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Sports Illustrated Super Bowl Gold:
50 Years of the Big Game

Occasionally very wise authors, or their PR people, dare to send us a copy of a book that's about to be published. We gladly accept and hope you will enjoy our take on the contents.

Sports Illustrated Super Bowl Gold:
50 Years of the Big Game

Bottom Line.
It's more than you bargained for - Buy it!

I was expecting a coffee table book with nice photos and a synopsis of Super Bowls past and while it does have that, I was surprised at the amount of content. What was the weather like, the point spread, the length of the game? There's information and pictures about the halftime performances along with more pictures. Every Super Bowl starts with a brief outline of the game. For example - Super Bowl XXV - "The Bills had a no-huddle offense and the star-stocked makings of a dynasty. The Giants had a defense big and battering enough to make he-men flinch. After 59 minutes this test came down to those two enduring words: wide right."
The following pages contain a complete review. A section called "Just The Facts" has that and includes pictures of the ticket and the Super Bowl Ring. "The Way It Was" area for this particular game has one byline by Carl Banks - "He wanted us to allow Thurman Thomas to run for 100 yards? A couple of guys actually screamed at Bill Belichick." There's another by Thurman Thomas - "I think I checked out of the game four times, three times because I needed a breather and one time when I got hit pretty hard on a tackle by Carl Banks."
That example is just a part of their story lines. It's not just a coffee table book that would be glanced at for a few moments. It's beautifully designed and any football fan would enjoy having a copy. If you don't pick one up for yourself, do a friend a favor.

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Sports Illustrated Super Bowl Gold: 50 Years of the Big Game
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