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Giants - Eagles
Game 10 preview
Sunday Nov 15, 1:00 PM - Eagles at Giants

Giants (2-7) Philadelphia (3-4-1)
The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off a bye week. The last game they played was a 23-9 win over the Dallas Cowboys.
The Giants got their second win of the season on Sunday. They traveled and defeated the Washington Football Team 23-20.

Philadelphia Eagles
The last time the Giants and Eagles faced off, the Cowboys were leading the division with a 2-4 record, and the 1-4-1 Eagles were in second place. They won in their game with the Giants and went on to beat the Cowboys. Those last two wins were big for them. No other team in the NFC East has more than 2 wins, and the Eagles at 3-4-1 are currently leading in this very weak division. All four teams have combined for just 9 wins (9-24-1), and 7 of those wins came from playing each other. With all these teams playing so poorly this season, can the Eagles sustain winning after having a bye, and break away from the rest?

Eagles Offense
The Eagles offensive line has been dealing with injuries all season long. Starting center Jason Kelce is the only offensive lineman who has been in all the games while the rest switch in and out. Aside from that, Carson Wentz has not been playing very well to say the least. Even in Philadelphia's last win over the Cowboys right before the bye, Wentz committed four turnovers - two interceptions and two fumbles. It had Wentz leading the league in turnovers with 16 - (twelve interceptions and four fumbles lost). Wentz also took four sacks in that game, making him the leader in sacks (32) as well.
A better running game would help Wentz out. This run offense is currently ranked 18th in the league. Running back Miles Sanders did not play against the Giants last time, but is back for this game. Sanders was the leading rusher last season, but due to injuries he's missed games, and so far has had only 71 carries. Boston Scott and Corey Clement have been doing the job, but it's hard to match Sanders, who's averaged 6.1 yards per carry. Sanders was also Philadelphia's third leading receiver last year. They will also have Alshon Jeffery on the field for the first time this season. Jeffery was their fourth leading receiver last year.

Eagles Defense
The strength of this defense is against the pass. They are ranked in the top five, allowing less than 210 yards per game. They're also high on sacks, ranking 3rd in the league with 28 sacks. Last time out with the Giants they focused on the Daniel Jones to Darius Slayton connection. Slayton had just two receptions for 23 yards. Washington's plan was the same last week. Jones was able to target Slayton only once for a six yard catch. In both those games Jones leaned heavily on Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard, who were targeted on more than half his passes.
Engram dropped a perfect pass from Jones that could have led to the Giants winning over the Eagles by running out the clock or adding more points. They'd like to improve on the run defense. Philadelphia is allowing an average 4.4 yards a carry, and they rank 24th in the NFL with 130.8 rushing yards allowed per game. Defensive tackle Fletcher Cox did not practice on Friday due to an illness, but looks set to go, and is joined by tackle Malik Jackson, who has missed two games.

Giants Offense
Daniel Jones played as you hoped he would in his last game against Washington. He completed 23 passes for 212 yards and 1 touchdown, and most of all - had no turnovers. Jones didn't even have to run for 80 yards (as he did in his game with the Eagles) to get the ground game going. Jones left that mostly to running backs Wayne Gallman and Alfred Morris. They combined for 23 carries for 135 yards and 1 touchdown. With the help of a few others, the Giants finished up with 166 yards on the ground, which was their best in any game to date.
The offensive line looks to be improving, and Jones is coming off his highest completion percentage of the season - 67.6. Things are starting to click for rookie tackle Andrew Thomas. He has allowed just one sack in the last four weeks. Nick Gates is playing well at center, and the Giants plan of rotating tackles and guards is working out for them.
They placed running back Devonta Freeman on injured reserve this week, so we'll see more of Morris, who averaged 7.4 yards a carry last week.

Giants Defense
They played well last week, coming up with 3 interceptions, and they held running backs Antonio Gibson and JD McKissic to 37 total yards on the ground. The run defense is ranked ranked sixth in the NFL allowing only 94.8 yards per game. Last week against Washington, they gave up just 36 yards on the ground. Eagles running back Miles Sanders will put that to the test. Leonard Williams, Dalvin Tomlinson and Dexter Lawrence will also have to deal with Boston Scott, who was the workhorse against them in their last game.
Carson Wentz likes
Travis Fulgham who has played in only five games with him. Last time the Giants held him to 5 catches on 11 targets and no touchdowns. Fulgham had one touchdown catch in all his other games. Wentz has shown a mindset at times for freelancing and going for a big play when he scrambles instead of settling for some smaller safer gain. When it hasn't worked it has led to sacks and turnovers. It would be interesting if the Giants, having seen this tendency, have any plans to bait him this game.

The Eagles are on a hot streak. They are coming off back to back wins, and no other team in their division has been able to put two wins together. In fact, the teams that trail the Eagles, Washington, Cowboys, and Giants in that order, each have just two wins and the rest losses. Will one of these teams break out and leave the rest in the dust? Quarterbacks could be the deciding factor in all this.
The Washington Football Team and the Cowboys are working with substitutes, either by choice or injury. That should give the edge to the Giants and Eagles. However, even though Carson Wentz and Daniel Jones are more secure in their positions, they tend to make poor decisions and turn the ball over on a regular basis. Look for their gameplay to be the deciding factor in this game on Sunday.

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