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Occasionally very wise authors, or their PR people, dare to send us a copy of a book that's about to be published. We gladly accept and hope you will enjoy our take on the contents.

Loudmouth - Memoirs by Craig Carton

Bottom Line.
If you're a Craig Carton fan you will buy this book.
If you don't like Craig Carton you won't buy this book
If you're not sure, continue on to read our review.

Craig Carton speaks what he thinks and as you know he never holds back. In this book he writes about his past from an early age and gives you insight as to what it's like climbing up the ladder of the radio world. This is a no holds barred book from an extraordinary man who tells it like it is, or at least as he sees it.

All in all it's a fun read, but If you don't like brashness and super self confidence, you won't enjoy this book. Push yourself if you dare. If you like Howard Stern and his style of humor, it's a no brainer that you will enjoy this book.

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Loudmouth - Kindle
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