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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Here's 25 things you didn't know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands. Named after the team, Giants Stadium opened on October 10, 1976. Giants controversial move from New York to Jersey. First game at the Stadium. NY Giants -Wikipedia.
Warner DVD NFL: New York Giants -
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2018 Preseason Games
Aug 9    ClevelandL 20-10
Aug 17at DetroitW 30-17
Aug 24at JetsW 22-16
Aug 30    New EnglandL 17-12

2017 NY Giants Games
Sept 10at DallasL  19-3
Sept 18     DetroitL  24-10
Sept 24at PhiladelphiaL  27-24
Oct 1 at Tampa BayL  25-23
Oct 8    LA ChargersL  27-22
Oct 15at Denver23-10
Oct 22    SeattleL  24-7
Nov 5     L.A. RamsL  51-17
Nov 12at San FranciscoL  31-21
Nov 19    Kansas City12-9
Nov 23at WashingtonL  20-10
Dec 3at OaklandL  24-17
Dec 10    DallasL  30-10
Dec 17    PhiladelphiaL  34-29
Dec 24at ArizonaL  23-0
Dec 31    Washington18-10

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Transcripts: Eli Manning, Pat Shurmur, Dave Gettleman | Giants TV and Web Schedule
fb GIANTS ONLINE - Videos | Giants Audio | Giants Radio Game Broadcast

Giants in the Super Bowl   |   Giants - Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI  |    

2018 Regular Season Schedule
Sun 9/09    JacksonvilleL 20-15 Mon 11/12at San FranciscoW 27-23
Sun 9/16at DallasL 20-13Sun 11/18    Tampa Bay1:00 PM
Sun 9/23at HoustonW 27-22 Sun 11/25at Philadelphia1:00 PM
Sun 9/30    New OrleansL 33-18 Sun 12/2    Chicago1:00 PM
Sun 10/7at CarolinaL 33-31 Sun 12/9at Washington1:00 PM
Thu 10/11   PhiladelphiaL 34-13 Sun 12/16    Tennessee1:00 PM
Mon 10/22at AtlantaL 23-20 Sun 12/23at Indianapolis1:00 PM
Sun 10/28   WashingtonL 20-13 Sun 12/30    Dallas1:00 PM
Bye WeekComplete Schedules - All Teams

Giants (2-7) vs Tampa Bay (3-6) Game Preview
Last Sunday the Buccaneers hosted the Washington Redskins. The game was tied at 3-3 in the second quarter. The Redskins went on to do all the scoring after that and Tampa Bay took a 16-3 loss.
The Giants played their game on a Monday night in San Francisco. Eli Manning guided the team to a fourth quarter come from behind win. The final score was 27-23 in favor of the Giants.
Giants - San Francisco Wrap-Up

Nov 17 Why Giants have legit chance to finally end 30-point drought. At first glance, it looks like a misprint. But it's not. The Buccaneers cannot possibly be as bad against opposing quarterbacks as the statistics say. But they are. In the nine games the Buccaneers have played, opposing quarterbacks have completed 73.6 percent of their passes for 2,755 yards, 23 touchdowns, one interception and a 122.3 passer rating.

Pat Shurmur wants Saquon Barkley to be more accepting of the between-the-tackles short gain, rather than looking to hit a home run on every rush. Now that Barkley is getting more carries -- he had a season-high 20 last week, his first time over 15 since Week 3 -- maybe it will be easier to not feel like every one is do or die.

Nov 16 The Giants' soap opera seems to be ending its run. The Giants have gone from a team in turmoil to a team finally settling in to play seven more games that can restore some respectability to their season.

The Giants have had 30 "successful" plays and three "explosive" runs in the no-huddle offense, which rank No. 7 and tied for No. 5 in the NFL, respectively, according to Pro Football Focus. From the huddling offense operated for most of the game, they rank No. 30 in "successful" plays and No. 31 in "explosive runs."

Nov 15 Giants must finally give their fans a home victory. They won one for themselves at San Francisco. Now win one for your fans. "It's definitely gonna feel good to have our fans behind us, and it's gonna be really important to us to get this win for us and them," Evan Engram said.

Giants' offensive line looks to build off outstanding effort. The beleaguered offensive line played its best game of the season on Monday night and the Giants won. Coincidence? Hardly.

For two years, the basic rule for beating the Giants defense was throw to the tight end. The trend stopped in the first half of 2018 ... but it resurfaced Monday against the 49ers like the nightmare you forgot you had last night until a fit of memory in the middle of the afternoon.

Nov 14 Given how well he played under such difficult circumstances, Eli Manning had a curious choice of words as he described the feelings of accomplishment and relief after Monday night's 27-23 comeback win over the 49ers.
At the risk of being a killjoy after Monday night's feel-good moments and with due respect to one of the most important players in franchise history, the Giants must move on from Manning in 2019.

With all the attention paid to the Giants' offense's inability to score points and protect quarterback Eli Manning, the lack of a pass rush on the other side of the ball mostly has gone unnoticed.
Saquon Barkley has impressed Giants fans since his first preseason touch. Now, the team's top defensive draft pick is showcasing exciting potential, too. Rookie linebacker Lorenzo Carter notched a career-high seven tackles in Monday's 27-23 win over the 49ers.

Nov 13 Giants win over San Francisco 27-23

On the game. Game 9
Gamegirl ..."It was so great to see the Giants win a game!..."
Mikefan ..."For believers, the Eagles and Cowboys have only two more wins than the Giants with seven games left to play..."

Manning's late TD pass leads Giants past 49ers 27-23.
Eli Manning turns back clock to save job in dramatic Giants win.
Odell Beckham scores 2 TDs (then is decoy).
Instant Analysis: Eli adds another game-winning drive to career.
Eli Manning report card: Giants QB beats San Francisco to earn another start.
Eli Manning's TD pass with 53 seconds to play lifts Giants over 49ers.
Jamon Brown makes big play on O-line in Giants debut.
'Tough guy' linebacker showing Giants exactly what they have.
The Giants' overlooked weapons came up big when it mattered.
Giants report card: Players prove they won't quit on Pat Shurmur.
B.J. Goodson, Corey Coleman make big plays Giants have been waiting for.
Giants snap 5-game losing streak with comeback win.

Giants (1-7) vs San Francisco (2-7) Game Preview
The San Francisco 49ers last played in a Thursday night game with the Oakland Raiders. Both teams had only one win on the season, and the Niners were favored to win at home and get their second. They did so in a big way, overwhelming the Raiders 34-3.
Before the bye week, the Giants played against the Washington Redskins at MetLife Stadium. They kept the game close up until the fourth quarter, and disappointed the home crowd while taking a 20-13 loss.
Giants - Redskins Wrap-Up

Nov 12 Odell Beckham Jr. missed the final 11 games last season. Cornerback Richard Sherman last season, in his first year with the 49ers, missed the final seven games. On Monday night, the two marquee players, fully healed, will battle each other when the Giants face the 49ers.

Evan Engram knows execution is key to second-half turnaround. If the Giants are to improve in the second half of the season, Engram will almost certainly be a key contributor. He is doing everything he can to maximize his strengths and eliminate the drops.

Nov 11 The defensive personnel change the Giants should make for the final 8 games. The self-diagnosed knock on the Giants defense is too many big plays allowed in the first eight games. In other words, the spotlight is directly on Curtis Riley.

Former Giants
Ron Johnson, the All-Pro running back who became the first player in Giants history to gain at least 1,000 rushing yards in a season, achieving the milestone twice in the 1970s, died on Saturday.

Nov 10 Giants must really start to feed Saquon Barkley. This is really simple, Giants. More Saquon, less Eli. It's about time and it's really not that difficult. Not only for "Monday Night Football," but for the Giants' future as well. But it must start Monday night against the 49ers.

The Giants went 9-7 in 2011 and won a Super Bowl by getting hot at the right time. Only Eli Manning and Zak DeOssie were around then among those in the 2018 locker room, but Odell Beckham referenced the last great Giants' run when asked what his personal goals are for the rest of a seemingly lost season. "Win eight games. Go 9-7 and go to the playoffs," Beckham said.o

Nov 9 In the only statistical category that really matters, the Giants are no better or worse than last year. They have one win after eight games. Same as 2017, before changes were made to general manager, head coach, most of the assistant coaching staff and about 70 percent of the roster. So are the Giants any better?

Giants reshuffling O-line again: Who's the odd man out? If and when the Giants start their ninth and play their 10th different offensive lineman this season Monday night against the 49ers, John Greco is expected to be the latest odd man out.

Eli Manning refreshed after a week off, but how much longer before his bye week? There has been no win-or-else edict delivered to Eli Manning, at least not such an explicit mandate from Giants coach Pat Shurmur.

Nov 8 Saquon Barkley's most important bye-week film session: studying his own game. Saquon Barkley has always loved watching the best of the best running backs to glean tips to hone his own skill and better his game.
Halfway through his first NFL season, Barkley is far and away the leading candidate for the Offensive Rookie of the Year award. His top competition figures to come from Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

NFC East News
Eagles, Giants, Cowboys, Redskins reasons for optimism, concern at midway point - Predictions.

Nov 7 The search for reasons why the Giants are mired in a 1-7 start, for the second consecutive season, should begin with the position group that has been much maligned for the better part of two years. General manager Dave Gettleman and head coach Pat Shurmur need look no further than the offensive line. How does Jamon Brown fit in?
Usually, newcomers need time to acclimate to their new surroundings, and Jamon Brown is in that process right now with the Giants. But this will be a hurry-up scenario, and expect to see the new guard on the field sooner rather than later. "We're going to try to get him in there as quickly as possible," coach Pat Shurmur said.

Kyle Lauletta is getting another chance from the New York Giants. It's up to him to make the most of it. An emotional Lauletta issued a public apology at his locker Tuesday for the actions that led to his arrest stemming from charges that he allegedly drove his vehicle carelessly through traffic.

Since his draft day, Landon Collins has envisioned himself as a career member of the Giants. Not getting moved at the NFL trade deadline last week was Step One towards achieving that goal. Step Two - securing a long-term contract - hasn't gotten off the ground yet, however.u

Nov 6 If you are a Giants fan who watched the first eight games of the season, you probably think you know who played well and who did not. Here are the seven Giants' starters with the highest grades and seven with the lowest grades at the midpoint of the season.

There is always a risk in tearing down and building back up an entire offensive line. The Giants did it and failed at the reconstruction job. New head coach Pat Shurmur before the season said his team would go only as far as the offensive line would take it. Well, the Giants have not gone very far, have they?

Nov 5 Giants' last trip to 'quarterback hell' - Why they are hesitant to quit on Eli Manning. The Giants could be in a version of quarterback hell if they move on from Manning without a replacement, after passing on Top 10 picks Sam Darnold (Jets), Josh Allen (Bills) and Josh Rosen (Cardinals) in the 2018 draft.

Nov 4 Special Report - Welcome to the bye week. We don't need to do one of those cutesy mid-season report cards, do we? There is plenty to be said, and very little. The Giants are 1-7 and no matter how you paint one part of the picture or the other, they are 1-7 because they can't finish, can't score enough points and can't win the battle at the line of scrimmage. Here are just a few of the potential headlines that we could use to describe the first half of the year.

Nov 3 Giants midseason grades: Odell Beckham Jr., Eli Manning, and more It hasn't been pretty for Big Blue as they reflect during their bye week.

Eli Manning getting sacked at an alarming rate. Eli Manning says, "Every sack has got its own story." If Manning wants to compile all of them in a bound edition, it will be a long, long book chronicling his tales of woe.

Former Giants
Jason Pierre-Paul has taken it to a new level since leaving the Giants.

Nov 2 The introduction to the NFL has been bittersweet for the Giants rookie class: plenty of snaps but not much winning. Dave Gettleman's top four draft picks from April - Saquon Barkley, Will Hernandez, Lorenzo Carter and B.J. Hill - are playing key roles right away, but they are not satisfied with the results.

Hey, Giants: Follow Colts' blueprint for rebuilding NFL's worst offensive line. The Colts and Giants both had quarterbacks named Manning for most of this century. They also both have had bad offensive lines for most of this decade.

Fact or Fiction: Saquon Barkley's first eight games have been more incredible than Odell Beckham Jr.'s as a rookie. Protecting the quarterback was the Giants' biggest problem on offense in the first half of the season.

Nov 1 Sometimes you just plain get lucky. With the top priority in the NFL's waiver claim hierarchy, the New York Giants might just have gotten very lucky on Wednesday when they were awarded guard Jamon Brown off waivers from the Los Angeles Rams.

A Hall of Fame-caliber NFL executive said the Giants had the best offseason in the NFL. Their former head coach and other NFL analysts picked (or almost picked) the Giants to win the NFC East. And some of the warning signs slipped through the cracks.

Oct 31 Giants report card: Grading each position on offense and defense, coaching and front office. Even the doomsday forecasters couldn't have seen this coming. The Giants are 1-7 and out of the playoff picture with eight games to go.

Landon Collins sees no reason the Giants would consider trading him. No reason at all. "I do a lot for the team, organization, I was a draft pick," Collins said. There is no concrete evidence the Giants ever considered shipping Collins anywhere.

Rookie quarterback Kyle Lauletta was arrested Tuesday morning for "various motor vehicle and related disorderly persons offenses" pertaining to a traffic violation in Weehawken, New Jersey.

Former Giants
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie announced he is retiring from the NFL via his Instagram page Tuesday morning. Rodgers-Cromartie, 32, signed with the Raiders in late August after playing the last four seasons with the New York Giants.

Oct 30 Giants creak the door open for an Eli Manning benching. There are no guarantees. Not at 1-7. Not with an offense that moves within the vicinity of the end zone and then fails to advance.
At 1-7, changes for the Giants offense are inevitable, and head coach Pat Shurmur appears to at least be open to the idea of a quarterback other than Eli Manning starting in Week 10 in San Francisco against the 49ers following the Bye.

Eli Manning has broken every meaningful passing record in Giants history, has achieved career numbers in line with many of the NFL's all-time greats, and has Hall of Fame credentials, as far as I'm concerned.
Giants of garbage time? Closer look at Eli Manning, passing offense piling up empty yards, points. The Giants have a bye this weekend to clear their heads and find an answer, though it already appears to be a certainty that rookie quarterback Kyle Lauletta will get an opportunity in place of Manning at some point in the near future.

Oct 29 Giants lose to the Redskins 20-13

On the game. Game 8
Gamegirl ..."With the way the game was going, I thought at halftime the Giants had a shot..."
Mikefan ..."Despite any trades that happened during the week, the Giants defense was holding its own..."

Redskins win third straight, behind defense and Peterson.
Instant Analysis: Offense struggles in loss to Washington.
Are Giants worst team in NFL? With this dreadful offense, it's hard to say no.
Enough already! Giants must bench Eli Manning and play Kyle Lauletta.
Saquon Barkley's brilliance has gone to waste on woeful Giants.
New York Giants takeaways from Week 8's loss to the Redskins.
Giants' offense is downright pathetic in hard-to-watch loss.
The defense the Giants have left was almost enough.
'Unacceptable protection' leaves Giants offense line fuming.
Who to blame for Redskins' 7 sacks?
All the hallmarks of a Giants debacle, in one depressing game.
The Giants' transition away from Eli Manning must begin now.
Giants report card: Holy hell this offense

Giants (1-6) vs Redskins (4-2) Game Preview
Last Sunday the Washington Redskins advanced their position in the NFC East division race. They were the only team in that group to finish with a win. Even better for them, it was a 20-17 win over the Dallas Cowboys.
The Giants played on Monday night with the Atlanta Falcons. Going in, it looked to be a game they could win, as the Falcons were facing a number of injuries. The Giants fell behind early, and though they managed to score 17 points in the second half, they still lost out to the Falcons 23-20.
Giants - Falcons Wrap-Up

Oct 28 Eli Manning forced to be the Giants' rock in lost season. There have been tough moments for Manning during his 15-year stay, but nothing like this. He does not offer much introspection for public consumption, yet there was a pained look in his eyes this past week as he was barraged with questions after his team traded away two defensive starters for future draft picks, the loud-as-roaring-thunder signal a rebuild is in place.

Oct 27 Giants have one game to prove they still have some life. The Giants, en route to 1-6, have insisted all along that they're thisclose to being a good team and that they're better than what their record says they are.

How did Giants-Saints Eli Apple deal go down? What was Apple's 1st reaction? The NFL trade deadline is in four days. We've already seen several deals, including a pair by the Giants, sending cornerback Eli Apple to the New Orleans Saints and defensive tackle Damon Harrison to the Detroit Lions.

Corey Coleman wants in. The last time most of the football public saw the newest wide receiver for the New York Giants, the 2016 first-round draft pick of the Cleveland Browns wanted out. That was nearly three months ago when Coleman was shown on HBO's "Hard Knocks" suggesting to his former coach, Hue Jackson, that the Browns should trade him - and the organization did just that, dealing him to Buffalo. Two teams later, Coleman wants to prove he's not a bust with Big Blue.

Oct 26 Is more Sterling Shepard the answer for Giants offense? Secret to his big plays. It wasn't just that Sterling Shepard had a Giants' season-high 167 receiving yards in Week 7. It was the way he got them: Catches covering 58, 53 and 38 yards. Leaping at the ball's highest point. Tip-toeing the sideline. Moving a drive into the red zone three different times.

The Giants this week traded two of his starters, but defensive coordinator James Bettcher emphatically said today he will not tolerate a decline in effort or production from anyone on his unit.

With Giants in disarray, Redskins can play to strengths. Over their last 23 games, the Giants are just 4-19. This past week, the franchise traded two defensive starters - Eli Apple and Damon Harrison - ahead of Sunday's matchup with the Washington Redskins. Quarterback Eli Manning appears washed up.

NFL News
For the first time in the Super Bowl era, the NFL has fired a referee in the middle of a season.

Oct 25 Don't tell the Giants about the white flag raised outside their building. After trading away their second defensive starter in as many days, the 1-6 Giants don't believe their front office is surrendering this season and thinking only about the future.

When the Giants take the field against Washington on Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium, the starting lineup will look drastically different than the team that took the field in Monday night's 23-20 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. Here's a look at the most likely Giants starting lineup, now that Harrison and Apple have been dealt.

Oct 24 'Snacks' Harrison traded to Lions as Giants' fire sale picks up. Eli Apple was just the beginning. Giants GM Dave Gettleman did not wait long to sell off another piece of the defense, sending Damon "Snacks" Harrison to the Lions for a fifth-round pick.

Giants trade Eli Apple for draft pick as rebuild gets underway | What's next move? The third-year cornerback was dealt from the Giants to the Saints for a fourth-round pick in 2019 and a seventh-round pick in 2020.
Eli Apple now ranks among the Giants' biggest busts ever No. 10 overall pick in 2016 had an attitude problem and never came close to realizing his potential.

Oct 23 Giants lose to the Falcons 23-20

On the game. Game 7
Gamegirl ..."Even though the defense kept Atlanta from scoring as much as they usually do, it wasn't enough to keep the Giants from losing once again, this time 23-20..."
Mikefan ..."On their first third quarter drive, they got all the way down the field before getting too eager, going for it on fourth-and-goal from the Falcons 1-yard line, and that didn't work..."

Ryan throws for 379 yards, Falcons beat Giants 23-20.
Instant Analysis: Giants can't complete comeback vs. Falcons.
Giants saved their most embarrassing flop for prime time.
Even the Saquon Barkley silver lining wasn't there.
Eli Manning's statline is a lie.
Let's count the ways Pat Shurmur was a disaster.
Giants report card: Let us count the ways the offense failed.
Pat Shurmur lost his mind as Giants lose again in Atlanta.
Deep dive into Giants red-zone failures | Closer look at all 19 play calls.
Giants lose to Falcons, drop to 1-6.
Same old frustrations rear their ugly heads for Eli Manning and Giants' O-line.

Giants (1-5) vs Falcons (2-4) Game Preview
Last Sunday the Atlanta Falcons managed to hold off the Tampa Bay Buccaneers down near their goal line in the final seconds of their game. The 34-29 win broke the Falcons three game losing streak.
The last time the Giants played, it was a Thursday night matchup at home with the Philadelphia Eagles, with both teams needing to improve on their losing records. The Eagles got back on track, while the home crowd watched the Giants let down on both sides of the ball. The result was a 34-13 loss for the Giants.
Giants - Eagles Wrap-Up

Oct 22 Giants can only do one thing to change this season's narrative. The Giants will face another team Monday night that hasn't had all that many things go well for it so far this year, and the Falcons have the added burdens of both being beat up and shouldering an expectation that they'd be one of the premier teams in the NFC this season.

It's time for everybody's favorite new Giants-themed game: Name that return man! Contestants 1 and and 2 were holdovers from last season. Contestants 3 and 4 were waiver-wire additions. Contestant 5 was an undrafted rookie. And on and on down the line.

Oct 21 Giants to make another change to the starting offensive line. As a whole, the unit has struggled massively, failing to create enough holes for the running game and give quarterback Eli Manning the needed time to throw.

The Giants are in search of their second win of the season Monday night against the Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes Benz Stadium, but will need to find a way to contain quarterback Matt Ryan, and wide receivers Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley.

So much attention has been focused on the Giants' offensive shortcomings this season. Defensive coordinator James Bettcher wants to remind you that his group isn't exactly playing up to expectations either. He reminded his players of that as well.

Former Giants
Dick Modzelewski, a star defensive tackle who appeared in eight NFL title games with the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns during the 1950s and '60s, has died. He was 87.

Oct 20 James Bettcher's Giants defense was supposed to feature exotic blitzes and aggressive schemes - unpredictability that players were raving about in the spring and summer. That has yet to be the case, but there is a reason for that.
Did the Giants go all-in on Eli Manning as their quarterback in 2018 and beyond? The Giants are 1-5 and it appears obvious to most that their offseason plan was based on one big miscalculation: Manning would turn back the clock if given the right complementary pieces.
If Eli is not the answer, Giants have some options moving forward. The Giants are sticking with Eli Manning as their quarterback. For now. How long that commitment lasts likely rests largely in how well Manning and the Giants perform in the coming weeks and months of the 2018 season.

Oct 19 Pat Shurmur still believes he can hold disaster season together. His veteran quarterback has been attacked from many more places than simply opposing defenses: His star receiver has rattled the team-first foundation with bizarre, self-serving rants; his rebuilt offensive line can't block; and his high-priced defense has vastly underperformed.
If you want to last in this town, you have to go through the tough times, and Shurmur is already in the fight. How he battles through it will provide an early barometer of how he might be suited for the long term, however long term that might be. His players are solidly behind him.

Oct 18 Special Report - It's tough to argue that the Giants are just going through growing pains, though there is an argument that it might take a quarterback, let alone other players, nearly a season before being comfortable in a new system. It's also hard to argue that players earning $5, $10, $20 million or more can use such an excuse.
After last Thursday's debacle at home in a 34-13 loss to division rival and defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles, there were cries from GiantLand that Eli Manning is finished, that rookie Kyle Lauletta should be prepped to start "to see what he can do" and that the team missed their opportunity to get their hands on a franchise quarterback for the future in the April draft.

Fifteen years and two Super Bowls ago, the Giants made the right move trading for Eli Manning. The question that won't go away for years and years is whether they made the wrong move drafting Saquon Barkley with the second-overall pick instead of Sam Darnold.
Having an old quarterback isn't the only issue facing the Giants these days. The new offense, a system that Pat Shurmur brought with him as head coach this offseason, has been slow to click.

Oct 17 John Mara rips into Giants, Odell Beckham Jr. Co-owner says OBJ needs to do more playing and less talking, calls team's 1-5 start "embarrassing."
John Mara is just as wrong for throwing Odell Beckham Jr. under the bus Tuesday as Beckham was for throwing Eli Manning under the bus nearly two weeks ago.

Rare good news for Giants offense: Engram eyes return. It did not help the Giants' anemic offense that one of their main playmakers, tight end Evan Engram, missed the past three games with a sprained knee.

Giants offensive line is a mess ... Here's how Spencer Pulley can fix it. The Giants offense has a myriad of issues that have contributed to yet another "embarrassing" 1-5 start, not the least of which is lackluster offensive line play.

Oct 16 How it all went wrong for the Giants' offense. Nothing has worked out better than expected, but that does not mean everything has gone wrong - other than the results on the field, of course.
Giants' Eli Manning as ex-quarterbacks join line of critics: 'You always get a vibe of what's being said'. Eli Manning built a reputation based on an uncanny ability to block out noise and answer his critics on the field, but the line is starting to include too many of his fraternity brothers to ignore.

Health and a new locker room vibe have these 1-5 Giants feeling better than last year's 1-5 Giants. The Giants have had a few days off to reflect on where they are and where they might be headed.

Oct 15 If Eli Manning continues to struggle against the Atlanta Falcons and Washington over the next two weeks, Shurmur would be wise to making the change from Manning to fourth-round rookie Kyle Lauletta, to at least evaluate what the Richmond product is capable of in the NFL.
Kyle Lauletta is a perfect six-for-six this season. Six games, six designations as inactive. On game days, he is on the sideline, but not in uniform. The logical conclusion to draw from this is Lauletta is the No. 3 quarterback, behind starter Eli Manning and backup Alex Tanney. Well, nothing about this sorry Giants season is very logical.

Oct 14 It was just a few short weeks ago that everything was so shiny and new, it was hard to not get excited about the Giants. They seemed to have all the pieces in place to execute a quick turnaround from the 3-13 season in 2017 and become one of those worst-to-first teams that the NFL provides just about every year.
Giants are facing harsh reality they could never picture. There is little doubt Gettleman and Shurmur - as well as ownership - viewed this as a team capable of competing for a playoff berth. The offensive line, in particular, has disappointed.
How many more winnable games do the Giants have? Things look bleak for the Giants ahead of Week 6 in Atlanta, and it's worth wondering just how many potential wins remain on the schedule.

Odell Beckham Jr. says he has nothing to apologize for. There are several misconceptions about what went down after the Odell Beckham Jr. interview on ESPN that upset the Giants so strongly they fined him for his comments.

Oct 13 Through 15 years, there have been rough times for Eli Manning. Plenty of them. Accolades sure, but more recently, growing doubt on the outside, and perhaps even a little bit on the inside, about his ability to continue to function and thrive as the franchise quarterback of the Giants.
You can't spell believe without Eli. With critics of Eli Manning mounting to include former teammates and the Giants off to a 1-5 start, coach Pat Shurmur quickly put to rest any thoughts of a quarterback change during the long layoff before an Oct. 22 visit to the Falcons. ""We believe in Eli," Shurmur said.

There will be no turning around of the season. The Giants may win a game here or there. Maybe they string a few together down the stretch. More than half the roster is comprised of first-year Giants. It is a new system on offense and defense. Quality teams can win enough during the adjustment. The Giants are not a quality team.

Saquon Barkley already is proving to be a terrific NFL running back, and nothing about his first six games suggests selecting him high in the draft was a fool's errand. What is up for debate is why he ended up with the Giants.

Former Giants
Ereck Flowers signs with Jaguars. Ex-Giants coach Tom Coughlin scoops up tackle he drafted in first round in 2015.
Ereck Flowers signs with Jaguars, his unlikeliest suitor. The Jaguars were desperate, after placing two offensive tackles (Cam Robinson and Josh Wells) on injured reserve,
Geno Smith weighs in on Eli Manning, says everyone owes Ben McAdoo an apology.

Oct 12 Giants lose to the Eagles 34-13

On the game. Game 6
Gamegirl ..."After the way the Giants hung in and almost won last week in Carolina, I was expecting so much more. Things looked like they were coming together just in time for this game, and I was very disappointed..."
Mikefan ..."Things started off as bad as they could, with Eli Manning throwing an interception on the second play of the game. It gave the Eagles great field position, and they capitalized on it..."

Wentz throws 3 TD passes, Eagles look Super vs. Giants.
Instant Analysis: Giants fall to Eagles, 34-13.
Eagles offense comes alive in 34-13 win over Giants.
Eli Manning is done and so are the Giants.
Blame the owner: John Mara is responsible for this Giant mess.
Giants are a sick organization right now.
Giants' putrid loss shows just how terrible they really are.
Odell Beckham leaves Giants' sideline early as antics return.
Giants offensive line can't blame Ereck Flowers for this debacle.
Giants vs. Eagles: The defending champs made Big Blue look like chumps.
Eagles dominate last-place Giants, dropping them to 1-5.
Eli Manning, defense are giant problems.
Giants season is over after disastrous loss to Eagles.
BYE, BYE! Odell Beckham Jr. sees enough during putrid first half.
Philadelphia Eagles 34 -New York Giants 13.

Vikings in a follow up of the NFC Championship game also played at home. Back then the Eagles beat them soundly 38-7, and went on to win in the Super Bowl. This time the Vikings got their revenge, and left town with a 23-21 win.
In their game, the Giants were up against a tough Carolina Panthers team. Despite trailing for most of the game, the Giants finally took the lead with about one minute left. The Panthers didn't have time to move the ball very far, but a 63-yard field goal gave them a 33-31 win.
Giants - Panthers Wrap-Up

Oct 11 Perhaps the start of the Giants' season would not be as dire if outside linebacker Olivier Vernon, their most accomplished pass-rusher, played in the first five games. He did not, though, but he will make his 2018 debut Thursday night against the Eagles, making the Giants' defense a more formidable unit.
The Eagles made a late addition to their injury report for Thursday night's game against the Giants. All-Pro right tackle Lane Johnson was downgraded to questionable with an ankle injury. Johnson wasn't listed on Wednesday's injury report.

The Giants have the chance to torpedo the defending Super Bowl champion Eagles' season with a victory on Thursday night at MetLife Stadium. However, it is going to take a complete game, which has been a struggle for Pat Shurmur's team through the first five weeks of the regular season.
For frustrated Giants, all that's on the line vs. Eagles is everything. There are only so many opportunities a team can have to save its season, and time has run out here. If the Giants lose, it is sole possession of last place and a record (1-5) that signifies it is getting close to making plans for next year.

Oct 10 Giants vs. Eagles injury report: Will Evan Engram or Olivier Vernon play? What's the latest on Saquon Barkley? Here's an update on Barkley, Engram, Vernon, kicker Aldrick Rosas and tight end Rhett Ellison, ahead of Thursday's game.

Upbeat Giants think brutal loss could be a turning point. The Giants lost on Sunday. Just a reminder, because it might seem hard to reconcile that fact with the way the team has been acting lately. Bouncing with energy. Brimming with optimism.

Lil Wayne heard what Eli Manning said - and is not happy. A day after the Giants quarterback spoke about the rapper for perhaps the first time in his life, a bothered Lil Wayne, enormous blunt in hand, released a series of Instagram videos in which he was incredulous he was on the receiving end of a shot from one of his favorite quarterbacks.

Connor Barwin spent the 2017 season with the Los Angeles Rams before signing with the Giants this offseason on a two-year deal. With Olivier Vernon (ankle) sidelined, Barwin has been thrust into a larger role on the Giants' defensive line. Thursday, he'll match up with right tackle Lane Johnson, and try to beat his former teammates on the other side of the Eagles-Giants rivalry.

Oct 9 Giants to cut or trade Ereck Flowers after draft bust 'ran its course'. Ereck Flowers' Giants career is over earlier than expected and later than the fan base demanded. The Giants intend to trade or release Flowers by 4 p.m. Tuesday.
The Giants are done with Ereck Flowers. For all intents and purposes, Ereck Flowers and the Giants unofficially parted ways two weeks into this season, when he was benched, yanked from his starting right tackle job.

Eli Manning praises Pat Shurmur for handling latest Odell Beckham controversy. If 14 targets in Sunday's game didn't say it, Eli Manning did. There is no rift between him and Odell Beckham after the star wide receiver offered only a tepid endorsement for his aging quarterback in a controversial television interview with ESPN.

The longest-tenured Giants offensive lineman on the active roster is Chad Wheeler. Let that sink in. A second-year player, undrafted a year ago out of USC, and the starting right tackle for the last three games, now stands as the only player in the position group who has been with the team since the start of the 2017 season. That's how much the Giants have overhauled their offensive line.

Oct 8 Giants lose to the Panthers 33-31

On the game. Game 5
Gamegirl ..."The Giants came up short today and it was some game to watch, even though we lost in the end. It was actually the very end when the Panthers kicker made a 63-yard field goal to steal this game away from the Giants..."
Mikefan ..."Credit the Panthers for their special teams play today. The Eagles are up next on a short week, but at least the game is played at home, and maybe they'll even have Olivier Vernon back to play..."

Gano's 63-yard field goal lifts Panthers over Giants 33-31.
Instant Analysis: Giants lose on last-second FG.
Stunning, miracle kick breaks Giants' heart and likely ends year.
Giants find a way for an Odell Beckham TD with perfect trick play.
Odell Beckham's future does not appear to be on special teams.
'Just not right': Giants defense is furious at the officials.
Giants got a reminder of 'the magic of Eli Manning'.
Giants blast NFL officiating after loss to Panthers.
Giants can't overcome Odell Beckham Jr.'s mistakes in wild loss.
Giants suffer heartbreaking 33-31 loss on Panthers' 63-yard field goal.
Odell Beckham Jr.'s muffed punt hands Carolina a touchdown.
Angry Giants leave Carolina feeling like victory taken from them by refs, not Panthers.
Carolina Panthers 33, NY Giants 31: What they're saying after the game.
Panthers win against Giants was pure pandemonium.
Panthers' Eric Reid returns, kneels during national anthem.

Giants (1-3) vs Panthers (2-1) Game Preview
Last week the Panthers were on an early season bye after playing in just three games. The week earlier they had hosted the Cincinnati Bengals, and won that game 31-21.
The Giants started out strong last week playing at home against the New Orleans Saints. They weren't able to sustain an early lead and took a 33-18 loss.
Giants - Saints Wrap-Up

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