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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Here's 25 things you didn't know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands. Named after the team, Giants Stadium opened on October 10, 1976. Giants controversial move from New York to Jersey. First game at the Stadium. NY Giants -Wikipedia.
Warner DVD NFL: New York Giants -
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2017 Preseason Games
Aug 11PittsburghL 20-12
Aug 21at ClevelandL 10-6
Aug 26JetsW 32-31
Aug 31at New England W 40-38

2017 NY Giants Games
Sept 10at DallasL  19-3
Sept 18     DetroitL  24-10
Sept 24at PhiladelphiaL  27-24
Oct 1 at Tampa BayL  25-23
Oct 8    LA ChargersL  27-22
Oct 15at Denver23-10
Oct 22    SeattleL  24-7
Nov 5     L.A. RamsL  51-17
Nov 12at San FranciscoL  31-21
Nov 19    Kansas City12-9
Nov 23at WashingtonL  20-10
Dec 3at OaklandL  24-17
Dec 10    DallasL  30-10
Dec 17    PhiladelphiaL  34-29
Dec 24at ArizonaL  23-0
Dec 31    Washington18-10

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Transcripts: Eli Manning, Pat Shurmur, Dave Gettleman | Giants TV and Web Schedule
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2018 Regular Season Schedule
Sun 9/09    Jacksonville1:00 PM Mon 11/12at San Francisco8:15 PM
Sun 9/16at Dallas8:20 PMSun 11/18    Tampa Bay1:00 PM
Sun 9/23at Houston1:00 PM Sun 11/25at Philadelphia1:00 PM
Sun 9/30    New Orleans4:25 PM Sun 12/2    Chicago1:00 PM
Sun 10/7at Carolina1:00 PM Sun 12/9at Washington1:00 PM
Thu 10/11   Philadelphia8:20 PM Sun 12/16    Tennessee1:00 PM
Mon 10/22at Atlanta8:15 PM 12/23 or 12/24at IndianapolisTBD
Sun 10/28   Washington1:00 PM Sun 12/30    Dallas1:00 PM
Bye WeekComplete Schedules - All Teams
2018 Preseason Schedule
Aug 9    Cleveland7:00 PM Aug 24at Jets7:30 PM
Aug 17at Detroit7:00 PMAug 30    New England7:00 PM

2018 NFL Draft - New York Giants
1Round 1 - 2nd pick (2)Saquon BarkleyRB
2Round 2 - 2nd pick (34)Will HernandezG
3Round 3 - 2nd pick (66)Lorenzo CarterLB
4Round 3 - 5th pick (69)B.J. HillDT
5Round 4 - 8th pick (108)Kyle LaulettaQB
6Round 5 - 2nd pick (139)RJ McIntoshDT
NFL Draft tracker by round - All the picks     l   NFL Draft - Team-by-team picks and grades.

July 16 The Giants open training camp when quarterbacks and selected veterans report to the Quest Diagnostics Training Center on July 22, with the full squad taking the field together for the first time on July 26. Here's an outlook for the defensive line.

This is a team in transition with new head coach Pat Shurmur, offensive coordinator Mike Shula, defensive coordinator James Bettcher and new playmakers on both sides of the ball.

The decision late last season to evaluate quarterbacks on the roster not named Eli Manning was the death knell for Ben McAdoo's brief head coaching tenure with the Giants. McAdoo says he is "at peace with how I handled the decision" and stressed the benching of Manning was for the good of the franchise.

July 13 Ben McAdoo shares biggest regret coaching Giants' Odell Beckham. After the Giants fell to 0-4, Beckham revealed that opponents had already grasped the predictability of McAdoo's system.

Former Giants
Ben McAdoo - From afar, Ben McAdoo nodded in approval as his former team went about the process of rebuilding after the 3-13 disaster of a season that cost McAdoo his coveted job as the head coach of the New York Giants.

July 12 In a year or two, perhaps the Giants will look back on the gamble they took Wednesday and nod in approval.
The Giants chose Western Michigan CB Sam Beal in the third round of the 2018 NFL Supplemental Draft on Wednesday, in a move that should significantly bolster the depth at a position in desperate need of it this season.

July 8 Six years can feel like a lifetime in the NFL - it is about twice the length of the a

verage playing career, according to the NFL Players Association's statistics - but it still is startling to see how few of the players in the Giants' starting lineup for Super Bowl XLVI are active in the NFL.

July 3 Special Report - At this relaxed stage of the off-season - or is it the preseason? - the Giants have plenty to think about. Among the outstanding issues: cornerback depth, Odell Beckham Jr.'s contract situation, the ever-morphing offensive line, the rookies and roster overall, special teams, the new systems brought in by new coaches and, unfortunately, the infancy of what still could become an issue for cornerback Janoris Jenkins.
Little of the aforementioned will be settled by the start of training camp, save for the possibility of a contract extension for OBJ, so let's look left, or right, away from the obvious and deeper into the inevitability of the 2018 regular season and the Giants' opponents.

June 30 Of the many things the Giants did differently this offseason than in the past, the emphasis put on the offensive line was the biggest strategic change. The Giants will have three new starters: Left tackle Nate Solder, left guard Will Hernandez and right guard Patrick Omameh.

June 29 Fans' guide to going to Giants' training camp. Fans will have nine opportunities to see the Giants up close during training camp, the team announced Thursday.
All practice sessions will be open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis throughout training camp (July 26-Aug. 7). Limited seating is provided alongside the practice fields. There is no admission charge for watching training camp practices.
Select Giants legends will sign autographs during each practice for all fans. Also, each day after practice, a rotating group of current Giants players will sign autographs for the first 400 fans age 12 and under. The autograph opportunity will take place behind the Kids' Zone area.

Saquon Barkley's smart financial plan: Save Giants' salary, live off endorsements. Barkley, who was the first prospect in the 2018 NFL Draft to sign with Nike, made his first big purchase this week when he bought his parents a new home in Pennsylvania.

NFC East News
Ranking the NFC East safeties: How do Giants' Landon Collins, Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins stack up?

June 28 How 4 Giants WRs used Kalif Raymond's JUGS Machine and an assembly line to catch Pat Shurmur's attention.

Position Preview: Tight Ends. Pat Shurmur is known for getting the most out of his quarterbacks, but the Giants' new head coach rose through the ranks working with tight ends and offensive linemen.

William Jenkins, the older brother of Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins, has been charged with aggravated manslaughter in the death of a man found at the Bergen County home he shared with his NFL star brother.

Former Giants
Jeff Hostetler - Beaning Bill Belichick helped me gain Giants acceptance.

NFC East News
Ranking the NFC East LBs: How do Giants' Alec Ogletree, Eagles' Nigel Bradham, Cowboys' Sean Lee stack up?

June 27 Here are 15 bold predictions for the 2018 season: Giants will start 0-2 for 5th time in last 6 seasons - Nate Solder will be worth every penny - Saquon Barkley will not lead NFL rookies in rushing yards - Landon Collins will get NFL Defensive Player of the Year votes ... again - More

Davis Webb knew that Saquon Barkley was special as soon as he saw him eat breakfast. "He's a freak," Webb, the Giants second-year backup quarterback, said Tuesday afternoon at the Big Daddy Youth Football Camp at New Hyde Park High School.

A body was found in the New Jersey home of Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins on Tuesday - and police have launched a homicide investigation, authorities said.

June 26 The Giants haven't changed much in terms of their players when it comes to the starters in their secondary. If things go according to plan this summer they'll likely head into the season with two returning starters at cornerback, one returning starter at safety with the possibility of a second.

June 25 The New York Giants offense is going to have a much different-and hopefully more productive-look this fall. Here is a list of some changes Giants fans are likely to see from the offense this fall.

NFC East News
Ranking the NFC East WRs: How do Giants' Odell Beckham, Eagles' Alshon Jeffery stack up?

June 24 Pat Shurmur welcomes Tiki Barber back into the Giants' fold. For all he accomplished as a player, he was often booed when introduced.

Former Giants
Plaxico Burress was back at MetLife Stadium on Saturday wearing a Giants jersey, talking about the 2007 team and how it won the Super Bowl.

June 23 Special Report - Here we are in the in-between, the weigh station that is the last light of the off-season before the Giants and the rest of the NFL start the full-time work with training camp, beginning in just over a month.
For the record, the Giants will kick off camp with the rookies on July 22 and the veterans on July 25. The team's first pre-season game is set for Aug. 9, at home against the Cleveland Browns.
So where are we? What are the biggest storylines swirling about with camp a little over a month away? What are the positions of strength and weakness? Let's take a bird's eye view of the 2018 Giants in this calm before the season. Is Eli Manning really facing his twilight?

June 22 The Giants cleaned house after an ugly 2017 season, but well-respected veterans Zak DeOssie and Mark Herzlich essentially are part of the furniture at 1925 Giants Drive in East Rutherford. Zak DeOssie, Mark Herzlich explain the new era.

Even as he readies himself for his second NFL season, and one day hopes to succeed Eli Manning as the Giants' starting quarterback, Davis Webb is not giving up on his first football dream: to be a coach.

June 21 There were sure to be changes after Dave Gettleman took over as the Giants' general manager, and the team on Wednesday announced a series of moves in its front office, college scouting and football operations departments.

NFC East News
Ranking the NFC East TEs: How do Giants' Evan Engram, Eagles' Zach Ertz stack up?

June 20 Giants stacked up in the middle of the defense Nose tackle Harrison, linebacker Ogletree, safety Collins could excel. For years the Giants' defense had a strength that came from the outside.

NFC East News
Ranking the NFC East RBs: How do Giants' Saquon Barkley, Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott, Eagles' Jay Ajayi stack up?

June 18 The Giants have concluded their non-contact, spring workouts that focused on installing the concepts of the new systems on offense and defense. A very early 53-man roster projection.

NFC East News
Ranking the QBs: How do Eagles' Carson Wentz, Nick Foles, GIants' Eli Manning stack up?

June 17 Just what Giants want to hear from Beckham: 'No holdout'. Odell Beckham Jr. didn't say much, but the words he did utter had to be encouraging to the Giants and their fans.
There was a thought that Beckham might skip camp unless he gets a new contract. He is entering the final season of his rookie deal and is due to earn about $8.5 million for 2018.

June 16 When and if the Giants decide to throw $17 million or more per year at Odell Beckham, will Eli Manning still be around to throw the ball to the star wide receiver? Or will the NFL salary cap prevent it?

June 15 The Giants offseason is officially over following a three-day minicamp that offered a glimpse of new schemes under head coach Pat Shurmur.
It's spring time and Pat Shurmur is picking out the weeds. After trying to change a culture and tinkering with various ideas that he used and didn't use in his first head coaching stop.

Rookies, selected veterans, and the quarterbacks - including 15-year pro Eli Manning - will begin camp on July 22. The rest of the squad will report on Wednesday, July 25, or 15 days before the preseason opener vs. Cleveland.
Pat Shurmur set the stage for the much-anticipated contract showdown between the Giants and Odell Beckham, Jr. on Thursday, when he said he expects his star receiver will report on time for training camp on July 25.
Some of the other NFL stars who are holding out due to contract disputes have not only made themselves the story but have also created an unnecessary distraction for their respective teams, Beckham, who in the past has created distractions that were unwanted, has done just the opposite.

June 14 Ereck Flowers hasn't played right tackle since his freshman year at Miami. After the Giants signed Nate Solder to a four-year, $62 million contract this offseason, Flowers has little choice but to change positions.

Saquon Barkley knew the question was coming and picked it up like a blitzing linebacker. Yes, the Giants rookie running back had heard what his teammate Damon "Snacks" Harrison said Tuesday.
Giants' Saquon Barkley on being called out by Damon Harrison: "His nickname is Snacks for a reason. I'm just fortunate to be able to play with him, rather than against him."

June 13 Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. returned to practice for the first day of Giants mandatory minicamp on Tuesday after skipping the final two OTA practices of the offseason.
Though Beckham - who hasn't played in a game since Oct. 8 - was limited in the spring, when he attended organized team activity practices, on Tuesday the receiver caught passes, and punts while participating in individual drills.

June 12 Giants' offensive line: Is quick fix even possible? Of the five projected starters for the season-opener, three are in their first year with the team and at least one more (maybe both of the other two, depending on a position battle) are in their first year playing a new position.

Considering the plight of his former team and his former quarterback, Shaun O'Hara took a dim view of how the Giants recently supported Eli Manning. "To be honest with you, they've wasted the last few years of Eli's career," O'Hara said this past weekend.

Eli Manning knows contract talk for Odell Beckham can be a hassle. The looming negotiation of a contract extension with the star receiver heading into the final year of his rookie deal will be the main narrative for this team until, well, he signs a new one and there's no reason for it to be one any longer.

June 11 The New York Giants will wrap up their spring football activities this week with their annual three-day mandatory minicamp beginning Tuesday.

There is plenty of star power on a rather top-heavy Giants roster, including Odell Beckham Jr., rookie Saquon Barkley, Eli Manning, Landon Collins, Damon Harrison, Olivier Vernon, and others, but the stage seems set in 2018 for several players to breakout and become stars in their own right.

June 10 Giants will practice against Lions ahead of preseason matchup. Pat Shurmur is changing things up in his first training camp and preseason as the Giants' head coach.

Olivier Vernon was the only Giant to kneel for the national anthem from Week 4 on last season, but the Big Blue pass rusher likely won't be pushing back against the new NFL policy this year.

June 8 Davis Webb could create a QB controversy on other teams. 12 observations about a Giants team that is expected to be much-improved.
Davis Webb knows he's ready - and that it doesn't matter yet. Based on what he says and how he reacts, a case can be made that he is next in line, capable of picking up the ball when Eli Manning is finished tossing it around.

The New York Giants wrapped up the OTA portion of spring football on Thursday. The team will hold a three-day, mandatory minicamp beginning on Tuesday, and after that, players won't be back on the field until training camp.

NFL News
Giants' Chris Mara: Trump has nothing to do with NFL national anthem policy | 'We want everyone to stand'.

June 7 Giants co-captain Zak DeOssie and his wife were in a celebratory mood after raising more than $65,000 to support first-generation college students from low-income backgrounds when they were struck by a bad twist of fate.

June 6 Dave Gettleman, walking in for his first cancer treatment after Tuesday's stunning news that he has been diagnosed with lymphoma, looks at the doctor in charge of his care with that sly half-smile and issues a promise and a warning all wrapped into one: "My plan is to come in here every day and kick ass,'' Gettleman will say. "That's my plan, OK?"
When Giants tackle Karl Nelson was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1987, he was the fourth Giants player to be diagnosed with cancer in a seven-year period, and his illness sparked a panic among players. At the time, Giants players worried that Giants Stadium, built on a dump site, was contributing to the illnesses, but no link was found.

June 5 Following Monday's practice, coach Pat Shurmur and players met with the media inside the fieldhouse at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. "Another productive day," Shurmur said.
Shurmur's goal is to create a situation in which the offense is no longer predictable based on the personnel that's on the field and create doubt in the opposing defense's mind as to how they should counter what they see from the Giants offense.

June 4 Why Giants shouldn't be lumped in with Jets, other bottom NFL teams | Comparing top-end talent. Giants fans don't need any reminders of what a difference a year makes in the NFL. Maybe those setting the bar for the team's expectations do.

June 1 The way the Giants designed this, Eli Manning is going to have options galore after he takes the snap from center. If the greatest challenge for the 37-year-old quarterback is determining which of his many enticing targets gets the ball on a particular play, figure Manning, the offense and the team are all in fine shape.
A typical offensive set should feature Beckham and Shepard on the outsides, tight ends Engram and Rhett Ellison, and Barkley in the backfield behind a retooled offensive line with Manning calling the shots. Receivers Hunter Sharp and Cody Latimer are two depth options along with Lewis.

The weather for Giants practice was in steady decline this week, culminating with a nice drizzle during the second half of the Giants' sixth OTA on Thursday. Pat Shurmur kept the team outside to deal with the elements, but he did cut short a couple of periods at the end of the practice.

May 31 Eli Manning might be at his last life with the organization if he doesn't step up his game for the upcoming season. With Manning only having two years left on his contract, people are doubting his potential to impress the Giants brass enough to deserve a contract extension beyond 2020.
Eli Manning has convinced the ones who matter most. The naysayers had already begun shoveling dirt on the Big Blue football grave of Eli Manning. The football obituaries were being written, the football eulogies were being sung. So who was that in the red 10 jersey slinging the ball Tuesday at Giants OTAs?

Giants QB Davis Webb winning an arms race by showing his brains | 'You can't be scared of competition'. Webb's arm strength has been one of the biggest revelations through three pre-draft minicamp practices and five organized team activity practices.

May 30 It was the first OTA after a long four day weekend for the players. OTA #4 is the first of the week with two more Wednesday and Thursday. Contact rules remain the same, which means it is prohibited.

Odell Beckham Jr. was not with the Giants for Tuesday's OTAs, but he seems to be closer than ever to rejoining the team on the field. "Pretty close," coach Pat Shurmur said when asked about Beckham's progress rehabbing from ankle surgery last season and his proximity to being cleared.

Former Giants
Brandon Marshall signed a bargain-basement contract with the Seahawks, but still it is a better offer than presented to many of his teammates on the 2017 Giants.

May 29 Special Report - Rating the NFC East offenses produces a narrow lead for the Giants in skill positions. So, with the selection of the best running back prospect in many a draft class, Saquon Barkley, it has been written that Eli Manning has not had a group of "skill position players" in his entire career as he does now.
And it certainly has been an emphasis in recent Giants drafts, as Odell Beckham Jr. was a No. 1 choice, Sterling Shepard was a No. 2 and Evan Engram was a No. 1 pick. As, obviously, was Barkley. That's three No. 1's and a No. 2 filling out these critical running back, wide receiver, and tight end positions for the Giants, and that is called "pedigree." But how does New York stack up in skill position players in the NFC East going into the 2018-2019 season?

May 28 The last time the New York Giants offensive line was an unquestioned strength of the team stems back to the 2007-2010 seasons, when a group of five hard-working, blue collar types-David Diehl, Rich Seubert, Shaun O'Hara, Chris Snee and Kareem McKenzie-bullied opposing defenders into oblivion.

How improved are the Giants? The team still will be led by the likes of Eli Manning, Odell Beckham, Damon Harrison and Landon Collins, but the supporting cast looks much different after free agency and the NFL Draft. Who is in? Who is out?

May 25 The Giants have shaken up their equipment room less than two weeks after settling with three sports memorabilia collectors who accused quarterback Eli Manning and several members of the organization of providing bogus "game-worn" equipment that was sold to unsuspecting fans.

Saquon Barkley became a good pass catcher essentially out of boredom. He was in high school, already a star running back, and could not stand his role in the seven-on-seven offensive drills.

May 24 Special Report - First of all, the players in the NFL will not have to embarrass themselves by kneeling or raising clenched fists during the playing of the National Anthem, when they are supposed to pay respect to the American flag. The NFL's owners decided Wednesday that those who do not choose to exercise that honor may remain in the locker room until the ceremony is completed. How nice for them.
Also, the Giants seem to have extended an olive branch to former tar running back Tiki Barber, or at least head coach Pat Shurmur has, by agreeing to "patch things up" and bestow the respect accorded to other former star players.

Tiki Barber claims his falling out with the Giants had everything to do with former head coach Tom Coughlin and nothing to do with ownership. "It's not really the organization, it was really just Coughlin," Barber said. "It was Tom, not the organization. I have a really good relationship with John Mara and Jon Tisch and really everyone there.

Put veteran cornerback William Gay squarely in the camp of people who believe Eli Manning has enough left in the tank. Manning is one of two main reasons Gay signed with the Giants after spending 10 of his first 11 NFL seasons over two stints with the Steelers.

Former Giants
Tiki Barber knows his legacy is in trouble with the addition of Saquon Barkley to the Giants. And he's cool with that.

NFL News
NFL's national anthem policy: Players on field must stand, show 'respect'.
NFL's national anthem policy leaves room for more controversy.

May 22 One of the interesting sights of the Giants' first voluntary organized team activity (OTA) was Nate Solder and Ereck Flowers working together 1-on-1 with a blocking pad after the practice ended.
Solder reaching out to a new teammate is in keeping with his reputation and the track record he built up in his seven years with the Patriots.

If anyone needs a do-over, it is Eli Apple. With a new front office and coaching regime in place, that is exactly what Apple is getting. What he makes of it is up to him.
On the field, Apple said his 2017 season was "up and down," but the Giants still believe in his abilities. "In terms of his stature, his skill set, yeah, he's what you're looking for," Pat Shurmur said.
And that faith is not just in words, but in deed. The Giants made a lot of moves in the offseason but didn't bring in a replacement for Apple - or Janoris Jenkins, who was also suspended last season.

May 19 Odell Beckham Jr., in search of full health and a long-term contract extension, will be at the team facility Monday when the Giants begin Phase 3 of their offseason program, otherwise known as organized team activity practices.
The fact that Beckham has opted to participate, if even on a limited basis, in these voluntary workouts underscores his commitment to first-year head coach Pat Shurmur as he enters the final year of his rookie contract.

Starting jobs at positions such as cornerback, outside wide receiver opposite Beckham, safety, and right tackle could be won over the course of the remaining OTA and minicamp practices as head coach Pat Shurmur continues to solidify the depth chart ahead of training camp later this summer.

May 18 Prior to being chosen with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, Saquon Barkley struck up a friendship with Giants Pro Bowl wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.
According to former veteran NFL executive Gil Brandt, who is widely viewed as The Godfather of scouting, the Giants offseason was the best in the NFL.

May 15 Eli Manning's sports memorabilia lawsuit ends quietly. The New York Giants released a statement that said the matter was settled by all parties involved and that the agreement does not support any allegations of wronging.
The Giants and Manning have long denied any wrongdoing. But New Jersey attorneys who are not involved with the case said the Giants quarterback was facing an uphill battle at a trial because the state has one of the nation's most consumer-friendly consumer fraud acts.

Ereck Flowers attends Giants workouts Monday, source confirms. On Saturday, Pat Shurmur said the Giants are "a better team with (Ereck Flowers) here than without him." On Monday, they were, by that barometer, a better team.
Now it remains to be seen if he can catch up as he gets to work in a new spot - he is moving to right tackle - and if the new coaching staff can get more out of him than the previous two staffs managed to extract from the No. 9-overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft.

May 14 The crooked number under the experience column next to cornerback Chris Lewis-Harris' name on the Giants' rookie minicamp roster jumped off the page. Apparently, so did his performance on the field in front of the coaches.

May 13 Day two of rookie mini-camp is in the books with the final practice that is open to the media. It was a chilly, damp and breezy day at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center, but the Giants managed to squeeze in an outdoor practice between the rain showers.
The players were not in pads, the contact was limited and there was no tackling at all. That makes it hard to evaluate anyone, particularly a running back like Saquon Barkley.
It was an intense, jam-packed two days of football drills, but it also gave us a first glimpse into what's yet to come from the New York Giants Class of 2018.

May 12 No player arrived at the Giants' team facility earlier than Saquon Barkley. And then, nearly 12 hours later, Barkley was the last one off the field.
It was Barkley who broke down the players after their first walk-through on Friday morning, Barkley who already has established himself as the go-to guy if someone has a problem.

Saquon Barkley, Will Hernandez, Kyle Lauretta, and the rest of the Giants rookies got their first taste of NFL action on Day 1 of the team's rookie minicamp Friday at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. Once practice began, Barkley looked the part of the No. 2 overall pick.
The first day of rookie minicamp is in the books! When you throw a bunch of college tryout players on the field with some young veterans and draft picks that have never played together before, it isn't going to be a thing of beauty.
With the Giants 90-man roster likely to continue being tweaked right up until training camp and beyond, Shurmur noted that it's all about what the rookies do from this point moving forward that will help determine their fates with the team.

May 11 The curtain will rise on the Saquon Show when the Giants usher in the Saquon Barkley era with their rookie minicamp, which begins Thursday night with player arrivals before on-field practices open to the media Friday and Saturday.

The Giants waived running back Paul Perkins on Thursday with a non-football injury. Perkins, 23, a 2016 fifth-round pick out of UCLA, had suffered a pectoral injury prior to the start of the club's offseason conditioning program that required surgery. That led to his release.
With Saquon Barkley taken with the second-overall pick in the draft, veteran Jonathan Stewart signed in free agency and Wayne Gallman returning after a solid rookie year, the Giants had no place to put Perkins.

May 10 If the Giants don't sign Odell Beckham to a new contract before the regular season kicks off, 2018 would become the most important year of the dynamic wide receiver's NFL career.
How long is Odell Beckham willing to play along as Giants play hardball? John Mara's gamesmanship on Tuesday night reaffirmed the Giants are not afraid of a protracted fight with Odell Beckham Jr.'s agent.
The best and most likely course of action regarding Beckham is to wait until next year. He's guaranteed $8,459,000 for this year, which is far less of an "insult" than the $1,839,027 base salary he made last year.

Former Giants
Victor Cruz sets deadline to accept that it's over. Cruz said he received some interest from teams prior to last month's NFL draft, but hasn't heard anything serious since then.

May 9 Giants owner John Mara gave an update on the ongoing contract negotiations with wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., and opened up about the process leading up to taking former Penn State running back Saquon Barkley with the No. 2 overall pick.

Giants ducked Penn State coach to keep Saquon Barkley secret. The secret was not well kept, considering most draft experts projected the Giants taking Barkley with the second pick.
Evan Engram says Saquon Barkley 'can help us immediately'. The popular sentiment around the Giants and the NFL is that Barkley helps every aspect of the team's game.

Former Giants
Harry Carson: 'I expect Saquon Barkley to be a Hall of famer'.
Ernie Accorsi thinks Saquon Barkley is 'ideal pick' for Giants.
Phil Simms shares his thoughts on Sam Darnold and Saquon Barkley.

May 8 Prior to the NFL draft, Eli Manning said no, he would not be fixated on who the Giants would be selecting with the No. 2-overall pick. He would find out, of course, but would not be glued to the television to get the news as it happened. That was not what transpired, though.
Manning said he watched the first round of the draft, given the consequences it held for him and his family. "The wife was very curious as to what was going to go on, and obviously, so was I," he said.

With Saquon Barkley cast as Tiki Barber, Evan Engram filling the shoes of Jeremy Shockey, and Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard playing the roles of Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer, the Giants could have their best collection of offensive skill since 2005-06.

May 6 On the field, there is only one football, and how the Giants distribute it when Odell Beckham Jr. and Saquon Barkley are out there together is the sort of reverse-dilemma an offensive-minded head coach such as Pat Shurmur desires all day, every day.

NFC East News
How does Eagles' offseason stack up with Giants, Cowboys, Redskins? Ranking NFC East's NFL Draft, free agency, trade decisions.

May 5 Landon Collins talks about Ereck Flowers, Ben McAdoo and the defensive miscommunications.
Despite all the good news coming out of the Giants, Flowers' absence feels like a continuance of the dissension that wrecked the locker room last season.

Landon Collins, Brandon Jacobs like the sound of a Saquon Barkley-Eli Manning combo for Giants. While Barkley gives the Giants the best chance to win now, the team has faced some criticism for not using the pick to draft a potential heir to 37-year-old Manning.

May 4 Go look at a sign-in sheet for Penn State's Pro Day in 2016 and suddenly Pat Shurmur's first official act as Giants head coach will make even more sense. About 24 hours after hiring Shurmur on Jan. 22, the Giants claimed tight end Kyle Carter off waivers from the Vikings.

Saquon Barkley is eager to compete with Jonathan Stewart, but he might be more excited to learn from him. It's doubtful he could have found a more qualified tutor than the 11-year-veteran, who is preparing for his first season with the Giants.

May 3 Ereck Flowers' days as a Giant are officially numbered after Big Blue opts not to pick up his fifth-year option.
The ninth pick in the 2015 draft, Flowers would have been owed $12.52 million in 2019, making this move an easy one. His salary-cap hit is $4.57 million this season.

The Giants found some experience for their quarterback depth chart. Former Titans quarterback Alex Tanney announced on social media that he is joining the Giants, who already have Eli Manning, second-year pro Davis Webb and 2018 fourth-round draft pick Kyle Lauletta.

May 2 Ereck Flowers has a new agent. Whether or not he has a new team soon remains to be seen. Flowers has signed on to be represented by Drew Rosenhaus, the agent announced on Tuesday. Flowers had previously represented himself with his father's guidance.

As the days and weeks moved on and the losses kept mounting during the dreary 2017 season, Eli Manning admitted, for the first time in his Giants career, he worried the end was near.

Apr 30 The Giants were able to get a jump on most of the NFL as far as scouring the undrafted free-agent market. The draft ended inordinately early for the Giants, as they made their final pick early in the fifth round, meaning they had a few hours to make a list of whom they wanted to get, and then waited to see if those players were left undrafted.
Giants GM Dave Gettleman went to work immediately late Saturday afternoon signing undrafted free agents to fill out his roster, prioritizing another offensive lineman while adding more talent at wide receiver, the defensive backfield, and linebacker, as well.

Apr 29 Experts react to Giants' Draft Selections. Check each selection from every round.
Dave Gettleman's thoughts on each selection and a scouting report of each of the new Giants.
Dave Gettleman beings much-needed voice to Giants. Not since Tom Coughlin's departure.

Saquon Barkley walked into the Quest Diagnostics Training Center on Saturday morning, and you knew it. It is called star power.
Even if the Giants are right about Saquon Barkley, if the Jets are right about Sam Darnold, then the Giants are wrong.

Apr 28 - UPDATE Giants select Miami DT R.J. McIntosh in Round 5.

Apr 28 - UPDATE Giants take Richmond QB Kyle Lauletta. Lauletta immediately walks into a competition with 2017 third-round draft choice Davis Webb both for the job as Eli Manning's primary backup, but also the Giants' developmental quarterback prospect.

Apr 28 How much longer Ereck Flowers remains on the roster remains to be seen. The Giants are open for business if any team wants to trade for him, fully realizing they will not get much in return.

Apr 27 - UPDATE Giants take defenders Lorenzo Carter, B.J. Hill in third round. After using their first two picks to bolster the offense, the Giants used their two third-round picks to help the defense.

Apr 27 - UPDATE Giants fill offensive line hole with 2nd-round pick. The Giants after the first round were surprised and delighted Hernandez was still on the board - they did not think he would be available to them in the second round. They had a first-round grade on him and, partnering him with Barkley, their first two picks instantly and immensely upgrade their running game.

Apr 27 Special Report - During the first round of the draft, rumors come and rumors go. This year, they all went. The Giants didn't have to do anything to land the best running back in the draft, Saquon Barkley. They just had to wait until Cleveland took Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield with the first overall selection.
Then they snapped up the Penn State running back, the 6-0, 233-pound Barkley, labeled by general manager Dave Gettleman as "the best player in the draft ... a kid with unique skills ... a threat to score a touchdown every time he touches the ball ... a player who makes us all better."

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