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Team Giants Player info links - Mark Bavaro #89
MARK BAVARO - Life Athletes BiographyPictures, Mark's comments
CBS Sportsline - Legends&LoreBavaro carries Giants past 49ers

Roster for the NFC Championship game against San Francisco *
* Should be the same as the one for Superbowl XXV - Team Giants
WR82 Mark Ingram81 Stacy Robinson 
LT76 John Elliott64 Tom Rehder 
LG66 William Roberts 59 Brian Williams 
C 65 Bart Oates59 Brian Williams 
RG60 Eric Moore61 Bob Icratch 
RT72 Doug Riesenber 60 Eric Moore 
TE 89 Mark Bavaro 87 Howard Cross 80 Bob Mrosko
WR85 Stephen Baker84 Troy Kyles 
QB 15 Jeff Hostetler6 Matt Cavanaugh 
RB24 Ottis Anderson30 David Meggett 
RB44 Maurice Carthon22 Lee Rouson34 Lewis Tiliman
LE77 Eric Dorsey93 Mike Fox 
NT74 Erik Howard73 John Washington 
RE70 Leonard Marshall73 John Washington93 Mike Fox
LOLB58 Carl Banks98 Johnie Cooks 57 Lawrence McGrew
LILB99 Steve DeOssie 55 Gary Reasons51 Bobby Abrams
RILB52 Pepper Johnson55 Gary Reasons51 Bobby Abrams
ROLB56 Lawrence Taylor 98 Johnie Cooks51 Bobby Abrams
LCB25 Mark Collins21 Reyna Thompson28 Everson Walls
RCB28 Everson Walls 23 Perry Williams46 Roger Brown
SS47 Greg Jackson 26 Dave Duerson 
FS29 Myron Goyton43 David Witmore28 Everson Walls
P 5 Sean Landeta  
K 9 Matt Bahr  
H15 Jeff Hostetler82 Mark Ingram 
PC99 Steve DeOssie 64 Tom Rehder 
KC99 Steve DeOssie 64 Tom Rehder 
PR30 David Meggett85 Stephen Baker 
KR30 David Meggett82 Mark Ingram 

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