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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Here's 25 things you didn't know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands.  First game at the Stadium.
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2015 Preseason Schedule
Aug 14at Cincinnati L  23-10
Aug 22    Jacksonville W 22-12
Aug 29    Jets"L  28-18
Sept 3at New England"W 12-9
"Giants play these teams in regular season.

2015 NY Giants Games
Sept 13at DallasL  27-26
Sept 20    AtlantaL  24-20
Sept 24    WashingtonW 32-21
Oct 4 at BuffaloW 24-10
Oct 11    San FranciscoW 30-27
Oct 19at PhiladelphiaL  27-7
Oct 25    DallasW 27-20
Nov 1 at New OrleansL  52-49
Nov 8 at Tampa BayW 32-18
Nov 15     New England PatriotsL  27-26
Nov 29at Washington RedskinsL  20-14
Dec 6     New York JetsL  23-20
Dec 14at Miami DolphinsW 31-24
Dec 20    Carolina PanthersL  38-35
Dec 27at Minnesota VikingsL  38-35
Jan 3     Philadelphia EaglesL  35-30

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Transcripts: Eli Manning, Jerry Reese, Tom Coughlin
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The New York Giants 2016 opponents. - *playoff teams.
Home: Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, *Washington Redskins,
Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Baltimore Ravens, *Cincinnati Bengals, New Orleans Saints.
Away: Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, *Washington Redskins,
*Green Bay Packers, *Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, *Pittsburgh Steelers, St. Louis Rams in London.

poster 2015 - NFL Playoff Schedule - Results
Check the current results and recaps over past years

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that takes you from the wildcard games to the Super Bowl? Try ours.
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The weather, the point spread, the rings, the stat leaders.
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Feb 8 What the Giants can learn from the Denver Broncos winning the 2016 Super Bowl. In a copycat league, the Denver Broncos now serve as the freshly-minted blueprint that everyone's trying to replicate. The other 31 teams can study just how general manager John Elway put it all together. The Giants are one of those teams. They should be examining what Elway did that worked.

Former Giants
Tom Coughlin made an appearance on "Fox and Friends" to discuss his Jay Fund charity. He was asked how he is dealing with the fact he does not have a team for the first time in a long time, without a season to prepare for. "Not well, not very well, to be honest with you," Coughlin responded.

NFL News
Super Bowl 50: Broncos 24, Panthers 10. Highlights and Analysis.
Super Bowl 50: Quarter-by-quarter breakdown.
Super Bowl 50: How much was this game dominated by defense? The teams were a combined 4-of-29 on third down.

Feb 7 Special Report - Arriving at the airport in order to serve as your correspondent at the Super Bowl for a 50th consecutive time, I was sitting and waiting for the shuttle bus when a guy approached. He wore the uniform of Host Committee Volunteer, people who don't get paid, who do whatever they can to offer directions, assistance and information to the football visitors.
He noticed one of my carry-on bags, a remnant from an earlier Super Bowl. "Need any help, mister?" he asked. Then he pointed at the bag in question and said: "You know, I was reading today in the paper that there are only three guys who have been at every Super Bowl. Isn't that something?"

Feb 6 What unfolded on the field between Odell Beckham Jr. and Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman in December may just spawn a new rule. Let's call it the Odell Beckham rule.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suggested during his annual Super Bowl news conference that he was in favor of a policy that would see players automatically ejected from a game if they were called for two personal penalties.

This year Eli Manning is serving multiple roles in and around the Super Bowl. He is a finalist for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award. He will be honored in a pregame ceremony that will include all living Super Bowl MVPs. And, of course, he's been a family spokesman as the brother of a starting quarterback in the game.
Eli Manning will be inside Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., to cheer on older brother Peyton, for whom he'll root to lead the Broncos to an upset of the Panthers in Super Bowl 50. A victory and Peyton would garner his second Super Bowl ring, matching Eli.

The Miami hospital which was treating Pierre-Paul has fired two employees who leaked medical records to ESPN's Adam Schefter. The two individuals were fired from Jackson Memorial Hospital, which has been investigating the leak since shortly after the July 4 fireworks accident which cost the Giants defensive end a finger and other parts of his right hand.

Feb 5 Victor Cruz: I would rework contract to stay. Says he'll do whatever it takes after being out two years with injuries His goal is just to get back on the field after knee and calf problems.
Victor Cruz had 'very rare' injury that required his calf to be cemented back down. The Giants wide receiver had a torn fascia in his left calf that wasn't healing and when he started to run after several weeks it would pop again, over and over. He expects to return 100 percent next season.

The first father of football, Archie Manning, is here this week to watch his son Peyton play in his second Super Bowl in three years and fourth overall. But he's also thinking about youngest son Eli, the family's other championship quarterback.

NFL News
The Pro Bowl might be over, but the debate over the NFL's all-star game and its future goes on.
How to win money on these absurd Super Bowl prop bets.
Super Bowl pressure, for advertisers as well as teamsThe

Feb 4 The first time Eli Manning watched his big brother play in a Super Bowl, it wasn't a completely pleasant experience. He was consumed, as he later admitted, by jealousy and a desire to be in a Super Bowl of his own.

Eli Manning said he reached out to Justin Tuck when he heard his former teammate and fellow Giants captain announced his retirement early this week after 11 NFL seasons. Tuck played his final two seasons for the Oakland Raiders.

NFL News
Officials offer reassurances on security at Super Bowl.

Feb 2 Eli Manning will be part of a pregame ceremony honoring all of the living Super Bowl MVPs. Eli Manning won MVPs with the Giants in Super Bowl 42 and 46. Big brother Peyton will be preparing to face the Panthers when the ceremony happens, but he would like to share the moment with Eli. Peyton has tried to pick up some intel on the Panthers from Eli.

Odell Beckham Jr. had both feet in bounds when he caught a pass in front of the Patriots' Malcolm Butler in November. Butler then knocked the ball out of his hands. After a review, the play was ruled an incompletion. Never in the game's history has there been so much debate over something so seemingly simple.

It was not all that long ago Jon Beason was the face of the Panthers' defense, the hard-charging, ball-seeking middle linebacker who never, ever missed a game or, it seemed, a tackle. From 2007 through the 2010 season, when you thought of the Panthers, you thought of Beason, a leader on the field and a wonderful representative off it.

Former Giants
Justin Tuck, a former captain for the Giants and a key member of two Super Bowl-winning teams, announced his plans to retire after 11 NFL seasons, nine of which were spent with Big Blue.
Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora and Michael Strahan led a fearsome Giants defensive front that paved the way to victory over Tom Brady and the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. It was Tuck, Umenyiora and Jason Pierre-Paul who repeated that feat in Super Bowl XLVI.
Justin Tuck finishes his NFL career with 353 tackles, 66 1/2 career sacks - with all but six coming with the Giants - and 20 forced fumbles. He was not named MVP in either of the Giants' Super Bowl victories, but easily could have been in both of them.

Feb 1 Giants Pro Bowl recap: 2 picks for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie; Odell Beckham plays safety. Beckham had a quiet night, only catching two passes for 34 yards on seven targets.
DRC's Team Irvin wins Pro Bowl 49-27: Eli throws TD for Team Rice. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie had two interceptions in a win for Team Irvin in the Pro Bowl.

Former Giants
Danny Ware has paid an emotional tribute to his youngest son who died after being hit by a truck. The 30-year-old father-of-three penned a heartfelt message and said he was 'at breaking point' after losing his three-year-old son Danny Josiah.

Jan 31 Defensive tackle Jay Bromley was accused of trying to rape a woman in a date that went horribly awry and ended with the alleged victim jumping on the hood of his car.
An angry Bromley, 23, bolted the hotel with the woman clinging to the hood of his car - until she skidded off and he drove away, sources said. The woman called the police around 4 a.m.

Former Giants
Dave Gettleman's long road to GM job pays off with Panthers' Super Bowl 50 trip. When Ernie Accorsi stepped down after the 2006 season, the Giants passed on Gettleman in favor of Jerry Reese. "Tom Coughlin made the point, big men allow you to compete," Gettleman says. "And I've never forgotten that. He said it so concisely... This is a big man's game."

Jan 29 Jerry Reese defends draft busts and 'process' that produced them. Reese knows he has been called out by John Mara, who after the season declared, "Jerry knows it's on him."

Saturday's Senior Bowl could give the Giants an early glimpse into their future. With the NFL draft three months away, there are several players in Mobile this weekend worth looking into.

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Jan 28 Special Report - Tyler Sash: It was July of 2012 and the Giants were conducting training camp on the grounds of The University of Albany in upstate New York. They were reigning Super Bowl 46 champions (seems just like yesterday, doesn't it?) and there was a swagger to the team, a bounce to the steps of the players and - almost unseen - a smile on the face of head coach Tom Coughlin.
There had been some disquieting news, that second-year safety Tyler Sash, a sixth-round draft pick the year before and a member of the Super Bowl champion roster, had been suspended for the first four games of the regular season because a blood test had disclosed the presence of a banned substance, one used in the manufacturing of a drug called Adderall, used to calm down those with anxiety. He has received it from his physician in his hometown of Oscaloosa, Iowa.

Eli Manning was the second pick Wednesday in the Pro Bowl Draft - and he's got his No. 1 guy on his side in wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. The New York Giants' duo will represent Team Rice in the NFL's all-star game Sunday at Aloha Stadium. "Hopefully, we can be on the same page and hook up and get a couple touchdowns," Manning said..

Jan 26 Former Syracuse and University of Connecticut head coach Paul Pasqualoni interviewed for what is believed to be the final available position coach job with the Giants.

Super Bowl 50 a far cry from Jon Beason's Panthers years. The Giants linebacker spent the first 6 1/2 seasons of his career with the Panthers, most of those as the face of the team's defense if not the franchise.

Jan 25 Eli Manning is one step closer to earning a prestigious award that no Giants player has ever won. He is one of three finalists for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award, which recognizes an NFL player for excellence on and off the field.

Jan 23 Eli Manning has been named to his fourth Pro Bowl, joining his star wide receiver, the Giants announced on Friday. Manning will replace injured Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in the all-star game.
Which team he plays on could be up to Odell Beckham Jr. The Giants quarterback was the latest alternate added to the annual all-star game in Hawaii. Earlier in the day Beckham, who was already voted into the showcase, was named one of four captains who will help select the rosters.

Jan 20 New Giants coach admits it's a 'challenge' to both call and manage a game Ben McAdoo is calling the shots. He just isn't sure who'll be calling the plays.
It may be a lot for a new head coach to be the defacto offensive coordinator while getting used to all his other responsibilities, but a major reason McAdoo got the job was because Eli Manning thrived in his offense.

When the Giants announced Ben McAdoo as their new head coach last week, the former offensive coordinator said, "I have been preparing for this moment my entire professional life." Now the work really begins.
Ben McAdoo on Tuesday held his first staff meeting -- he said he has filled about half of the coaching positions so far, with more interviews already underway for the remaining vacancies.

The Professional Football Writers of America rolled out their 2015 accolades this week, and three Giants took home honors. The PFWA voted safety Landon Collins and undrafted tight end Will Tye to the All-Rookie Team. Second-year wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. made the All-NFC Team.

Jan 19 The Ben McAdoo era has arrived and it has come with changes. McAdoo has shaken up the Giants staff left behind by former coach Tom Coughlin.
Jerry Palmieri, the Giants' strength and conditioning coach for each of Coughlin's 12 years with the club, will no longer hold that post.
Pat Flaherty will not return as the Giants' offensive line coach in 2016, multiple individuals with knowledge of the situation told NJ Advance Media.

Jason Pierre-Paul underwent what he hopes will be the final surgery on his mangled right hand on Monday, a procedure he also hopes will allow him more use of that hand on the football field.

Jan 18 Giants coach Ben McAdoo has made the first hire to his staff, and star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. should be pretty happy about it.
Giants hire Adam Henry, a key figure from Odell Beckham's college career, with the hopes of keeping their star in line.

He was the defensive coordinator of one of the worst units in NFL history. But somehow, Steve Spagnuolo is still in demand.
In an ideal world, new Eagles coach Doug Pederson would like to hire current Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo to run his defense.

Jan 16 Giants co-owner John Mara says Tom Coughlin with Eagles was for the birds.
John Mara: Giants Didn't Want to Lose Ben McAdoo.
Ben McAdoo's hiring could define John Mara's legacy.
Giants acted fast to hire Ben McAdoo as Eagles zeroed In.
Ben McAdoo will keep Giants on "Coughlin Time".
Ben McAdoo's debut: 'I'm right man' to evolve past Coughlin.
Ben McAdoo admits he messed up with out-of-control Beckham.
Ben McAdoo likes the pressure of being Giants' new head coach.
Ben McAdoo loses out on 1st coach he was targeting for his staff.
Joe Philbin takes job with Indianapolis Colts, won't be coming to Giants.
Giants GM Jerry Reese: On second thought, you can blame me.

Jan 15 After 12 years, Tom Coughlin stepped down as head coach of the New York Giants, and as it turned out, the organization didn't have to look far for his replacement. Of course, there is plenty of reaction coming in from media outlets across the country.
The Giants' pool of candidates to replace Coughlin was short on pizazz from the beginning. Half the candidates were brainy tacticians in headsets, the football equivalent of Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory." Most of the rest were solid, unexciting middle-aged guys with head coaching backgrounds but who nonetheless had some kind of blemish as NFL. leaders. Then there was Ben McAdoo.

There is no one happier in the Giants' organization about Ben McAdoo's promotion than Eli Manning. If his pleas for keeping Tom Coughlin at least one more season fell on deaf ears for ownership that was more interested in a fresh start, then McAdoo is clearly the next-best thing for the 35-year-old quarterback.
Manning has excelled the past two seasons with McAdoo as his offensive coordinator, throwing 65 touchdown passes against 28 interceptions. When Tom Coughlin stepped down as head coach on Jan. 4, Manning made it clear he would prefer to stay in the same offense. And he now will.

Former Giants
Tom Coughlin wants to coach. Tom Coughlin believes he can coach. But, he made the absolute right decision to pull his name out of consideration for the Eagles' head coaching vacancy.
Tom Coughlin explored his options and was not going to jump at the chance for any job available to him. The Eagles wanted to hire Ben McAdoo, but the Giants beat them to the punch.

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Jan 14 Giants' Ben McAdoo a yawner hire, just like Parcells was in 1982. you can believe that they see in McAdoo a lot of the same things Young saw in Parcells some 33 years ago:.
With no slam-dunk choice from the outside as head coach, it stands to reason that the Giants would hire from within. McAdoo, who coached Manning during two productive seasons in which he threw 65 touchdowns passes and just 28 interceptions, is that obvious choice.

What McAdoo had working in his favor is that he was being sold as the "next Andy Reid," according to one NFL source. That's not a bad comparison. Reid was 41 when he was an unknown plucked off the Green Bay Packers staff by the Eagles in 1999. He has 171 career coaching wins and led his teams to the playoffs 11 times.
Joe Philbin, who was fired as head coach of the Dolphins after a 1-3 start to 2015, is expected to be named the Giants offensive coordinator, according to a source. Philbin will replace Ben McAdoo, who will be named head coach.

Jan 13 Giants will name Ben McAdoo as new head coach. All along, sources insisted that McAdoo was the favorite.
It's quite a meteoric rise for McAdoo, 38, who two years ago was a respected but largely unknown Packers offensive assistant coach.
Ben McAdoo felt like the right choice all along. But it wasn't until after talking on Sunday night with two of the most important men in McAdoo's coaching life that it most assuredly felt right.
According to one source, McAdoo will bring former Dolphins coach Joe Philbin to the Giants staff, possibly as offensive coordinator. Philbin and McAdoo worked together as assistants in Green Bay.

Jan 12 Former Giants coach Tom Coughlin met privately with Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie prior to his interview with the team to become Chip Kelly's successor as head coach,
Sorry, but it is too late now to realize that the best candidate on the open market is none other than the 69-year-old coach who delivered you two Super Bowls with Eli Manning.
Unfortunately for Giants, Tom Coughlin is best coach on the market. Even the Giants have to know that the best candidate to fill their own head coaching vacancy is the guy they just let go.

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Jan 11 As the Giants prepare to hold their sixth head coaching interview on Monday, this time with former Falcons coach Mike Smith, two team sources said that Ben McAdoo and Bills coach Doug Marrone have emerged as the early favorites.
Somewhere toward the end of a well-deserved inquisition about the failures of the past football season, Giants general manager Jerry Reese was asked about what qualities he and the team's ownership will look for in the next head coach.
John Mara called it "the toughest decision you ever have to make in this business, by far and away." Making matters worse for the Giants is that the one candidate who probably fits their criteria is the one who walked out their door Tuesday and is interviewing with the Eagles on Monday.

Jan 10 Tom Coughlin's coaching career isn't over just yet, and there's at least a chance it could continue in a familiar place. Sources told FOX Sports on Saturday that the Giants have granted permission to the Eagles to speak to Coughlin.
Tom Coughlin is set to interview with the Eagles for their head coaching vacancy on Monday, just days after he stepped down after 12 seasons as the Giants head coach.
Is this a perfect match? Coughlin despite his age has unbridled energy, but he cannot be viewed as a long-term answer.
Imagine if Ben McAdoo doesn't get the Giants job and decides he doesn't want to stay for a new head coach ... left to cast his lot with Coughlin in Philadelphia?

Jan 9 The tone of the Giants coaching search takes a turn Saturday when they bring in Doug Marrone, especially if, as expected, he tells co-owner John Mara and general manager Jerry Reese during the interview that if hired, he intends to retain Ben McAdoo as the offensive coordinator.
John Mara said on Friday that he was "very disturbed" and "frankly disappointed" in not only Odell Beckham Jr.'s actions on the field against the Panthers several weeks ago, but in how the coaching staff handled the situation.

Jan 8 Special Report - When Tom Coughlin was allowed to resign last Tuesday, after another 6-10 season and after 12 years at the controls, the most obvious question - which was asked - was this: "Why does Coughlin have to go when [general manager] Jerry Reese is allowed to stay?" Good question, no real answer.
There are the Giants all the way down there near the bottom. Tied for 28th in the NFL. Only the Redskins had fewer "hits" than the Giants since Reese took over as general manager.

Jan 7 Breaking down the Giants head coaching candidates: Steve Spagnuoloa is not believed to have any other interest from other teams for either a head coach or defensive assistant opening.
Giants, Eagles both after Ben McAdoo for head coach jobs. The Giants faced the Eagles in a meaningless game on Sunday. Now they are squaring off in a competition with much higher stakes.
New Orleans Coach Sean Payton, who as a former Giants assistant seemed a potential candidate to replace Tom Coughlin as Giants coach, reaffirmed his desire to stay with the Saints.

Jan 6 In an emotional news conference, Tom Coughlin on Tuesday said goodbye to what he called a dream job. With nearly 20 current and former Giants players watching, he made his final appearance after 12 seasons as the team's coach with a typically passionate and high-energy oration.
Tom Coughlin's ability to change as he did after the 2006 season might well be the strongest epitaph to his Giants years, when advice from his family and demands from his owner led him to peel away just enough layers of his legendary toughness to let him connect with his players in a way he never had. The two Super Bowl wins that came after...
Coughlin leaves behind a team that continued to play hard and support him despite underwhelming results since he last won the Super Bowl after the 2011 season. And if you heard him Tuesday, you understood why that loyalty persisted, even through the lean times.

The GM was spared this week, but Giants owner John Mara made it clear that Reese must now fix the mess he's made of the franchise. The Giants have gone 6-10 in back-to-back years, and while Coughlin took the fall for the drop to the cellar, Mara seemed to acknowledge that it was because of the roster Reese assembled. And that roster lacked talent.
The Giants have stuck with Reese, but they have to abandon his draft philosophy. Enough with the Ramses Bardens, Jerrel Jernigans, Clint Sintims, Marvin Austins, the Adrian Robinsons, etc., etc. - the undersized athletes, the small-school wonders, the gems you think you've unearthed by out-scouting everyone else.

Former Giants
Tiki Barber: "I became one of the elite players in the National Football League because Tom Coughlin was a pain in the ass."

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Jan 5 - UPDATE Live Presser Updates: John Mara, Steve Tisch, Jerry Reese, Tom Coughlin.
Coordinators Steve Spagnuolo and Ben McAdoo will interview for Giants head coaching job.
John Mara: The Giants mess is on Jerry Reese after third straight losing season.
Did Tom Coughlin really snub Giants co-owner John Mara after press conference?

Jan 5 Tom Coughlin steps down as Giants coach. After 12 seasons and two Super Bowl victories, Tom Coughlin's era as head coach of the Giants is over.
There are two different, distinct images of Tom Coughlin that both illustrate and explain so much about what he accomplished in 12 years as head coach of the Giants.
Nowhere in Tom Coughlin's 289-word farewell statement did he use the word "retire." And there may have been a good reason for that.
Coughlin will immediately become a candidate for several vacant NFL jobs and could be staring across the field at the Giants from an opposing sideline in nine months.

The Giants need a coach who, if the heat's too hot, won't get out of the kitchen. Do the men who run the Giants believe Ben McAdoo to be ready?
Speaking for the first time since news of Tom Coughlin's exit, quarterback Eli Manning told WFAN's Mike Francesa he feels offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo should be a candidate.
There is work to be done to replenish the defense. That's no small task for general manager Jerry Reese, who has been rightfully criticized for not making this the kind of representative defense for which the Giants always have been known.

Jan 4 - UPDATE Tom Coughlin steps down as Giants head coach. John Mara, Steve Tisch, Jerry Reese, and Tom Coughlin will address the media Tuesday at 10:30 AM.
Jan 4 Giants lose to the Eagles 35-30 | Video |  Photos  |  Photos
On The Game: Game 16
Gamegirl - "
Watching the Giants take the field I couldn't help but think that with a few plays going the other way the Giants could have made it into the playoffs. I don't know how far the Giants could have gone."
Mikefan.   - "
The Giants finished the season the same way they started and continued it throughout the year. They couldn't win the close ones, and who's to blame?"

ESPN - Eagles spoil Coughlin's possible last game with Giants. - Instant Analysis: Eagles 35, Giants 30. - A season of missed opportunities continues; Giants finish season 6-10. - Giants 2016 opponents set; Road trip to London on deck.
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Giants (6-9) vs Eagles (6-9) - Preview
With two games left the Eagles needed to beat the Redskins and the Giants in order to win the NFC East. Last week on a Saturday night in Philadelphia they took a 38-24 loss which gave the Redskins the title. They lost their head coach a few days later.
Sunday night in Minnesota, the Giants went into their game with the Vikings knowing that they had been eliminated from the playoffs. The Giants were without their star receiver and played one of their worst games of the season. The 49-17 loss could result in them losing their head coach as well.
Giants - Vikings Wrap-Up

Jan 3 Tom Coughlin will go down as one of the greatest coaches in Giants history, every bit as important to the franchise as the legendary Bill Parcells. He will have a place in their Ring of Honor. He may someday get a bust in Canton.
At MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the atmosphere will be bittersweet as Giants fans could bid goodbye to Tom Coughlin, the persnickety old-school coach who twice led undervalued Giants teams to upset Super Bowl victories.
So as he nears the end of a week in which he clearly was the center of attention among the fans and the media, he has done everything within his power to make this as normal a situation as possible for his players - even though he understands they will be swept up by the storyline at some level.
On Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Giants will attempt to show that belief in their beloved head coach for what very well may be the final time. When they take the field, they've been instructed to think only about the game.

Jan 2 NFL guru gives case for Tom Coughlin - but won't touch Reese. When you are the man to make the call - yea or nay - on the fate of the head coach, there are two evaluations more important than anything else.
After three straight losing seasons, four straight without the playoffs, it feels inevitable that Mara and co-owner Steve Tisch will end the Coughlin Era early next week. But then what? Who's next?
No matter who coaches the Giants next season - whether it is Coughlin for one final run,, or someone else - there is so much to be learned from this giveaway season.

Mercifully, this is the end, for both the Giants and Eagles. There will be no more games after Sunday for the 2015 season. For the Giants, that means no more heartbreaking losses in the final seconds. For the Eagles, that means no more defensive no-shows late in the season and no more Chip Kelly.

The Giants began 2016 with 21 players on injured reserve and are expected to add more later on Friday. This will be the third straight season the Giants will be at or near the top of the NFL in players with season-ending injuries - they had 22 last year - and Tom Coughlin is perplexed by why that continues to be the case.

They were taken one year apart, both first-round draft picks, selected to anchor the defense for years to come. Jason Pierre-Paul was the No. 15 pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, following a long line of Giants pass-rushing defensive ends. Prince Amukamara was taken with the 19th pick in 2011, designed to become a fixture at cornerback. On Sunday, both could be playing in their last game for the Giants.

Jan 1 Special Report - Two lousy teams, playing out the string. Playing for pride. Playing for jobs. Such is the 2015 finale Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium. When the NFL planned out the schedule last spring, most imagined that this game would be the battle for playoff seeding and the NFC East title, just as they saw the Washington-Dallas game, also this Sunday.
Instead, Washington has already won the division; Dallas took an epic fall with Tony Romo out nearly the entire season with a broken clavicle suffered in Week Two. And the Giants were supposed to be on the rise against the preseason favorites, the Eagles.
Instead, neither team can get out of Dodge fast enough. Well, there is something to play for, or play to avoid: The loser of this game will be scheduled for one of the London games in 2016. We'll see who wants to play the St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams in Week Seven next year.

When the Giants face the Eagles on Sunday afternoon in the Meadowlands, they won't face the Eagles team that Tom Coughlin expected to see. Why? Because Coughlin wasn't expecting to see Chip Kelly, the Eagles' third-year coach, ousted just days before the end of the season, either.

Given the choice of saying yes or no when asked if he'd like to be back to coach the Giants in 2016, Tom Coughlin added to his own ambiguity by declining to give a definitive answer.
The Giants are the first team since the 1970 merger to miss the playoffs four consecutive seasons after winning a Super Bowl, which is why Coughlin's job - he is signed through 2016 - is considered in jeopardy.
It's been quite a while since the Giants fired a head coach. Not quite as far back as when they last fired a general manager, but it was a different decade, no less.

Dec 31 Odell Beckham returns with vow: I won't flip out like that again. He will have the same fire, the same passion, the same intensity. But he won't get crazy anymore.

Jason Pierre-Paul says he blames himself in part for lost Giants season. Pierre-Paul missed the first eight games of the season.

A first career touchdown is usually something that is to be celebrated. Ryan Nassib and Myles White did not get that chance. While it was the first touchdown for each of them, something both likely grew up dreaming about, neither was able to appreciate the accomplishment.

As Giants coach Tom Coughlin's future twists in the wind, he says there has been no talk with co-owner John Mara about how it will unfold.Coughlin seems almost resigned to his fate at this point. But still he's trying to keep his team looking straight ahead at the Eagles.
Tom Coughlin is not expected to return for a 13th season in 2016. Usually, when a head coach departs, his entire coaching staff follows suit, breaking up as they find employment elsewhere. But, Ben McAdoo is a different case than most assistants.

Former Giants
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Dec 30 Giants' six most damaging moments of 2015. Eli Manning and the Giants had every reason to be optimistic. Even until very recently.
No need to baby Eli with another Coughlin grace year. As things have grown bleaker and darker, there has descended a cloak of inevitability around what is almost certain to come.

This, it appears, is the end of the road for Coughlin after 12 seasons coaching the Giants. So many times in the past, Coughlin has cooled his hot seat, found a way to survive, and often thrive.
Count former Giants and Rutgers offensive lineman Shaun O'Hara among the pundits who isn't pulling the trigger so fast on potentially firing Giants head coach Tom Coughlin.

If Giants lose to Eagles, they will face Rams in London next season. Maybe Sunday's Giants-Eagles game isn't completely pointless after all.

NFC East News
Eagles - Chip Kelly experiment comes to a disastrous end.
Eagles fire Chip Kelly amid team's lost season.

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