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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Heres 25 things you didnt know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands.  First game at the Stadium.
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2016 Preseason Schedule
Aug 12    MiamiL  27-10
Aug 20at BuffaloL  21-0
Aug 27at JetsW 21-20
Sept 7    New EnglandW 17-9

2015 NY Giants Games
Sept 13at DallasL  27-26
Sept 20    AtlantaL  24-20
Sept 24    WashingtonW 32-21
Oct 4 at BuffaloW 24-10
Oct 11    San FranciscoW 30-27
Oct 19at PhiladelphiaL  27-7
Oct 25    DallasW 27-20
Nov 1 at New OrleansL  52-49
Nov 8 at Tampa BayW 32-18
Nov 15     New England PatriotsL  27-26
Nov 29at Washington RedskinsL  20-14
Dec 6     New York JetsL  23-20
Dec 14at Miami DolphinsW 31-24
Dec 20    Carolina PanthersL  38-35
Dec 27at Minnesota VikingsL  38-35
Jan 3     Philadelphia EaglesL  35-30

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2016 Regular Season Schedule
Sun 9/11at DallasW 20-19 Mon 11/14    Cincinnati*8:30 PM
Sun 9/18     New OrleansW 16-13 Sun 11/20    Chicago1:00 PM
Sun 9/25    Washington*L  29-27 Sun 11/27 at Cleveland1:00 PM
Mon 10/3at Minnesota*L  24-10 Sun 12/4at Pittsburgh*4:25 PM
Sun 10/9at Green Bay*L  27-23 Mon12/11    Dallas8:30 PM
Sun 10/16    BaltimoreW 27-23 Sun 12/18     Detroit1:00 PM
Sun 10/23at Los AngelesW 17-10 Thu 12/22 at Philadelphia8:25 PM
Bye Week Sun 1/1 at Washington*1:00 PM
Sun 11/6    Philadelphia1:00 PM *2015 playoffs.  Complete Schedules - All Teams
First impressions of Giants 2016 Schedule Giants game-by-game breakdown

Oct 26 Giants wait until players leave for bye week to announce Josh Brown release. The Giants made sure no players could comment on the team's decision to cut Josh Brown.
Big Blue released Brown on Tuesday, shortly after he issued a statement in which he claimed he's never "struck" his ex-wife Molly.
Brown statement read in part, "It is important to share that I never struck my wife, and never would. Abuse takes many forms, and is not a gray area."
So how could Brown parse the word "struck" as a defense for his behavior, when police documents show he shoved her head against a wall, pushed her into a mirror and lay on her with his full body weight, his forearm across the back of her neck and Molly's face pushed into the carpet.

It's important to note that Brown apologized to the Giants and John Mara in the statement, but not to his ex-wife Molly, who suffered through years of emotional and physical abuse.
Last Thursday, Mara said the Giants knew Brown had abused his ex-wife, but did not know the extent of that abuse. The remark was met with rampant revulsion.
Mara said last week in an interview he also was aware of an incident at the Pro Bow during which the league had to intervene on behalf of Molly Brown during a disagreement between her and Brown.
So now the dust has settled, at least in NFL terms. Brown is out of a job, and the Giants are out of excuses. The question now is simple. What next?

Oct 25 Giant's Ben McAdoo considering 'everything' including play-calling duties during bye week. Given the struggles to find traction on offense, McAdoo acknowledged that he will be doing some self-scouting over the bye.
Everything, McAdoo said, will be open for discussion, from the play-calling duties, which he currently handles, to personnel groupings. The Giants have played most of the year in three-receiver sets, and having weak-blocking tight ends and no true fullback limits their options.
It will be revealing to see just how open and honest the first-year head coach is with himself when the subject is himself. The offense is darn near broken. The Giants would have endured a rough six-hour flight home saddled with a loss if not for the best defensive showing of the season.

After Sunday's games, the Giants were 20th in yards per game and 25th in scoring per game. Eli Manning was ranked seventh in passing yardage, but the Giants were last in rushing yards. The Giants have run for fewer than 80 yards in each of their last four games.
McAdoo said that Rashad Jennings, who averaged 1.9 yards per carry against the Rams, a tick above the 1.8 yards averaged by the team Sunday, will remain the team's starting running back. However, rookie Paul Perkins, who averaged 3.0 yards per carry against the Rams, could see an increase in his workload.

Despite overwhelming evidence detailing his alleged history of domestic violence, Josh Brown's future with the Giants continues to hang in the balance.
Coach Ben McAdoo said Monday that the front office spent most of the first day back from the weekend trip to London in discussions about how to handle the kicker.

Oct 24 Giants win over the Rams 17-10  | Video  |  Photos  |  Photos
On The Game: Game 7
Gamegirl ---
"Rams quarterback Case Keenum started off with a deep pass that was good for 48 yards, and soon his team added a field goal to make it 10-0. The Giants went three-and-out and were in a bit of a sticky wicket at this point (I just had to say that)..."
Mikefan. ---"This was one of those times where you were almost glad to see the Giants defense on the field too much. They were actually the most effective group of playmakers in this game. The defense accounted for four sacks and four interceptions, with one being returned for a 44 yard touchdown by Landon Collins...

ESPN - Giants' 4 interceptions key in 17-10 win over Rams in London. - Instant Analysis: Giants defeat Rams, 17-10. - What does this win mean for the Giants?
NYDailyNews - Giants defense shines in London but plenty problems still exist.
NYDailyNews - Odell Beckham's battle through injury is boon to Giants' sluggish offense .
NYDailyNews - Ben McAdoo's focusing on football while front office handles Josh Brown situation.
NYPost - Landon Collins' star rose with each impossible cut downfield.
NYPost - Giants report card: The offense is a problem.
NYPost - Landon Collins' masterpiece saves Giants in London eyesore.
StarLedger - Everything you need to know about Landon Collins' big day in London.
StarLedger - Giants' Landon Collins channels running back skills on interception return.
StarLedger - Landon in London: Collins has breakout game as Giants' defense dominates Rams.
StarLedger - Giants' Dwayne Harris OK after 'scary' hit to spine.
StarLedger - Eli Manning report card: Grading QB in Giants' win over Rams.
StarLedger - Giants punt looming Josh Brown decision back across the pond.
TheRecord - Giants defense sparks 17-10 win over Rams in London.
InsideFootball - Landon Time: Collins, Giants Defense Lift New York to 17-10 Win Over Rams.
BigBlueInteractive - New York Giants 17 - Los Angeles Rams 10.
Newsday - Collins' big day gives Giants win in London.
Newsday - Rodgers-Cromartie gives Giants big pick-me-ups.
Newsday - Giants grades: Defense helps anemic offense.
Newsday - Fate reroutes Robbie Gould from Wrigley to Twickenham.
Newsday - London fan support made Giants feel right at home.
LATimes - Rams fall to Giants in London, 17-10, their third loss in a row.
LATimes - If Rams plan to play Goff at all, they need to make a move now.

Giants (3-3) vs Rams (3-3) Game Preview
The Rams played a back and forth game in Detroit last Sunday with the Lions. Each team scored just one touchdown in every quarter, so it was 28-28 at the two minute warning. Detroit added a field goal, and followed that up with an interception to end the Rams final drive, leaving them with a 31-28 loss.
The Giants ended their three game losing streak with a 27-23 win over Baltimore. They kept the fans in suspense, as they didn't take the lead until the fourth quarter. The Ravens took it back at about the two minute mark, and Eli Manning, on a fourth-and-one play, threw a 66 yard touchdown pass to Odell Beckham Jr.
Giants - Ravens Wrap-Up

Oct 23 No one really knows what the 2016 Giants are made of. They snapped a three-game losing streak with last week's victory over the Ravens and arrived in England with the Josh Brown controversy hanging over their heads.
The last time Eli Manning touched a football in a game, he fired a quick pass to Odell Beckham Jr. for a 66-yard game-winning touchdown against the Ravens. Now the trick is to keep it going a week later.

Why did John Mara risk the damage that's been done to the Giants brand and his own reputation by going all-in on Josh Brown? It's the unsolved mystery of the Brown domestic violence disaster/crisis.

Oct 22 Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has been fined $24,309 by the NFL for taking off his helmet during a touchdown celebration last Sunday against Baltimore.
The fine was the third for Beckham already this season. The other fines were $12,154 for group demonstration and $36,000 for unnecessary roughness to total $72,463 for the season.

The NFL placed Giants kicker Josh Brown on the commissioner's exempt list Friday in light of documents released this week in which he admitted to physical and emotional abuse of his wife.

Oct 21 Giants not bringing Josh Brown on road trip. Josh Brown practiced with the Giants on Thursday, but it's possible the kicker never wears the uniform again.
A day after police documents revealed Josh Brown admitting to abusing his wife, Giants co-owner John Mara made a stunning admission that the Big Blue kicker had told the team of his past abuse.
The fact they re-signed him while knowing about his 2015 arrest as well as a confrontation in a Hawaii hotel before the 2016 Pro Bowl makes them complicit. The Giants are one of the most respected franchises in sports, but this is an ugly stain on that reputation.
Annie Apple, the mother of first-round pick and cornerback Eli, ripped John Mara on Twitter after the team's co-owner revealed Thursday that Brown had previously admitted to the Giants that he had abused his wife, Molly.
Giants adding kicker Robbie Gould as Josh Brown fill-in for London game. Gould will fly to England on his own and meet the Giants on the ground. A veteran with his experience is eligible for a $985,000 minimum salary, which would be prorated in this case.

Oct 20 Special Report - Years and years ago, clearly more than your correspondent would like to remember, coaches heading into meaningful games frequently picked up a player who had recently been with that team in order to find out all they could about the personnel and strategies.
In the case of the Giants, who play the Los Angeles Rams Sunday in London, there are two such players on the roster - cornerback Janoris Jenkins, who has been on fire the past several weeks, and newly-signed Coty Sensabaugh, who spent the summer, preseason and the start of the season with the Rams after being signed as an Unrestricted Free Agent from Tennessee.

Jeff Fisher vows Rams won't play dirty vs. Odell Beckham, Giants. History, and reputation, indicate the Rams will not play by the Marquess of Queensbury rules against Odell Beckham Jr. and the Giants in London.
The Rams will certainly bait Beckham with cheap hits this weekend and try to throw him off his game as they did two years ago in St. Louis.Beckham is so volatile that no matter how hard he might try, if he's getting hit after the whistle or hit out of bounds by the Rams, he's liable to explode. So, are the Rams a dirty team?.
Come this weekend when the Rams meet the Giants in London, Fisher said the Rams are going to behave. Things came to a head that year (2014)when Rams linebacker Alec Ogletree shoved Beckham on the Giants sideline, perhaps in response to Beckham's earlier and overdone touchdown celebration . A brawl soon erupted resulting in now former Giants Damontre Moore and Preston Parker, both of whom came to Beckham's aide, being ejected.

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Oct 19 The Giants have followed a similar cycle this season: Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. creates waves with his antics on Sunday, quarterback Eli Manning voices his displeasure during his radio appearance on Monday and then everything is smoothed out by Tuesday.
So now Eli Manning doesn't mind Odell Beckham Jr.'s antics one bit, and he has no problem with his mercurial wide receiver's new fiancee. Now, Eli Manning isn't "sick" of anything about Beckham, even if just a day earlier on the radio he'd finally sounded at his wits' end.
On Tuesday, Manning took a seven-step drop away from the idea that he was piling on his star receiver. "I'm not tired of it," he said of Beckham's sideshow. "I thought y'all might get tired of it. That was my comment. They took the 'you' and thought it was me, but I was talking about you." See? It's a pronoun problem, not a locker room issue.

When Eli Manning found Roger Lewis for a second-quarter TD, it was the 300th touchdown pass of Manning's career. It was also the first touchdown for Lewis, a rookie receiver and undrafted free agent. Lewis kept the ball and plans to ask Manning to sign it. And Manning is fine with that. Manning has the football from his first career TD pass, a scoring strike to former Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey. "I have that ball," he said. "I have my first. Jeremy Shockey."

The last time the Giants played in London was in 2007. If that year doesn't ring a bell, you're not a true Giants fan. That's the year the Giants won their first Super Bowl under Tom Coughlin.
When the Giants went to London in 2007 they landed after an overnight flight and went straight to the practice field. "It was not good," Manning said of that bleary-eyed workout.
When Coty Sensabaugh was released from the Rams earlier this month, he and his family had many concerns. One of them was his wife's airline ticket for the Rams' upcoming game in London which seemed as if it would have to be returned. But then the cornerback signed with the Giants. Suddenly that airline ticket came in handy.

A woman who claims that she was injured when a large, framed team photo fell on her in a stadium gift shop as she browsed for souvenirs has sued the Giants. Unfortunately this is the first time that the Giants have been sued for memorabilia incidents.

Oct 18 Ben McAdoo apparently is not a fan of Odell Beckham Jr.'s infatuation with the Giants' kicking net. Asked for further comment on Beckham's antics, McAdoo said, "We, as a team, need to focus on the ballgame." Enough said.
Eli Manning is telling Odell Beckham Jr. to grow up. Again. Manning delivered more blunt real talk Monday during his weekly radio audience with WFAN's Mike Francesa. "I think with the win, you can ignore it a little bit easier. Let the coach handle it. Obviously, we've got to be careful about getting penalties late in the game, and putting our defense in a bind right there."
Annoying. That is the gist of the Odell Beckham Jr. sideshow, according to Louis Riddick, a former NFL player, coach and front-office member. "He very much has a streak, to me, in him that is me-driven. He likes to be the center of attention no matter how much he says he doesn't want to be."

Things could get heated between Odell Beckham and Rams in London. This is a volatile mix of Beckham's explosive personality and the dirtiest team in the league. Things could get so ugly passports might be revoked. The reputations of Beckham and the Rams have only taken further hits since they last met.
The Giants will be low-maintenance on the practice facility front, since they are practicing here in New Jersey until Thursday before flying to London Thursday night and doing a walk-through at Syon Park not far from Twickenham on Friday. The Rams flew straight to London from their loss in Detroit on Sunday rather than returning to Los Angeles first.

The Giants want to know what Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie did wrong when he was flagged for a critical pass-interference penalty late in Sunday's win over the Ravens. Teams usually ask the NFL for clarification of questionable calls.
The best they can hope for is a memo from the NFL stating what the Giants believe they already know: The pass interference penalty on Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in the fourth quarter of Sunday's 27-23 victory over the Ravens was bogus and should not have been called.

Oct 17 Giants win over the Ravens 27-23  | Video  |  Photos  |  Photos
On The Game: Game 6
Gamegirl ---
"The Giants really needed a win here today and it didn't look good at the start. Now the fans were really cheering, because we were ahead for the first time in the game, and also for Beckham's comedy show on the sideline with the kicking net..."
Mikefan. ---"The receivers were the stars today, and the headlines tomorrow will be filled with Odell Beckham Jr. highlights, first for fumbling the ball away on his first catch, and then for all the good.... I hope they don't totally ignore the bad. The football field is not Beckham's personal playground even though he behaves as if it is. If it's all about team, it's not about one player constantly trying to steal the show...

ESPN - Beckham's career day, late 66-yard TD lead Giants. - Instant Analysis: Giants 27, Ravens 23. - Big plays by Beckham propel Giants to victory.
NYDailyNews - Giants gain new life in season with 'must-win' over Ravens.
NYDailyNews - Odell Beckham explodes in second half to lift Giants over Ravens.
NYDailyNews - Odell Beckham proposes to Giants' kicking net after scoring touchdown .
NYDailyNews - Questionable call on Rodgers-Cromartie almost ruins Giants' day.
NYDailyNews - Giants defense makes statement with critical goal-line stand.
NYDailyNews - CBS injects some reality into Odell Beckham Jr. spectacle.
NYPost - How Giants carried good vibes from locker room to field in win.
NYPost - Eli Manning's arm answers every question about decline.
NYPost - This is why Odell Beckham can't get the ball enough.
NYPost - How Ben McAdoo's guts jump-started Giants offense.
NYPost - Rodgers-Cromartie: Ref's blown-call explanation makes no sense.
NYPost - Giants' goal-line hero breaks down play that changed game.
NYPost - What Giants proved in shrugging off ref's bogus call.
NYPost - Sensational Odell Beckham goes berserk as Giants steal a win.
StarLedger - Giants' Eli Manning pushes right buttons in win over Ravens.
StarLedger - Ben McAdoo explains how Giants hit 'target' in Ravens win.
StarLedger - Vintage Odell Beckham Jr. arrives just in time to save season.
StarLedger - Giants hold on for wild 27-23 win over Ravens | Rapid reaction.
StarLedger - Giants rip 'terrible' pass interference call on Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.
StarLedger - Odell Beckham Jr. shows Giants why he's worth the headaches.
TheRecord - Odell Beckham, Eli Manning lift Giants to 27-23 win over Ravens.
InsideFootball - Odell Beckham Jr. Lifts Giants to Win Over Baltimore.
BigBlueInteractive - New York Giants 27 - Baltimore Ravens 23.
Newsday - Glauber: Beckham helps Giants get back on track.
Newsday - Beckham's two long TDs lift Giants over Ravens.
Newsday - Manning's breakout game silences doubters.
Newsday - Giants' DRC overcomes interference call.
Newsday - Giants Q&A: Odell Beckham Jr., kicking net to tie the knot.
BaltimoreSun - New coordinator, same old story for the Ravens in 27-23 loss to Giants.
BaltimoreSun - Ravens drop third straight game as Odell Beckham Jr. lifts Giants, 27-23.

Giants (2-3) vs Ravens (3-2) Game Preview
The Ravens lost for the second time in a row playing last Sunday against the Redskins. The Ravens scored an opening drive touchdown, but all they were able to add to that for the rest of the game was a field goal. Even with a strong defensive effort, they ended up with a 16-10 loss.
The Giants were able to get two interceptions off Aaron Rodgers, but it wasn't enough. After winning their first two games, they fell to the Packers 23-16, to take their third loss in a row.
Giants - Green Bay Wrap-Up

Oct 16 Giants quarterback Eli Manning made his first career start in Week 11 of the 2004 season. He has started every game since, a streak that will reach 200 straight games, including the playoffs, on Sunday when the Giants host the Ravens at MetLife Stadium.

Eli Manning needs more time and more help. While the quarterback has been off target recently, some of the blame can be pointed at the offensive line, which struggled mightily in last week's loss. The Giants surrendered 4 sacks, 6 quarterback hits and 5 tackles for loss in the game.
Manning's play in recent weeks has been alarming enough to raise the possibility that he is in decline at age 35, and that the Giants might have to address the possibility of planning for life after Eli much sooner than expected.
Manning's off-and-on play is not a sign that age is slowing him down. On the contrary, Manning, 35, has never been more himself. That could either assure or worry Giants fans, depending on how they look at it. The number one sign of a deteriorating QB body would be less zip on Manning's fastball.

Oct 15 When the Giants' offensive tackles struggled mightily in Sunday's 23-16 loss to the Packers, fans started to call for backup Will Beatty to get a shot. Beatty is ready to answer the call - if he gets it from head coach Ben McAdoo.
Eli Manning needs more time and more help. While the quarterback has been off target recently, some of the blame can be pointed at the offensive line, which struggled mightily in last week's loss to the Packers. The Giants surrendered four sacks, six quarterback hits and five tackles for loss in the game.

The Giants paid $85 million for a joke of a pass rush. Five games into the season, the Giants are still waiting on a return on their lavish investment. In fact, through five games, the Giants are dead last in the NFL with four sacks - and two have come from the secondary, one by safety Landon Collins and the other by cornerback Leon Hall.
The numbers don't exactly make sense. Olivier Vernon and Jason Pierre-Paul have just one sack each this season, but both players are among the NFL's leaders in quarterback pressures. Vernon and Pierre-Paul have made a significant impact in the run defense, which is often overlooked when it comes to setting the edge and completing that effort along the defensive front.

Oct 14 Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith fired a salvo toward Odell Beckham Jr. on Wednesday, warning the tempestuous pass catcher through the media that if Beckham takes any cheap shots or has any emotional outbursts, there will be problems.
But if Beckham's reaction was any indication, Victor Cruz doesn't think his temperamental teammate will fall prey to the goading from opponents that has tripped him up in recent games.

Now is the time for the Giants to bounce back as an easy stretch of the schedule begins. Because this year, the Scheduling Gods have set the table for a Big Blue bounceback, laying out a yellow-brick October and November.
The Giants are eying wins over the Ravens and over the Rams in London the next two weeks to be 4-3 at the bye. "Stick with us," Justin Pugh said. "We're gonna get it right." Jason Pierre-Paul referenced 2011. "We went to the Super Bowl what, 9-7?" he said. "At any given moment the season could change."

Jason Pierre-Paul says he will play Sunday despite a groin injury and that players from both teams should be on the lookout for him. After a game against the Packers in which Pierre-Paul thought "poor tackling" was the biggest culprit for the defense, particularly on third down, the defensive end will be running around the field with reckless abandon in an effort to fix the matter.

Representatives from the NFL Security Department were at the Giants' facility on Thursday to investigate the postgame altercation involving left tackle Ereck Flowers and an ESPN reporter.

Former Giants
Lorenzo Freeman, a Camden native who starred at the city's Woodrow Wilson High before going on to play at the University of Pittsburgh and later for the Giants, was found dead Monday.

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Oct 13 Is Sunday's game against the Ravens a "must-win" for the Giants? Depends who you ask. The Giants are 2-3 and on a three-game losing streak. They have tumbled from first place to last in the NFC East.
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie said there's an extra level of preparation necessary when lining up against Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith. The 37-year-old Smith is known as much for his production as his fiery playing style.
The Giants and Ravens had a combined 21 players listed on their injury reports as preparations began for Sunday's game at MetLife Stadium, with 13 of those players, many of them big names, missing practice entirely. The Giants were without five players who have started on their defense this season.

It's not Eli's fault. That was the message from multiple key Giants on Wednesday, as talk had begun to grow that the Big Blue's offensive struggles should be placed on Eli Manning's shoulders, that at the age of 35, the two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback is in decline.

The Giants are sticking with Ereck Flowers at left tackle, despite his on-field struggles and off-field controversy. in the case of Flowers, it sounds like he is locked in at the moment heading into Sunday's home game against the Ravens.

After playing him just about every defensive snap this season, the Giants may be forced to replace Jason Pierre-Paul. At least to some degree.
Pierre-Paul has played 351 of a possible 365 snaps this year, though he did sit out nine plays in Sunday's loss to the Packers. He has one sack, a forced fumble and 24 tackles on the season.

After missing three games with a thumb injury, Rashad Jennings said that Wednesday's practice was "step one" in his return. It was, he said, the first time he has taken a full share of offensive reps.

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Oct 12 Never mind being included among the NFL's top five quarterbacks, right now Eli Manning would settle for winning a game. And the common problem across the streak has been the shortcomings of the offense, putting Manning and his 35-year-old self in a discussion no veteran quarterback wants to be part of.
It will be his 200th start, including postseason. He's won two Super Bowl MVPs, been to four Pro Bowls and become the undisputed face of the Giants franchise. And yet it seems some of those same questions that surfaced after Dec. 12, 2004, are hovering in the air as we approach this game on Oct. 16, 2016. Is he good enough?

Victor Cruz was only targeted twice in the Giants' 23-16 loss, including a downfield pass from Eli Manning early in the fourth quarter. Packers cornerback Quinten Rollins was in position to make an interception, but Cruz turned into a defender and knocked the ball away. Despite playing all 56 offensive snaps, Cruz finished the game without a catch.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie impresses with toughness. Rodgers-Cromartie said that he was "beat down" after Sunday's game, but he didn't feel that he made the injury any worse. He is optimistic that he'll be ready to play on Sunday against the Ravens.

The Giants added both experience and youth to their defense as they signed cornerback Coty Sensabaugh and linebacker Deontae Skinner. Sensabaugh was a free agent who was released by the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday, while Skinner was signed off the practice squad.

Oct 11 This is the third year of this marriage between Eli Manning and Ben McAdoo, their third year with Odell Beckham Jr. And the sky is no longer the limit. The sky is falling on Giants fans. The offense looks broken. Fix it, Coach McAdoo. And fix it now.
Will Giants' Ben McAdoo consider giving up play call duties? They are averaging 17.8 points-per-game, which is the sixth-lowest average in the NFL. McAdoo called the plays for the Giants the last two seasons, leading them to a pair of top-10 finishes both years.

Five games into the season, there are two questions I didn't anticipate asking about the Giants: --How can they be in last place in the NFC East with Kirk Cousins (Washington) and rookies Carson Wentz (Eagles) and Dak Prescott (Cowboys) starting at quarterback when they have a two-time Super Bowl MVP? And, -- What is wrong with Eli Manning?

Giants coach Ben McAdoo called the postgame behavior of left tackle Ereck Flowers on Sunday "unacceptable." McAdoo said multiple members of the organization have spoken to Flowers, who pushed ESPN reporter Jordan Raanan in the locker room after the Giants' 23-16 loss to the Packers.
Flowers' frustration likely stemmed from his poor performance at Lambeau Field. A first-round pick in 2015, Flowers allowed two sacks, was called for a holding penalty, and struggled to keep his man from pressuring quarterback Eli Manning.
The question posed to Ben McAdoo was about Ereck Flowers, specifically whether the second-year left tackle is playing well this season. The revealing part of the answer applies to the entire Giants team. Manning focused on throwing short or intermediate passes, but those intentions sometimes went awry because he was sacked three times.

Oct 10 Giants lose to Green Bay 23-16  | Video  |  Photos  |  Photos
On The Game: Game 5
Gamegirl ---"I was really hoping when Manning hit Beckham for a touchdown to make it a 23-16 game, that they could bring it home this time, but that didn't happen..."
Mikefan. ---"The best I can say is that the Giants looked a little better in this loss than the others, but that's not enough. Winning football games is what it's all about, and maybe playing the Ravens in a home game next Sunday during daylight hours will give them a boost...

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Giants (2-2) vs Packers (2-1) Game Preview
The Packers were on a bye last week, and maybe it was good that they had time to reflect. The week prior, they let a 31-3 lead slip to a one touchdown 34-27 score. Aaron Rodgers, scrambling for 11 yards and a first down, is all that kept the Lions off the field for one last shot to tie the score.
The Giants had hoped to get back on track after losing their first game of the season to Washington. It didn't happen last Monday night in Minnesota. Their same bad habits; giving up big plays, turnovers, and penalties, continued as they took a 24-10 loss.
Giants - Vikings Wrap-Up

Oct 9 This return trip to Lambeau Field - the Giants' first since the 2011 playoffs and their divisional upset of the then-reigning Super Bowl champion Packers - represents a potential turning point in a season that already has gone through some turns and promises to take a few more before it is over.

Beckham, Eli Manning and the Giants offense could have a huge passing night against the Packers on Sunday: Green Bay veteran corner Sam Shields is out, and the next corner up, Damarious Randall, is questionable. If Beckham continues his sideshow, though, there will be an appropriate amount of conversation about any on-field success, and frankly, there probably won't be a Giants win at Lambeau Field, in Beckham's first-ever trip to the hallowed Midwest gridiron.

Should the Giants attempt to find offensive balance or should they make this a pass-heavy game all the way? The Giants are a middling rushing team (19th ranked) but could have Rashad Jennings back after he missed the past two games with a left thumb injury - added to Orleans Darkwa, Bobby Rainey and rookie Paul Perkins. Handing these running backs the ball might be akin to having them plow into a brick wall. The Packers are No. 1 in the league in run defense,

Oct 8 This past offseason, the New York Giants invested $95 million in contracts given to defensive ends Jason Pierre-Paul and Olivier Vernon. Based on the snap counts logged by each man, it seems the Giants are determined to squeeze every last penny out of those two.
The Giants need home-run hitters, and Pierre-Paul and Vernon are stroking singles and doubles. Spagnuolo did not agree with that analogy, but also acknowledged, "I think they would tell you, because they are prideful men, that they would like to step it up."

No nostaglia for Ben McAdoo about playing Packers. Justin Pugh said McAdoo has been "stoic" about his return, but knows that is just a front. "Obviously deep down there's a little extra," Pugh said. "You go back and you're going against the team that you used to coach and city you used to live in. There's no way around that."

Odell Beckham's wallet has taken a hit as a result of his Minny Meltdown. The Giants wide receiver was fined $24,309 for his unsportsmanlike conduct (taunting) penalty against Xavier Rhodes in the Giants' 24-10 loss to the Vikings on Monday.
Beckham has been racking up the fines this season. He was hit with a $36,000 fine for a blindside hit on Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro in Week 2 and he got a $12,154 fine in Week 1 for excessive celebration after a Victor Cruz touchdown. CBS Sports reported that Beckham plans to appeal both of those fines.

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Oct 7 Cloud of Odell Beckham drama has covered Giants' mediocre defense. So far, Jerry Reese's latest and greatest "rebuilt" defense is once again letting the entire team down, and it's desperately searching for a way to turn things around this Sunday night against Aaron Rodgers and the high-powered Packers.
Veteran Packers beat writer Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel provided an inside look at the Giants through the opinions of scouts and personnel executives. While it's a great way for Packers fan to learn, it also gives Giants fans an unfiltered assessment of their team.

Odell Beckham Jr. wants to be a role model, not a distraction. A contrite Beckham vowed Thursday to clean up his behavior after a spate of recent incidents that have tested the Giants' patience with their star wide receiver.
Beckham looks ready to move forward with a more mature attitude. The test will be when he gets into a game situation that requires him to rise above the temptation to act out. Then and only then will we get a true gauge of whether his heartfelt words Thursday will translate to changed behavior.
WFAN host Mike Francesa asked if McAdoo thinks he has Beckham under control; McAdoo said he is focused on winning in Green Bay. "I think you guys are doing a lousy job with him," Francesa said, comparing the situation to the tenure of tight end Jeremy Shockey that eventually spoiled.

Oct 6 Goading Odell Beckham may become part of opposition's game plan. Very few cornerbacks in the NFL can handle him as a pure receiver, but there are clearly ways to throw him off his game. Xavier Rhodes of the Vikings proved that the other night for the Vikings.
The NFL has instructed officials to be on the lookout for defensive players that will try to "bait" the Giants' tempestuous wide receiver into another emotional meltdown. And McAdoo said it's entirely possible someone will send a goon, or their checking line, out to go straight at Beckham.
Every sports commentator with a microphone or Internet access this week has seemingly weighed in on Beckham, from his former coach Tom Coughlin to Brett Favre to Dez Bryant. They all dissect how Beckham's emotions shape his play, whether it is good or bad for the Giants.

Teammates have publicly supported Beckham since his emotions became a hot-button issue last week. Giants coach Ben McAdoo stressed the importance of unity in a team meeting on Wednesday. "I think today was our best meeting as a team," offensive lineman Justin Pugh said.
McAdoo is correct: the roster is what it is, and these very same players who have contributed to the two-game slide by committing ill-timed penalties or costly turnovers are the very same players who, if they band together and sharpen their focus, can get the Giants back on the right track.

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