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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Here's 25 things you didn't know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands. Named after the team, Giants Stadium opened on October 10, 1976. Giants controversial move from New York to Jersey. First game at the Stadium. NY Giants -Wikipedia.
Warner DVD NFL: New York Giants -
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2018 NY Giants Games
Sept 9    JacksonvilleL  20-15
Sept 16at DallasL  24-13
Sept 23 at Houston27-22
Sept 30     New OrleansL  33-18
Oct 7at CarolinaL  33-31
Oct 11    PhiladelphiaL  34-13
Oct 22at AtlantaL  23-20
Oct 28    WashingtonL  20-13
Nov 12 at San Francisco27-23
Nov 18    Tampa Bay38-35
Nov 25at PhiladelphiaL  25-22
Dec 2    Chicago30-27
Dec 9at Washington40-16
Dec 16    TennesseeL  25-22
Dec 23at IndianapolisL  28-27
Dec 30    DallasL  36-35

2018 Preseason Games
Aug 9    ClevelandL 20-10
Aug 17at DetroitW 30-17
Aug 24at JetsW 22-16
Aug 30    New EnglandL 17-12

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Transcripts: Eli Manning, Pat Shurmur, Dave Gettleman | Giants TV and Web Schedule
fb GIANTS ONLINE - Videos | Giants Audio | Giants Radio Game Broadcast

Giants in the Super Bowl   |   Giants - Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI  |    

NFL PLAYOFF SCHEDULE    What dates?   What times?   Don't miss anything!

Jan 18 By the time next season begins, the Giants have to either replace Eli Manning, or know exactly how they're going to do it. They've known this was coming for years, but in each of the last two drafts, they still failed to select a replacement for Manning despite a plethora of franchise quarterbacks taken in each of the last two first rounds.

Former Giants
Plaxico Burress, who caught the Super Bowl XLII-winning touchdown from Manning in the upset of the then-undefeated Patriots in 2008, endorsed the idea of the Giants drafting Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Jan 16 General manager Dave Gettleman and the Giants still have plenty of work to do, if this team plans on returning to the playoffs for the second time in the past three years in 2019, but last year's rookie class showed plenty of potential. While Gettleman's moves in free agency last offseason were a mixed bag, at best, the Giants significantly increased the talent pool of the roster during NFL Draft weekend last April.

Jan 12 Much like his team, Evan Engram played his best football after the bye week. Engram caught 22 passes for 320 yards and touchdown in the final quarter of the season. In the first three, he had 23 receptions for 257 and two scores. Engram couldn't deny his satisfaction with the way the 5-11 season ended for him individually.

Early in the spring drills, Will Hernandez was installed as the starting left guard. He might well stay in that position for the next decade. Hernandez is a rugged run blocker and sturdy pass protector who has started every game and has improved significantly from early in the season to now.

Former Giants
Eli Apple - NFL Playoffs 2019: Will Eagles target Saints' Eli Apple?

Jan 11 Special Report - The basic facts are that out of 16 games on their schedule, the Giants had eight games against 2018 Playoff teams. Given such a poor record, one might intuit that New York would have gotten "smoked" in the great majority of these games, but that just wasn't the case, in general: Here is a brief summary of their games against eventual 2018 Playoffs teams, rating each game for how competitive it was.

Before the Giants give up on quarterback Eli Manning, they might want to take another stab at improving his offensive line. At least that's how one of Manning's longtime NFC East rivals, former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, sees it.

The NFL announced that linebacker Olivier Vernon has been named to the NFC Pro Bowl team. He will replace Chicago's Khalil Mack, who is unable to participate due to injury. Vernon will join two Giants teammates - rookie running back Saquon Barkley and kicker Aldrick Rosas - at the game.

Jan 9 Although the Giants did make progress in some areas, there is still a lot more work to be done by general manager Dave Gettleman and the rest of the front office if they are to continue building on the foundation they laid in 2018.

Jan 8 Ever since the Giants 2018 season ended, there have been any number of opinions put forth regarding what went wrong. Let's peel back some more layers on some of the most common theories behind the Giants 2018 struggles to see if those arguments actually hold water.

If Giants general manager Dave Gettleman wants to maneuver his way up or down in the 2019 draft, it looks as if he will have plenty of options to use as bargaining chips at his disposal.

Jan 6 If Eli Manning's Giants run is over, he leaves an unforgettable mark. Nothing lasts forever, and he will be fine no matter how this turns out. But the Giants will never see the likes of him again.

Dave Gettleman can talk all he wants about defense as root of Giants' deficiencies, but it's a false narrative. How can a GM trade talent in the name of a belated rebuild and then blame the unit that suffered from its reduction in talent for his team's losing, while excusing the offense of blame?

Jan 5 What conditions may Eli Manning accept in order to return with Giants? Giants may want Manning back, but on certain terms.
If the Giants truly want him back but at a reduced price, here is what likely has to happen: Manning has to bet on himself and the improvement he says he sees in the offense and accept less money.

Jan 4 What's next for Eli Manning and the Giants? "We believe in Eli. As we move forward here I think the plans here will reveal themselves," head coach Pat Shurmur said. "He can still play. He can still make the throws. He can still lead the offense."

Jan 3 Dave Gettleman knows how to make 35 minutes fly by. The dominant storyline was the future of Eli Manning and the quarterback position for the Giants, but unpacking Gettleman's 35 minutes of wisecracks and namedrops revealed some interesting perspective on a 5-11 season.
When Gettleman was asked if he would commit to Manning in 2019: "I'm committed to making the best decision in the interest of the New York Football Giants. We're in the evaluation process." And: "Everything is on the table for us."
Manning had a productive season statistically. He completed a career-high 66 percent of his passes (380 of 576), exceeded 4,000 yards for the seventh time (4,299) and threw 21 touchdown passes against 11 interceptions, the latter figure his lowest total in 10 years.

Jan 2 Eli Manning could become the first Giant to celebrate a Sweet 16. No player in the franchise's 94-season history of the Giants has worn the uniform for 16 seasons. If Manning is back as the starting quarterback in 2019, it will be his 16th season in a career that includes being the No. 1 NFL pick in the draft and winning two Super Bowl MVPs.
Make no mistake about it: The end of Giants quarterback Eli Manning's career is coming sooner than later. But with all apologies to those who are rooting with all their might for that end to happen sooner, as in after the 2018 season, it doesn't look very promising.

Jan 1 The Eli Manning-Giants marriage sure doesn't look like it's headed for divorce. "Everyone thinks I'm nuts, but I've seen the good in Eli," head coach Pat Shurmur said. "I believe everyone around him has to do their job as well. I believe in Eli. I believe in him."

Landon Collins wouldn't fight Giants' franchise tag. Landon Collins wants to return to the Giants, the team that moved up in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft to take him out of Alabama then made him a fixture in their defensive backfield.

Dec 31 Giants lose to the Cowboys 36-35
On the game. Game 16
Gamegirl ..."It's too bad they couldn't give us a final season win at home..."
Mikefan ..."In the last two games, the Giants have lost by only one point. Well, maybe next year..."

Prescott throws 4 TDs, Cowboys rally to beat Giants 36-35.
Instant Analysis: Giants lose wild finale to Cowboys.
Giants end miserable year with fittingly brutal defeat.
Familiar gut-punch loss doesn't change Giants' belief in Manning.
Eli Manning talking like he expects to return as Giants QB.
Eli Manning has a son on the way and a vote of confidence from Pat Shurmur.
Giants squandered Saquon Barkley's rookie brilliance in another lost season.
Giants defense torched by Cowboys in finale.
Safety Curtis Riley benched for shockingly lazy missed tackle.
No storybook finish to season for Eli Manning and NY Giants.
Dallas Cowboys 36 - New York Giants 35.

Giants (5-10) vs Cowboys (9-6) Game Preview
On Sunday the Cowboys allowed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to score an opening drive field goal. The Cowboys came right back with a touchdown, and kept the lead for the rest of the game. The 27-20 win gave the Cowboys claim to the NFC East division title.
Last week the Giants were on their way to pulling off an upset over the Indianapolis Colts. They held the lead for the entire game, right up until the last minute. The Colts needed to keep their playoff hopes alive, and they did so with their 28-27 win over the Giants.
Giants - Colts Wrap-Up

Dec 30 The Cowboys are locked into the No. 4 slot in the NFC postseason tournament and will play a home playoff game during wild-card weekend. Win or lose, it does not matter much to the Cowboys. That does not mean the Giants, at least their longest-tenured player, are looking to give the Cowboys a free pass.

If there is one position at which the Giants can feel good about their depth from top to bottom going into the offseason, it's tight end. Evan Engram shared his thoughts on his own roller-coaster season, the Giants-Cowboys rivalry and what his offseason will be like.

Dec 29 Odell Beckham Jr.'s season has ended in frustration again, but not without the Giants' star wide receiver promising to make 2019 his best. Beckham was asked Friday if he wants Eli Manning to return as quarterback.
Odell Beckham has a vision for how Eli Manning's career ends and it is not in a meaningless regular-season finale like the one set for 1 p.m. Sunday between the Giants and Cowboys with the star receiver not even in uniform.

Dec 28 Sterling Shepard has been the Giants' No. 1 wide receiver by default for the past few weeks, and it increasingly looks like he will serve in that capacity again if Odell Beckham Jr. misses his fourth straight game to end the season Sunday against Dallas.

Giants' big free agent Nate Solder: Portrayal as answer to all problems was a 'set up' | 'No superhuman people'. Solder is one of two players on the Giants who has played every snap on their side of the ball this season. The other is his parter on the left side of the offensive line, rookie guard Will Hernandez.

Dec 27 Despite the Giants (5-10) being out of postseason contention and the Cowboys (9-6) locked into the fourth seed as the NFC East champions, Pat Shurmur and Jason Garrett are playing to win Sunday's meeting at MetLife Stadium.

This is not the first time around for Eli Manning, but it remains an uncomfortable conversation, one he was forced to engage in at this time last year. That was the first time, Manning acknowledged, he ever felt he might not return to quarterback the Giants.

Eli Manning isn't sure he will be a Giants quarterback in 2019 but he isn't going to act like he won't be. "I don't know," Manning said when asked if he expects to be with the Giants next season. "I didn't know last year either, so we'll figure it out. Whenever you get to Year 15, these things come up."

Dec 26 Is the soon-to-be (Jan. 3) 38-year-old quarterback the main reason this franchise has regressed and will finish with a losing record for the fifth time in the last six years? Has Eli Manning been worse than his offensive line in that span? Has Manning been worse than the Giants defense that takes the field when a lead is there to be protected?

Dec 25 For many Giants fans (you know who you are), the thought of Eli Manning starting in 2019 is as popular as finding coal in your Christmas stocking. What happens with Manning and the Giants' starting quarterback position next season is up for debate - even though it shouldn't be based on the way he has performed this season, which is good enough to stay on for another year.

Giants should think twice before dumping Evan Engram. Just when it appeared the Giants were phasing Engram out of the offense in favor of better blockers, the second-year pro has 17 catches for 239 yards -- with a bulk of the damage coming after the catch -- combined over the last three games.

Dec 24 Giants lose to the Colts 28-27
On the game. Game 15
Gamegirl ..."The Giants played well. I thought we had it this time..."
Mikefan ..."Another win almost there. Let's see how the Giants finish off the season..."

Luck keeps Colts in playoff hunt with 28-27 win over Giants.
Instant Analysis: Giants lose late in Indy.
Giants report card: This defense was unacceptable.
Giants come apart, choke away a throwback Eli Manning game.
Coping with a Giants loss as crushing as it is encouraging.
Giants' Eli Manning didn't have magic comeback this time
Sterling Shepard thinks Giants are 'close' after last-second loss.
Giants lose, but their draft chances get boost.

Giants (5-9) vs Colts (8-6) Game Preview
Last Sunday the Indianapolis Colts came up with an impressive shutout win over the Cowboys. They ended the Cowboys five game wining streak, and left town with a 23-0 victory.
On Sunday the Giants' fans were hit with a bad weather day. That, coupled with some poor play by their home team, resulted in a 17-0 loss to the visiting Tennessee Titans.
Giants - Titans Wrap-Up

Dec 23 The Giants had trouble getting their defense off the field last week. They were unable to contain Titans running back Derrick Henry and, as a result, the Titans controlled the ball for 35:21 while the Giants had it for only 24:39. Now, they face the Colts on Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium, and no team in the NFL has been more difficult to get off the field.

Dec 22 Are the Giants a 40-point team without Odell Beckham? Or are they a zero-point team? The Giants ruled out Beckham for a third straight game with a bruised quad, and it is possible he has played for the final time this season, with only the season finale against the Cowboys still looming.

Dec 21 Joe Flacco and Eli Manning have enjoyed very similar careers -- from rising to the big moment to their per game averages -- but their organizations are taking very different approaches to the future. And it's not what you would objectively expect.

There are apparently no boundaries to the Giants' search for a quarterback. Bo Levi Mitchell, a two-time MVP in the Canadian Football League, is headed to the Meadowlands to work out for the Giants, a move first reported by GiantsWire.

The Giants defense failed its last test miserably, when Tennessee's Derrick Henry ran roughshod over them in Sunday's loss. Defensive coordinator James Bettcher had a pretty simple explanation for what happened.

Dec 20 Three Giants players - one each from the offense, defense and special teams - were selected to the NFC Pro Bowl team announced today. Rookie running back Saquon Barkley, safety Landon Collins and kicker Aldrick Rosas were elected in voting by fans, players and coaches.

Will Giants be on HBO's Hard Knocks in 2019? They have Saquon Barkley, Odell Beckham and no easy out. The only out is by fitting one of three exceptions. The Giants had had an out in 2016 based on hiring Ben McAdoo, an out in 2017 based on their last playoff appearance and an out in 2018 based on hiring Pat Shurmur and their playoff trip. But they don't fall into any of those three categories this season.

Former Giants
Eli Apple is thriving away from the Giants. Since joining the Saints, Apple, 23, has two interceptions, including one against Carolina in Monday's 12-9 win over the Panthers.

Dec 19 Special Report - All right, the Giants have nothing tangible to play for in these last two weeks of the NFL season. Oh, sure, there's all that stuff about pride and continuing to improve and like that, but they are definitely out of the playoffs and that won't change. Other teams will make post-season appearances, a few of them will win, perhaps even two of them will meet for the Super Bowl title - but not the Giants.
So what would you like to do about seeing that this doesn't happen again next year, and the next year, and the year after that? The sticking point seems to be quarterback Eli Manning, who will be the subject of intense focus starting now. Should he return? Should he be led gently into retirement? Should the Giants entertain queries to trade him (yeah, like that's going to happen).

Dec 18
Why Eli Manning is the best option the Giants have at QB next year. A look at the Giants' QB options show sticking with Manning makes most sense.
Giants won't win again until they find their next Eli Manning. The Giants have made their bed and will continue to sleep in it until they find their young franchise quarterback.

Dec 17 Giants lose to the Titans 17-0
On the game. Game 14
Gamegirl ..."It was one of those crummy rainy days at the stadium, and as it turned out a crummy day for the fans on all counts..."
Mikefan ..."They had to go it again today without Odell Beckham Jr., and this time Manning really could have used him..."

Instant Analysis: Giants shutout by Titans, 17-0.
Henry rushes for 170 and 2 TDs, Titans win 3rd straight.
Five New York Giants takeaways from week 15's loss to the Titans.
Giants' playoff dream dies in an offensive disaster.
Giants eliminated from playoffs as Saquon Barkley can't save this offense again.
Giants have no O without Odell Beckham Jr. in ugly loss.
Kyle Lauletta is not happy after Giants demotion.
Giants' 17-0 loss to Titans ends wild-card hopes.
Giants eliminated from playoff contention as familiar themes cloud loss to Titans.
Titans dared Giants' Beckham-less passing game to beat them.
Titans 17, Giants 0: Five things to know as Tennessee keeps playoff hopes alive.

Giants (5-8) vs Titans (7-6) Game Preview
The Titans played their game at home on a Thursday night with the Jacksonville Jaguars. They held a 28 point lead late into the third quarter, and finished up with a big 30-9 victory over the Jaguars.
On Sunday the Giants traveled to Washington and things went their way. The Giants built up a big lead, while the Redskins were held scoreless until the fourth quarter. The final score was 40-16 in favor of the Giants.
Giants - Redskins Wrap-Up

Dec 16 Look, it's still a pipe dream's pipe dream, a crazy notion, a fantasy that exists, and should exist, only on the fringes of our imagination. OK? We haven't all lost our minds or our sense of order. Still, these are two absolute realities as Sunday dawns: 1. It is Dec. 15. 2. The Giants are not eliminated from the NFL playoffs. And that is a reality that didn't seem remotely possible five weeks ago.

Dec 15 With Giants' playoff hopes alive, here's your rooting guide for this weekend The 5-8 Giants need to keep winning and get lots of help.. It's not even impossible for them to get in at 7-9, which is how crazy -- or perhaps awful -- this race is. Still, the Giants probably need to win their final three games, beginning on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

No doubt the news that wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will miss his second straight game with a quad injury was a bummer. Still, from the front office to the locker room, the Giants are starting to gain a bit of much-needed swagger heading into Sunday's game against the Titans at MetLife Stadium.
Shurmur hopes the team responds as well as it did last Sunday. With their top wideout watching the game in New Jersey, they enjoyed their largest offensive explosion in more than four years in a 40-16 rout of the Redskins in Washington

Dec 14 Odell Beckham Jr. was not exactly sure what to call the injury to his quadriceps -- a bruise or a contusion -- and instead wanted to leave the precise diagnosis to the experts. But he was certain of one thing. "S-t ain't right," Beckham said Thursday in his first extended comments since the injury was revealed last Friday.

A game of tags: The story behind Giants wide receiver Russell Shepard and his backpack. Shepard could wind up starting at wide receiver Sunday in place of his college teammate, Odell Beckham Jr., who continues to nurse a quad injury and missed last Sunday's 40-16 victory over the Redskins. He's also a special teams stalwart.

Dec 13 The Giants have a narrow path to the NFL Playoffs, even after rattling off four wins in their last five games following a 1-7 start to the season. However, it isn't completely unrealistic that they will be playing in January.

With two games beginning less than 21 hours apart and inclement weather in the forecast, MetLife Stadium, the Giants and the Jets announced today that neutral end zones will be used for the teams games this weekend.

Dec 12 Majority of Giants' 2019 roster already in place: 8 players who will be hardest to keep | Evan Engram? Landon Collins? The Giants were left scrambling after a self-evaluation in the preseason, with a NFL-high six waiver wire additions before Week 1. It should have been the first sign of trouble brewing. The Giants were left scrambling after a self-evaluation in the preseason, with a NFL-high six waiver wire additions before Week 1. It should have been the first sign of trouble brewing.

New York Giants backup quarterback Kyle Lauletta has applied for a "conditional dismissal" of charges related to an October traffic stop in Weehawken, court officials said Tuesday at the same time he had been scheduled to appear before a judge.

Former Giants
Tiki Barber: Saquon Barkley as fast a learner as he is a runner.

Dec 11 Here is how Giants make playoffs | These 6 things need to happen, but it's not THAT crazy.

Eli Manning should remain Giants QB - with a concession. The intrigue is whether Manning is the best option at quarterback next season for John Mara and Steve Tisch, for Dave Gettleman, for Pat Shurmur. He is. He is still Your Mann. Just not a $23 Million Mann.

Dec 10 Giants win over the Redskins 40-16
On the game. Game 13
Gamegirl ..."I was hoping this would happen. Let's get three more wins..."
Mikefan ..."It was a good opportunity to have Kyle Lauletta get into the game. It's not so easy out there..."

Barkley rushes for 170 yards, Giants rout Redskins 40-16.
Instant Analysis: Saquon, Eli propel Giants to 40-point day.
Upon Further Review: Giants Dominate Washington 40-16.
Giants defense makes Mark Sanchez look terrible.
Giants' defense 'smelled blood in the water right away' in blowout win.
Giants blowout win over Redskins will lead to plenty of 'what ifs'.
Giants offense felt 'we owed them one' after Redskins' 7-sack game.
Kyle Lauletta report card: Grading Giants rookie's NFL debut in mop up duty.
Kyle Lauletta's Giants debut goes very wrong.
Giants report card: Where did this offense come from?.
How the Giants destroyed Mark Sanchez, starting with his head.
Everything goes stunningly right in Giants' destruction of Redskins.
Giants vs. Redskins: What they were saying Sunday.
Redskins routed by Giants, 40-16, as many fans leave at halftime.
Giants eliminated from NFC East contention | Wild card hopes?

Giants (4-8) vs Redskins (6-6) Game Preview
The Washington Redskins played their game in Philadelphia on Monday night. It was a costly 28-13 loss as their quarterback, Colt McCoy, was injured during the game. It was only the second game McCoy started as a replacement for Alex Smith, who was the original season starter for the Redskins.
A day earlier than that on Sunday, the Giants came up with a surprise win over the Chicago Bears. A last second trick play by the Bears tied the game and forced an overtime period. The Giants scored first with a field goal, and when their defense held up, the Giants had a 30-27 win.
Giants - Bears Wrap-Up

Dec 9 Here's scheme adjustment Giants should make with Odell Beckham out vs. Redskins. With Evan Engram off the injury report and the Giants having success using Rhett Ellison and Scott Simonson together at tight end, coach and play-caller Pat Shumur must decide how to distribute reps. One option is to play all three together in what is called '13' personnel, with one running back, one wide receiver and three tight ends.

Dec 8 For the third time in the last four weeks, the Giants will face a backup quarterback on Sunday afternoon, when Washington trots out Mark Sanchez at FedEx Field in the absence of both Alex Smith and Colt McCoy, who were lost for the season with broken legs.

Will Hernandez starting to show why Giants drafted him so high. The overhaul the Giants attempted this season with their offensive line didn't take right away, but the unit's drastic improvement has been a key factor in the team winning three of its past four games.

Dec 7 Giants not overlooking Mark Sanchez in matchup vs. Redskins. The Giant who probably knows the most about Sanchez is head coach Pat Shurmur. He was the Eagles' offensive coordinator when Sanchez was there.

With Mark Sanchez under center, the Redskins' quarterback carousel is spinning again. Before signing with the Vikings in March, Kirk Cousins became the first Redskins quarterback to start every game in three consecutive seasons since Joe Theismann from 1981 to 1984.

Giants safety battled homeless childhood to live out a dream. with Landon Collins on IR, this is Chandler's real chance, starting Sunday against the Redskins, to open eyes and convince the Giants that he does not deserve to be homeless in the NFL.

Dec 6 Just a few weeks ago, Mark Sanchez was sitting on the unemployment line. Improbably, he'll be a starting quarterback for the rest of this season. The Redskins have no other options left now that Colt McCoy will likely join Smith on injured reserve.
After Colt McCoy broke his leg in Monday's 28-13 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Redskins were, again, shopping in the bargain basement of the league's unemployed quarterbacks to find another signal-caller for the second time in less than three weeks. Don't expect the Redskins, however, to sign the most notable quarterback without a job: Colin Kaepernick.

The Giants must decide whether to sign Collins to a long-term extension, let him go in free agency or apply the franchise tag, which would give him a high-paying one-year contract in the neighborhood of $12 million for 2019. Only one player per team per season can be tagged.

Dec 5 Is Giants' Odell Beckham destined to be like Calvin Johnson? Records and 0 playoff wins 'can add up' to take a toll. Beckham is setting individual records but piling up team losses, which sounds a lot like another great NFL receiver from earlier this century.

Landon Collins has played 804 snaps this season, but the New York Giants will be without their most decorated defensive player heading into Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins in Landover, Maryland. Whether the two-time Pro Bowl safety will play another snap in 2018 - or another in a Giants' uniform again - remains uncertain moving forward.

Former Giants
Amani Toomer. What's keeping Odell Beckham from next level.

Dec 4 Giants' offensive line faces changes in 2019 but it's stabilized now. What was billed as one of the great game-within-the-game mismatches of the NFL season - the Giants offensive line against the Bears defensive front seven - was anything but after coach and play-caller Pat Shurmur learned from the previous week's mistake and stuck to running Saquon Barkley.

Odds are against Kyle Lauletta playing for Giants this season. At this moment in time, as you attempt to interpret Shurmur-ese, it appears more likely than not Manning will start the rest of the way unless and until it is determined by Shurmur that he does not give the Giants the best chance to win.

Dec 3 Giants win over the Bears 30-27
On the game. Game 11
Gamegirl ..."I wasn't hoping for too much today. Boy was I surprised!..."
Mikefan ..."It was a good game for the fans. The Giants exceeded expectations..."

Rosas' overtime FG the winner as Giants stun Bears 30-27.
Instant Analysis: Giants win OT thriller.
Giants do everything to win, then lose, then win in wild OT thriller.
Giants report card: The unit that quietly saved them.
The jaw-dropping happens when Giants remember Saquon Barkley.
Did Odell stop trying? His halftime-speech, postgame-fire answers.
Was this a game the Giants can one day see as a breakthrough?
Alec Ogletree reminds Giants why they brought him here.
Did Eli Manning do enough to keep his starting job?
Odell Beckham Jr.'s 'alligator arms' on onside kick nearly doom Giants.
Question Janoris Jenkins' effort? Not on play that saved Giants vs. Bears in OT.
How Saquon Barkley turned 'give up' call into 'play that won the game' for Giants.
Inside Giants' school-yard adjustment behind Odell Beckham's TD pass.
How Giants defense rebounded from brink of disaster, upset of Bears.
Bears upended by Giants in topsy-turvy overtime game.

Giants (3-8) vs Chicago (8-3) Game Preview
The Chicago Bears played their last game on Thanksgiving in Detroit. It was all tied up in the fourth quarter, but Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford threw interceptions on back to back drives that gave the Bears a 23-16 win
Last Sunday the Giants had everything going their way in Philadelphia. They led 19-3 at one point in the game, and in the second half allowed the Eagles to tie the score and then go on to win, 25-22.
Giants - Eagle Wrap-Up

Dec 2 Scoring continues to be up, up and away in the NFL, and the Giants continue to try, usually unsuccessfully, to keep up. The league has never seen anything like it.

Eli Manning's INTs are way down over 27 games, but will ballhawk Bears, Eddie Jackson change that? Interceptions have not been a problem because Manning is on pace to match his 2008 career-low of 10 interceptions in a season.

Dec 1 It took awhile, but Giants' O-line isn't the worst anymore. The Giants have been burned for the second-most sacks in the NFL this season, but coach Pat Shurmur believes their overhauled offensive line has put together three solid games in a row entering Sunday's test against Khalil Mack and the Bears.

It's unlikely the Giants can pull off the upset without rookie running back Saquon Barkley having a big night. The Penn State product has been as good as advertised as a rusher and a receiver. The 5-11, 233-pound Barkley has an NFL-high seven carries of 25 or more yards, including rushes of 68, 51, 50 and 46 yards. He also has pass receptions of 57 and 55 yards.

Nov 30 Even athletic superfreak Saquon Barkley needs a break once in a while. Giants coach Pat Shurmur's decision to sit Barkley for all five plays on a crucial third-quarter possession as momentum slipped away in last week's loss to the Eagles drew a lot of attention.

When the Giants released Davis Webb before this season, cutting the quarterback with the best arm, best training camp and best chances of replacing Eli Manning, it seemed clearly intended to protect Manning and avoid a repeat of last year's benching fiasco with Geno Smith.

Nov 29 Special Report - It seems like yesterday the Giants were all full of excitement and momentum, talking about running the table for a chance to qualify for the post-season and the big things every NFL team desire most. In fact, for most of the first half of Sunday's game in Philadelphia, it looked like all that stuff was, just maybe, real.
Had the Giants turned the corner? It sure seemed as though they could defeat the defending Super Bowl champs, get to four wins, close the gap in the NFC East a bit and take aim at a depleted Chicago Bears team next week in hopes of notching one more conference victory and really get into the meat of a winning streak. Just like that, however, it was all gone.

Eli Manning could return as Giants' starting QB in 2019. There is still a chance that Manning will return to the Giants in 2019 -- and even return as their starting quarterback, according to a team source. The decision on his future has "absolutely not" been made, the source said, and management is open to the idea that another year with Manning at the helm might be the best option they have.

Nov 28 Pat Shurmur likes Eli Manning. Manning is what Shurmur wants in a quarterback: Calm, refined, company man, consummate worker and leader-by-example rather than leader-by-talking. This does not mean Shurmur will give Manning a free pass for the remainder of the season.

The raw data are incriminating. Saquon Barkley ran the ball nine times for 94 yards in the first half in Philadelphia and the Giants outscored the Eagles 19-11 on Sunday. Barkley ran it just four times for 7 yards in the second half and the Giants were outscored 14-3. Did play-caller Pat Shurmur lose his mind?

Nov 27 Missed penalty call kept Giants from chance at tying field goal. On the final play, the Giants in desperation tried for some trickery, with Sterling Shepard catching a 3-yard pass and then lateralling to Odell Beckham Jr. Beckham was immediately tripped up by linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill - actually tripped up. That is a penalty, for either tripping (10 yards) or possibly a leg-whip (a 15-yard penalty).

Tight end Evan Engram was running a seam route during his normal in-uniform pregame warm-ups Sunday when he felt a "grab" in his hamstring. It cost him the entire game against the Eagles. Engram said the hamstring injury is not related to the knee injury that caused him to miss three games earlier this season.

Pat Shurmur dismisses Odell Beckham's criticism of Giants offense vs. ailing Eagles. Odell Beckham Jr. criticized coach Pat Shurmur's "game plan" on Sunday for not attacking the Eagles' depleted secondary downfield more in Sunday's loss. Shurmur's response on Monday was basically a long-winded way of saying Beckham is wrong.

Nov 26 Giants lose to the Eagles 25-22
On the game. Game 11
Gamegirl ..."Finally a home game win. That was great for the fans..."
Mikefan ..."How did the Giants blow this game?..."

Elliott's 43-yard FG leads Eagles past Giants 25-22.
Instant Analysis: Giants falter in second half.
Giants' playoff dreams end in second-half meltdown.
Giants report card: The offense was a second-half mess.
Barkley's touches disappeared and so did the Giants' hopes.
Missed opportunity means Giants' focus can shift to future.
Giants receivers frustrated by not getting to 'attack' Eagles' D.
The Eli Manning mistake that put final nail in Giants coffin.
Pat Shurmur 'liked our chances' on Giants' failed two-point play.
Pat Shurmur's questionable decisions doom Giants vs. Eagles.
Eli Manning throws game away in 25-22 Giants loss to Eagles.
Saquon Barkley, Odell Beckham disappear in 2nd half vs. Eagles.
Pat Shurmur takes blame for Eli Manning interception.
Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard question Pat Shurmur's play-calling.
Shurmur's play-calling makes receivers wonder.
Pat Shurmur, Eli Manning let Giants down.
Giants let it slip away, fall to Eagles.
Giants' defense is 'tale of two halves' as Eagles run wild after break.
Giants' playoff pipe dream is over after implosion to Eagles.

Giants (3-7) vs Eagles (4-6) Game Preview
Last Sunday the Eagles scored only one touchdown in New Orleans. The Saints didn't hold back and in the end, the defending Super Bowl champs were blown away, taking a 48-7 loss to the Saints.
Earlier that day, the Giants treated their hometown crowd to a win, playing against Tampa Bay at MetLife stadium. They scored their highest points of the season with a 38-35 victory over the Buccaneers.
Giants - Buccaneers Wrap-Up

Nov 25 Giants visit Eagles with chance to prove the turnaround is real. This is the line of demarcation for the Giants. A 3-7 record would normally mean they are down and out, but in this NFC East, they are merely down. If they beat the sagging Eagles to improve to 4-7, it puts the Giants two games behind the Cowboys (6-5) and Redskins (6-5) with five to play.

Nov 24 Now it gets real for the Giants. The seduction started two weeks ago on the West Coast. That's when hope started to seep into the Giants' locker room following a 27-23 comeback road win over the 49ers. Hope then moved its way East, stimulated by last week's 38-35 home win over the Buccaneers. On Sunday, it arrives in Philadelphia.

Entering Sunday's game vs. Giants, the Eagles know 'it's now or never' to salvage season. The Eagles are 4-6 entering Sunday's game against the New York Giants, which will be followed by a Monday Night Football matchup with Washington and a visit to Dallas. For the Eagles to reach the postseason, the path must go through the division.

Former Giants
Davis Webb: Do you keep in touch with any of your old Giants teammates?

Nov 23 The Giants, after starting the season 1-7, have won their past two games to get to 3-7, and with a win Sunday over East rival Philadelphia, they could move to within two games of the lead in a division that suddenly looks up for grabs.
Eli Manning is 0-2 against the Eagles in the playoffs in his career. Sunday might as well be a playoff game because it is do-or-die. Actually, it might be that way for the Giants and the Eagles as they chase the Cowboys and Redskins in the NFC East, where only the division winner is going to the playoffs.

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