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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Here's 25 things you didn't know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands.  First game at the Stadium.
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2013 NY Giants Games
Sept 8at DallasL  36-31
Sept 15   DenverL  41-23
Sept 22at CarolinaL  38-0
Sept 29at Kansas CityL  31-7
Oct 6    PhiladelphiaL  36-21
Oct 10at ChicagoL  27-21
Oct 21   MinnesotaW  23-7
Oct 27at PhiladelphiaW  15-7
Nov 3      BYE 
Nov 10    OaklandW  24-20
Nov 17   Green BayW  27-13
Nov 24   DallasL  24-21
Dec 1 at WashingtonW  24-17
Dec 8at San DiegoL  37-14
Dec 15   SeattleL  23-0
Dec 22at DetroitW  23-20
Dec 29    WashingtonW  20-6

2014 Preseason Games
Sun 8/3      BuffaloW 17-13
Sat 8/9      PittsburghW 20-16
Sat 8/16at IndianapolisW 27-26
Fri 8/22at JetsW 35-24
Thur 8/28     New EnglandW 16-13

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Mon 9/8at DetroitL  35-14 Sun 11/9at SeattleL  38-17
Sun 9/14   ArizonaL  25-14 Sun 11/16   San FranciscoL  16-10
Sun 9/21   HoustonW 30-17 Sun 11/23    DallasL  31-28
Thur 9/25at WashingtonW 45-14 Sun 11/30 at Jacksonville1:00 PM
Sun 10/5    AtlantaW 30-20 Sun 12/7at Tennessee1:00 PM
Sun 10/12at PhiladelphiaL  27-0 Sun 12/14   Washington1:00 PM
Sun 10/19at DallasL  31-21 Sun 12/21at St. Louis4:05 PM
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 Sun 12/28    Philadelphia1:00 PM
Mon 11/3    IndianapolisL  40-24 Complete Schedules - All Teams

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Nov 29 Defensive end Damontre Moore should've been on field for final drive; so why wasn't he? The second-year defensive end played six snaps on Sunday night. He had a sack and a quarterback pressure in his limited playing time. "Really, [Moore] should have been in on the coverage package that we had [on the final drive]," Fewell said. "He should have been in." The obvious follow-up question to that is: Well, why wasn't he?
Moore, as well as Robert Ayers - the Giants' top pass rushers - were on the sideline when Dallas went more than 80 yards and scored with less than two minutes remaining. "We just didn't go a good job - because things were going fast so we just didn't do a good job of managing that," Fewell said of getting Moore onto the field. "That's poor on our part."
Fewell said the mistakes and miscommunications drive him crazy ("That's why I don't have hair," the bald coordinator joked), and added that losing middle linebacker Jon Beason was a major blow to the defense. Still, he declared the Giants have enough talent to be successful.

Nov 28 Deadpan Tom Coughlin swore Wednesday he didn't know Sunday's game in Jacksonville will be his 300th as an NFL head coach. "Really? Thank you very much. I didn't realize that," the New York Giants' coach said. "For a young guy, that's hard to believe, 300 games. I must have started when I was 15."

When the Lions beat the Bears Thursday, it officially eliminated the Giants from contention for a playoff spot. It had been a few weeks since they had any realistic hope of making the postseason, and Sunday's loss to the Cowboys that extended their skid to six games eliminated them from NFC East contention."

In his 11 years, Eli Manning has seen them all come and go, the new flavor of the week creating a stir and then melting away. But nothing quite like this. Odell Beckham Jr. already had turned heads with his immediate contributions in his first six NFL games.

On Sunday, Denard Robinson and Jason Pierre-Paul will catch up when the Giants face the Jaguars in Jacksonville, Fla. "Oh, yeah, I still talk to him,'' Robinson said. "We are going to have a lot of people come to the game this weekend. Some of his family is friends with me and we have mutual friends. We used to hang out in high school."

To blitz or not to blitz isn't even the question. All season, embattled defensive coordinator Perry Fewell has been under heat for his play-calling, as if he's the problem with the "D." But without even naming names, Coughlin clearly pointed blame at the stunning decline of Jason Pierre-Paul, the rapid aging of Mathias Kiwanuka and the general inability of all the other defenders to make things happen even when the team does blitz.'

NFC East News
Eagles roll over Cowboys, 33-10 for NFC East lead. - More.

Nov 27 He's already made the play of the year. Could Odell Beckham be the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year, too? With five games left in this lost season for the Giants, the receiver who owned social media on Sunday suddenly finds himself in that hunt, and really, it's the only reason worth paying attention to this team in December.
Few NFL players know New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. as well as Miami Dolphins rookie receiver Jarvis Landry. The longtime friends were college teammates and roommates at LSU and, according to Landry, the pair talk daily.

To blitz or not to blitz isn't even the question. All season, embattled defensive coordinator Perry Fewell has been under heat for his play-calling, as if he's the problem with the "D." But without even naming names, Coughlin clearly pointed blame at the stunning decline of Jason Pierre-Paul, the rapid aging of Mathias Kiwanuka and the general inability of all the other defenders to make things happen even when the team does blitz.
Tom Coughlin sounded like a man running out of answers for the team's lackluster pass rush. One potential solution he noted was to give second-year defensive end Damontre Moore additional playing time. Moore brings an element of speed coming off the edge that the Giants have sorely lacked, and played well against the Cowboys. Coughlin said. "He should have been playing a little bit more."

Robert Ayers leads the team with five sacks and is also tops in quarterback hits (12) and quarterback hurries (24), according to Pro Football Focus. This despite the fact that he has played only 350 snaps. In comparison, Pierre-Paul has played 651 and Kiwanuka 558. Ayers was not on the field for Dallas' game-winning drive.
In that series, Coughlin mostly stuck with with defensive ends Jason Pierre-Paul and Mathias Kiwanuka and defensive tackles Johnathan Hankins, Markus Kuhn, and Mike Patterson, and the latter two are not known at all for their pass rushing ability. Coughlin said he had "sound" reasons for not playing Ayers more than one snap on that drive, but declined to go into detail. In Ayers eyes, however, he wasn't necessarily "benched" because he is a part-time player to begin with.

Former Giants
Will Hill was suspended for the first six games of the season. It took him only two more weeks to become the Ravens' starter. Now the Ravens' faith in him is paying off. On Monday night, Hill added the playmaking dynamic Baltimore's secondary has sorely lacked, and his 44-yard pick-six turned the tide in the Ravens' 34-27 victory against the Saints.

Nov 26 Giants safety Antrel Rolle has a message for anyone who might think the team's lack of pressure on Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was on defensive coordinator Perry Fewell: It's the fault of the Giants' blitzes.
Antrel Rolle said the Giants are playing the next month for "a bigger goal" than the playoffs, which is something he conceded the team will not accomplish.

Mathematics and common logic have thrown in the towel on this Giants season. Even if there is one crazy far-fetched scenario where they could make the playoffs (you know, like every other team forfeiting the season), it's over. The Giants must start looking towards 2015.

Nov 25 As coach Tom Coughlin tried to explain why there was a lack of pressure and aggressive defensive play-calling on the final drive, it sure sounded like this was an old story with defensive coordinator Perry Fewell making the calls. It was the same thing that we've seen on multiple occasions throughout this lost Giants season.
Why in the world wasn't there any signal for reinforcements when it was clear the Giants' four-man pass rush was getting stonewalled? And why the heck was Robert Ayers -- the team leader in sacks -- glued to the sideline as Tony Romo spent so much time standing in his cushy pocket, he needed to move his legs if only to prevent them from falling asleep?
A day after the Giants' bitter 31-28 defeat at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys, Giants coach Tom Coughlin admitted that he'd do things differently, if given another chance. The Giants stayed away from the blitz on that final drive, choosing instead to rush just four linemen and try to beat Romo that way. It backfired.
Giants can't bring back Perry Fewell next year. although Coughlin didn't mention anyone by name the day after the Giants' latest defeat -- a 31-28 loss to Dallas in which they gave up the winning touchdown with 1:01 left, capping an 80-yard drive that took only 1:59 -- it sure sounded as though he was second-guessing Perry Fewell.

How everyone thought I missed the photo of Odell Beckham Jr.'s amazing touchdown catch ... but I didn't. You've probably seen the photos of Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham making his ridiculous, one-handed touchdown catch against the Dallas Cowboys. I'm the photographer in the background marveling at the catch ... and apparently not shooting.
Beckham, whose leaping, one-handed touchdown grab against the Cowboys was still the talk of the town one day later, made the case that David Tyree's Super Bowl helmet haul was the most impressive he watched as a spectator. "That's the craziest catch I've ever seen still to this day," Beckham said.

Nothing about the day after Giants rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. made the greatest catch most of us had ever seen was routine. His phone was still blowing up. Text after text, call after call kept rolling in from all sorts of people, from all over the map. Everyone was still talking about his catch. Even at the team's practice facility, Beckham's teammates were telling him it was the greatest grab they'd ever seen.
How did Beckham make that catch? By the next morning, in the laboratories and offices of physicists, mechanical engineers and sport scientists, the answer was being deduced through scrutiny of gyroscopic effects, vectors, linear and angular momentum, a coefficient of friction, mass, velocity and the material composition of the specialized glove on Beckham's hand.

Nov 24 Giants lose to the Cowboys 31-28  | Photos  | Video
On The Game: Game 11
Gamegirl - "The Giants lost this one to the Cowboys, but all they'll be talking about is Odell Beckham Jr. and his amazing catch and that you'll have to watch out for these Giants next year when Victor Cruz gets back."
Mikefan. - "So now the Giants have lost six straight games, but the Cowboys really had to earn this one. You have to give credit where credit is due to both these teams. The Giants almost nailed it and even though they lost to a team that seems to be on a mission this year, they showed that they can hang in and still be an opponent you don't want to go up against."

ESPN - Giants' shake up offensive line, with mixed results.
ESPN - Giants' D can't get stop when it counts.
ESPN - Eli Manning returns to early-season form.
ESPN - Kiwanuka compares Beckham's catch to David Tyree's.

ESPN - Rapid Reaction: Cowboys 31 Giants 28.
ESPN - Odell Beckham Jr. makes incredible one-handed touchdown catch. - Instant Analysis: Cowboys 31 Giants 28. - Social media reactions to Odell Beckham's amazing catch.
NYDailyNews - Unlike Odell Beckham Jr., Giants defense can't hang on against Cowboys.
NYDailyNews - Impossible now routine for NY Giants WR Odell Beckham.
NYDailyNews - Beckham's great catch can't spark Giants to win over Cowboys.
NYDailyNews - Odell Beckham Jr. makes one of the most ridiculous touchdown catches ever.
NYDailyNews - Family of Giants' Odell Beckham Jr. used to seeing great catches.
NYPost - Odell Beckham's miracle grab can't save the putrid Giants.
NYPost - Odell Beckham made the best catch you'll ever see.
NYPost - Possibly the greatest catch in NFL history -- wasted.
NYPost - Odell's 'a monster': Catch even freaks out Cowboys.
NYPost - How Ben McAdoo shook up the Giants' play-calling.
NYPost - The disgraceful final 3 minutes, when Tony Romo laughed last.
StarLedger - Tom Coughlin and Giants teammates rank Odell Beckham Jr.'s catch among best they've ever seen.
StarLedger - Disappearing Giants pass rush will spell the end for defensive coordinator Perry Fewell.
StarLedger - Giants officially eliminated from NFC East contention with five games remaining.
StarLedger - Odell Beckham's masterful performance wasted in Giants loss to Cowboys | Rapid reaction.
StarLedger - Odell Beckham Jr.'s family marvels at his amazing touchdown catch against the Cowboys.
StarLedger - The Catch is just the beginning of Odell Beckham Jr.'s rise to stardom.
TheRecord - Giants' skid reaches six in 31-28 loss to Cowboys.
Newsday - Odell Beckham Jr. makes amazing play, but Giants lose.
Newsday - Odell Beckham Jr.'s catch has makings of a rising star.
NYTimes - A Great Catch, but a Victory Is Just Out of Reach.
DallasNews - The Giants might be heroes, but Cowboys are winners.
DallasNews - Romo set stage for Cowboys' most riveting game, win of season.

NFC East News
Eagles - Huff, McCoy lead Eagles past Titans 43-24. - More.
Redskins - Carlos Hyde's fourth-quarter TD lifts Niners over Redskins, 17-13. - More.

Giants (3-7) vs Cowboys (7-3)
Last week the Cowboys were on a bye coming off a 31-17 win against the Jaguars in London. Tony Romo, sidelined for one week because of a back injury, played in that game and threw three touchdowns.
With the Eagles losing, the Giants could have moved up a notch last week in front of all their home fans. They even scored a rare opening drive touchdown, and could have beaten the 49ers with just a few more good plays, but instead lost 16-10.
Giants - San Francisco Wrap-Up

Nov 23 Larry Donnell remembers the game. He remembers the fumble. He remembers the tears he cried after both of them. The Giants' young tight end is having a breakout season, on pace to break the franchise record for touchdown receptions at his position and getting closer to the team mark for most catches in a season by a tight end. It's been a year of incredible highs for him. And the low. In Dallas, just over a month ago.
Donnell is the biggest surprise on the Giants' roster, and one of the biggest enigmas in the NFL. He's on an up-and-down roller coaster between acrobatic catches and maddening drops, between good Larry and bad Larry. Which one will show up Sunday night against archrival Dallas? In his last game, Donnell caught a touchdown pass, but couldn't hold on to a potential game-winning score late in the fourth quarter, as the Giants failed to score four straight times from near the goal line.

Sunday night's meeting with the Cowboys at MetLife Stadium is the final prime-time appearance for the Giants - you think any network wants to flex the kickoff time for this team in the coming weeks? - and it is, mercifully, the last time a national audience has to be subjected to what this franchise has become.
Does it unnerve John Mara that the Giants seem to play their worst at the most crucial times? In the fourth quarters of their losses, the Giants have been outscored by 70-28. And what if a bad streak by the Giants becomes a free fall? What if they struggle to win five games? Outside the Giants' headquarters and practice complex, the voices calling for Tom Coughlin's firing are mounting. In Las Vegas, the betting odds give him less than a 50 percent chance of keeping his job.

Nov 22 Have you written off the Giants' chances of making the playoffs this season? Jason Pierre-Paul hasn't. "I think we can run the table," the fifth-year defensive end said after practice Friday. "I promise you, I honestly do. I think we can run the table. We did it before -- with a whole group of guys that was different. We got a different group of guys now, and I'm pretty sure we can do it, you know what I mean?
It may have been the final wild statement Pierre-Paul will ever make before a Cowboys game. And boy, was it wild. Just when you thought the Giants were done with wild playoff promises for 2014, here's one more from JPP. The underproductive defensive end said he believes 3-7 Big Blue can win its last six games and find a way to sneak into the playoffs.

Say what you want about the Giants' new offensive boss. McAdoo's a confident fella. "I'm not going to stand up here and apologize for the play calling," McAdoo said. "I think that I will take those matchups any day of the week. I'd take them last week and I'll take them again this week," he added. I like it. McAdoo's comments were bold, firm, filled with conviction.

The Raiders won on Thursday night, holding off the Chiefs for the first Oakland victory of the season. It was also the Raiders' first win since last November, ending what had become the NFL's longest active streak without having tasted success. So who holds that dishonor now? Do you really have to ask? Actually, the Giants are one of two teams currently on a five-game losing streak, the longest active one in the NFL right now. The Panthers have lost five in a row, too.

Former Giants
Justin Tuck's quick thinking saved Raiders' first win. The Raiders - more than a year since their last previous victory - nearly blew their first win of the season Thursday night over the Kansas City Chiefs, and had it not been for the alertness of former Giants defensive end Justin Tuck, the misery in Oakland might have continued.
Justin Tuck reminded the world where he came from Thursday night. That he was raised and schooled in a certain professional culture that remains central to who he is, even as everyone else around him opts for floppy clown shoes instead of cleats. Credit Tuck, yes: He's the one who kept his head, who made the T with his hands, who rescued the Raiders.
Kevin Gilbride: Tom Coughlin will resurrect Giants again. He's always been good at being disciplined and staying focused, and keeping guys plugged in to the things that matter. We started 0-6 last season and turned that whole thing around at the end. That was a testament to Tom and his staff, and I expect it to happen again.

NFL News
Bills shrug, bundle up and make their way to Detroit. The NFL. considered ease of travel for Bills fans and tried to preserve some of the team's geographic advantage before moving the game against the Jets to Detroit on Monday night.

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Nov 21 Ben McAdoo has no regrets when it comes to the three fade passes the Giants threw Sunday after reaching the 49ers' 4-yard line and having first-and-goal.
Play-calling would never have been questioned had the Giants scored a touchdown. Monday, Coughlin said, "After looking at the tape, I think two of those balls should have been caught." He was referring to the passes thrown to Randle and Donnell.

No one is pulling the plug on the union of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and the Giants. But what not long ago was considered a free-agent coup is now almost an afterthought amid a season gone awry.
The big-ticket free-agent acquisition hasn't played a full game since late September and has been rotating in and out of the secondary with what the Giants call a back and hamstring issue.

At a tense, tenuous time when our flagship franchise is nearing a crossroads, the franchise quarterback stands taller than ever as the most indispensable Giant. Whether Tom Coughlin is their coach or not in 2015 and beyond, the Giants need Eli Manning to be their franchise quarterback in 2015 and beyond.
Manning has one year left on his contract after this year and is scheduled to make $17 million in salary in 2015. The Giants could sign him to an extension this coming offseason. Manning said he's not worried about his contract situation and that he's still enjoying football, in spite of the tough stretch the Giants are enduring right now.

NFL News
The Jets practiced Thursday without knowing when and where they would play Buffalo. Finally, hours after they left the field, the NFL announced that Sunday's Jets-Bills game has been moved to Detroit and will be played Monday night at 7.

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Nov 20 Strangely, the Giants have yet to play at home against an NFC East opponent, making this the first game this season at MetLife Stadium for the Cowboys, Redskins or Eagles - the teams that always bring out the most fevered passion, in victory and defeat.
Through the first 11 weeks of the season, teams coming off the bye have posted a 10-16 record. In case you forgot, the Cowboys are coming off their bye and play the Giants on Sunday. What the bye week offers up in rest it might take away in game readiness.

It wasn't a exactly a stinging rebuke, but given Eli Manning's history of keeping his interviews as vanilla as possible, it was still a shot across the bow. When asked if he heard that his old teammate Tiki Barber had said on the radio that the Giants are "not listening to Tom Coughlin any more." Manning gave the perfect answer.
Two days after Barber went on the radio and said the Giants should fire Tom Coughlin, Eli Manning told everyone exactly what Big Blue thinks of its big-mouthed former running back. And they don't think much of him. "That's very nice of him," Manning said. "It's good to hear from Ol' Tiki."

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Nov 19 Tom Coughlin laments missed 76-yard touchdown to Odell Beckham Jr. in Giants loss. Rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham could've had an even bigger impact on Sunday's game.
Coughlin deserves one more shot at turning the Giants back into winners, but some changes - including bringing back Steve Spagnuolo have to occur. Coughlin is very loyal to his assistants, but he should replace defensive coordinator Perry Fewell.
One of the bigger decisions facing the Giants this offseason is the one they must make about Eli Manning. He has one year left on his contract with a nonguaranteed base salary of $17 million and a salary-cap charge of $19.75 million for 2015.

Despite the offensive meltdown that led to the latest loss, Antrel Rolle sounded moderately upbeat Tuesday when asked if he believes the Giants can run the table and win their remaining six games. "Absolutely, I think it's a possibility."
The record says one thing. But the Giants continue to firmly believe another thing, which just may be as damning as anything about this lost season. Meet your New York Giants, that's less mediocre and more painfully underachieving.

The constant for the Giants as they confront their third consecutive season without a playoff berth has been their inability to generate an effective running game behind a poor, if not woeful, offensive line.
The Giants are 3-7, their worst record through 10 games since 1998. The season is pretty much over. And once again, it can be tied back to those five bodies up front. The Giants thought they had fixed the problem.

Former Giants
Tiki Barber picks fight with Gary Myers on ex-NY Giants' CBS Radio morning show.

NFL News
Terry Bradshaw: Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson should sue Roger Goodell.


Nov 18 Tom Coughlin, Eli Manning say Giants should have scored, beaten 49ers. Some fans wanted to see the Giants try to run the ball, and/or show more creativity in terms of the passing plays. But head coach Tom Coughlin and quarterback Eli Manning defended the play-calling sequence Monday.
The now infamous three fades and an interception is playing on loop in Giants coach Tom Coughlin's head. Over and over and over it never stops. It's football torture. "Sure, why wouldn't it?" Coughlin said. "The ball is on the 4-yard line. You have a chance to win the game. Somebody make a play. "Get the ball in the end zone and you win. Yeah, I'll remember that one."
When they are officially eliminated in the coming days or weeks, they will become just the second team ever to go from the Super Bowl to three straight years without making the playoffs. From the penthouse to the you-know-what with three flushes.

Giants rewind: How Jerry Reese is failing Eli Manning. Here's another prize delivered to the Giants this holiday season from general manager Jerry Reese: Charles Brown, now playing right tackle. Or, more accurately, not playing right tackle. This is the depth Reese provided for his $100 million franchise quarterback. He's 6-foot-5 and 300 pounds, only 27 years old, originally a second-round pick out of USC. Problem is, he can't play. "

Offensive lineman Charles Brown was not pleased with his performance on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. The backup offensive lineman entered the game in the second quarter, replacing right tackle Justin Pugh, who left the game with a strained quadriceps muscle and didn't return. The Niners game was Brown's first extensive action all season.

Given the Giants' rushing woes, perhaps we shouldn't have been shocked that running back Rashad Jennings stayed on the field for nearly every snap against the San Francisco 49ers. But with Jennings clearly still rusty after a six-week layoff, it was certainly surprising that his backup, rookie Andre Williams barely saw any action.

We've speculated what the Giants should do with Coughlin, if they should fire him or nudge him into retirement or demand that he make massive changes, but the premise should be reversed. The Giants shouldn't get rid of Coughlin. He should get rid of them. Honestly, why would he want to coach them beyond 2014? This is a team that needs a major overhaul, one that already lacked depth and talent thanks to GM Jerry Reese's decisions before it was devastated with injuries. .

Former Giants
Tiki Barber thinks Tom Coughlin should be fired. "[The Giants players are] not listening to Tom Coughlin anymore," Barber said. "As much as we want to pass the buck, 'Oh, it was the offensive coordinator, let's get rid of Kevin Gilbride and bring in Ben McAdoo. 'Oh, now it's the defensive coordinator, so maybe it's time to get rid of Perry Fewell. At some point, it trickles uphill and it's got to be Tom Coughlin's responsibility. I've held off on saying this, but it is time for them to make a change."
Bill Parcells says he still has 'a lot of faith' in Giants' Tom Coughlin. I think he's a terrific coach. I think his record is pretty darn good. ... When you do the things that they've been doing, giving up a lot of points, turning the ball over ... you know, you are not going to win in the NFL. It doesn't make any difference then who is coaching ... The team is not very good and everybody is upset and that's just what happens."

Nov 17 Giants lose to San Francisco16-10  | Photos  | Video
On The Game: Game 10
Gamegirl - "It's hard to believe that the Giants defense gave up only 16 points and we lost. Then again it's also hard to believe that Eli Manning threw 5 interceptions and we lost by just 6 points."
Mikefan. - "The mistakes made all the difference, but the Giants almost overcame them and could have won this game. Close, as they say (if you're old enough) but no cigar. With five minutes left the Giants had four chances to go ahead if they could punch the ball in from the San Francisco 4 yard line, but couldn't make that happen. Actually there were no rushing attempts to 'punch the anything in'. Manning threw three incomplete passes and then threw his fifth interception, "

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Giants (3-6) vs San Francisco (5-4)
New Orleans had won 11 straight games in the Superdome, but had to wait last week until the fourth quarter to take the lead away from the 49ers for the first time in the game. Down by three points, the 49ers needed to make a fourth-and-10 play on their last drive of the quarter for a chance to tie things up and get to overtime. They did and went on to win the game 27-24.
Last Sunday in Seattle the Giants held a 17-14 halftime lead over the defending Super Bowl Champions. The score was tied going into the fourth quarter, but the Seahawks kept coming at them with their running game and added 21 more points while holding the Giants to none, dealing them a 38-17 loss.
Giants - Seahawks Wrap-Up

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Nov 16 There's something about the 49ers that has always brought out the best in the Giants at the biggest moments going back to the glory days when it was Bill Parcells vs. Bill Walsh and Phil Simms vs. Joe Montana.
Lose this one and it could be another December of meaningless games and job security speculation. But can one win really make that big of a difference? "It's certainly better than the alternative," coach Tom Coughlin said. "It would be a tremendous boost for all of us."

It all has gone wrong trying to get things right, as the Giants (3-6) have nearly fallen off the face of the NFC East. Winning one game will not cure all that ails this team, but at the moment winning one game almost seems impossible - given the breakdowns, the injuries, the lack of confidence and, quite frankly, the lack of talent on the assembled roster.
Their last-ranked defense can't stop anybody, and their up-and-down offense doesn't consistently move the ball. They can't count on their steady veteran running back, and they can't get consistent production from their supposedly dynamic defensive end. But Antrel Rolle knows the one thing the Giants can do: Fight.

Josh Brown has made each of his nine field-goal attempts and 24 of 24 extra-point attempts. Sixty percent of his kickoffs have been for touchbacks and none have been returned for more than 31 yards; the average return is 17.5 yards, the league low. Brown, who made 17 of his last 18 field goals in 2013, has even made two solo tackles on kickoffs.

Welcome to the second decade of Eli. It was 10 years ago this weekend that Tom Coughlin made the decision to name rookie Eli Manning the Giants' starting quarterback. Little did he -- or anyone else -- know at the time that it would be the last time he would have to make such a decision.

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Nov 15 Tom Coughlin was reminded of last year, when running back Andre Brown returned in Week 10 from a broken leg. Brown had 30 carries for 115 yards in his first game. Starter Rashad Jennings returns this Sunday after missing four games - all losses - with a sprained MCL in his left knee. And he's ready to carry an Andre Brown-like workload, if necessary.
Despite a six-week absence, Jennings still leads the team in rushing yards and yards per carry. Even with the inevitable rust of not playing at game speed for over a month, Jennings' fresh legs should help give the offense more balance, and provide a legitimate target in the passing game out of the backfield. In

Jason Pierre-Paul is third in tackles for the Giants with 47 and tied for second in sacks with 31/2. But coach Tom Coughlin says he needs more from the fifth-year defensive end.
Jason Pierre-Paul has not had the season that many expected of him in a contract year. So is Pierre-Paul worried that his lack of big plays will affect contract talks with the Giants in the offseason? Not so much.
Jason Pierre-Paul made it clear Friday he doesn't consider himself a Giant for life or dream of spending his entire career with Big Blue."If I'm here, I'm here. If I'm not, I'm not."

Former Giants
Bill Parcells sounded a lot like the team's current coach Tom Coughlin when talking about the team's problems on defense this season on ESPN Radio with Michael Kay and Don LaGreca. The Giants defense is currently ranked worst in the league.

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Nov 14 In what has become another lost season for the Giants, who soon will face elimination from playoff contention unless they go on an unexpected lengthy winning streak, at least there is Odell Beckham Jr.
After Beckham posted his first two career 100-yard games in back-to-back weeks and got the better of Seattle's All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman on Sunday, the attention he receives on game days is likely to increase.

Perry Fewell, the Giants defensive coordinator whose unit is ranked dead last in the NFL and is as much a reason as any for the team floundering at 3-6 and mired in a current four-game losing streak, was defiant when speaking to reporters.
Fewell said, "We're going to come and compete and get us a victory on Sunday.'' At this point, why not make such a boast? If the Giants (3-6) continue to lose, he's likely to be one of the scapegoats who will lose his job at the end of the season.
What is most troubling is that seemingly nobody on the team has any concrete answers as to how the Giants have reached this nadir. There have been injuries, but that does not explain away the consistent breakdowns that lead to big plays.
Fewell's defense finished 27th and 31st in yards allowed in 2011 and 2012 before rising to No. 8 last year. And if they end up in that bottom-six range again this year, the track record could become too much to ignore.

Nov 13 Despite his lengthy absence, Rashad Jennings (23) still leads the team in rushing with 396 yards. Coach Tom Coughlin expects Jennings to play Sunday. He has averaged 4.4 yards per carry.
Jennings' presence is critical this week because the Giants backfield has again been gashed by injuries. The team placed RB Michael Cox (fractured leg) on injured reserve and veteran backup Peyton Hillis was sent home because of the concussion he sustained Sunday.

Giants simplifying their defense to remedy league-worst ranking. When a defense gives up 350 yards rushing to an opponent, there is inevitably a lot of soul-searching to figure out how to improve the next week.
The Giants rank dead last in the league in total defense and last in rushing defense, surrendering an atrocious 144.7 rush yards per game. They haven't been much better against the pass either, ranked 25th.
This last month has been the worst stretch of defense the Giants have played. Worst as in worse ever. It's the first time in their history they have allowed at least 423 total yards to four straight opponents.

Nov 12 The problem with the Giants is the problem with the Yankees. Too often we see them for what they were and not what they are. The Giants act as if it was one interception that cost them the game in Seattle, or the fact that they couldn't come up with a couple of loose balls in the rain.
After hearing John Mara call last year's offense broken, after watching the team overhaul its offensive staff and revamp its offensive scheme in the off-season only to end up with the same record it had at this point last season, you can't help but wonder how much patience is left in that ownership well.

Rashad Jennings, who spent the first six seasons of his career with the Jaguars and Raiders and has never been in the playoffs -- never been on a team that finished with a winning record -- said the Giants have a different attitude than some of the other losing locker rooms he's been in.
It is all going wrong. Or, at the very least, most of it is going wrong. But Eli Manning, unlike Jason Pierre-Paul is not questioning the heart of some of his teammates. Pride is one thing, results another.

The Giants will have their chance to redeem themselves against another elusive QB, Colin Kaepernick, and the 49ers on Sunday. Coughlin encouraged his team to find motivation in playing for something beyond wins.

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