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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Here's 25 things you didn't know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands. Named after the team, Giants Stadium opened on October 10, 1976. Giants controversial move from New York to Jersey. First game at the Stadium. NY Giants -Wikipedia.
Warner DVD NFL: New York Giants -
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2017 Preseason Games
Aug 11PittsburghL 20-12
Aug 21at ClevelandL 10-6
Aug 26JetsW 32-31
Aug 31at New England W 40-38

2017 NY Giants Games
Sept 10at DallasL  19-3
Sept 18     DetroitL  24-10
Sept 24at PhiladelphiaL  27-24
Oct 1 at Tampa BayL  25-23
Oct 8    LA ChargersL  27-22
Oct 15at Denver23-10
Oct 22    SeattleL  24-7
Nov 5     L.A. RamsL  51-17
Nov 12at San FranciscoL  31-21
Nov 19    Kansas City12-9
Nov 23at WashingtonL  20-10
Dec 3at OaklandL  24-17
Dec 10    DallasL  30-10
Dec 17    PhiladelphiaL  34-29
Dec 24at ArizonaL  23-0
Dec 31    Washington18-10

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2018 Regular Season Schedule
Sun 9/09    Jacksonville1:00 PM Mon 11/12at San Francisco8:15 PM
Sun 9/16at Dallas8:20 PMSun 11/18    Tampa Bay1:00 PM
Sun 9/23at Houston1:00 PM Sun 11/25at Philadelphia1:00 PM
Sun 9/30    New Orleans4:25 PM Sun 12/2    Chicago1:00 PM
Sun 10/7at Carolina1:00 PM Sun 12/9at Washington1:00 PM
Thu 10/11   Philadelphia8:20 PM Sun 12/16    Tennessee1:00 PM
Mon 10/22at Atlanta8:15 PM 12/23 or 12/24at IndianapolisTBD
Sun 10/28   Washington1:00 PM Sun 12/30    Dallas1:00 PM
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2018 Preseason Schedule
Aug 9    ClevelandL 20-10 Aug 24at Jets7:30 PM
Aug 17at DetroitW 30-17Aug 30    New England7:00 PM

2018 NFL Draft - New York Giants - Player Bio, Grade, and Analysis
1Round 1 - 2nd pick (2)Saquon BarkleyRB
2Round 2 - 2nd pick (34)Will HernandezG
3Round 3 - 2nd pick (66)Lorenzo CarterLB
4Round 3 - 5th pick (69)B.J. HillDT
5Round 4 - 8th pick (108)Kyle LaulettaQB
6Round 5 - 2nd pick (139)RJ McIntoshDT
NFL Draft tracker by round - All the picks     l   NFL Draft - Team-by-team picks and grades.

Aug 19 Pat Shurmur's simple blueprint paying dividends for Giants. Shurmur said the Giants made a "boat load" of mistakes against the Lions. Whenever real adversity hit, they managed to weather it.

It is difficult not to focus on the inner-workings of an offense that has the potential to be highly-potent. Tucked into the first two preseason games is the less-heralded work of the Giants on defense.

Cornerback B.W. Webb 's addition didn't generate much buzz when the Giants signed him early in free agency, but he looks like the answer for addressing one of the team's biggest concerns.

If there were a Most Valuable Player trophy handed out by the NFL for preseason excellence, Kerry Wynn might already have a few on a shelf at home. There is a significant difference between his past summer performances and those like the show Wynn put on Friday night in the Giants' 30-17 preseason victory over the Lions at Ford Field.

Aug 18 Giants beat Lions 30-17 | Reasons to be optimistic.
Giants preseason stock report after win vs. Lions.
Davis Webb was sharp in his second preseason game.
Giants' defense off to dominant start in preseason.
Kyle Lauletta shows a skill you didn't know he had.
Davis Webb bounces back and helps Giants beat Lions 30-17.
Davis Webb delivers bounce-back the Giants were hoping for.
Saquon Barkley-less Giants get big lift from two ex-roommates.
Ereck Flowers exposed by a former Giants teammate.
Davis Webb rises to occasion in second chance for Giants.
Giants will celebrate Pat Shurmur's first win of any kind as head coach
Davis Webb gets start and bounces back in big way after last week's struggles.
Davis Webb impresses in 30-17 win over Lions.
Giants top Lions 30-17 as Webb, Gallman and the defense shine.

Aug 17 New York Giants at Detroit Lions: What to watch. Unlike last week, when the Giants didn't engage in game planning for the Cleveland Browns, this week, it sounds as though that is going to change, at least based on what some of the players have indicated.
With it appearing likely that neither Giants running back Saquon Barkley nor wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will play against the Detroit Lions, the stage is set for several players to play extra and extra valuable snaps in Friday night's NFL preseason game.

Odell Beckham Jr.'s injury advice for Saquon Barkley: Take your time. On Friday night, Barkley will miss his first game with an injury since his freshman year at Penn State when an ankle kept him out of two contests.
When Giants co-owner John Mara decided to open contract negotiations with Odell Beckham, he pointed to how the star wide receiver "personally is moving in the right direction."

Odell Beckham Jr. is not in a rush to do either of the two things that the rest of the world is frantically waiting for from him. Those would be playing in an actual game and signing a long-term contract extension. Ask Beckham "When?" regarding either topic and he answers with Zen.
With three weeks to go before the opener, there is plenty of time to get the deal done. Eli Manning signed an $84 million extension two days before the season opener in 2015. The Giants need to have a similar result with Beckham before it gets messy.h

Aug 16 Calling the Giants defense a "3-4" is like describing James Bettcher as a "coordinator." Accurate, but only on a basic level. Bettcher is a creative schemer who has shown the Giants will offer multiple looks across the front seven rather than sticking with three on the line of scrimmage and four linebackers.

Eli Apple flashes the talent and mindset the Giants want to see. If it is not how you start but how you finish that is most important, Eli Apple had a good day Wednesday as the Giants and Lions went through a second joint practice.
Eli Apple felt as if the Lions were picking on him a bit in Wednesday's joint practice. It may have been just coincidence that many of their passes were thrown in his direction, but the third-year cornerback still felt it.

Saquon Barkley's hamstring injury might not seem like a big deal, but Giants learned hard way with Odell Beckham. Barkley sat out the second straight day of the Giants practice sessions with the Lions here Wednesday, in full uniform with no shoulder pads.

Aug 15 The Giants competed in their first of three practices in Detroit on Tuesday afternoon. Running back Wayne Gallman got a few more first-team reps than usual with fellow running back Saquon Barkley sidelined with a mildly strained hamstring.
Despite his flashes of promise, Gallman is right back at No. 3 on the depth chart thanks to fate. Playing in 13 games with one start, Gallman finished his rookie season with 476 yards on 111 carries, a respectable 4.3 yards per carry, and added 193 yards on 34 receptions with one touchdown in the passing game.

Why the Giants offense stood out in a muted practice with Lions. The entire Giants offense got the better of the Lions defense most of the day. In particular, the protection from the first-team offense was solid.
The Giants first-team offense broke the huddle midway through Tuesday's joint practice with the Detroit Lions and Odell Beckham Jr. sprinted out wide left. For the first time this summer, Beckham was ready to test himself head-to-head against a star corner from another team.
Odell Beckham's first real test of camp couldn't have gone better. For the first time since Pat Shurmur took over as head coach, Beckham was on display, operating against a defense wearing a different jersey.

Aug 14 Pat Shurmur lays down the law to prevent Jets-like brawl. Shurmur and Lions coach Matt Patricia have already discussed the pace and tempo they want to see in these three joint practices, so there should be no misunderstandings.
Shurmur has repeatedly pointed out that he and Lions head coach Matt Patricia worked together in joint practices when they were coordinators with the Eagles and Patriots, respectively, so they have an understanding of expectations regarding tempo and intensity.

Saquon Barkley made a spectacular play during Monday's practice and then came up a little gimpy after hauling in a long pass thrown by Kyle Lauletta, rookie to rookie.
Barkley did not return to action and had his leg wrapped on the sideline. He walked off with teammates (not trainers) and without the wrap.

The most intense part of Sterling Shepard's season is already over. The Giants wide receiver and his model wife, Chanel Iman, welcomed their first child on Friday and as of Monday the 3-day-old infant had more than 7,000 followers.

Aug 13 Giants backup QB competition heats up between Davis Webb, Kyle Lauletta as Eli Manning rests. Shurmur has yet to determine the quarterback pecking order beyond Manning.
Davis Webb eager to make up for preseason dud as Giants' backup QB competition heats up. Kyle Lauletta had a solid debut and, if Webb continues to struggle, has a shot at the No. 2 job.

Landon Collins knows Giants will put the right person beside him. Landon Collins has played next to a different starting safety in each of his first three seasons with the Giants, so a new partner every day in training camp hasn't been too jarring.
Safety Andrew Adams was among the team leaders in overall snaps and led Big Blue with six tackles in Thursday's preseason premiere against Cleveland. Now, as the Giants prepare for dual practices in Detroit and a game against the Lions, Adams hopes to continue his impressive play.

James Bettcher's example of sacrifice and dedication last week made a mark on his Giants defensive players. Bettcher's mother, Karen F. Bettcher, passed away on Aug. 4, at age 76. But five days later, the Giants' new defensive coordinator was on the MetLife Stadium sideline anyway, making his Big Blue debut with a heavy heart.

Aug 12 With one preseason game already in the books, this is a good time to look back at whether Pat Shurmur's first training camp as Giants head coach was a success, by revisiting the four goals that NJ Advance Media set out prior to the first practice last month.

Giants' new-look offensive line has room to improve. Building cohesion takes time and throwing five guys together for a spring and summer is not all it takes. So, for the first time out, the Giants did not expect, and certainly did not receive, a vintage performance.

Giants have a true ground weapon in Saquon Barkley, but the offensive line still needs to do more. Pat Shurmur proved early in Thursday's preseason opener that he wants to commit to the run. Now the offensive line needs to give him a reason to stick with it.

Pat Shurmer at home in Motown - Giants coach will be going back to his roots when the Giants spend this week in Michigan. The Giants will spend most of this week in Michigan, flying out on Monday evening before three days of practices and workouts with the Lions and then a preseason game against Detroit on Friday night.

Aug 11 Giants have 'plenty to learn from' after preseason loss to Browns, Shurmur says. Shurmur said the Giants' passing game needs improvement. "We ran the ball well. We need to complete more passes," he said after his four quarterbacks went a combined 22-for-45 for 193 yards.
If there was one positive to take away from the play of Giants backup quarterbacks Davis Webb and Kyle Lauletta, it is that the fourth-round rookie showed plenty of poise in his first taste of NFL game speed. Lauletta completed six of his nine passing attempts for 48 yards.
Davis Webb knows he must calm down in next outing. Webb did not quiet those who have doubts about his ability and wonder who will be the quarterback of this team in a year or two. He was constantly out of the strike zone, launching passes too hard and too high. He ended up completing just 9 of 22 for 70 yards.

Pat Shurmur has told us preseason games are important "because you learn about your team." Well here's what we've learned about Shurmur after the Giants' 20-10 loss to the Browns on Thursday night at MetLife Stadium, his first preseason game as head coach.

The return of Mark Herzlich to the football field. On Thursday night, Herzlich played middle linebacker with the second-string defense. Herzlich played 38 defensive snaps with one tackle and one quarterback pressure. He also played 10 special-teams snaps.

Giants' Olivier Vernon, Michael Thomas put protests on hold as discussions with NFL continue. "Right now we're waiting to see how everything goes with the league and we've just been engaging in talks and seeing what everybody is talking about and seeing where everything is going to lead to," Vernon said of his decision. "For right now, it's just football right now."

Aug 10 Giants preseason stock report after 20-10 loss to Browns.
Saquon Barkley says hello to the NFL in style with eye-popping first Giants carry.
One dynamic run and a Giants' star is born.
Barkley shows why Giants picked him on very first play of preseason.
Instant Analysis: Top draft picks on display in Giants vs. Browns.
Giants backup QB Davis Webb off target in preseason opener.
Giants defense looks just as bad as last season.
Pat Shurmur: I never 'intended to play' Odell Beckham vs. Browns.

Aug 9 Three things Giants fans should watch for in the preseason opener. Be it one snap or three or seven, this is Saquon Barkley's preseason debut. Is there anybody out there old enough to remember when the Giants used a 3-4 front as their base defense? Let's see what Webb brings to the field.
It's the dawning of a new era in Giants football, not just for the rookies but for the seasoned veterans. They may have played in numerous preseason openers, but none has played for new coach Pat Shurmur in MetLife Stadium in the home uniforms.
Based on what the offense has shown on the field at practice, fans should expect to see a lot more two tight end (12) personnel this season featuring Rhett Ellison and Even Engram.

Odell Beckham Jr. will be limited in how much he plays this preseason, starting with Thursday night's opener against the Browns. Likely, he will not play at all in this first game.
The easiest decision Pat Shurmur will have to make this preseason is to sit his all-world wide receiver in the preseason opener. Why would they even dream of risking their best player while he's still technically recovering from ankle surgery in this completely meaningless game?

Aug 8 Which Giants will play in the preseason opener? Pat Shurmur says players will get the time 'they need'. Folks want to know how much if any they'll get to see of Odell Beckham Jr., Saquon Barkley, and Eli Manning.
A year ago, Manning did not play at all in the first preseason game. He has said he would like to play some, as this is a new offense and Shurmur is a new play-caller.
Shurmur needs to start his first unit against the Browns and let it get in a couple of series, if not the entire first quarter. Here's why: Beckham needs to get hit. He needs to run a pattern, catch a pass, get knocked down and get back up.

When Davis Webb takes his first snap in the Giants' preseason opener Thursday night vs. the Cleveland Browns, it will have been 343 days since he last played in a game.
Davis Webb revealed to WFAN's Chris Carlin and Maggie Gray that he was scheduled to play the final three games of last season before head coach Ben McAdoo was fired and replaced on an interim basis by then-defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

NFL News
NFL rule changes: Answers to 11 key questions | How will new helmet rule be called? Is the catch rule simpler?

Aug 7 Eli Manning has yet to miss a snap as the Giants approach the end of their second week of camp. It's a different approach than the previous regime had last summer when they sometimes limited his throws in an effort to preserve his strength.
The Giants haven't really scaled back Eli Manning's preseason reps yet, like they have for rookie Saquon Barkley. But they admit they're going to start keeping a watchful eye on the 37-year-old quarterback's workload.
Rookie running back Saquon Barkley returned to practice on the hottest day of Giants training camp, but wide receiver Sterling Shepard was a spectator during a practice that featured big plays on both sides of the ball.

New Giants defensive coordinator James Bettcher has brought more than just a 3-4 scheme; he's brought an all-in, pedal-to-the-metal attitude, fostering completion and detail on enough little things to add up to big improvement.
With the new systems have come new roles for players such as Olivier Vernon, who in the last two seasons has mostly lined up at right defensive end in the Giants 4-3 defense. This year, his primary responsibility will be as an right outside linebacker.

Aug 6 Giants' 53-man roster projection: Which training camp stars make the cut? Head coach Pat Shurmur and his staff continue to evaluate which players are destined for jobs on the 53-man roster, and who might be looking for work next month following cutdown day.

How Giants young stars handle the pitfalls and profits of social media. Sterling Shepard admits his existence, both professional and personal, is intertwined with social media.

Aug 5 It was a fourth straight day of training camp practice for the Giants, the third of those four with full pads on a hot, steamy day at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center.
Between his brief scuffle with Evan Engram and leaving practice with an apparent left knee injury, it was an eventful practice for Eli Apple.

Odell Beckham Jr., speaking to the media for the first time since the Giants hired Pat Shurmur, says the offense can be even better than before under the new coach - possibly even Super.
He was most compelling when he talked about himself -- not the contract stuff, but the personal struggles with dealing with a serious injury for the first time in his athletic career.
As Odell Beckham Jr. runs around on the field at Giants training camp this summer, his mind will sometimes flash back to the times last year when he was furthest away from doing so.

The 'Carolina' Giants | 8 players who created a pipeline under Dave Gettleman. The Giants have eight players who played for Gettleman during their general manager's previous job with the Panthers.

Aug 4 Michael Thomas doesn't feel like he has it made. In fact, the Giants' newcomer will never have that mentality. Thomas is one of several players hoping to win the starting free safety job. Thomas will have a pivotal role on the Giants, anchoring special teams and being used in some capacity as a defensive back, whether it's as a safety or as an extra cornerback.

You don't know B.W. Webb. Not yet anyway. This camp, Webb has been practicing as the Giants' top backup outside corner behind starters Janoris Jenkins and Eli Apple. On Friday, Webb intercepted a pass for a second straight day, picking off second-string QB Davis Webb.

After practice, the Giants announced they had signed veteran cornerback Leonard Johnson, adding another player general manager Dave Gettleman had in Carolina. The 28-year-old defensive back, who started seven games for the Bills last year, was part of a group of cornerbacks who tried out for the Giants in the afternoon.

Mark Herzlich is facing another comeback head on. Mark Herzlich's current experience is simultaneously identical and dissimilar to one he had eight years ago. The Giants' veteran inside linebacker has again returned to the field after a forced year in exile. Herzlich suffered a burner in training camp last year and spent the entire 2017 season on injured reserve.

Aug 3 Throughout the course of Thursday's practice, quarterbacks Eli Manning and Davis Webb frequently aired it out, including a 50-yard bomb from Manning that Russell Shepard ran under for a long touchdown.
Even though the overall play from the team wasn't the sharpest, Eli Manning was on his game throwing the football. Manning was sharp and looked ready for the first preseason game next Thursday.
Saquon Barkley might be in for 350 touches once the regular season starts, but the Giants are being careful not to burn out their heralded rookie during training camp. Barkley watched the final approximately 45 minutes of Thursday's practice from the sideline, but it wasn't a case of injury.

There is an overwhelming consensus among virtually everyone in pro football that doing as much as possible to protect players from head injuries is a good thing. Toward that end, the recent adoption of a new helmet rule is a welcome measure.
Under the new rule, it is illegal for a player to lower his head to initiate and make contact with the helmet on an opponent ... to the head and neck area and torso, hips and lower body as well.

Aug 2 If the Giants win the Super Bowl this season, Zak DeOssie knows exactly what he's going to do with his championship ring. "It will definitely go straight in the safety deposit box, that's for sure," DeOssie told The Post on Wednesday. "Any and all rings are going in there from now on."

Giants tackle Damon Harrison is not comfortable with the new defensive scheme. From the players to the coaches to the scheme he's going to be playing, Harrison is grappling with the adjustment.
The seven-year veteran whom everyone calls Snacks is entering his third Giants season as the team's most experienced and accomplished front seven defender. And since he is never shy about offering his opinions on almost any subject, Harrison is the unit's leader in both deeds and words.

The Giants came back from their day off with another fully padded practice. There were fewer full speed team portions than usual, but there was still plenty to see from the sideline.
Landon Collins intercepted an Eli Manning pass tipped by Alec Ogletree, intended for Evan Engram, and took it to the house during the Giants' sixth training camp practice on Wednesday as the NFL calendar turned to August.

Aug 1 It's not just Josh Norman who wants a piece of Odell Beckham. Jalen Ramsey -- ranked No. 2 at his position by and considered the best cornerback in the league by some -- eagerly is anticipating his Week 1 matchup against Beckham.

The Giants' free safety battle runs four deep. Through the first five days of practice, the Giants had four players line up at free safety with the starting unit: Curtis Riley, Michael Thomas, Andrew Adams and Darian Thompson.

Alex Tanney spent exactly three days unemployed this offseason. While other quarterbacks with dozens of career starts and even some with Pro Bowls on their resume remain unsigned, Tanney was scooped up by the Giants almost immediately after he cleared waivers.

July 31 Special Report - And you thought Olivier Vernon was a defensive end, didn't you? Well, not any more, at least not under the new Giants' staff whose head coach is Pat Shurmur and whose defensive coordinator is James Bettcher. And that's just one of the major differences you'll see this year as the team tries to crawl out from under the 3-13 burden left for them by the departed Ben McAdoo.
Vernon is now an outside linebacker in Bettcher's 3-4 defense, and his job will be more to rush the passer and disrupt running plays to the wide than to simply sack the quarterback. And just to confuse you a little more, Vernon might wind up at strongside outside linebacker while rookie Lorenzo Carter gets the chance to start there. Got it?

Saquon Barkley isn't the correct answer. And neither is Will Hernandez. The question is: Which Giants rookie has received the most first-team reps? Going back to spring workouts, that title, actually, belongs to B.J. Hill, the defensive lineman from N.C. State who has seamlessly blended in up front in the new-look Giants defense. He's even surprised himself by how fast it happened.

Davis Webb is having a blast. "You're playing football for a living," Webb said. "There aren't many things better than that." What really makes Webb grin, though, is actually playing football. It's been a while since he's seen this much action on a daily basis in a team setting.
Kyle Lauletta was fading away when he fired a pass headed to the back of the end zone, where tight end Rhett Ellison, completing his fade route, caught the ball for a touchdown. This happened the other day at Giants training camp, a nice moment for the rookie quarterback from Richmond. Or was it? There was an all-out blitz on the play called by James Bettcher, the defensive coordinator. "Didn't see it,'' Lauletta said.

The one-handed catches, game-breaking speed and stop-on-a-dime cuts have of course left an impression on Pat Shurmur through six practices. But the new Giants coach seems just as impressed by Odell Beckham Jr.'s actions away from the cameras and the adoring fans.

July 30 Is this the new Eli Manning? Giants' QB hits every target in strong practice. It was only one practice, but Manning seemed dialed in and more than ready to maximize the talent that the Giants put around him this offseason.

Saquon Barkley and Wayne Gallman have relished getting to pick the brain of veteran running back Jonathan Stewart, but the young Giants aren't the only ones who are gaining knowledge from the experience.

Most rookies spend their first week of training camp trying to keep up with the mental challenges that are put before them. They have to learn assignments, responsibilities, schemes. At a sleek 6-5 and 252 pounds, Lorenzo Carter seems almost custom-built for the role of pass-rusher in defensive coordinator James Bettcher's system.

July 29 The pads came on for the first time Saturday at Camp Shurmur. "You'll definitely have to embrace the thud," running back Jonathan Stewart said before practice at East "Thuderford." So it was time for Saquon Barkley to embrace the thud.

The Giants practiced in full pads for the first time Saturday, and there are plenty position battles and storylines surrounding Pat Shurmur's first training camp with the team. Here are 10 noteworthy nuggets to consider entering the first weekend of Big Blue's 2018 season.

Olivier Vernon, Connor Barwin dominate first practice in pads as offense struggles. The Giants are counting on Olivier Vernon's move to pass-rushing outside linebacker to be a foundation of the defense this season, and on Saturday, Vernon gave every reason to be optimistic.

After two strong showings in practice, there is significant buzz building about Etta-Tawo, and he appears an early front-runner for the mantle of fan favorite to make the team out of training camp and the preseason.

Teams coming off losing seasons often poach players from more successful programs in an effort to infuse a winning mentality. But besides just adding guys from playoff teams a year ago, the Giants also managed to add guys who were on playoff teams a year ago that were losing teams the year before that.

Eli Apple is taking the first steps in repairing his reputation. New general manager Dave Gettleman is a no-nonsense administrator but he also operates under the mantra "you don't give up on talent.'' Apple's talent is real, and Gettleman kept him around.
Asked for an assessment of Eli Apple so far this training camp, coach Pat Shurmur used a word that until Saturday had rarely been employed in discussing the cornerback. "Based on what I've seen," Shurmur said on Saturday, "he's acting like a pro."

NFC East News
Cowboys used film of Carson Wentz to try to show Dak Prescott how to be a better quarterback.

July 28 Saturday is not the first day of training camp for the Giants. It is actually day No. 3. But, in the hearts and minds of those paid to protect Manning and open holes for Saquon Barkley, it is the start of the real thing. Here comes the weekend, and here comes the first day in pads for the Giants.

The pass thrown by Eli Manning seemed too far out in front of Odell Beckham Jr., for the first time targeted on a deep route Friday during the second practice of Giants training camp.
Beckham turned on the jets and snagged the ball at the last second, raising several eyebrows of those surrounding the perimeter of the Giants' indoor turf field.

Giants general manager Dave Gettleman confirmed Friday that his cancer is in remission and promised to keep fighting while offering his first public comments since announcing his diagnosis during an emotional and spiritual news conference.

Former Giants
Jason Pierre-Paul took the field for the first time with a new team. The two-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman dropped the listing price of his Montclair home by $200,000, according to its Trulia listing.

July 27 Fans in the stands screamed out for any form of acknowledgement Eli Manning, Saquon Barkley, Odell Beckham and Janoris Jenkins. A simple wave or head tilt was met with a resounding cheer. Excitement is back for Giants football, which returned Thursday with the first full-squad practice of training camp.

Will Odell Beckham's contract negotiation with the Giants be this easy? Don't count on it. Beckham not only arrived at training camp on time, but he told his 11 million followers on Instagram that they won't be seeing much of him because his "focus is to ball n get better."

Entering his 62nd training camp with the Giants, John Mara can only think of one rookie who arrived with as much hype as Saquon Barkley. Here's a hint: He's arguably the greatest Giant of all time. "Possibly 1981, Lawrence Taylor, when he came to camp," the co-owner said of another No. 2-overall pick.

The Giants were in desperate need of a pass-rusher, and Connor Barwin was looking for a new home - preferably somewhere on the East Coast close to his family. It made perfect sense for both parties. His history, including four seasons with the rival Eagles, didn't matter.

July 26 After passing on a quarterback such as Jets' No. 3 overall pick Sam Darnold in April's NFL Draft, the Giants spent the offseason adding to what has the chance to be one of the NFL's most dynamic offenses around 37-year-old Eli Manning.
Manning has never had an arsenal of weaponry like this, and for the first time since the Snee-Seubert-O'Hara-Diehl-McKenzie days, he has bodyguards who can keep him from running for his life.

The Giants were hoping rookie cornerback Sam Beal could hit the practice field this summer and emerge as someone on whom they would count in the secondary this season. Now the Giants are facing the possibility that Beal might not play at all this year.
There could be one solution, and the Giants are likely thinking hard about it today, and that's bringing back Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, who they released in March as a cap casualty, saving them $6.5 million.

July 25 Here is the thing about Odell Beckham Jr. that sometimes gets overlooked: He is missed when he is not around, even when there are no games to be played. Davis Webb, entering his second year with the Giants and first as the backup to Eli Manning, says the outside perception of Beckham is "100 percent" wrong if that perception characterizes him as a distraction.

Earlier this offseason, when the Giants held a Town Hall for season-ticket holders, a selection of players and coaches were introduced to the crowd. Most were met with applause and a few cheers. One of them received a standing ovation. Eli Manning.

July 24 Veteran outside linebacker Connor Barwin, a longtime NFC East rival as a Philadelphia Eagle (2013-16), announced on Twitter Monday afternoon that he is signing with the Giants.
Fans across Philadelphia did not seem pleased when it was announced Monday that linebacker Connor Barwin would be signing with one of their divisional rivals. It is easy to understand why.

July 22 Eli Manning now has everything - except an excuse. The 37-year-old quarterback reports this week for his 15th Giants training camp with greater support cushioning him than a new, extra-firm mattress.

There is a legitimate chance that No. 2 overall pick running back Saquon Barkley, second-round pick left guard Will Hernandez, third-round picks Lorenzo Carter at linebacker and B.J. Hill at defensive end could see the starting lineup Week 1 of the regular season against the Jacksonville Jaguars at MetLife Stadium.

Giants running back Saquon Barkley Q&A. Q: Eli Manning said recently that he wants to prove the Giants right for not drafting a quarterback with the second pick. Do you feel the same way? A: Yes.

Giants co-owner Steve Tisch told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this week that his players won't be penalized if they kneel during the national anthem.

NFC East News
A look at how the Giants' rivals in the NFC East stack up.

July 21 Giants training camp schedule 2018: How and when to attend practice.
Giants training camp schedule and ticket information. The camp will feature 9 practice sessions open to the public at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center.

July 19 Andrew Adams or Darian Thompson? Who starts next to Landon Collins? Giants safety preview. When healthy, Collins is one of the NFL's premier and most physical safeties, and a case can be made that he is the most talented player on the Giants' roster.

When Dave Gettleman was hired to become the Giants next General Manager last December, he made no secret of the fact that he was going to try to fix a specific part of the Giants roster. "We've got to fix the o-line," Gettleman said at his introductory press conference.

July 16 The Giants open training camp when quarterbacks and selected veterans report to the Quest Diagnostics Training Center on July 22, with the full squad taking the field together for the first time on July 26. Here's an outlook for the defensive line.

This is a team in transition with new head coach Pat Shurmur, offensive coordinator Mike Shula, defensive coordinator James Bettcher and new playmakers on both sides of the ball.

The decision late last season to evaluate quarterbacks on the roster not named Eli Manning was the death knell for Ben McAdoo's brief head coaching tenure with the Giants. McAdoo says he is "at peace with how I handled the decision" and stressed the benching of Manning was for the good of the franchise.

July 13 Ben McAdoo shares biggest regret coaching Giants' Odell Beckham. After the Giants fell to 0-4, Beckham revealed that opponents had already grasped the predictability of McAdoo's system.

Former Giants
Ben McAdoo - From afar, Ben McAdoo nodded in approval as his former team went about the process of rebuilding after the 3-13 disaster of a season that cost McAdoo his coveted job as the head coach of the New York Giants.

July 12 In a year or two, perhaps the Giants will look back on the gamble they took Wednesday and nod in approval.
The Giants chose Western Michigan CB Sam Beal in the third round of the 2018 NFL Supplemental Draft on Wednesday, in a move that should significantly bolster the depth at a position in desperate need of it this season.

July 8 Six years can feel like a lifetime in the NFL - it is about twice the length of the a

verage playing career, according to the NFL Players Association's statistics - but it still is startling to see how few of the players in the Giants' starting lineup for Super Bowl XLVI are active in the NFL.

July 3 Special Report - At this relaxed stage of the off-season - or is it the preseason? - the Giants have plenty to think about. Among the outstanding issues: cornerback depth, Odell Beckham Jr.'s contract situation, the ever-morphing offensive line, the rookies and roster overall, special teams, the new systems brought in by new coaches and, unfortunately, the infancy of what still could become an issue for cornerback Janoris Jenkins.
Little of the aforementioned will be settled by the start of training camp, save for the possibility of a contract extension for OBJ, so let's look left, or right, away from the obvious and deeper into the inevitability of the 2018 regular season and the Giants' opponents.

June 30 Of the many things the Giants did differently this offseason than in the past, the emphasis put on the offensive line was the biggest strategic change. The Giants will have three new starters: Left tackle Nate Solder, left guard Will Hernandez and right guard Patrick Omameh.

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