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2016 Standings
Dallas11105-16-0    333228
NY8305-13-2    231213
Phil5604-11-5    254213

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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Heres 25 things you didnt know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands.  First game at the Stadium.
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2016 Preseason Schedule
Aug 12    MiamiL  27-10
Aug 20at BuffaloL  21-0
Aug 27at JetsW 21-20
Sept 7    New EnglandW 17-9

2015 NY Giants Games
Sept 13at DallasL  27-26
Sept 20    AtlantaL  24-20
Sept 24    WashingtonW 32-21
Oct 4 at BuffaloW 24-10
Oct 11    San FranciscoW 30-27
Oct 19at PhiladelphiaL  27-7
Oct 25    DallasW 27-20
Nov 1 at New OrleansL  52-49
Nov 8 at Tampa BayW 32-18
Nov 15     New England PatriotsL  27-26
Nov 29at Washington RedskinsL  20-14
Dec 6     New York JetsL  23-20
Dec 14at Miami DolphinsW 31-24
Dec 20    Carolina PanthersL  38-35
Dec 27at Minnesota VikingsL  38-35
Jan 3     Philadelphia EaglesL  35-30

2015 Final Standings

2014 Final Standings

2013 Final Standings

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2016 Regular Season Schedule
Sun 9/11at DallasW 20-19 Mon 11/14    Cincinnati*W 21-20
Sun 9/18     New OrleansW 16-13 Sun 11/20    ChicagoW 22-16
Sun 9/25    Washington*L  29-27 Sun 11/27 at ClevelandW 27-13
Mon 10/3at Minnesota*L  24-10 Sun 12/4at Pittsburgh*4:25 PM
Sun 10/9at Green Bay*L  23-16 Sun 12/11    Dallas8:30 PM
Sun 10/16    BaltimoreW 27-23 Sun 12/18     Detroit1:00 PM
Sun 10/23at Los AngelesW 17-10 Thu 12/22 at Philadelphia8:25 PM
Bye Week Sun 1/1 at Washington*1:00 PM
Sun 11/6    PhiladelphiaW 28-23 *2015 playoffs.  Complete Schedules - All Teams
First impressions of Giants 2016 Schedule Giants game-by-game breakdown
NFL Playoff Simulator: Every Team's Playoff Path

Giants (8-3) vs Steelers (6-5) Game Preview
Last week the Pittsburgh Steelers got off to a fast start in Indianapolis. They held a lead throughout the game, and came away with a 28-7 win over the Colts playing without Andrew Luck.
The Giants traveled to Cleveland and also led throughout their game. They were able to extend their win streak to six, which also continued Cleveland's losing streak to a record 0-12, as they lost the game, 27-13.
Giants - Browns Wrap-Up

Dec 4 Odell Beckham Jr, 24, is most famous for a one-handed catch, but his most unique and jaw-dropping trait is how dangerously explosive he is in space. He is as good at turning a few yards of cushion into six points as anyone in the NFL, and if there is anyone as good or better, it is Antonio Brown, 28 - Beckham's occasional offseason workout partner in Florida.

Here we are, 11 games into the season, and the Giants have yet to score 30 points in a game. There has been no breakout, no blowout, no game in which it has all looked easy. Thirty points doesn't sound like a lot to ask for, and yet the Giants haven't reached that modest barometer.

It is expected to be cold, damp and dreary in a stadium notoriously difficult for the road team, and the Steelers can make life miserable for any defense - with Ben Roethlisberger throwing to Antonio Brown or handing it (or throwing it) to Le'Veon Bell. It is the best three-ring circus in the NFL. A key will be if the surging Giants defensive line can become the dominant unit in the game.

Dec 3 Giants face first real test, can prove themselves in game against Steelers. Welcome to the Giants' first true proving ground. On Friday, the Giants did everything they could to downplay the significance of this game, insisting Ben Roethlisberger and Co. are just another team.
The Giants and Cowboys share two common opponents in the final three games of the regular season (Lions, Eagles) and both play another team with a winning record. With wins over the Steelers and Cowboys, the Giants would sit just one game out of first place and hold the head-to-head tiebreaker over Dallas.

Odell Beckham Jr. was targeted on six of quarterback Eli Manning's first eight pass attempts in last Sunday's 27-13 win over the Browns. There certainly appeared to be a concerted effort to get the ball to Beckham. Even though Manning missed an open Beckham three times in the first quarter, the Giants continued to feed their superstar.
Where Victor Cruz once excelled as the Giants' slot receiver, it's Sterling Shepard's job now. After missing two straight Decembers, Cruz isn't going to complain. The Giants will carry a six-game winning streak to Pittsburgh. The playoff push feels like it has just begun.

Why is Giants rookie CB Eli Apple playing over Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie? Over the past three games, Apple has played 90.4 percent of the defensive snaps. Rodgers-Cromartie has played 49.2 percent of the defensive snaps over that same stretch.
Janoris Jenkins, the Giants' standout cornerback, expressed a desire Thursday to spend the entirety of Sunday's game against the Steelers going one-on-one with star wide receiver Antonio Brown, arguably the NFL's preeminent pass catcher.

Dec 2 Giants still waiting for offense to have breakout game. There's been no breakout, no blowout, no game in which it has all looked easy. Thirty points doesn't sound like a lot to ask for, and yet the Giants haven't reached that modest barometer.

Landon Collins named NFC Defensive Player of the Month. That's in addition to the back-to-back Player of the Week awards he received earlier in the season. In four November games, all Giants victories, Collins had 30 tackles (23 solo), including a sack, and three interceptions.

Dec 1 Shane Vereen was officially designated to return from injured reserve by the Giants on Wednesday. But while the running back has returned to practice, he does not know just yet where things go from here.
Vereen could return to game action as early as Sunday's contest against the Steelers in Pittsburgh, but the Giants are expected to target the Dec. 11 home game against the Cowboys as Vereen's first game back.

As first-round picks in 2004, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers will forever be linked. They may even one day compare favorably with the generally recognized best quarterback draft class of all-time from 1983: which featured Hall of Famers John Elway, Dan Marino and Jim Kelly.
As the minutes ticked down before the Giants made their first-round pick in the 2004 NFL Draft, Ben Roethlisberger sat at a table at Radio City Music Hall alongside Terry Hoeppner, his coach at Miami of Ohio. Hoeppner had an inkling the Giants would take Roethlisberger at No. 4 overall.

A box score battle is brewing for Sunday between Odell Beckham Jr. and Antonio Brown. The two top wideouts, who are close off the field, will be playing at Heinz Field in a big game featuring plenty of playoff ramifications.
While Ben McAdoo weighs the pros and cons of using Odell Beckham Jr. at punt returner, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has no reservations about having his star wide receiver return punts.

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was named NFC Defensive Player of the Week after his dominant performance in Sunday's 27-13 win over the Browns.
The seven-year veteran is the first NFL player with at least three sacks and a fumble-return touchdown of at least 40 yards in the same game since 1982.

Brad Wing was surprised when he got the call in early September last year and was told he'd been traded from the Steelers to the Giants in exchange for a seventh-round pick. There was some disappointment, too, but in the end, the Giants' punter is delighted at how things worked out.

Nov 30 Eli Manning didn't throw any passes to Sterling Shepard on Sunday, but when he ran into the rookie receiver in the team's facility on Tuesday he offered up something else. An apology.
Is the quarterback conscious of a receiver not having a catch during a game? "Not so much," Manning said. "It can't affect your decision-making on reads and stuff."

Peyton Manning, quarterback Eli Manning's big brother, visited with the team Tuesday, and offered up some tips on how to win Sunday in Pittsburgh.
The Giants held a walkthrough practice soon after and Peyton attended, watching from the sideline as they began preparing for Sunday's showdown with Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers.

MetLife Stadium officials will face a daunting task converting from Jets to Giants mode in Week 15, with the Jets hosting the Dolphins at night on Saturday, Dec. 17, and the Giants hosting the Lions at 1 p.m. on Dec. 18. Or not. Might Lions-Giants, which is certain to have playoff implications, be flexed into NBC's "Sunday Night Football" to replace the Steelers-Bengals matchup?

Kate Mara's ex-boyfriend dented the Giants' Super Bowl trophy. The Hollywood starlet, appearing on Tuesday night's episode of "Conan," related the time her former boyfriend fumbled the Lombardi Trophy at her family home and put a boot's worth of damage into the heralded hardware.

Nov 29 The Giants can only play the teams placed in front of them, and they deserve immense credit for capitalizing. But facts are facts: The combined record of the six teams the Giants have defeated during their current run is 20-45-1. The Giants' last three opponents, the Bengals, Bears and Browns, are a combined 5-28-1.
The Giants understand a steep upgrade is awaiting them in Pittsburgh and they hope what happened in Cleveland stays in Cleveland. Their last five games are against teams with a combined record of 34-19-1. All five - the Steelers, Cowboys, Lions, Eagles and Redskins - are in playoff contention.

This year already feels much different from recent seasons, when the Giants were playing out the schedule, either virtually or mathematically eliminated from contention. Their win on Sunday over the Browns, while far from convincing, secured for them their first non-losing season since 2012. Now they have to finish it off.

Ben McAdoo won't say if Odell Beckham Jr. will be Giants punt returner this Sunday vs. Steelers. Ben McAdoo's best reason for potentially keeping Odell Beckham Jr. as his punt returner Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers is that Beckham catches the ball in the first place.
Exactly how much should they be using their best player - and, after Sunday's demonstration, undoubtedly their best punt returner - in the sometimes dangerous job of fielding and running back punts?

Ben McAdoo is not Tom Coughlin. He's not always five minutes early, even if he kept the clocks that way when he took the head coaching reins in January, and he is not cranky after his Giants (8-3) delivered a stinker for most of Sunday's 27-13 win over the winless Browns, as Coughlin no doubt would have been.
Giants must fix stunningly predictable offense for stretch run. Play-calling and game-planning stand out as obvious reasons for the offensive struggles. The Giants have become exceedingly predictable, using the same personnel grouping on a staggering percentage of their plays.

Ben McAdoo said it was "unfortunate" rookie receiver Sterling Shepard was not targeted one time against the Browns. Shepard was held without a catch for the first time this season. He was targeted 11 times last week against the Bears and caught 5 passes for 50 yards and a touchdown.

Janoris Jenkins and Eli Apple are established as the Giants' top two cornerbacks. Jenkins has started every game this season, while Apple has started the past five games. After that duo, the cornerback rotation changes weekly.

Nov 28 Giants win over the Browns 27-13  | Video  |  Photos  |  Photos
On The Game: Game 11
Gamegirl ---" I was worried when Odell Beckham Jr. left the field, and they said he had a right thumb injury. He came back and it's a good thing too, because he was a real game changer..."
Mikefan. ---"For awhile the way this one started off, it was hard to tell which was the 0-11 team. It was all punts until the Browns fumbled the ball over to the Giants halfway through the second quarter. The Giants scored a touchdown off their easy field position...

ESPN - Manning, Giants down Browns 27-13 for 6th straight win. - Instant Analysis: Giants 27, Browns 13.
NYDailyNews - Giants avoid disaster to keep Browns winless with 27-13 victory.
NYDailyNews - Giants WR Odell Beckham wreaks havoc on Browns.
NYDailyNews - Jason Pierre-Paul is star of Giants' defense in win over Browns.
NYDailyNews - Giants know there's plenty work to do after ugly win over Browns.
NYPost - Giants look hideous - and it doesn't matter in Browns bailout.
NYPost - Giants report card: What happened to the other WRs?
NYPost - Jason Pierre-Paul grabs pop-up in shocking Giants TD.
NYPost - Giants' kick returner makes chance at WR count in big way.
NYPost - Giants can't let Odell mask an offense that hasn't been fixed.
NYPost - Looking at the 5 games that'll decide if Giants are threats or frauds.
StarLedger - Thanks to Odell Beckham and raging defense, Giants beat woeful Browns.
StarLedger - Jason Pierre-Paul's dominance demands big payday from Giants.
StarLedger - Giants get no respect, open as big underdogs against Steelers.
TheRecord - Giants avoid mistake by lake, win 6th in row.
TheRecord - Giant return: JPP proving he's back in big way.
TheRecord - Inside Giants-Browns.
BigBlueInteractive - New York Giants 27 - Cleveland Browns 13.
InsideFootball - Giants 27 - Brows 13: Hits, Misses & Musings.
Newsday - Giants hold on to beat lowly Browns, win sixth straight game.
Newsday - Jason Pierre-Paul's monster game vs. Browns: three sacks, fumble return for TD.
Newsday - Odell Beckham Jr. spectacular in returns and receiving.
Newsday - Dwayne Harris' special assignment nets a touchdown.
Newsday - Giants Q&A: Is Odell Beckham Jr. the new punt returner?
Newsday - Giants' grades: Defense again carries offense, special teams don't help much. - Turnovers doom Browns in 27-13 loss to Giants that drops them to 0-12. - Britton Colquitt tried to stop Odell Beckham Jr.'s celebration after a punt return.

Giants (7-3) vs Browns (0-11) Game Preview
Last week the Cleveland Browns were down 14-0 at halftime. The Browns managed to score 9 points in the second half, but with the Steelers adding 10 more, they ended up with a 24-9 loss.
The Giants were down 16-9 at halftime to the Chicago Bears. Their defense clamped down and held the Bears scoreless for the second half. Meanwhile the Giants added 13 points to secure a 22-16 win.

Nov 27 A Giants loss against the dismal Browns would be catastrophic. The Giants haven't made the playoffs since 2011. So what? The Browns haven't been to the postseason since 2002. They have won more than five games in a single season only once in the past nine campaigns, including this thus-far winless campaign.
Giants worried about a humiliation that'll happen to someone. The Browns are 0-11 but most likely will not finish 0-16, considering going winless in a 16-game schedule only has happened once in NFL history, the 2008 Lions.

Last Monday marked the 12th anniversary of Eli Manning's first NFL start, a further reminder of just how fortunate the Giants have been that Manning has started each and every game since then - 204 in all, including playoffs.Since Manning made that first start against the Falcons on Nov. 21, 2004, at Giants Stadium, the Browns have had 22 different starting quarterbacks.

Nov 26 The last time Terrelle Pryor faced the Giants was in 2013 when he completed 11 of 16 passes for 122 yards and ran for a touchdown as the starting quarterback of the Raiders. This game will be vastly different. Pryor, a record-setting passer at Ohio State whose NFL career as a quarterback never quite panned out, is now the top wide receiver for the Browns.

Odell Beckham was targeted a season-low seven times in Sunday's win over the Bears, and on Friday, Giants offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan defended the team's use of the explosive wide receiver. Sullivan said even when Beckham isn't putting up his typically gaudy numbers, he's making an impact.

It was bad enough that defensive end Olivier Vernon was assessed a dubious penalty in last Sunday's 22-16 win over the Bears. The NFL added insult to injury by hitting Vernon with an $18,231 fine, according to a source. The fine amount is the minimum for a roughing the passer penalty.

Jason Pierre-Paul listed as questionable, but Giants DE says he'll 'be out there' against Browns. Pierre-Paul pledged earlier this month that while injuries might affect his practice time, they would not keep him out of games.

Justin Pugh, Brett Jones and Marshall Newhouse were declared out Friday. Adam Gettis, who saw a little action after Jones hurt a calf filling in for Pugh against Cincinnati Nov. 14 and after Newhouse sprained a knee filling in against Chicago last Sunday, is questionable due to calf soreness. But Gettis said, "I'm fine. I'm ready to go."

Nov 25 After playing the Browns on Sunday, the Giants' final five games are all against playoff contenders, including the Lions at home, and Eagles and Redskins on the road. They can wrap things up in a hurry, or they can lose ground in a hurry.

Victories by two first-place teams in the NFC on Thursday helped give the Giants some breathing room in their quest to earn their first playoff spot since 2011. Losses by Minnesota and Washington, the two teams that currently trail the Giants in the wild card standings, created some separation.

How unlikely is it that Will Tye has become the starting tight end for a 7-3 Giants team that is looking to make its first playoff run since 2011? Oh, about as unlikely as Tye making it onto the roster in the first place.

Rashad Jennings caught the third-and-12 pass for a gain of 10 yards in the second quarter of Sunday's game against the Bears and started trotting to the sideline when he looked up and saw something he was not expecting. Coaches and players were waving him back toward the field.

NFC East News
Cowboys prove they are team to beat in NFC, which means Giants are in trouble.

Nov 24 Ben McAdoo will bring his players in for practice on Thanksgiving, but he'll bring them in earlier than usual and get them out quicker to spend time with family. The coach said he will "get the chance to spend some time with the family, I guess, in the afternoon."
He's called "Snacks" for a reason. Thanksgiving at the Harrison household sounds like a feast not to be missed. Harrison said fellow defensive linemen Jason Pierre-Paul, Olivier Vernon and Jonathan Hankins will be there as well.

Odell Beckham Jr. isn't satisfied - even during Giant win. Ben McAdoo said Wednesday that he couldn't identify the source of Odell Beckham Jr.'s latest sideline eruption in Sunday's 22-16 win over the Chicago Bears.
Odell Beckham Jr. has no desire to be standing on the sidelines late in the fourth quarter Sunday in Cleveland wracked with anxiety watching the Giants' defense close the show and save the day. "It's about time for us to put one away," Beckham said.

Landon Collins came into this season with a goal of being the Defensive Player of the Year. Now even that audacious objective is starting to seem almost trite. No defensive player has won it for 30 years.

After missing two games because of a knee injury, left guard Justin Pugh returned to practice on Wednesday at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. He was able to move around and will be evaluated as the week progresses.

Nov 23 Manning and the Giants go into Sunday's game in Cleveland at 7-3 with a five-game winning streak and under tremendous pressure to avoid the humiliation of being the first team to lose to the Browns, who are 0-11.
The Browns will literally be the worst team the Giants have faced in their nearly 92 full seasons of existence. Never before has Big Blue squared off against a squad that has gone so long into a season without a win.

When Giants backup quarterback Ryan Nassib started watching the cutups of the Browns defense on Monday night as part of his preparations this week, it took him longer than usual. That's because of a familiar face playing for Cleveland. Nassib's younger brother, Carl, is a rookie defensive end for the team.

Eli Manning will be like millions of other Americans on Thursday: At some point in the afternoon he'll eat a big meal and then sit back to watch Dallas play Washington. "I'll definitely check it out," he said of the matchup between two of his NFC East rivals.
If Washington were to win the game and the Giants were to win their next two games - at Cleveland and at Pittsburgh - then Big Blue would play Dallas at home on Sunday Night Football in Week 14 for the division lead. That, obviously, is the situation the Giants are hoping for.

The Giants fell into their old, predictable habits in Sunday's 22-16 win over the Bears. After showing some creativity in two wins after their bye week, the Giants went back to basics in an offensive struggle against the lowly Bears.

From the moment they first shared a table for breakfast inside the cafeteria at the Giants' facility this spring, Sterling Shepard made sure his bond with Eli Manning would be a strong one.

Nov 22 Special Report - Once upon a time, a guy who was the head coach of the Giants (no, not Ben McAdoo; and no, not Tom Coughlin) explained that every action in a game is the result of several incidents.In other words, an interception is not the quarterback's fault entirely, nor is a fumble the direct result of the ball carrier.
A quarterback might be expecting a receiver to turn to his right and he turned to his left. A running back might have the ball jolted from his arms by a helmet worn by a defender who appeared "out of nowhere." An offensive lineman might miss a pass-rushing defender and get the quarterback sacked, but someone else should have been there to pick him up.

Ben McAdoo isn't pleased with everything the Giants have put forth during their five-game winning streak, or even in Sunday's win over the Bears. Some might say the same about McAdoo's play-calling and decision-making in the fourth quarter on Sunday as well, but the head coach defended his thinking in both cases.

Ben McAdoo has had plenty of success early in his coaching tenure and has his team poised to make the postseason. Just don't tell him that. "We haven't accomplished anything yet," McAdoo said.
He's right, of course. The Giants still are in second place in the NFC East, still have to face all three division opponents and still have to play four of their final six games on the road.

The Giants are in playoff contention and Eli Manning wants his teammates to soak it in. While Ben McAdoo stressed Monday that the Giants haven't reached their goals, Manning knows that his team is in an enviable position sitting at 7-3.
The Giants had third-and-4 at their own 27-yard line early in the third quarter of Sunday's 22-16 win over the Bears when quarterback Eli Manning scrambled for a first down.

Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz doesn't get as many passes thrown his way as he did before missing most of the 2014-15 seasons with injuries. But Cruz still has managed to make a major impact in his limited role this season.
Victor Cruz was among the Giants' receiving leaders on Sunday, one of four players with at least 40 yards against the Bears. Unlike the others, though, he tallied his 48 yards with one catch. Welcome to Cruz's new reality.

The last time the Giants had played three straight games at home and won them all was in 1962, when they played at Yankee Stadium. Not only were they able to match that feat this year with victories over the Eagles, Bengals and Bears in the past three weeks, but they now have a chance to do something that hasn't happened since they moved into MetLife Stadium in 2010.

Giants rookie running back Paul Perkins had been cutting into the workload of Rashad Jennings entering Sunday's game against the Bears. But Jennings reclaimed his standing as the Giants' lead back in the 22-16 win.

The Browns just can't take it anymore. It took eleven straight losses, but the Cleveland Browns' undisguised tank job and string of broken and bloodied quarterbacks finally has caused the team's star players - what few of them remain - to crack.
Josh McCown will be the Browns' starting pinata quarterback for Sunday's game against the Giants in Cleveland, head coach Hue Jackson announced on Monday.

Nov 21 Giants win over the Bears 22-16  | Video  |  Photos  |  Photos
On The Game: Game 10
Gamegirl ---" It wasn't the best day to be sitting out there at the stadium, but if you were there, you got to see your Giants win their fifth game in a row..."
Mikefan. ---"For the second Giants game in a row, both teams scored touchdowns on their opening drives, but surprisingly, both missed on their extra point attempts...

ESPN - Manning throw 2 TDs, Giants win fifth straight. - Instant Analysis: Giants 22, Bears 16. - What does this win mean for the Giants?
NYDailyNews - Second-half surge pushes Giants past Bears.
NYDailyNews - Giants defense shows up in win over Bears.
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NYDailyNews - Giants kicker Robbie Gould misses two extra points.
NYDailyNews - Embattled Nat Berhe glad to be back during Giants win.
NYPost - Giants defense shuts the door to finish rollicking comeback.
NYPost - Is this Giants' wake-up call, or will they learn lesson the hard way?
NYPost - 'Monster' JPP should've just secured his big-time NFL future.
NYPost - Ben McAdoo is making his name as coach - as a gambler.
NYPost - Odell Beckham threw another fit (and his helmet).
NYPost - Giants running game makes a statement - until it needs to.
NYPost - Why ex-Chicago kicker Gould hadn't seen anything like this wind.
NYPost - Giants make case as contenders and pretenders in comeback.
NYPost - Giants report card: Transforming defense is only getting scarier.
StarLedger - Giants' Olivier Vernon (finally) shows up when it counts.
StarLedger - Giants 5 observations: Defense locks down another big fourth-quarter win.
StarLedger - What was Ben McAdoo's stabilizing halftime message to scuffling Giants?
StarLedger - Giants get the last word against trash-talking Bears.
StarLedger - Jason Pierre-Paul is making everyone forget about that damaged hand.
StarLedger - 2016 NFL playoff picture: How high are Giants' chances after beating Bears?
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NFL News.
How 10 kickers came together to make embarrassing NFL history.

Giants (6-3) vs Bears (2-7) Game Preview
The Chicago Bears came off their bye week to play in a road game against Tampa Bay. The Bears were behind from the start after an interception was returned for a touchdown. A Hail Mary pass at the end of the half had them trailing by just seven, but they failed to score again, and they lost the game 36-10.
The Giants beat the Bengals, 21-20, at MetLife Stadium on Monday Night Football. The game started out with touchdown drives by each team, but then turned into a defensive dual. The Giants win was their fourth straight to give them six wins to match their win totals in the past two seasons
Giants - Bengals Wrap-Up

Nov 20 The Giants reinforced their banged-up offensive line before Sunday's game against the Bears by promoting center/guard Shane McDermott from their practice squad. McDermott, who was an All-ACC player at Miami, spent most of the preseason with the Giants. He also had stints on the practice squad earlier this year and late in the 2015 season.

The Bears' offense is your run-of-the-mill power hitter. They're batting .222 this season, but they will hit the ball over the fence if you let them. That's the trap the Giants must be very wary of falling into Sunday when the two teams meet at MetLife Stadium. Because big plays have been an Achilles heel for defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo's resurgent unit all year.

Tom Collins was window-shopping in Biloxi, Mississippi, back in 2001 with his 7-year-old son Landon, when they stopped to gaze at a display of beautiful Rolex watches. "Dad, get that one," Landon Collins said, excitedly. "That one's nice." "Dad can't afford that," Tom Collins said with a smile. Landon turned to face his father, and what he said next, his father couldn't believe:Ben

Nov 19 Ben McAdoo wants Eli Manning to play aggressively. Eli Manning has thrown six interceptions in the past four games, two of them against the Bengals on Monday night. Ben McAdoo"s advice for him, though, is not quite what you"d expect. "I don"t want him to be careful," McAdoo said.
In his first season as head coach of the Giants, Ben McAdoo has proven to be unafraid of playing young players. Big Blue is the only team in the NFL with three rookie receivers who have caught touchdown passes (Sterling Shepard, Roger Lewis Jr. and Jerell Adams).

After 11 seasons as the most successful kicker in Bears history, Robbie Gould was asked to leave, unceremoniously replaced by journeyman Connor Barth on the eve of the regular season. On Sunday at MetLife Stadium, it is possible Gould"s performance could send his floundering former team back to Chicago with a 2-8 record.
Gould was signed by the Giants when Josh Brown was placed on the commissioner"s exempt list and eventually released last month. In three games he has attempted just one field goal, a 29-yarder he made against the Rams, and is 9-for-9 on extra points. He has adjusted well to his new city and new locker room, too.

Nov 18 The Giants haven't had a Pro Bowl safety since Antrel Rolle in 2013. But Rolle said he believes they have another one now in breakout star Landon Collins.
From one safety to another, Deon Grant loves what he sees from Landon Collins, the Giants' second-year defender who is having a breakout season with four interceptions. Grant, who frequently visits with his former team and speaks regularly to Collins, said he is impressed by the second-year safety's grasp of the defense.

Jason Pierre-Paul and Victor Cruz, who were Super Bowl XLVI champions and teammates in their second NFL seasons of 2011, suddenly feel like the old guys on the Giants, where rookies like receiver Sterling Shepard don't even get their pop culture references.

Jason Pierre-Paul isn't jumping on Odell Beckham Jr.'s Super Bowl bandwagon just yet. Big Blue hasn't made the playoffs once since winning the Super Bowl in February 2012, Pierre-Paul said his excitable teammate was getting ahead of himself with that kind of talk.

When it comes to determining whether Jason Pierre-Paul has been a major factor for the Giants' defense, he passes the eye test. The 27-year-old defensive end has just 1 sacks this season, but he is nevertheless disrupting offenses and drawing plenty of attention from opposing coaches.

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Nov 17 Nobody is a bigger fan of the Bears this week than Ben McAdoo. He's a die-hard. And like all rabid supporters of specific teams, he'll take issue with anyone who disagrees with him. He has to in order to convince his real team - the Giants - not to overlook the Bears.
Listening to Giants coach Ben McAdoo speak on Wednesday, you would have thought the '85 Bears were coming to MetLife Stadium on Sunday. As the Giants prepare to host the 2016 Bears and their 2-7 record, McAdoo isn't just guarding against a letdown. He's expressing genuine concern about a team that is 0-5 and has been outscored by 71 points on the road.

Apparently, no one told Pernell McPhee his team is 2-7. While the Giants spent Wednesday trying in vain to spin that the Bears are a decent opponent, the Chicago linebacker went right ahead and provided some bulletin board material for Big Blue.
Chicago, which is 2-7, qualifies as a crappy team. Jay Cutler usually holds a competition to see whether his sacks outnumber his interceptions. And the last time Bears coach John Fox came into MetLife Stadium, his Broncos lost 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII to the Seahawks.

Next up on the Giants' schedule: complacency. That's always the next opponent for winning teams. The Giants may not know that, because so few of them have ever been part of a successful NFL season. Only six players were even around the last time the Giants (6-3) were three games over .500. Just 10 of them have ever won more than six games in a season with the Giants.

Eli Manning can't keep going from scoring drives of 6-for-6 passing for 59 yards and a touchdown, as he started Monday night's 21-20 win over the Bengals, to an ill-advised interception into triple coverage to his team's fifth receiver with the game on the line in the fourth quarter.

The Giants have Eli Apple, and through some ups and down - heck, he was benched for poor play against the Eagles - the rookie is now a starting cornerback, coming off a nice comeback performance in the victory over the Bengals.

Roger Lewis Jr., the undrafted rookie who had a terrible game on Monday night against the Bengals with a dropped pass, a poor route, and a slip on the end of an interception. And it seems that McAdoo is intent on proving once again that he does not have the proverbial doghouse that many coaches around the league keep for their error-prone youngsters.

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Nov 16 The Giants' route to the Super Bowl is coming into focus. Bully the Bad News Bears and the Bad News Browns these next two weeks to send a message to the rampaging Cowboys that you will see them again Dec. 11 in front of an apoplectic fan base starving for a playoff team.

The Eli Manning play you didn't see that saved the Giants. There is no number or stat, though, to illustrate what Manning did in the closing minutes of the 21-20 victory over the Bengals to clinch the game for the Giants. Manning was all set to call the play as sent in from McAdoo, but alertly noticed a shift in the Cincinnati defense.

Even if Giants didn't score, Ben McAdoo was right to go for it on 4th-and-goal, and the math backs him up. Plenty of statistical analysis on fourth down decisions shows that coaches ought to be more aggressive in their choices.
Monday night's call to go for the winning touchdown on fourth-and-goal at the 3 certainly helped cement that idea. But McAdoo didn't simply roll the dice in that situation. He said on Tuesday that he had reasons for his decision.

Steve Spagnuolo's 2016 unit might be one of the best defenses in the NFL. It is certainly the most improved, and possibly on its way to becoming the class of the league by the time February rolls around. On Monday, they bailed out Manning after both of his interceptions.
Let's not mistake this year's Giants defense with the '85 Bears, the '86 Giants, the 2000 Ravens, or even the 2007 Giants. It's simply too soon to elevate this group with any of those great defenses, or put them on a level with Pete Carroll's Seahawks, who are as good as it gets on that side of the ball in today's NFL.

Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie had his lowest snap total of the season in Monday's 21-20 win over the Bengals. Rodgers-Cromartie logged just 14 defensive snaps on Monday, playing exclusively in four-cornerback dime packages.
Cornerback Janoris Jenkins spent much of Monday's 21-20 win over the Bengals matched up against A.J. Green. Green finished with seven catches for 68 yards and a touchdown on Monday night. But Green had just four catches on seven targets for 23 yards when covered by Jenkins.

NFL News
Cowboys - Tony Romo: Dak Prescott has 'earned the right' to be Cowboys QB.

Nov 15 Giants win over the Bengals 21-20  | Video  |  Photos  |  Photos
On The Game: Game 9
Gamegirl ---" The Giants started off with a blast, moving downfield fast from their 20 yard line, hitting a third down only once. With a first-and-goal at the Cincinnati ten yard line Eli Manning threw a touchdown pass to rookie tight end Jerell Adams. No muss, no fuss, and the Giants were up 7-0 to start the game..."
Mikefan. ---"This win allowed the Giants to keep pace with the rest of the NFC East teams, who all also won their games on Sunday. Next up for the Giants is another game at home against Chicago...

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Newsday - Ernie Accorsi earned his place in Giants' Ring of Honor with Eli Manning trade. - Giants win 21-20, drop Bengals to 3-5-1. - Instant analysis: Why Giants beat Bengals.

Giants (5-3) vs Bengals (3-4-1) Game Preview
The Bengals are coming off a bye week. The previous game before that the Bengals played the Washington Redskins in London, and ended up going into overtime to finish with a 27-27 tie.
The Giants got off to a fast start on Sunday against the Eagles. Two interceptions turned into Giants touchdowns, and they managed to keep the lead throughout the game to finish with a 28-23 win.
Giants - Eagles Wrap-Up

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