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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Here's 25 things you didnt know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands. Named after the team, Giants Stadium opened on October 10, 1976. Giants controversial move from New York to Jersey. First game at the Stadium. NY Giants -Wikipedia.
Warner DVD NFL: New York Giants -
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2017 Preseason Games
Aug 11PittsburghL 20-12
Aug 21at ClevelandL 10-6
Aug 26JetsW 32-31
Aug 31at New England W 40-38

2016 NY Giants Games
Sept 11at Dallas20-19
Sept 18     New Orleans16-13
Sept 25    WashingtonL  29-27
Oct 3 at MinnesotaL  24-10
Oct 19at Green BayL  23-16
Oct 16    Baltimore27-23
Oct 23at Los Angeles17-10
Nov 6     Philadelphia28-23
Nov 14    Cincinnati21-20
Nov 20    Chicago22-16
Nov 4at PittsburghL  24-14
Dec 11    Dallas10-7
Dec 18    Detroit17-6
Dec 22at PhiladelphiaL  24-19
Jan 1at Washington19-10
Jan 8at Green BayL  38-13

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Off season fun - 2016 Giants player roster - Word Search | Giants in the Super Bowl | 
2017 Regular Season Schedule
Sun 9/10at DallasL 19-3 Sun 11/12at San Francisco4:25 PM
Mon 9/18     DetroitL 24-10Sun 11/19    Kansas City1:00 PM
Sun 9/24at PhiladelphiaL 27-24 Thu 11/23at Washington8:30 PM
Sun 10/1at Tampa Bay4:05 PM Sun 12/3at Oakland4:25 PM
Sun 10/8    San Diego1:00 PM Sun 12/10    Dallas4:25 PM
Sun 10/15at Denver8:30 PM Sun 12/17   Philadelphia1:00 PM
Sun 10/22    Seattle4:25 AM Sun 12/24at Arizona4:25 PM
Bye WeekSun 12/31    Washington1:00 PM
Sun 11/5    Los Angeles1:00 PM Complete Schedules - All Teams
Giants week-by-week breakdownd   |  Game-by-game predictions  -  Curtis Rawls   -  James Kratch

Sept 25 Giants lose to the Eagles 27-24
On the game. Game 3
Gamegirl ..." They came so close this time. I thought they had it..."
Mikefan ... "There was some improvement. Maybe they have a shot next week..." - Instant Analysis: Eagles 27, Giants 24.
StarLedger - Giants lose 27-24 heartbreaker to Eagles.
StarLedger - Who should get blame for Giants' stunning 0-3 start?
StarLedger - Giants' Brad Wing takes blame for '(crap) punt'.
StarLedger - Odell Beckham Jr.'s childish TD celebration a black eye for the Giants.
StarLedger - 3 Giants kneel during national anthem vs. Eagles after Trump's comments.
The Record - Eagles rookie Jake Elliott's 61-yard FG stuns Giants as time expired, 27-24.
NYPost - Giants' hopes come crashing down with game-ending dagger.
NYPost - Three Giants stars join the national anthem protest.
NYDailyNews - McAdoo puzzled by call on Sterling Shepherd's apparent 'touchdown catch'.
NYDailyNews - The Giants' season is over before it even began.
NYDailyNews - Odell Beckham Jr. refuses to grow up.
NYDailyNews - Giants take a knee, lock arms during national anthem for first time.
Newsday - Giants fall to 0-3 on Eagles' 61-yard, walk-off field goal.
Newsday - History says 0-3 Giants won't make playoffs.
InsideFootball - Giants Fall to Eagles on Last-second Field Goal.
InsideFootball - Three Giants Defenders Protest During Anthem.
BigBlueInteractive - Philadelphia Eagles 27 - New York Giants 24.
Inquirer - Eagles use run game to beat Giants.

Giants (0-2) vs Eagles (1-1) Game Preview
Last week the Eagles faced their old head coach Andy Reid when they traveled to Kansas City. They put up a good fight, but in the end lost to the Chiefs 27-20.
The Giants lost their Monday night home opener to the Detroit Lions 24-10. For the second week in a row, their offense has struggled to put points up on the board.
Giants - Lions Wrap-Up

Sept 24 The Giants could not make it out of September before facing a game to determine their season. It got late awful early, mainly because of their awful offense, and here they are, in their house of horrors, needing to win, or else.

It's been an eventful week, as the 0-2 Giants are gearing up for what is being billed as a must-win game at the Eagles on Sunday. With kickoff about 24 hours away, here are some observations.

It's just Week 3 but the Giants will reveal a lot about themselves Sunday afternoon in Philly, where they have lost three in a row. This is not necessarily the best place for the Giants to figure out what has gone wrong the first two weeks.

Suddenly, and almost inexplicably, the Giants' shocking 0-2 start has turned into a referendum on Ben McAdoo. It's a shocking turn of events for a coach who last year did a commendable job in leading the Giants to the playoffs for the first time since 2011.

Sept 23 Jason Pierre-Paul is not mincing words on how important this week's game against the Eagles is, calling for the team to be Super prepared for Sunday. "Honestly, it's a must-win game," he said.

Janoris Jenkins is in danger of missing his second straight game, with an ankle injury, and will be a game-time decision against the Eagles.

Ben McAdoo suddenly is clarifying that he deserves blame for that fourth-and-goal delay of game in Monday's loss to the Lions, too, not just Eli Manning.

If the Giants' offense continues to struggle, there is sure to be more discussion about whether head coach Ben McAdoo should give up the play-calling duties. Jim Fassel has been there and done that.

Former Giants
Phil Simms and his new football world.

Sept 22 Odell Beckham Jr. has saved a Giants' season before. The 0-2 Giants need a savior Sunday in Philadelphia, and Beckham said Thursday he believes he's up to the task again.

Earlier this week, coach Ben McAdoo said he would "look at and talk about" relinquishing play-calling duties, but offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan doesn't believe a switch would greatly impact the Giants' offense.

Eli Apple said playing without Janoris Jenkins doesn't change his job description all that much. He still needs to defend passes and make tackles. What it does do, though, is change what others expect from him. For that he is ready.

Linebacker Keenan Robinson, who was a fixture in the Giants' sub packages last year, has yet to appear in a game, preseason or otherwise. That could change this Sunday because he has been cleared from the concussion protocol and practiced fully on Thursday.

Sept 21 Which Giants are suffering because of Ereck Flowers? The Giants are apparently not addressing their left tackle issue. But they certainly have one.
Eli Manning has been sacked eight times in the first two games, and his offensive line is under fire, especially left tackle Ereck Flowers.

Will John Mara or Jerry Reese be part of Ben McAdoo's Giants play call decision? Ben McAdoo will make the call on Ben McAdoo.
McAdoo said he's still deciding if he'll give Sullivan a shot. "We'll see," the head coach. "We'll do anything we can do to help us move the ball."

Sept 20 Two weeks ago, it seemed as if the Giants were primed for big things in 2017. They were the trendy pick to win the NFC East and considered, along with the Cowboys, one of the top two teams in their division.

Eli Manning is doing fine under the bus. The Giants quarterback shrugged Ben McAdoo's harsh postgame words a day after the head coach ripped him for a crucial delay of game penalty in the Giants' 24-10 loss to the Lions.

The Giants did not play their Week 2 game until Monday night, which gave them a chance to catch other teams in action on Sunday. One of those teams was the Eagles, who lost to the Chiefs in a close matchup. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie came away impressed.

Former Giants
Tiki Barber: 'Eli Manning might be in a body bag' if Ereck Flowers remains Giants' LT.

Sept 19 Giants lose to the Lions 24-10
On the game. Game 2
Gamegirl ..." It was a very disappointing game for all the fans at the stadium tonight..."
Mikefan ... "I don't know what I can say that sounds very positive after tonight's game..." - Instant Analysis: Lions 24, Giants 10.
StarLedger - Giants' offense remains a disaster in 24-10 loss to Lions.
StarLedger - 'Limited' Odell Beckham quiet in injury return; Why did Giants even bother?
StarLedger - Ben McAdoo must move LT Ereck Flowers after woeful showing vs. Lions.
StarLedger - Justin Pugh offers impassioned defense of struggling LT Ereck Flowers.
NYDailyNews - Giants struggle in every aspect once again in ugly 24-10 loss.
NYDailyNews - Eli Manning, Giants need to rekindle 2007 magic.
NYDailyNews - Giants D plays well, but needs to be healthy to carry offense.
NYPost - Giants look absolutely brutal in dispiriting prime-time loss.
NYPost - Giants defense not good enough to cover for missing offense.
NYPost - Evan Engram's first career TD instantly turns controversial.
NYPost - Ben McAdoo throws 'sloppy' Eli Manning right under the bus.
NYPost - Giants have many problems, but Ereck Flowers is by far the biggest.
Newsday - Despite Beckham's return, Giants fall to Lions.
Newsday - Ben McAdoo takes the blame: 'Put the game on me.
TheRecord - How Big Blue lost to Lions, 24-10.
InsideFootball - New York Giants Drop Home Opener to Lions 24-10.
BigBlueInteractive - Detroit Lions 24 - New York Giants 10.
DetroitFreePress - Detroit Lions win over New York Giants not impressive.

Giants (0-1) vs Lions (1-0) Game Preview
Last week the Lions treated their opening day fans to a comeback victory over the Cardinals. Down 10-0 at the start, the Lions, trailing by 2 going into the fourth quarter, scored three touchdowns for a 35-23 win.
The Giants couldn't get their act together and managed to score just 3 points in their season opener. The final score was a disappointing 19-3 loss to the Cowboys.
Giants - Cowboys Wrap-Up      |      
This Monday remember - SB XLII - Oral History.

Sept 18 There will be one noteworthy absence from the halftime celebration for Monday night's matchup against the Lions at MetLife Stadium. Eli Manning, the central figure in the Giants' colossal upset, will be in the locker room while his teammates from that magical win are introduced to the sellout crowd.

NFC East News
Cowboys - Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys hit wall in 42-17 blowout by Broncos.
Eagles - run out of gas in 27-20 loss to Chiefs.
Redskins - Carried by rejuvenated running game, Kirk Cousins closes out Rams 27-20.

Former Giants
David Tyree still blends into the crowd. It's been 10 seasons since David Tyree used five fingers and one helmet to make the singular greatest catch in Super Bowl history.
Plaxico Burress's height was always an advantage when he was playing football. On Friday night, as he stood in a Manhattan ballroom, it once again came in handy.

Sept 17 As far as Jason Pierre-Paul is concerned, he isn't too concerned. The Giants are one game - albeit one clunker - into the season, and a chance to redeem themselves awaits Monday night against the Lions at MetLife Stadium.

The Giants' need to bounce back against the Lions on Monday night. Here's what's going to need to happen for the Giants to get on track against the Lions.

Blaming the Giants' offensive line is warranted, because it struggled. But Eli Manning sometimes needs to rise above that and find a way to make a play, and he knows it.

Sept 16 The Giants' defense stifled the Lions in a 17-6 win last season at MetLife Stadium. The Lions should have more firepower for Monday night's rematch, as they are healthier and added a big-play threat in the draft.

Odell Beckham Jr. is making progress - slow but steady progress. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen if the star wide receiver will make his regular season debut Monday night against the Lions.

Dwayne Harris roared downfield on Sunday night to pull down Cowboys kick returner Ryan Switzer at the Dallas 17-yard line, a standout individual effort during a game in which the Giants had few.

If the Giants' offense continues to falter, Ben McAdoo should consider giving up play-calling duties. Ben McAdoo's offense has transitioned into Ben McAcan't's offense.

Orleans Darwka has a message for the many critics of the beaten-down Giants offensive line: Direct your disdain elsewhere. The anemic 35-yard rushing attack in Sunday night's loss to the Cowboys wasn't just on the group up front. The running backs should hear some criticism, too.

Former Giants
Will Tye was on the roster of a supposed Super Bowl contender, entering his third year with the Giants. Now, he is part of a supposed tank job, having joined the Jets after being released by the only team he'd ever known.
Tom Coughlin talks 2007 Giants Super Bowl run at his charity event. Tom Coughlin had to admit it Friday night: winning an NFL game as an executive vice president feels different than getting the 'W' as a head coach.

Sept 15 The Odell Beckham Jr. watch continues. The Giants wide receiver's every move has been observed and analyzed since he sprained his ankle in a preseason game on Aug. 21.
The bottom line is this: Beckham's injury appears just as serious as it initially looked when Browns safety Briean Boddy-Calhoun undercut the Giants' star receiver on Aug. 21 in Cleveland.
Beckham was listed as "limited," on Thursday, and coach Ben McAdoo said he was "more [optimistic] than last week," he'll be active against the Lions. That is obviously a sign of progress.

Justin Pugh began his career with the Giants as a right tackle. He may be heading back there as one possible solution if Bobby Hart is unable to play Monday night because of a sprained ankle.

Sept 14 Giants' Aldrick Rosas meets 1st child hours after NFL debut (with private jet assist from Steve Tisch). The Giants' first-year kicker accounted for the team's only points in his debut.

Eli Manning isn't counting on Odell Beckham Jr. being healthy with receiver still questionable for Week 2. Beckham is expected to meet the media on Thursday, when he may have to explain a report that he was allegedly part of a "dance battle" last week.

One of Ben McAdoo's go-to terms is "complementary football," which means "all three phases playing together." The Giants' offense did the opposite late in the first half of Sunday's ugly 19-3 loss to the Cowboys. In fact, it pretty much kicked the defense in the gut.

Eli Manning and what was supposed to be the high-powered Giants offense wasn't just bad in the season opener, they were Big Blue historically bad.
Manning's prescription for what ails the Giants' offense? "We just have to execute," he said. "Just convert on some third downs, get into a rhythm early, so that'll be the key.".
After Sunday's loss to the Cowboys it appears as if the Giants' biggest weakness from last season is still the main concern after Week 1 and that is not lost on some members of the offensive line.
Right tackle Bobby Hart said that he plans to play in Monday night's game against the Lions. But his pronounced limp and the heavy wrap on his right ankle on Wednesday suggested otherwise.

Sept 13 Sometimes being 0-1 is just a speed bump. Sometimes it is the first step into an abyss, as it was when the Giants started 0-6 in 2013. Eli Manning has seen 0-1 go in many different directions.
The Giants will return to work Wednesday to begin preparations for a critical Monday Night Football home opener against a strong Lions club that is coming off a big Week 1 win over the Cardinals.

The way the offensive line malfunctioned in the season opener was an alarming sight for the Giants but hardly a stunning turn of events for their fans. Last year's five-man starting unit is this year's five-man starting unit.
A look back at the last solid offensive line this team had (2007-2010) shows a group the coaching staff and front office tried to squeeze every last bit of juice from. It wasn't meant to be.

It did not take long for Giants fans to become disillusioned with Brandon Marshall. "Has @BMarshall been found? I was really worried last night! #AmberAlert," one fan wrote on Twitter. Marshall retweeted and replied, "People are so mean... . Oouchhh." Mean, but accurate.

Sept 12 The Giants need a better Marshall plan. They had one of the top receivers in the NFL over the past decade on the field with them Sunday night in Dallas and treated him like an interloper at a cocktail party.

It's dangerous to make sweeping judgments about the course of a season after just a game. Or even just a month. But it isn't too soon to suggest that Ben McAdoo must prove to his players, his coaches and, just as importantly, the paying customers that he has better answers than the ones he offered Sunday night at AT&T Stadium.

Giants linebacker B.J. Goodson played 13 defensive snaps last season as a rookie. Making his first career start, Goodson was over the field - and rarely came off of it. The 2016 fourth-round pick played 73-of-74 defensive snaps and finished with 18 tackles (14 solo).

Cowboys WR Dez Bryant says Giants CB Janoris Jenkins 'got lucky'. Bryant declined to specify the breaks Jenkins caught. "He just caught breaks," Bryant responded. "You just got to go watch the film."

Sept 11 Giants lose to the Cowboys 19-3
On the game. Game 1
Gamegirl ..." I had great expectations. It was such a disappointment to see the Giants play like that on the opening day of the season..."
Mikefan ... "Obviously the Giants offense needed to stay on the field longer, not only tonight, but maybe also in preseason until they could get it right..." - Instant Analysis: Cowboys 19, Giants 3.
StarLedger - Giants' offensive line panic grows after humiliating loss to Cowboys.
StarLedger - Giants' hopeless without Odell Beckham in loss to Cowboys.
StarLedger - Ben McAdoo's blistering critique: 'No part' of Giants' offense 'functional'.
NYDailyNews - No Odell for Giants magnifies last year'soffensive struggles.
NYDailyNews - Eli Manning takes blame, but Giants o-line is main culprit.
NYPost - Odell-less Giants unravel in Dallas.
NYPost - Without their go-to straw, the Giants were shaken, not stirred.
Newsday - Beckham-less Giants lose opener to Cowboys.
Newsday - Odell Beckham Jr.'s absence is no excuse.
TheRecord - Giants offense fails to show in Dallas.
TheRecord - 5 takeaways from their season-opening 19-3 loss to the Cowboys.
InsideFootball - New York Giants - Dallas Cowboys Review.
BigBlueInteractive - Dallas Cowboys 19 - New York Giants 3.
SanAntonioNews - Record-setting Witten, Cowboys top Giants 19-3 in opener.

Giants (0-0) vs Cowboys (0-0) Game Preview
The Giants closed out last season with an 11-5 record, followed by a wildcard playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers.
The Dallas Cowboys would face Green Bay the following week in the divisional game and saw what they would be up against, but in the end the score was 34-31 in favor of the Packers.
Giants - Packers Wrap-Up.

Sept 10 Most rookies look forward to their first regular-season game. Tight end Evan Engram will be relishing his first regular-season pregame. The first-round draft pick said this week that he is excited not so much about playing against the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium Sunday night but being on the sideline for the national anthem. - Instant Analysis: Cowboys 19, Giants 3.

This is Eli Manning's best shot for 3rd Super Bowl championship. Jerry Reese has built this team to win now, which is the only thing he could do with a 36-year-old quarterback.
Only two other quarterbacks in NFL history have started 200 games in a row, and Eli Manning grew up in the same house as one of them.

Odell Beckham Jr.'s health is the biggest storyline heading into Sunday night's showdown with the Dallas Cowboys. But whether Beckham (questionable, left ankle sprain) plays or not, the Giants' defense is the primary reason this could be a special season for Ben McAdoo's team.

The New York Football Giants sat glued to their seats as the rivalry with the Cowboys, which has spanned generations, played out on the screen in front of them. "We showed the history of the Giants and the Cowboys rivalry," Giants coach Ben McAdoo told The Post.

How the Cowboys constructed one of the best offensive lines ever. The strategy was far from traditional. It was extremely rare. Few teams have replicated the model. But it has worked out as well as anyone in Dallas could have scripted it. Three times in a four-year span the Cowboys used their first-round pick on an offensive lineman.

Sept 9 Less than 48 hours before the Giants open their season against the Cowboys, Odell Beckham Jr.'s status remains uncertain. The star receiver officially was listed as questionable on the Giants' injury report Friday, meaning Beckham is being given a 50 percent chance to play.
While many Giants players wait to see whether Odell Beckham Jr. will play on Sunday against the Cowboys, Roger Lewis Jr. may be the one most affected by the decision. The second-year receiver likely will start against the Cowboys if Beckham's ankle injury prevents him from playing.

Giants right tackle Bobby Hart is overflowing with confidence as he enters his third season. "I know I'm the best right tackle in the league," Hart told NJ Advance Media.

Jason Pierre-Paul is the second Giant to say he wants to win Defensive Player of the Year, with safety Landon Collins telling the Daily News in August that it was a goal of his, too. It speaks to the high expectations the Giants defense has for itself.

Dez Bryant took a page out of the Mark McGwire playbook. The usually chatty Cowboys wide receiver wasn't going to talk about the past Friday - not about the Giants' two victories last year, and certainly not about his struggles against cornerback Janoris "Jackrabbit" Jenkins. .

NFC East News
Move over, Cowboys: Imagining a Giants-Eagles battle for NFC East.

Sept 8 Could Odell Beckham Jr. be used as a decoy? The Giants may have to determine if a functional but impaired Beckham is better than the alternative of having him sit out the opener.
Odell Beckham Jr. did not practice again on Thursday and his outlook for Sunday's game against the Cowboys looks pretty bleak. Even if he does play, he won't be at 100%, but that hasn't stopped the Giants from putting a star receiver out there before.

Aldrick Rosas does not want this to begin quietly. After becoming the first kicker without NFL experience to make the Giants' roster in 15 years, Rosas will go into AT&T Stadium for Sunday night's season opener against the Cowboys, and he is hoping the outcome comes down to a field-goal attempt.

What's it like being an OC who doesn't call plays? Giants offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan makes most of his contributions to the team's play-calling operation before game day.

Justin Pugh helps Jersey City cops nab thief who stole packages from Giants O-lineman's front door. Pugh really did flex his muscles as an investigator the past few weeks.

Former Giants
Josh Brown new 6-game ban amidst Ezekiel Elliott debacle, report says.

Sept 7 Odell Beckham warms up, but it's not all good news. Given he is not moving at full speed, it is likely Beckham will not participate in practice on Thursday.
Odell Beckham will dominate the injury discussion over the next few days, but the Cowboys and Giants are rather healthy as they close in on Sunday's season opener.

Giants season preview: Offensive turnaround key to division title. Ben McAdoo's oft-stated goal to "put the fifth trophy in the case" might gain some momentum if a few loose ends get tied up, particularly on the offensive line.

The New Jersey judge overseeing the lawsuit that accuses Giants quarterback Eli Manning of memorabilia fraud has been asked to step aside - for the second time during this case.

NFC East News
NFL preview 2017: NFC East outlook.

NFL News
With Hurricane Irma barreling down on south Florida, currently a category 5 storm, the NFL has opted to postpone Sunday's 1 p.m. kickoff between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium. The league has instead opted to move the showdown between two Florida teams to Week 11 when both the Dolphins and Buccaneers share a bye week.

Sept 6 Ezekiel Elliott is suspended six games. But he'll be playing against the Giants on Sunday night.
And now a federal judge in Texas will determine whether Elliott must begin serving his sentence in Week 2 or if the NFL's form of justice deserves more scrutiny in court.
No one should be surprised if Elliott follows Brady's legal blueprint and gets his suspension delayed until after the 2017 season.

Sept 5 Odell Beckham Jr. is back on the sideline, but the Giants' star receiver isn't ready to return to the field yet. Beckham rode a stationary bike during Monday's practice.

Eli Manning is no Ryan Fitzpatrick, at least according to Brandon Marshall. As the Giants' new wide receiver continues to develop a rapport with his quarterback, he would not quite call Manning the best he's ever had. Marshall has just one target from Manning in a game this preseason - an incomplete pass.
Having been traded three times in his career, Marshall finally chose where he wanted to be this offseason, and signed with a team talented enough to erase his dubious distinction, as the player with the league's longest active run of games played without reaching the postseason (167 games).

The Cowboys may have Ezekiel Elliott in their backfield on Sunday night against the Giants. Or they may not. Either way, the Giants aren't waiting with baited breath to find out if Elliott will score a short-term victory over his suspension and be eligible for the season opener. They don't seem to care much, either.

Sept 4 The Giants announced several players signed to the practice squad on Sunday with multiple reports that undrafted rookie Travis Rudolph will be on it as well.
The Giants signed eight players to their initial 2017 practice squad, all of whom participated in the preseason finale last week in New England. NFL teams are allowed to have a maximum of 10.

Giants' most surprising roster add can diversify their offense. Of all the offensive weaponry the Giants possess, no one is going to study tape of Shane Smith and determine he is the player the defense has to stop.

When the 53 members of the team gather for the first time Monday, one of their orders of business will be to elect captains for the 2017 season. The offensive captain is a no-brainer. Unless the Giants have decided to institute some type of term limit, Eli Manning will wear a "C" on his jersey for the 11th straight season. The defensive captain?

The Giants will return to practice Monday for their first session of the 2017 regular season. The preseason is over, the initial 53-man roster is set and the time has come to prepare in full for the season opener against the Cowboys on Sunday.

Sept 3 Giants keep first-year kicker Aldrick Rosas, release Mike Nugent. The Giants have not had a first-year kicker since rookie Matt Bryant in 2002.

The Giants whittled their roster from 90 to 53 on Saturday. Giants 53-man roster: Big Blue cuts TE Will Tye, place LB Mark Herzlich on injured reserve to get to NFL limit.

Mark Herzlich just couldn't get healthy in time. The Giants placed the veteran linebacker and special teams contributor on season-ending injured reserve Saturday as part of their roster cuts to conclude the preseason and set their initial 53-man roster.

How long can Eli Manning play? NFL analysts weigh in. Manning came out of a four-season playoff drought last year with an 11-5 record and a wild-card berth, and now has a team widely regarded as a Super Bowl contender. The complicating factor is that he is 36, so the Giants' window to win a third Super Bowl with him presumably is closing.

Sept 2 Special Report - From the time Thursday night's game ended in Foxboro, the Giants' coaching staff has thought about nothing but two numbers - 90 and 53. The roster is at 90, and by Saturday afternoon it must be at 53.
So much for a long, leisurely weekend, and with the changes that will take place AFTER 4 p.m. Saturday, it's not going to be much of a Labor Day weekend, either.
In his telephone press conference Friday afternoon, head coach Ben McAdoo remained relatively silent when asked specific questions concerning players, as in who will stay and who will go.

Sept 1 Giants 40, Patriots 38.
With 21 of 22 starters getting the night off, the Giants' backup quarterbacks put on a show in the preseason finale, but it was kicker Aldrick Rosas who made a 48-yard field goal as time expired to give the Giants a 40-38 victory over the defending Super Bowl champion Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

Giants players had one last audition for a roster spot in the preseason finale against the Patriots on Thursday night. Some players made the most of the opportunity, while others sealed their fate before Saturday's roster cut-down.
Will Tye, the tight end from Stony Brook University who is fighting for a roster spot, committed what may be a mortal sin in his quest to make the Giants.

Kicker Aldrick Rosas nailed four field goal attempts, including the game-winning 48-yarder as time expired to give the Giants a 40-38 win over the New England Patriots. Rosas, who has been in a kicking competition with veteran Mike Nugent, likely wrapped up the job with his performance.

Geno Smith deserves to be Eli Manning's backup in 2017 after a blistering performance in Thursday night's Giants preseason finale against the Patriots.
Playing alongside and against backups, the former Jets starter more than likely locked down the job. He went 4-for-4 on a first-quarter drive that culminated in a touchdown pass to tight end Matt LaCosse.

Aug 31 Eli Manning's offensive line has taken most of the heat this preseason, but Boomer Esiason believes the quarterback is the Giant with something to prove this fall.

The Giants are required to cut to 53 players by 4 p.m. on Saturday. They then may establish a 10-player practice squad any time after Sunday at 1 p.m. 10 things to watch as Giants approach preseason finale with Patriots.

After starting 17 games and catching 90 passes over his first two seasons, Tight end Will Tye never expected to find himself in this position - on the Big Blue roster bubble, possibly the odd man out.

Mark Herzlich in danger of not making Giants' 53-man roster. The Giants have four players on the roster from the 2011 Super Bowl-winning team, but they are getting perilously close to being down to three.

The kicking competition between Mike Nugent and Aldrick Rosas is coming down to the wire. For two people who met each other less than a month ago, Mike Nugent and Aldrick Rosas couldn't be closer, personally and professionally.

Aug 30 The Giants have at least one star wide receiver back at practice. Brandon Marshall appeared to be a full participant during Tuesday's session, the final of the preseason.
Brandon Marshall is about to go into the Giants' Week 1 opener in Dallas without having caught a single pass from Eli Manning this entire preseason. Unsettling, isn't it?
Though head coach Ben McAdoo, perhaps facetiously, expressed hope that injured receiver Odell Beckham Jr. could play on Thursday, that doesn't appear likely.

The Giants had a Mini Mac Attack after practice on Tuesday. Peter Costigan, the 12-year-old from outside Philadelphia who caught the focus of TV cameras last season when he dressed up as Giants head coach Ben McAdoo for the game in Washington visited the team and got to spend some time with the inspiration for his look.

Aug 29 As the Giants wrap up their stretch of three games in 11 days, the team on Monday returned to the practice fields at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center.
Brandon Marshall was back on the field Monday, and Ben McAdoo said he is "hopeful" that Odell Beckham Jr. won't be too far behind.

There is a reason the Giants shouldn't feel despondent if Odell Beckham Jr. misses their regular season opener in Dallas, and that reason's name is Evan Engram.

Owa Odighizuwa's strange year took another wrong turn on Monday. Big Blue's third-year defensive end, who missed all of the Giants' Organized Team Activities in addition to minicamp, was suspended four games for violating the league's policy on using performance-enhancing substances.

NFL News
Protest watch? NBC planning to televise national anthem before NFL season opener.

Aug 28 Ben McAdoo is clearly upset about losing a player to a serious injury on a play that did not count and should never have been run late in Saturday night's 32-31 preseason victory over the Jets.

Ben McAdoo said he has not chosen the Giants' placekicker or backup quarterback, the two position decisions that have received the most scrutiny in the preseason.
Will Geno Smith or Josh Johnson be Giants' No. 2 QB? Ben McAdoo hoping for answer Thursday. Neither has been good enough to establish himself as the favorite through the first three games.

The Giants have brought Damon Harrison, Brandon Marshall and Geno Smith over to the winning side of New York NFL football. What would it hurt to pick up the phone and call Darrelle Revis and make it one more ex-Jet playing for Big Blue?

Aug 27 Instant Analysis: Giants 32, Jets 31.
Defense scores 3 times, Eli Manning sharp in Giants' 32-31 win over Jets.
Snoopy Bowl shows Giants, Jets are heading in very different directions.
Giants and Jets show why they're so far apart.
New York Giants Hang on in 32-31 Win Over Jets.
Giants' starters dominate Jets, but subs make it close.
New York Giants 32 - New York Jets 31. The New York Giants dominated the first half.
Giants 32, Jets 31: Four Winners, Two Losers In The Giants' Position Battles.
Winners and losers from Giants preseason game vs. Jets.
New York Giants: Injury Recap.
Ben McAdoo has 'concerns' about Eli Apple ankle injuries.

Aug 26 It's time for the Snoopy Bowl, which means the Jets and Giants are getting close to regular season action. Giants head coach Ben McAdoo gave his starters a pretty long look against the Browns on Monday and will do so again against the Jets.
This is the 49th consecutive preseason that the Giants and Jets will meet since the series began in 1969. The Giants won last year's MetLife Bowl, 21-20, thanks to a late touchdown by Tavarres King.

This game, which traditionally falls as the third one on both team's schedules, is the final preseason dress rehearsal, the game in which coaches get a chance to really envision what the first cut of the 53-man roster will look like.
Giants offensive line running out of chances to prove it can do job. Keeping the offensive line together turned into a priority for general manager Jerry Reese after he scanned the free-agent market, studied the 2017 draft class and did not like what he saw. Is it too late to make changes?

Second-year receiver Sterling Shepard is the veteran for Giants vs. Jets. Because of injuries to Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall and Dwayne Harris, second-year receiver Sterling Shepard is the most experienced healthy receiver the Giants have on their roster.
Odell Beckham Jr. is going high-tech to treat his ankle sprain. Or maybe not. According to and Sirius XM analyst Gil Brandt, that treatment regimen will include a series of Phoenix Thera-Lase treatments, the brand name for laser treatments on the ankle that are designed to reduce inflammation and help heal soft-tissue injuries.

Aug 25 The Giants had their final practice on Thursday during an abbreviated week of preparation for Saturday's preseason game against the Jets.
Two days before the all-important third preseason game, also known as the NFL's dress rehearsal, the Giants' top three receivers for much of practice were Sterling Shepard, Roger Lewis and Travis Rudolph.

Odell Beckham (sprained left ankle) and Brandon Marshall (left shoulder) aren't expected to play Saturday night against the Jets, but Ben McAdoo continued his injury update charade on Thursday anyway.
The Giants will almost certainly be without Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall for Saturday's preseason game against the Jets, a handicap that will alter the efficiency and expectations of the offense.

Geno Smith, once considered the quarterback savior for the Jets, is trying to land the job as the backup with the Giants. And he could be making a case for that job against his old team Saturday night.

Former Giants
Mark Bavaro, who played tight end for the Giants from 1985-90, gives his take on rookie Evan Engram. "He's definitely the most athletic tight end I've seen on the Giants since (Jeremy) Shockey. And I think he's more athletic than Shockey."

Aug 24 Ben McAdoo juggled his offensive line as promised at Wednesday's practice, most notably giving backup center Brett Jones a look as the first-string right guard in place of John Jerry.
Jones, a former Canadian Football League star, said he will play center, guard, whatever. He just wants to be out there. Although he did say it was "fun" going against Damon "Snacks" Harrison, which raised some eyebrows.

The Giants are the only team in the NFL that has not scored a touchdown in any way, shape or form this preseason. "We're not happy about it," Ben McAdoo said on Wednesday. The Giants had similar struggles last summer.
The Giants were back on the practice field on Wednesday after Monday's loss to the Browns in their second preseason game. It will be a quick turnaround, as the Giants are set to face the Jets in the third preseason game on Saturday at 7 p.m. at MetLife Stadium.
The Giants practiced without four receivers who have a combined 1,303 career receptions. Odell Beckham, Jr. (ankle), Brandon Marshall (shoulder), Dwayne Harris (upper body) and Tavarres King (ankle) missed the workout.

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