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Dec 20, 8:20 PM Browns at Giants
Game 14
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Giants lose to the Browns 20-6

"This game started off with Dion Lewis returning the kickoff just past midfield. A few plays later, Colt McCoy hit Sterling Shepard with a 22 yard pass. That had them at the Cleveland 13 yard line. I was feeling good. The Giants were going to score on their first drive with either a touchdown or a field goal, but then on fourth down, they tried some crazy trick play with our punter passing the ball into the endzone. It was high and incomplete, and instead of setting a good tone for this game, we had zero points to show after this promising drive.
Cleveland fought their way to the Giants 43-yard line, and felt confident enough to go for it on a 4th-and-2. It was a mistake, and the Giants offense was back on the field once again with good field position. On this drive McCoy completed another big pass, this time to Darius Slayton for 35 yards. When things stalled at the Cleveland 19-yard line, Graham Gano kicked a 37 yard field goal that put the Giants up 3-0.
The Giants defense was having trouble defending against Baker Mayfield. It looked like he was completing nearly every pass, and their next drive ended with a touchdown that let them take a 7-3 lead. On this next drive the Giants had a fourth down on the Cleveland 6-yard line, and needed two for a first down. Once again they didn't kick a field goal, and Wayne Gallman's run was a yard short. The Browns had a long way to go, but they did it and scored another touchdown just near the end of the half. They missed on the extra point, so they were up 13-3. All during halftime, I couldn't stop thinking that the Giants should be down by just four points instead of ten, if they had just kicked those two field goals.
Cleveland's starting drive in the third quarter was cut short, helped by Dexter Lawrence sacking Mayfield for an 11 yard loss. Even though McCoy completed a 21 yard pass to Slayton on the next drive, they had to punt, and Mayfield was stuck starting on his own 5-yard line. That just meant that Cleveland got to use up eight minutes of clock time before scoring their next touchdown.
Neither team got far on their next possessions. McCoy had three first down completions in a row on his next turn with the ball, but that was it. The Giants settled for a so what 39 yard field goal with just about 4 minutes left. They didn't recover the onside kick, and the next time the Giants had the ball, there was just over one minute left and they had no timeouts. The Giants lost 20-6, and I have to admit, these last two games were not very much fun to watch."

"The Giants had a chance to move into first place. There are only two more games left to do that, and Washington controls the outcome. That would have been flipped if the Giants managed to pull an upset over Cleveland, since Washington lost in their earlier game today.
After seeing how the Browns played in the last two weeks, the Giants knew they would have to score a lot of points. Their opening drive got them down to the Cleveland 5-yard line. Instead of kicking a short field goal, they tried to seal some extra points with a trick play, and those efforts failed. They did score one field goal before the end of the half, and on the other side of the ball, the defense had surrendered 219 total yards, but only 13 points, so the Giants had a shot.
Time became a big factor in the second half, and even though the defense held Cleveland to just one touchdown, the Giants were able to add only one more field goal. That put them on the losing side of this 20-6 game.
The Giants outsmarted themselves on a few plays, and in the end scored the least amount of points in any game this season. That's a little bit alarming considering last week they did the same thing by scoring just 7 points against Cincinnati. In the last four games, even though they won two, the Giants have scored just 19, 17, 7 and 6 points. Next up is the Baltimore Ravens, and the offense is going to have to do much better to give the team a chance.

First Quarter

Play: Graham Gano 37 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 7 plays, 38 yards, 2:53
Giants 3-0

Second Quarter

Play: Austin Hooper 2 Yd pass from Baker Mayfield (Cody Parkey Kick)
Drive info: 13 plays, 75 yards, 6:41
Browns 7-3

Play: Jarvis Landry 2 Yd pass from Baker Mayfield
Drive info: 10 plays, 95 yards, 4:55
Browns 13-3

Third Quarter


Fourth Quarter

Play: Nick Chubb 1 Yd Run (Cody Parkey Kick)
Drive info: 14 plays, 95 yards, 8:04
Browns 20-3

Play: Graham Gano 39 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 9 plays, 56 yards, 2:18
Browns 20-6


Giants scored their lowest amount of points this season for the second week in a row.

Giants have had seven losing seasons in the last eight years.
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