
Odell Beckham Jr. claims his new balky hamstring isn't anything like last year's. And the more he does that (after making a point to avoid the media, no less), the more things seem so much like last year.

Prince Amukamara was talking about his leadership style when he mentioned that he played point guard on his high school's basketball team. In many ways he's the Anti-Antrel, the soft-spoken, good-natured, hardly-ever-worked-up player who now finds himself as the longest-tenured player in a Giants defensive secondary that lost several of its leaders this offseason.

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