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Rough and Tumble

Occasionally very wise authors, or their PR people, dare to send us a copy of a book that's about to be published. We gladly accept and hope you will enjoy our take on the contents.

Rough & Tumble - A Novel by Mark Bavaro

Bottom Line.
Is it truth or fiction?

Let's say you're a football player looking back on a very full and productive career. There are friends and family members you've shared some inside stories and experiences with as well as with some others in the business. You still have an allegiance to your fans, and how can you express yourself to all of them? They still stop you to treasure moments where you may have inspired them and given them great joy.

You can't publicly state some things about what really happened in your career on the field. It might cast many people in a poor light, or be slightly embarrassing to coaches and players who you respect, but may have been misguided at the time. You certainly can't divulge that so-and-so is a real bastard. Maybe the solution is to write a book about a fictional character who led a life very close to yours and let it all fly for your fans to enjoy.

Mark Bavaro succeeds with his book and you'll be partnered along with 'Dominick' in the various experiences this fictional player lives through as he pursues a career in the NFL. You will live through the eyes of a player on the field who faces life challenges with teammates, coaches and opponents. As a Giants fan you'll be wondering (not for long) who 'Dominick' is dealing with in various situations both on and off the field. Read about the NFL that exists behind the scenes and the life of a player committed to playing in this game for as long as he can.

Sounds like someone you know? Bavaro puts it all out there in this book, the same as he did on the field. You won't be disappointed with the intensity of the plays he describes as you are in his mind living life through his sometimes beleaguered eyes. Only someone with his first hand experience could take you there. This novel is a real look into what professional football is all about, and you certainly will have trouble putting it down once you start.

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Rough & Tumble
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