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2016 Final Standings
Dallas13307-16-2   421306
NY11507-14-4   310284
Phil7906-21-7   367331

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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Heres 25 things you didnt know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands. First game at the Stadium.
Warner DVD NFL: New York Giants -
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2016 Preseason Schedule
Aug 12 MiamiL 27-10
Aug 20at BuffaloL 21-0
Aug 27at JetsW 21-20
Sept 7 New EnglandW 17-9

2016 NY Giants Games
Sept 11at DallasW 20-19
Sept 18     New OrleansW 16-13
Sept 25    WashingtonL  29-27
Oct 3 at MinnesotaL  24-10
Oct 19at Green BayL  23-16
Oct 16    BaltimoreW 27-23
Oct 23at Los AngelesW 17-10
Nov 6     PhiladelphiaW 28-23
Nov 14     CincinnatiW 21-20
Nov 20     ChicagoW 22-16
Nov 27at ClevelandW 27-13
Dec 4 at PittsburghL  24-14
Dec 11    DallasW 10-7
Dec 18    DetroitW 17-6
Dec 22at PhiladelphiaL  24-19
Jan 1 at WashingtonW 19-10
Jan 8 at Green BayL  38-13

2016 Final Standings
Dallas13307-16-2   421306
NY11507-14-4   310284
Phil7906-21-7   367331

2015 Final Standings

2014 Final Standings

2013 Final Standings

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NFL Playoffs and Results
2017 Regular
Season Games 
Home: Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins,
Chargers, Chiefs, Lions, Rams, Seahawks.
Away: Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins,
Broncos, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Raiders, 49ers.
Giants 2017 opponents

Feb 24 Special Report - Assuming for a moment that quarterback isn't the Giants' most dire need for the 2017 offense - although one missed block could turn Eli Manning into a bench casualty - where would you rank the other positions?
We offer three choices - personal opinions rather than misleading, cloudy responses from the team's scouting staff, and perhaps the hoped-for logic will come through. For instance, an offensive tackle who can play the left side. Wouldn't that be nice?
Well, in the first round, where the Giants will have the 23rd overall selection - one might find Ryan Ramczyk, 6-3 and 215 from Wisconsin; Cam Robinson, 6-6 and 310 from Alabama; and Garrett Bolles, 6-5 and 295 from Utah.

Feb 22 Giants general manager Jerry Reese acknowledged that the team needs to start planning for life after 36-year-old quarterback Eli Manning. While the long-term outlook is unclear, there's no doubt that Manning will be under center for the Giants when the 2017 season opens.

A 49-year-old Monmouth County man has been sentenced to five years in prison for scamming 16 people out of $116,550 for New York Giants season tickets seat licenses.

Former Giants
Geoff Schwartz is done with the NFL. And he leaves football with just one personal disappointment: That he failed to live up to his big contract with the Giants.

NFC East News
Cowboys' cap situation bears watching for the Giants, especially because Dallas could target defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul in free agency.
Redskins and Kirk Cousins remain at an impasse, with one week left before the deadline for the franchise tag.
Eagles' Jason Peters to return at current salary. Peters' cap number is $11.7 million -- the highest among the Eagles.

Feb 20 No division won more games than the NFC East in the 2016 regular season, so it comes as no surprise that all four teams rank in the Top 10 of toughest schedules for 2017. The New York Giants, who went 11-5 last season, are tied with the New York Jets for the eighth-hardest schedule with an opponent winning percentage of .535.

Feb 19 A key aspect of New York's defensive success was the elite duo at cornerback of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Janoris Jenkins. Despite that resounding success, Rodgers-Cromartie could be traded during the 2017 offseason.

As the Giants search for a replacement for Victor Cruz, they would be wise to target a deep threat, because the past three seasons indicate there will be plenty of opportunities to make plays downfield.

Feb 16 It's obvious the Giants need to upgrade at the position. Edge protection of quarterback Eli Manning was a team weakness in 2016. It's not clear, however, how general manager Jerry Reese plans to attack the problem. Reese could look to add a veteran tackle in free agency next month.

Adrian Peterson can't get the Giants out of his mind. The former NFL MVP - who told ESPN a few weeks ago that if the Vikings were to release him before next season and he became a free agent he would be interested in joining the Giants - tweeted more love toward Big Blue on Wednesday.

Former Giants
Victor Cruz made it clear that he plans to continue playing after his release from the Giants on Monday. Cruz could get the opportunity to extend his career with the Broncos.

Feb 15 Who could replace Victor Cruz? The Giants cleared some cap room when they released veteran receiver Victor Cruz on Monday, but they also created a hole -- and not just in fans' hearts.
They were two of the Giants' most vocal veterans, two of the locker room leaders for a young club that needed their leadership. They were two players who taught the club how to win and how to function as a team. But Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings were far more than that, too.

5 more potential Cap Casualties. While there aren't any huge red flags for the salary cap--especially after the recent cut--there are still some action items with an exclamation point next to them.

Feb 14 In moves not unexpected, the New York Giants have reportedly release receiver Victor Cruz and running back Rashad Jennings. The two moves made will clear $10 million in cap space.
Cruz was due to earn $6.4 million in base salary in 2017 and $7.4 million in 2018 from the Giants. The team saved $7.5 million against the 2017 salary cap by releasing him. Jennings was due $2.48 million in 2017, and the Giants will save $2.5 million in cap space with that move.
Cruz's unceremonious end should not and will not change how Giants fans remember him: as a catalyst to a championship, as an underdog who defied the odds, as a resilient competitor who disproved doubters by making a triumphant healthy return to the field in 2016.

Feb 13 What would Eli Manning have done if he was in same situation as Matt Ryan? Giants fans can only hope they find Manning standing in Ryan's position one year from now in Minneapolis having to make that decision.

Feb 12 NFL free agency opens March 9, followed by the draft April 27-29 in Philadelphia. But the Giants' offseason deliberations already are well underway on how to fill their roster's needs through both signings and selections prior to the 2017 NFL season.

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Feb 9 Why the Giants could face tough road back to playoffs in 2017. Five quick, way-too-early observations about the Giants' 2017 schedule (which won't be revealed in full until the spring), as well as an early prediction of what games they will play in primetime this coming season.

Feb 7 Eli Manning, Giants remain the only kryptonite to legendary Tom Brady, Patriots. Eli Manning's stock went up just a tick Sunday night. The only quarterback to ever stop him? That's still Eli Manning. Who did it twice.

If the Giants want to take the next step in 2017, I think they need to upgrade their play at the tight end position. It starts with the blocking where there were far too many times this year that poor blocking by the tight end would often short circuit running plays that would otherwise be successful.

Feb 6 Special Report - The Atlanta Falcons held a 28-3 lead over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI with 8:37 left in the third quarter. Big deal."The Patriots have been through a lot this year, said quarterback Tom Brady, who for the fifth time in his seven Super Bowls was named the game's Most Valuable Player. With 3:52 left in the overtime, Brady capped a 75-yard drive by tossing the ball to running back James White, who took it over for a two-yard dagger in the hearts of the Falcons.
For Giant fans, of course, Eli Manning remains the only quarterback to defeat Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl -- and he did it twice. Head coach Bill Belichick, who was once told by former Giant general manager George Young that "you're not ready to be a head coach in this league," won his fifth Super Bowl.

Feb 5 Eli Manning was named co-winner of the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year at Saturday night's NFL Honors awards show, the first Giant to win it in the 47-year history of the award. He shared the honor with Larry Fitzgerald of the Cardinals.
Manning said, "I told Larry earlier this week the last time we were up for an award together was the 2003 Heisman Trophy, and it did not go well for either of us that night. And to come back 13 years later and to be up for an award and for both of us to win it is very special."

Feb 3 If Eli Manning wants another chance at Super Bowl, Giants first need Odell Beckham Jr. to grow up. Eli Manning is at the Super Bowl making appearances. He wants to be in Minneapolis next year playing in the game. Matt Ryan is in the Super Bowl, in large part because he and Julio Jones have become the most explosive passing combination in the league.Jones is not a diva receiver. Eli Manning said there is no "secret formula" to beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl. And if there was one, he probably didn't follow it, anyway. "It's not, be down by two or be down by four with two minutes to go," Manning said Friday of the situations he found himself in during his two Super Bowl appearances against New England.

Janoris Jenkins: Bring back Jason Pierre-Paul and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Janoris Jenkins knows he's coming back to the Giants. He just signed a huge five-year, $62.5 million contract less than a year ago. Now, though, he's on a crusade to make sure everyone else comes back too. If they can, Jenkins believes the Giants might be playing in the Super Bowl next year.

Jason Pierre-Paul has settled his lawsuit against ESPN and reporter Adam Schefter out of court. Pierre-Paul was suing Schefter and ESPN for publishing an image of his medical records in July of 2015 when Schefter reported Pierre-Paul's right index finger had been amputated after his hand was severely damaged in a fireworks accident.

Feb 2 Special Report - There is an ageless proverb credited to the French that says: "The more things change, the more they stay the same." The guy who coined that never thought it would apply to the Super Bowl, a more recent (in the timeline of history) event created by the NFL. But it is perfectly true and fulfills all the implicit definitions. Sunday you will have the opportunity to view the 51st renewal of this game, which pits the champions of the two conferences, AFC and NFC, against each other for the mythical pro football world championship.
There are only three of us in the media world who have covered all 50 games, and all are here for their 51st. Two of them are semi- or almost fully retired, but your correspondent transferred via early retirement from The (Newark, N.J.) Star-Ledger to E-GIANTS and never broke the string. The other two return from their retirement homes out west to scribble a few columns each year, but they are guaranteed a presence at each Super Bowl.

Former Giants
Josh Brown reiterates his admission that he physically abused his now ex-wife in an interview with "Good Morning America". Brown also, for the second time, chose to claim that he never hit his wife, Molloy, even though doesn't dispute that he was violent with her.

Jan 31 It has only been five years since the Giants last played in (and won) a Super Bowl, even though to some it feels like a lot longer than that. The drought since then included three losing seasons and not a single playoff berth until they finally returned this year.

Rashad Jennings is an obvious candidate to be a Giants salary cap casualty this offseason, but the veteran running back remains confident he will return for a fourth season with the team. Veteran Shane Vereen is also under contract for 2017 (although he could also be a cut candidate.

Victor Cruz showed the first signs of regret from any of the Giants wide receivers involved in the now-infamous trip to Miami before their playoff game earlier this month.
Cruz said on the "Timeout with Taylor Rooks" podcast. "At the end of the day, you want to put your mind in a place where you want to succeed at whatever your next task is."
Although the players vehemently denied after the loss that the Miami trip had any effect on their performance or the outcome of the game six days later, it still was an easy target for critics.

NFL News
Super Bowl LI: Matt Ryan focusing on Eli Manning's advice.

Jan 30 The Pro Bowl was a success for the Giants for 1 reason. No one got hurt. That's really all you need to know about the four Giants who participated in Sunday night's Pro Bowl in Orlando, Fla.
In an all-star game filled with forced punts, goal-line stands and busted trick plays, the NFC, which featured four Giants players, fell to the AFC, 20-13, on Sunday night at Camping World Stadium.

Former Giants
Members of Giants' 1986 Super Bowl share glory and pain of football 30 years later.

Jan 29 The NFL's most ridiculous man is the one Giants let get away. Martellus Bennett spent his first four NFL years with the Cowboys, serving as an understudy to Jason Witten, and he had come to the Giants to flex his football muscles.

Jan 27 Odell Beckham catches everything when it doesn't matter. ESPN reported Beckham has looked loose and relaxed throughout Pro Bowl week.    |   Photos
The Giants' star receiver showed off his catching skills and won the first ever drone drop event at the 2017 Pro Bowl in Orlando on Thursday.
Beckham was also part of the NFC's victorious dodgeball team. The NFC also defeated the AFC in the overall team skills competition.

Free agency is over a month away, but it's becoming clear the Giants will likely be challenged to retain Jason Pierre-Paul.

Jan 26 Falcons need to look at Giants for blueprint to beat Tom Brady and Patriots. Eli Manning and the Giants would have been the Patriots' nightmare opponent in Super Bowl LI.

Jason Pierre-Paul wants $85 million, and fans to stop the 'BS'. Pierre-Paul apparently wasn't happy that some Giants fans thought the team shouldn't sign the veteran defensive end to a big deal.

Jan 22 Giants, forget the success of Ezekiel Elliott ... and don't pick a running back in first round of NFL Draft. In Sunday afternoon's NFC title game, we'll watch the Green Bay Packers trot out a converted wide receiver, Ty Montgomery, at running back, while the Atlanta Falcons rely on 2014 fourth-round pick Devonta Freeman and 2015 third-rounder Tevin Coleman.

Former Giants
Tom Coughlin situation in Jacksonville is 'screwed up'. Not everyone is encouraged about the homecoming.

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Jan 20 Adrian Peterson makes pitch to sign with Giants. The Giants' struggling ground game could be a thing of the past.
He said he has "five strong years" left and hinted at other teams he'd like to play for if Minnesota decides to cut him loose - one of which is the Giants.
But dig deeper, and you'll see Peterson isn't the right fit with the Giants. Start with his age and his health. He turns 32 in March, a time when most running backs have retired or are close to being done.

Jan 19 The Giants have to grapple with many questions regarding their disappointing offense over the next few months. A less obvious one: What to make of the fact their leading receiver in the final two weeks of the season was inactive the previous six games?

Ben McAdoo at 39 years old took a Giants organization that had floundered for four years missing the postseason and turned Big Blue into a confident, 11-win playoff qualifier. The arrow has to point up on McAdoo's hiring for now given those facts alone.

Ben McAdoo needs to take a page from Mike Tomlin's playbook and learn how to punish his players. Ben McAdoo, make some room on that giant diner menu of yours for a few notes, because it's time to learn the lesson that Tom Coughlin forgot to teach you.

Odell Beckham Jr. failed to leave a mark on Lambeau Field, so he left one underneath it. The already-infamous hole in the wall in the bowels of Lambeau caused by a Beckham punch following the Giants' 38-13 playoff loss to the Packers on Jan. 8 has been repaired, according to ESPN.

The Giants wide receivers weren't the only ones invited to Miami for the infamous boat trip with Trey Songz and Justin Bieber. The defensive backs were, too, according to safety Landon Collins. But they opted to pass.
That doesn't mean the defensive backs were choir boys necessarily, though. Asked what the secondary did on their off day instead, Collins said, "I can't say on the air." Collins said he didn't mind the receivers flying down to Miami and partying with the Biebs until at least 6 a.m.

Jan 18 Special Report - While four teams get ready to play for Super Bowl invitations on Sunday (two will get letters in the mail, two others will be nothing but good wishes), the Giants are taking all the time they need to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. Problem is, they don't know what went wrong, because it started to go wrong prior to the beginning of the 2016 season.
No, this doesn't have anything to do with the replacing of head coach Tom Coughlin with Ben McAdoo. In the mind of co-owner John Mara, it was time to make that move. Coughlin, despite the two Super Bowl championships and a 110-93 overall regular season record, had put together four consecutive non-playoff seasons and his final two years were identical 6-10 twins.

Jan 17 2016 Season in Review - First thing's first. Beckham is still the most dynamic play maker on the Giants and it's not even close.
Odell Beckham's no-show performance vs. Packers is magnified as other star WRs shine in the playoffs.

Jan 15 A look at the 2017 slate of opponents, first previewing the most intriguing non-divisional games and then breaking down the state of the NFC East. The Giants have no shortage of long plane rides in 2017, playing at Oakland, Arizona, Denver, and San Francisco.

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio sent supplies to fix Lambeau Stadium wall. De Blasio sent drywall, plaster and a trowel to Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt to repair the hole that was caused when Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. reportedly punched the wall.

Leon Hall isn't going to lose any of his playoff share. The Giants safety has not been fined for a hit on Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson in last Sunday's Wild-Card round game.

Former Giants
Tom Coughlin is getting the band back together. Two former Giants assistants, Perry Fewell and Pat Flaherty, will be joining the coaching staff with the Jaguars.

Jan 14 NFL Playoffs
Steelers-Chiefs start time changed due to forecast. Weather has affected Sunday's slate of NFL Divisional Round games.

Jan 13 Jerry Reese hit the jackpot with his well-documented spending spree last offseason, but the Giants' coffers aren't empty and the GM can go shopping again this March if he wants.

Eli Manning buys $8.5M home in Quogue. There's a two-time Super Bowl MVP moving into the neighborhood. Eli Manning recently purchased a house in Quogue for $8.5 million.

The Giants signed four more free agents on Thursday, including a Trenton, N.J., native, a 2011 second-round pick and a recent Jets practice squadder.

Former Giants
Tom Coughlin is back. The former Giants head coach was introduced as the Jaguars' executive vice president of football operations on Thursday.
Tom Coughlin said he always saw himself more in the front office than in the trenches. "I think this is the role I really anticipated and wanted at this point in my career."

NFC East News
Cowboys - 5 reasons Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys will beat the Packers.
Cowboys - Aaron Rodgers among 5 reasons Green Bay Packers will beat Dallas Cowboys.
Redskins suddenly need another coordinator. It likely will be an inside job, according to a source.
Eagles - Will NFL do right thing with Eagles' unique schedule situation?

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Jan 12 Ben McAdoo looking for answers to fix Giants' offense. The Giants brought back most of the same offensive personnel - they even added pieces with Sterling Shepard, the return of Victor Cruz, and rookie running back Paul Perkins - yet stumbled throughout the entire season.

How does Giants' Victor Cruz stack up to other No. 3 receivers? Cruz finished the regular season with 39 catches for 586 yards and one touchdown. That ranked Cruz seventh in catches, fourth in yards and tied for ninth in touchdowns among the No. 3 receivers from the 12 playoff teams.

Odell Beckham knows he has a problem: close Giants friend. Beckham had a miserable game - he nearly dropped as many passes (three) as he caught (four, for just 28 yards) and punctuated his frustration by punching a hole in a wall outside the visiting-team locker room at Lambeau Field.

Keep JPP? Rework Odell's deal? Now comes hard part for Giants. The salary cap is expected to expand to around $155 million. The Giants, at the moment, are projected to be about $32 million under the cap - around the middle of the pack in the league.

Can the Giants afford to bring Johnathan Hankins back? Should they? The Giants had one of the best defensive lines in the NFL this season. Finances will make it a challenge to repeat that next season.

Rashad Jennings got his first taste of the playoffs Sunday, and he said he believes the Giants have the pieces to get back there next season. Jennings is slated to earn slightly more than $3 million next season, so the Giants will have a decision to make.

Games to circle on the Giants' 2017 schedule. With that in mind and the Giants holding the 23rd pick in the draft, has taken a look at the 2017 slate of opponents, first previewing the most intriguing non-divisional games and then breaking down the state of the NFC East.

Former Giants
Josh Brown to pay ex-wife $15K per month in spousal support in divorce deal finalized on Dec. 28.

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Jan 11 A day after GM Jerry Reese indicated he wants Odell Beckham Jr. to grow up, teammate Victor Cruz said he wasn't worried about his fellow wideout but does think Beckham's tantrums could hold the receiver back.
Cruz spoke about him lifting other players' spirits in the locker room, whether they are going through on- or off-field issues. The rest of the world, though, sees only the amazing catches and the angry outbursts.

Victor Cruz "absolutely" wants to return to the Giants. The Giants' brass doesn't seem as enthusiastic. Cruz has two years remaining on the five-year, $43 million extension he signed in 2013. But is due $7.4 million next season, so the only way he'll return is he takes another pay cut.

Jerry Reese has never had to worry about the high-stakes world of finding a franchise quarterback. Eli Manning was there when he took over as Giants general manager in 2007, and Manning is still there now, with two Super Bowl titles in-between.
Reese acknowledged that with Manning now 36 years old, the Giants have begun thinking about the successor at starting quarterback. Even if his decline continues in 2017, the Giants are slated to pay Manning over $22 million in 2018.

Former Giants
Rueben Randle signed a futures/reserve contract with the Chicago Bears Tuesday.

Jan 10 Fans may think the Giants played like trash in Green Bay, but the team says it didn't trash their return flight home.
The Giants took out their frustrations at blowing their first shot at the Super Bowl in five years by trashing the jumbo jet that carried them home - leaving it reeking of booze and forcing a major clean-up at Newark Airport.

Jerry Reese tells Odell Beckham it's time to grow up. That was the message that Giants general manager Jerry Reese had for Odell Beckham Jr. as the talented and tumultuous wide receiver heads into the offseason.
Eli Manning on Odell Beckham Jr.: 'You do things, you've got to back it up'. Simply put, Beckham didn't do that against the Packers. The star wideout was awful in the Giants' playoff-eliminating loss. He managed just four catches for 28 yards, despite Manning targeting him 11 times.
Packer on Giants' Odell Beckham Jr.: 'Maybe the stage is too big for him'. How could a player so good and so explosive only post 28 yards receiving against a Packers secondary missing key players?

Giants GM Jerry Reese speaks out on Odell Beckham, Ereck Flowers, Eli Manning. On Day 1 of the Giants' offseason, general manager Jerry Reese could not have been more forceful and thought-provoking on three salient issues. Reese addressed the team's most pressing areas with language that couldn't have been clearer.
The Giants still believe Ereck Flowers has a future with them. They just are not sure where that is any longer. After a shaky second season as the starting left tackle by the former first-round pick, Jerry Reese admitted Monday that Flowers might better serve the Giants at right tackle.

Jason Pierre-Paul is ready for a massive payday. The pending free agent said Monday he will sign a multi-year deal this offseason and hopes to return to the Giants, but his decision will be based on what's best for his family.
Jason Pierre-Paul says he won't sign one-year deal. Jason Pierre-Paul believes he did enough on the field this season to command a long-term contract. Now the defensive end will discover if the Giants feel the same way.

Former Giants
Tom Coughlin, who twice took the Jaguars to the AFC Championship Game as their first coach and led the Giants to two Super Bowl championships in 12 seasons, is back in Jacksonville.
Tom Coughlin seemed uncertain when he spoke to people close to him in recent weeks. What did he really want at age 70? To coach an NFL team again? To be an executive?

Jan 9 Giants lose to the Packers 38-13 | Video | Photos | Photos

On The Game: Game 17
Gamegirl ---"Things were going so well. The Giants weren't putting up a lot of points, but they were controlling the game. I really thought it would be one of those low scoring ones that they would win, but then things came crashing down..."
Mikefan. ---"You've seen it before, a season where the Giants were unstoppable. Well, this year it looks like Green Bay is on a mission to go all the way...

ESPN - Rodgers works Hail Mary magic, Packers beat Giants 38-13. - Instant Analysis: Packers 38, Giants 13.
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Packers' Gunter stands tall against Beckham.

Giants (11-5) vs Packers (10-6) Game Preview
The Packers won their Sunday night game with the Detroit Lions 31-24. Both teams knew going in they would be in the playoffs, but the division title and home field advantage was on the line.
The Giants finished up with an 11-5 record. They fought hard for a win in their last game of the season with the Redskins 19-10, even though the results would have no impact on their playoff standing.
Giants - Redskins Wrap-Up

Jan 8 Ben McAdoo has won over the Giants by being one of them. Vince Lombardi could be growling at him from across the field and Ben McAdoo wouldn't blink. The Russians could have jammed his walkie talkie and Ben McAdoo wouldn't have flinched.
McAdoo's going home - to pals who miss him and want to crush him. Ben McAdoo won't be your ordinary visiting NFL head coach Sunday. Not here, at least, and still not yet.

The Giants' and Packers' Sunday afternoon Wild Card showdown at Lambeau Field will be a matchup of Best-on-Best: The Giants' defense, one of the league's top shutdown units, against Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback playing at the highest level right now.

Giants believe Playoff Eli will be be superhero against Packers. They have heard he is not the same quarterback, not at 36. They know he has trouble putting 20 points on the scoreboard, and yet the memory of how this quarterback left Brett Favre frozen in despair nine years ago, then discount double-checked Rodgers five years ago haunts them.

Robbie Gould not worried if Giants-Packers comes down to late kick. Gould, who is in his 12th NFL season but first with the Giants, spent more than a decade as the Bears kicker. Twice a year, every year, he'd kick against the Packers. One of those matchups would be in Lambeau.

Pressure's on Odell Beckham to sink or swim in Green Bay If OBJ doesn't come up with a couple of explosive plays, if he drops an important pass, if he gets a personal foul, if he goes all Josh Norman mode on the Packers, it's going to be blamed on the Miami trip.
Immediately after helping the Giants to their 11th win last Sunday, Beckham flew to Miami, partied into the wee hours with Justin Bieber at a nightclub, partied some more on a yacht in Biscayne Bay and returned home in time for Tuesday's team meetings.

Former Giants
Hakeem Nicks' epic 37-yard TD to end 1st half is forgotten gem of Super Bowl XLVI run.
Lawrence Tynes reflects after staph infection ended career.

Giants expected to make offensive line change vs. Packers. The Giants are going back to their opening day offensive line to start the second season. Veteran Marshall Newhouse is expected to start at right tackle over Bobby Hart in Sunday's NFC Wild-Card game against the Packers, .

Jan 7 Aaron Rodgers does not scare Landon Collins and the Giants' defense. It's not that they don't respect Rodgers. Damon "Snacks" Harrison called him "one of the greats" on Friday.
As anyone paying attention since 1925 knows, when it comes to the Giants it almost always comes down to defense. The last time the Giants had a first-team All Pro was defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul in 2011. That also was the last season in which they won a Super Bowl.

The dream scenario for the Giants is Aaron Rodgers on the sidelines, frozen with helplessness and anxiety, watching the kid run the rock over and over and over again.
On Sunday, the Giants will likely need Paul Perkins and Rashad Jennings to provide another 1-2 punch on the ground in the NFC Wild Card Game in Lambeau Field. They're confident they will.

Eli Manning is tougher than you. He may pull odd faces and inspire unflattering memes, but while other QBs fall by the wayside the Giants' stalwart hasn't missed a start since 2004.

Before the Giants and Packers meet again in a win-or-go-home setting, a look back at the 2007 NFC Championship Game through the eyes of the players who tried not to freeze during it.

The story behind how mini-Ben McAdoo was born. A few months ago, 12-year-old Peter Costigan came home after getting a haircut. The part in his hair, usually on the side, had shifted to the middle.

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