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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Here's 25 things you didn't know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands. Named after the team, Giants Stadium opened on October 10, 1976. Giants controversial move from New York to Jersey. First game at the Stadium. NY Giants -Wikipedia.
Warner DVD NFL: New York Giants -
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2018 Preseason Games
Aug 9    ClevelandL 20-10
Aug 17at DetroitW 30-17
Aug 24at JetsW 22-16
Aug 30    New EnglandL 17-12

2017 NY Giants Games
Sept 10at DallasL  19-3
Sept 18     DetroitL  24-10
Sept 24at PhiladelphiaL  27-24
Oct 1 at Tampa BayL  25-23
Oct 8    LA ChargersL  27-22
Oct 15at Denver23-10
Oct 22    SeattleL  24-7
Nov 5     L.A. RamsL  51-17
Nov 12at San FranciscoL  31-21
Nov 19    Kansas City12-9
Nov 23at WashingtonL  20-10
Dec 3at OaklandL  24-17
Dec 10    DallasL  30-10
Dec 17    PhiladelphiaL  34-29
Dec 24at ArizonaL  23-0
Dec 31    Washington18-10

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Transcripts: Eli Manning, Pat Shurmur, Dave Gettleman | Giants TV and Web Schedule
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2018 Regular Season Schedule
Sun 9/09    JacksonvilleL 20-15 Mon 11/12at San Francisco8:15 PM
Sun 9/16at DallasL 20-13Sun 11/18    Tampa Bay1:00 PM
Sun 9/23at HoustonW 27-22 Sun 11/25at Philadelphia1:00 PM
Sun 9/30    New OrleansL 33-18 Sun 12/2    Chicago1:00 PM
Sun 10/7at CarolinaL 33-31 Sun 12/9at Washington1:00 PM
Thu 10/11   PhiladelphiaL 34-13 Sun 12/16    Tennessee1:00 PM
Mon 10/22at Atlanta8:15 PM 12/23 or 12/24at IndianapolisTBD
Sun 10/28   Washington1:00 PM Sun 12/30    Dallas1:00 PM
Bye WeekComplete Schedules - All Teams

Oct 14 It was just a few short weeks ago that everything was so shiny and new, it was hard to not get excited about the Giants. They seemed to have all the pieces in place to execute a quick turnaround from the 3-13 season in 2017 and become one of those worst-to-first teams that the NFL provides just about every year.
Giants are facing harsh reality they could never picture. There is little doubt Gettleman and Shurmur - as well as ownership - viewed this as a team capable of competing for a playoff berth. The offensive line, in particular, has disappointed.
How many more winnable games do the Giants have? Things look bleak for the Giants ahead of Week 6 in Atlanta, and it's worth wondering just how many potential wins remain on the schedule.

Odell Beckham Jr. says he has nothing to apologize for. There are several misconceptions about what went down after the Odell Beckham Jr. interview on ESPN that upset the Giants so strongly they fined him for his comments.

Oct 13 Through 15 years, there have been rough times for Eli Manning. Plenty of them. Accolades sure, but more recently, growing doubt on the outside, and perhaps even a little bit on the inside, about his ability to continue to function and thrive as the franchise quarterback of the Giants.
You can't spell believe without Eli. With critics of Eli Manning mounting to include former teammates and the Giants off to a 1-5 start, coach Pat Shurmur quickly put to rest any thoughts of a quarterback change during the long layoff before an Oct. 22 visit to the Falcons. ""We believe in Eli," Shurmur said.

There will be no turning around of the season. The Giants may win a game here or there. Maybe they string a few together down the stretch. More than half the roster is comprised of first-year Giants. It is a new system on offense and defense. Quality teams can win enough during the adjustment. The Giants are not a quality team.

Saquon Barkley already is proving to be a terrific NFL running back, and nothing about his first six games suggests selecting him high in the draft was a fool's errand. What is up for debate is why he ended up with the Giants.

Former Giants
Ereck Flowers signs with Jaguars. Ex-Giants coach Tom Coughlin scoops up tackle he drafted in first round in 2015.
Ereck Flowers signs with Jaguars, his unlikeliest suitor. The Jaguars were desperate, after placing two offensive tackles (Cam Robinson and Josh Wells) on injured reserve,
Geno Smith weighs in on Eli Manning, says everyone owes Ben McAdoo an apology.

Oct 12 Giants lose to the Eagles 34-13

On the game. Game 6
Gamegirl ..."I was so disappointed. Ater the way the Giants played last week, I was expecting so much more..."
Mikefan ..."The Giants let down on both sides of the ball tonight. They played like a 1-5 team..."

Wentz throws 3 TD passes, Eagles look Super vs. Giants.
Instant Analysis: Giants fall to Eagles, 34-13.
Eagles offense comes alive in 34-13 win over Giants.
Eli Manning is done and so are the Giants.
Blame the owner: John Mara is responsible for this Giant mess.
Giants are a sick organization right now.
Giants' putrid loss shows just how terrible they really are.
Odell Beckham leaves Giants' sideline early as antics return.
Giants offensive line can't blame Ereck Flowers for this debacle.
Giants vs. Eagles: The defending champs made Big Blue look like chumps.
Eagles dominate last-place Giants, dropping them to 1-5.
Eli Manning, defense are giant problems.
Giants season is over after disastrous loss to Eagles.
BYE, BYE! Odell Beckham Jr. sees enough during putrid first half.
Philadelphia Eagles 34 -New York Giants 13.

Giants (1-4) vs Eagles (2-3) Game Preview
Last Sunday the Eagles hosted the Minnesota Vikings in a follow up of the NFC Championship game also played at home. Back then the Eagles beat them soundly 38-7, and went on to win in the Super Bowl. This time the Vikings got their revenge, and left town with a 23-21 win.
In their game, the Giants were up against a tough Carolina Panthers team. Despite trailing for most of the game, the Giants finally took the lead with about one minute left. The Panthers didn't have time to move the ball very far, but a 63-yard field goal gave them a 33-31 win.
Giants - Panthers Wrap-Up

Oct 11 Perhaps the start of the Giants' season would not be as dire if outside linebacker Olivier Vernon, their most accomplished pass-rusher, played in the first five games. He did not, though, but he will make his 2018 debut Thursday night against the Eagles, making the Giants' defense a more formidable unit.
The Eagles made a late addition to their injury report for Thursday night's game against the Giants. All-Pro right tackle Lane Johnson was downgraded to questionable with an ankle injury. Johnson wasn't listed on Wednesday's injury report.

The Giants have the chance to torpedo the defending Super Bowl champion Eagles' season with a victory on Thursday night at MetLife Stadium. However, it is going to take a complete game, which has been a struggle for Pat Shurmur's team through the first five weeks of the regular season.
For frustrated Giants, all that's on the line vs. Eagles is everything. There are only so many opportunities a team can have to save its season, and time has run out here. If the Giants lose, it is sole possession of last place and a record (1-5) that signifies it is getting close to making plans for next year.

Oct 10 Giants vs. Eagles injury report: Will Evan Engram or Olivier Vernon play? What's the latest on Saquon Barkley? Here's an update on Barkley, Engram, Vernon, kicker Aldrick Rosas and tight end Rhett Ellison, ahead of Thursday's game.

Upbeat Giants think brutal loss could be a turning point. The Giants lost on Sunday. Just a reminder, because it might seem hard to reconcile that fact with the way the team has been acting lately. Bouncing with energy. Brimming with optimism.

Lil Wayne heard what Eli Manning said - and is not happy. A day after the Giants quarterback spoke about the rapper for perhaps the first time in his life, a bothered Lil Wayne, enormous blunt in hand, released a series of Instagram videos in which he was incredulous he was on the receiving end of a shot from one of his favorite quarterbacks.

Connor Barwin spent the 2017 season with the Los Angeles Rams before signing with the Giants this offseason on a two-year deal. With Olivier Vernon (ankle) sidelined, Barwin has been thrust into a larger role on the Giants' defensive line. Thursday, he'll match up with right tackle Lane Johnson, and try to beat his former teammates on the other side of the Eagles-Giants rivalry.

Oct 9 Giants to cut or trade Ereck Flowers after draft bust 'ran its course'. Ereck Flowers' Giants career is over earlier than expected and later than the fan base demanded. The Giants intend to trade or release Flowers by 4 p.m. Tuesday.
The Giants are done with Ereck Flowers. For all intents and purposes, Ereck Flowers and the Giants unofficially parted ways two weeks into this season, when he was benched, yanked from his starting right tackle job.

Eli Manning praises Pat Shurmur for handling latest Odell Beckham controversy. If 14 targets in Sunday's game didn't say it, Eli Manning did. There is no rift between him and Odell Beckham after the star wide receiver offered only a tepid endorsement for his aging quarterback in a controversial television interview with ESPN.

The longest-tenured Giants offensive lineman on the active roster is Chad Wheeler. Let that sink in. A second-year player, undrafted a year ago out of USC, and the starting right tackle for the last three games, now stands as the only player in the position group who has been with the team since the start of the 2017 season. That's how much the Giants have overhauled their offensive line.

Oct 8 Giants lose to the Panthers 33-31

On the game. Game 5
Gamegirl ..."The Giants came up short today and it was some game to watch, even though we lost in the end. It was actually the very end when the Panthers kicker made a 63-yard field goal to steal this game away from the Giants..."
Mikefan ..."Credit the Panthers for their special teams play today. The Eagles are up next on a short week, but at least the game is played at home, and maybe they'll even have Olivier Vernon back to play..."

Gano's 63-yard field goal lifts Panthers over Giants 33-31.
Instant Analysis: Giants lose on last-second FG.
Stunning, miracle kick breaks Giants' heart and likely ends year.
Giants find a way for an Odell Beckham TD with perfect trick play.
Odell Beckham's future does not appear to be on special teams.
'Just not right': Giants defense is furious at the officials.
Giants got a reminder of 'the magic of Eli Manning'.
Giants blast NFL officiating after loss to Panthers.
Giants can't overcome Odell Beckham Jr.'s mistakes in wild loss.
Giants suffer heartbreaking 33-31 loss on Panthers' 63-yard field goal.
Odell Beckham Jr.'s muffed punt hands Carolina a touchdown.
Angry Giants leave Carolina feeling like victory taken from them by refs, not Panthers.
Carolina Panthers 33, NY Giants 31: What they're saying after the game.
Panthers win against Giants was pure pandemonium.
Panthers' Eric Reid returns, kneels during national anthem.

Giants (1-3) vs Panthers (2-1) Game Preview
Last week the Panthers were on an early season bye after playing in just three games. The week earlier they had hosted the Cincinnati Bengals, and won that game 31-21.
The Giants started out strong last week playing at home against the New Orleans Saints. They weren't able to sustain an early lead and took a 33-18 loss.
Giants - Saints Wrap-Up

Oct 7 The Giants (1-3) are staring into the face of their weakness at 1 p.m. today when they visit the Panthers (2-1) and their premier dual-threat quarterback (Newton) at Bank of America Stadium.
Giants activate run-stopper to face Panthers after suspension. Josh Mauro was signed by the Giants in March after he spent four years with the Cardinals, the final three playing for defensive coordinator James Bettcher during his stint in Arizona.

One of the reasons the Giants' offense can't seem to get started might just be where they are starting. Their return game, on both punts and kickoffs, has been virtually nonexistent. Their average starting field position through four weeks is the 24.4-yard line, which ranks 27th in the NFL.

Oct 6 Go ask Odell Beckham what he meant to say. That was the overarching message from Giants coach Pat Shurmur after Friday's practice, as he faced an onslaught of questions about Odell Beckham's on-video criticism of his teammates' heart and energy and of an offense that isn't putting him in position to make big plays.
Odell Beckham is right: Giants need to exhibit sense of urgency. The Giants' offense is a mess, a cruel joke, and something needs to change and better change starting Sunday in Charlotte, N.C. Eli Manning needs a big game. Badly. Immediately. Beckham needs a touchdown catch. Badly. Immediately. Manning needs to throw a touchdown pass to Odell Beckham Jr. Badly. Immediately.

Giants and Panthers are intertwined Especially the coaching staffs, many of whom worked for the other organization or with their counterparts.One of them, undoubtedly, is Dave Gettleman. He was abruptly fired as general manager of the Panthers last summer, two seasons after taking the team to a Super Bowl. In December, he was named general manager of the Giants.

Through four games, Will Hernandez is the highest-rated rookie offensive lineman in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus. On Friday, Hernandez was named the PFF Offensive Rookie of the Month. Despite struggles along the line, Hernandez is fitting the mold of "hog mollie," the term of endearment general manager Dave Gettleman assigns to tough offensive linemen.

Oct 5 It is getting late early again for the Giants, and Giants fans have flocked into the Panic Room. Odell Beckham Jr. will not be joining them in there. Not yet anyway. Not now, at 1-3 and a trip to Carolina staring the Giants in their frustrated faces.

Giants can't wait to have their 'Terminator' back on the field. Even if the Panthers know that Olivier Vernon is expected to make his season debut Sunday, Damon Harrison doesn't think they know what's coming. "It'll be a nice surprise for the Panthers, if we can get him back," the Giants tackle said Thursday.

It's a prove-it game for the Giants. On offense, prove you can move the ball against the Cover 2 defense. On defense, prove you can stop the zone read. Until the Giants do those things, they are in danger of replaying the same game over and over, including at 1 p.m. Sunday against the Panthers.

Giants' Odell Beckham on deep-ball chances: 'They're there, but they're not there'. Beckham has yet to score a touchdown this season and has been held to under 100 yards twice in four games. "You seem more concerned about the end zone than me," Beckham snapped back at a reporter. "I'm not concerned. I missed four games my rookie year, still came back and [caught 12 touchdowns]. So, end zone, it'll come."

Oct 4 Eli Manning answers critics who say he needs to change tactics. Manning is adamant he is not settling for check-down passes and that he is not getting rid of the ball too quickly because he is concerned with the pass rush.
Eli Manning may be putting a strong face and a confident spin on the situation, but even the great ones start to have some self-doubt when they get to a certain age and the results they are used to attaining are no longer so easily achievable. So says Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre.

Eli Manning is not going to take unnecessary risks to try to jump-start the Giants' points-needy offense. In addition to touchdowns, the deep pass has become an infrequent component in the Giants' offense. Manning is tied for sixth in the league with 112 completions, but only three of them gained more than 25 yards, and none more than 37 yards.

The Cowboys and Saints held the Giants to three total scoring drives before the game was out of reach late in the fourth quarter. The common denominator is both teams played soft zone coverage, dropping safeties 20 yards off the line of scrimmage to eliminate big plays by Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard.

It's time the Giants go all-in on Saquon Barkley. The Cowboys needed rescuing last Sunday against the Lions and Ezekiel Elliott rescued them. The Giants need rescuing this Sunday in Carolina and they should turn to Saquon Barkley to rescue them.

Oct 3 Eli Manning's low-risk game plan is driving Giants nowhere fast. Years of shabby protection has Manning at times feeling pressure that might not be there. His pocket was fairly well-secured against the Saints, and his passer rating of 99.1 was like cubic zirconia - it looked good but was not worth much.
The thing about a dink-and-dunk offense is it requires long drives to move the ball. And the thing about long drives is every play becomes an opportunity for disaster to strike in the form of a sack, a penalty, a turnover or lost yardage.
Maybe it's time to let Odell Beckham Jr. be himself again. Beckham has the 16th most receiving yards in the NFL this season (331). He's the only player in the top 16 without a reception of more than 30 yards.

Oct 2 What's the deal with all of Giants' Eli Manning's check down passes? Much has been made this week of the New Orleans Saints' ability to take away Eli Manning's deep passing game by playing a soft cover-two defense in Sunday's 33-18 Giants loss.

Giants want answers after officiating debacle in loss. After every game, the Giants and every other NFL team submits plays into the league office from that week's game, seeking clarification on calls and penalties. Coach Pat Shurmur calls it "a handful of things" in a typical week. "I have a bigger handful this week," he said Monday.

Pat Shurmur rarely is critical of anyone when speaking publicly. On Monday, he was. And he pointed that condemnation at himself. "I wish I would have called more runs, all right?" he said. "That's the reality of that. I think the ball in Saquon [Barkley]'s hands is a good thing."

Oct 1 Giants lose to the Saints 33-18

On the game. Game 4
Gamegirl ..."The first quarter seemed to go really fast, and the second started off with the first of four field goals by the Saints. At halftime I was glad that the Giants were keeping them out of the endzone, but New Orleans had a 12-7 lead..."
Mikefan ..."Things were looking up last week after the Giants notched their first win of the season by beating the Houston Texans 27-22. Well, up turned to down as this game with the New Orleans Saints continued on..."

Kamara runs for 3 second-half TDs, Saints beat Giants 33-18
Instant Analysis: Saints pull away from Giants.
Giants offense sputters in loss to Saints.
Odell Beckham Jr. reflective, if frustrated, after tough loss and a quiet day on the field.
Unbelievable excuse a ref gave Giants for missed calls: It's not the Super Bowl.
Pat Shurmur owns up to poor clock management in Saints loss.
Why soft zone defense is Giants' offensive Kryptonite.
Pat Shurmur out-coached badly as Giants run into familiar problems.
Landon Collins and Saquon Barkley studs, but Eli Manning and Odell Beckham.
Giants' offense shuts down, and a winnable game gets away.
Giants got what they wanted on defense before wasting it.
Why Odell Beckham feels hard work is being wasted on Sundays.
New Orleans Saints 33, NY Giants 18: What they were saying.
How the officials angered the Giants with more than just flags.
The Drew Brees weapon the Giants had no answer for.
Alvin Kamara puts it away late for the Saints in 33-18 win against the Giants
10 takeaways from the Saints' 33-18 win against the Giants.

Giants (1-2) vs Saints (2-1) Game Preview
Last week the New Orleans Saints battled it out with the Falcons in a high scoring game in Atlanta. It was a 37-37 tie at the end of regulation. The Saints started off with the ball in overtime, and their long drive finished with a one yard touchdown run by quarterback Drew Brees for a 43-37 win.
The Giants were on the road in Texas for the second week in a row. They had lost to the Cowboys the first time and had better luck with the Houston Texans. They scored on their opening drive, and led throughout the game to finish up with a 27-22 win, their first of the season.
Giants - Texans Wrap-Up

Six active quarterbacks rank in the Top 10 in NFL history in passing touchdowns. Two of them will be on opposite sidelines Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium when Eli Manning and the New York Giants play host to Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers are the others.

New Orleans is famous for its recipes, whether it is gumbo, jambalaya and Po-boys. The Giants need a recipe for an upset today, as the Saints come to MetLife Stadium for a 4:25 p.m. kickoff as three-point favorites over the home team.

Eli Manning laments Saints game when his best was not enough. He threw a career-high six touchdown passes, but Drew Brees threw for seven and the Saints beat the Giants, 52-49. With Manning set to face the Saints on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, it is impossible not to recall that shootout.

Saquon Barkley is the centerpiece addition to a team that needs every playmaker it can get. With the Giants' front office convinced that this team is good enough to win now, if only it surrounds 37-year-old quarterback Eli Manning with the right talent, Barkley's early emergence is essential to that formula.

Sept 29 The receptions are impressive. So is the yardage. Both rank No. 1 in the league through three weeks. The percentage, however, is what really stands out. When Drew Brees targets Michael Thomas, a completion follows, and frequently a big play. Forty times the Saints quarterback has looked for his No. 1 receiver, and 38 times they have connected.

Secret to Saints offense? Giants have an insider hidden on roster and ready to debut. The Giants spent a week studying for one day against arguably the NFL's deadliest offense. Kamrin Moore spent his first four months in the NFL trying to crack the same code.

Olivier Vernon, Eli Apple out for Giants against Saints. The Giants will be without their starting cornerback Sunday as they try to contain Drew Brees and the Saints' explosive offense - a move that initially seemed to surprise Apple as much as anyone. As for Vernon (foot), the linebacker practiced Wednesday and Thursday, only to be held back Friday and ruled out for Sunday.

Sept 28 Odell Beckham Jr. described his performance through the first three weeks as "efficient" on Thursday, but believes that both he and the Giants' offense are on the verge of breaking out in a big way Sunday against the New Orleans Saints.
Because his longest gain is 30 yards and he has yet to score a touchdown, Odell Beckham, Jr. is still waiting for that otherworldly play or game-changing performance that have distinguished his Giants tenure.

Giants know they probably will have to light it up this week. The Brees-led Saints enter the meeting second in the NFL in points scored (104) and fourth in total offense (428.0 yards per game). Big Blue showed significant progress in Sunday's win over the Texans - notching season highs in total yards (379), first downs (21) and points (27).

Sept 27 The Saints may be coming to MetLife Stadium averaging 34.6 points per game, but the Giants think they have one big edge to slowing them down. Location. Sunday will be the Saints' first outdoor game this season after opening with two at home and beating the Falcons in Atlanta under a closed roof in Week 3.

It was just one week, but the results were telling. The Giants' reconstructed offensive line gave Eli Manning more time to pass Sunday and the veteran quarterback responded. Now the challenge for the offensive line is figuring out what worked so well and finding a way to do it again.

New York Giants coach Pat Shurmur got the chance to meet franchise legend Mark Bavaro for the first time at the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Champions for Children Gala last Friday night. Not that Shurmur was looking to compare them as players, but Bavaro did remind him of someone he coached in Minnesota and now will rely on even more with the Giants: Rhett Ellison.

Sept 26 What Eli Manning must do to beat Brees in battle of vet QBs. If he can keep possession of the ball and sustain a few long drives Sunday at MetLife Stadium, it will go a long way toward keeping Drew Brees and his merry band of Saints off the field, which might be the only way to slow them down.

Two days after Evan Engram suffered a knee injury that will sideline him for an undetermined time period, the Giants today signed tight end Garrett Dickerson off their practice squad. In a corresponding move, wide receiver/return specialist Kaelin Clay was waived/injured with an ankle injury.

Former Giants
Phil Simms won two Super Bowl rings with the Giants, but with the addition of rookie running back Saquon Barkley, the studio analyst for "The NFL Today" on CBS believes Eli Manning has a better collection of dynamic offensive weapons than he ever had in his career.

Sept 25 Special Report - It is possible that Pat Shurmur circled the date on his desk calendar Monday. It was, after all, the first time he was going to hold a telephone press conference with the media after a regular-season Giants' victory.
And he sounded pleased to have the opportunity. First, he outlined the injuries - not to worry, he intimated, about tight end Evan Engram's knee. It's not torn, just a sprained MCL, and if he isn't back this week (at home against New Orleans) it won't be much longer.

Giants offense needs to play fast in both halves vs. Saints. As good as the Giants looked on offense at times in Sunday's 27-22 win over the Texans, they'll have to perform even better to keep winning.

The Giants squeezed everything out of five exhausted starters. Tired was not an option. Playing every single snap in a game is not easy. Most games, the entire offensive line stays in every play, if possible. On defense, a player or two in the secondary never comes off the field.

Giants defensive end Kerry Wynn is off to the best start to a season in his career. Wynn logged six total tackles with a forced fumble in Week 3, and has already picked up 13 tackles, 0.5 a sack, and the forced fumble so far this season, while playing a pivotal role in the Giants' pass rush.

Sept 24 Giants win over the Texans 27-22

On the game. Game 3
Gamegirl ..."The Texans started off the game with an opening drive field goal. So far this season the Giants have won the toss, deferred, and then let the other team score. The Texans ended the half scoring another field goal. The good news was they had nothing in between!.."
Mikefan ..."Everyone knows that a quarterback needs time to throw, and a running back needs some blocking to run. The offensive line for the Giants haven't been able to do that until today. Their two biggest playmakers, Odell Beckham Jr. and Saquon Barkley, had been neutralized..."

Manning throws 2 TDs as Giants beat Texans 27-22 for 1st win.
Instant Analysis: Giants start fast, hold on for win.
Total team effort leads to 27-22 win over Texans.
What we learned from the new york Giants 27-22 win over Houston.
Giants hang on to a game and any hopes with season-saving win.
How an allegedly washed-up QB rescued the Giants' season.
The tricky first impressions of Giants' Ereck Flowers replacement.
How Eli Manning's arm and mouth gave Giants new life.
Saquon Barkley did what he had to do with season on the line.
Sterling Shepard's teammates knew he was destined to deliver.
Evan Engram injury a dark cloud hanging over Giants win.
Eli Manning report card | Vintage performance leads Giants past Texans 27-22.
Giants report card: Eli Manning gets an A but his offensive line is still average.
Finally! Giants offense shows flashes of its potential in Houston win.
Giants play well on both sides of the ball to beat Texans for first win.
Eli Manning shows he still can get job done.
Eli Manning, Giants offense finally comes alive as Big Blue takes down Texans for first win.
New York Giants 27 - Houston Texans 22.
Texans turning point: Deshaun Watson's end-zone interception.

Giants (0-2) vs Texans (0-2) Game Preview
After starting off the season with two straight games on the road, the Texans have fallen to an 0-2 record. They started in New England, and then last week they were in Tennessee. The Texans were at midfield and had 17 seconds left to try to tie the game up with a field goal. Quarterback Deshaun Watson scrambled around and completed a downfield pass, but the clock ran out, leaving them with a 20-17 loss.
The Giants have also opened the season losing in their first two games. What was thought to be a talented offense, working behind a strengthened front line, hasn't translated to the field. Last week the Cowboys were ready for their arrival and scored first. The Giants trailed the entire game, kicked a field goal after a successful onside kick, but their next one failed, and the game ended 20-13 in favor of the Cowboys.
Giants - Cowboys Wrap-Up

Sept 23 Giants bench Ereck Flowers after three years as starter. The Ereck Flowers experiment finally appears to be ending after three-plus year as a starter on the New York Giants offensive line. The 2015 first-round pick is being benched in favor of Chad Wheeler at right tackle on Sunday against the Houston Texans, a source confirmed.

Pat Shurmur has been around long enough - not with the Giants, but certainly around the NFL - to understand what happens early is not necessarily an indication of what happens late.Until the offensive line gets its act together, exploiting Odell Beckham Jr. and Saquon Barkley's gifts will be a weekly struggle and Eli Manning will look older than his 37 years. With his players, he assures all who will listen outside the circle, he is forceful. "Don't misunderstand the calm," he said.

Sept 22 We've been down this road too many times before with the Giants, who have started 0-2 in four of the past five years. It might not seem like much in the span of a 16-game season, but anyone familiar with the NFL knows that 0-3 is the start of nothing to play for.

This year, Landon Collins seems a step behind for the Giants. Through two games, Collins has been almost invisible on the field, far from the standout performer many projected, or even the one he's been in the past. He's had an unremarkable 11 tackles through two games and only one pass defensed.

Texans expect Jadeveon Clowney to play, and that's bad news for Giants. After a back injury limited him all week in practice, the Houston Texans expect outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney to suit up.

Former Giants
Tom Coughlin says hot seat could benefit Giants coach Pat Shurmur

Sept 21 It doesn't get any easier now for Giants' embattled offensive line. John Greco, who'll start his first game for the Giants at center on Sunday replacing the injured Jon Halapio, understands the caldron he's entering.

Despite the fact that the Giants possess one of the most dynamic collections of skill players in the league, the offense ranks in the bottom-five in scoring heading into Sunday's Week 3 showdown between 0-2 teams in Houston against the Texans.

Close. That's the word that has been bandied about for most of the past two weeks as the Giants have slipped to 0-2 and have struggled to score points. They're close to winning, close to connecting, close to turning this around they say. They're also close to football oblivion.

Sept 20 Giants could be without two key defensive starters. Eli Apple's injured groin hasn't improved since Sunday and Olivier Vernon's high ankle sprain doesn't seem to be making much progress, either.

John Greco takes over at center for Giants after Jon Halapio's injury. A year ago, John Greco this week was at home wondering if his NFL career was over. He'd been released by the Browns after training camp and was coming to peace with the possibility of involuntary retirement while waiting to see if any teams would call. On Sunday, he'll be starting at center for the Giants.

The Giants released fullback Shane Smith on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after signing Elijhaa Penny off the Arizona Cardinals practice squad. Smith struggled with blocking assignments against the Dallas Cowboys, in a game Sunday night that saw quarterback Eli Manning sacked six times and hit eight more during a 20-13 loss that was never really that close.

Sept 19 Pat Shurmur did not create this Giants mess, but he must fix it. The offensive line woes are new to Shurmur but painfully familiar to those inside the building and the paying customers.
One move cannot fix what ails the Giants' offense. One small one was made Tuesday, as fullback Elijhaa Penny was signed off the Cardinals practice squad. Fullbacks are not an integral part of Pat Shurmur's offensive system, used mostly as an extra blocker in the backfield, and also as special teams contributors.
Both of the Giants' games have been within reach in the fourth quarter and both have been decided by one score. That can create a dangerous imbalance in the locker room where the defense may grow frustrated by the offense.

Sept 18 The Giants are ruining what's left of Eli Manning. The whole idea, the Big Blueprint from the very top of the franchise, was to win now with Eli Manning. It was an organizational strategy steeped in romance and nostalgia and more than hope: Shore up the offensive line, get your 37-year-old quarterback a generational running back, and worry about securing your young franchise quarterback, your Next Eli Manning, sometime in the future.

After the Giants struggled to pick up blitzes and stunts and it resulted in six sacks of quarterback Eli Manning and a 20-13 loss to the Cowboys, the first-year head coach was grilled on his offense's ugly numbers during an 0-2 start. The Giants have two touchdowns on 22 offensive possessions.

Eli Manning, Pat Shurmur: These are not last year's Giants The Giants coach says the focus is on getting the starters to improve, not on looking for replacements. In many ways, it was as if last year's 3-13 record simply carried over to this season. The problem wasn't only that the Giants were 0-2 again, but that to fans, it felt a whole lot like 3-15.

Sept 17 Giants lose to the Cowboys 20-13
On the game. Game 2
Gamegirl ..."I don't know what weaknesses the Cowboys saw from watching game film, but they certainly did their job. Three plays into the game and the Cowboys had a touchdown. On their next possession they added a field goal. All the Giants could do was punt for the whole first half..."
Mikefan ..."The Giants will need a better offensive game plan if they hope to get their first win of the season in Houston next Sunday. Like the Giants, the Texans are also struggling and have two losses on the season..."

Prescott, Dallas D lead Cowboys to 20-13 win over Giants.
Giants' season already on the brink as offensive line struggles ... Again.
Eli Manning's offense is a Giant mess in loss to Cowboys.
Changes? What changes? Same old Giants blitzed for 6 sacks, generate no run game.
Giants offense implodes in disastrous loss to Cowboys.
Giants report card: There's enough blame to go around.
Helpless Eli Manning in middle of Giants' backfiring vision.
When will Odell Beckham Jr. start earning that Giant contract?.
Giants' offense flops vs. Cowboys as Big Blue drops to 0-2.
Big Blue in big trouble after delivering a dud in Dallas.
Cowboys QB Dak Prescott hurts Giants with his arm, and legs, in win in Dallas.
Odell Beckham Jr. is made an afterthought by Cowboys' defense.
Eli Manning's and Giants' offensive futility is unacceptable.
No panic yet, but Giants know they must rebound from 0-2 start.
Dallas Cowboys 20 - New York Giants 13.

Giants (0-1) vs Cowboys (0-1) Game Preview
In their season opener the Cowboys were unable to put points on the board until the fourth quarter was closing in on the halfway mark. The Cowboys trailed for the entire game and ended up with a 16-8 loss to the Carolina Panthers.
The Giants opened at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Any thoughts the fans had of seeing an explosive offense were squashed, as the Jaguars top defense played as well as they did last year. The Giants lost to the Jaguars with a 20-15 score.
Giants - Jaguars Wrap-Up

Sept 16 It might be time for the Giants to go from trip to chip. One week after a tripping penalty against right tackle Ereck Flowers on the first play of the season set the tone for an ugly offensive line performance, the Giants could have to fall back today on chip-blocking Cowboys pass-rusher DeMarcus Lawrence so he doesn't wreck the game.

The Giants are better than the Cowboys. This is a Cowboys team built with a low ceiling on its 2018 season, with an incomprehensibly anonymous skill position group assembled by Jerry Jones that affords little help to young quarterback Dak Prescott, who is not going to beat the Giants by himself.

Deal with Ezekiel Elliott on the ground and contain Dak Prescott's legs on designed and impromptu scrambles. Those are the Giants' marching orders on defense. They do not believe Prescott can beat them if he is forced to throw it 30-plus times, targeting Allen Hurns, Terrance Williams and the pesky Cole Beasley, a slot receiver pest, meaning nickel back BW. Webb is on the hot seat.

The Giants and Cowboys both lost their opening contests, meaning that (barring a tie) the loser of Sunday's clash of division rivals will have a miniscule chance of making the playoffs. Since 1990 there have been 231 teams that started a season 0-2. Only 28 of them, or 12 percent, have advanced to the postseason.

It is right there, on the highlight film, and will remain there in perpetuity. Whenever anyone views Saquon Barkley's first NFL touchdown, they will see Sterling Shepard leading the way with his lingering downfield block of Jaguars cornerback A.J. Bouye.

Sept 15 Odell Beckham Jr. said the Giants have a "one-play-away offense." Meaning that wherever they are on the field, wherever they are in the game, they can reach the end zone.

The film was familiar, yet foreign. There were routes Alec Ogletree remembered. There were schemes he had seen. It was the fourth time Ogletree had prepared to face the Cowboys. But it was the first time in eight years the Giants linebacker had seen Dallas' offense operating without Dez Bryant and Jason Witten.

Jerry Jones still trusts Dak Prescott. The heat is on Dak Prescott to bring the Cowboys back from the dead Sunday night against the Giants, but the quarterback was given a vote of confidence - for this season and beyond - from the most important voice in the organization.

Sept 14 Dak Prescott had two words for Landon Collins. "Challenge accepted." Actually he had four words since he said it twice. But the meaning was certainly clear.
Prescott had already been itching to get back on the field Sunday after a disappointing season opener, but Collins served up an extra bit of motivation.

Odell Beckham Jr. has his huge contract. He has his health and his speed back after undergoing ankle surgery last October. He has his production, having caught 11 passes for 111 yards in the opener and contributing even more yardage on plays when the Jaguars were penalized trying to cover him.
Continuing with the Cowboys on Sunday night in Arlington, Texas, opponents will give a little and play some Hold-ell Beckham if the alternative is watching the blond-haired dynamo erupt and rejoice in jubilation as only he can. "They don't like that," Beckham said.

Sept 13 If Odell Beckham Jr. vs. Jalen Ramsey commanded the spotlight last week, the showdown of star running backs Saquon Barkley and Ezekiel Elliott will take center stage when the Giants and Cowboys meet in prime time Sunday.
Rarely does a game contain such singular focus on one individual as the way the Giants' defense is fixated on Ezekiel Elliott. There are, of course, other players of concern for the Giants to consider, but this version of the Cowboys offense seems to be more of a one-man band than any other.
If the Dallas Cowboys offense seemed to funnel through Ezekiel Elliott the last two seasons, the Giants say that it pales in comparison to the running back's role in 2018. "Zeke's the guy," Giants safety Landon Collins said prior to Wednesday's practice. "He's the guy."

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