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Thursday Sept 16, 8:20 PM - Giants at Washington

Giants (0-1) Washington (0-1)
On Sunday, the Washington Football Team lost their opening day game to the Los Angeles Chargers 20-16. They also lost their starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick who has been placed on injured reserve.
Later on Sunday, the Giants lost in their game with the Denver Broncos 27-13. A last second Daniel Jones touchdown made the score look a bit more respectable than how the game actually played out.

Last year Washington got off to a good start winning their first game of the season, but they lost the next five games. After beating Dallas, they went to 2-7 before putting together a four game win streak. Washington lost the next two games, and then some would say, were gifted a win in the last game of the season by the Philadelphia Eagles, giving them the NFC East title with a 7-9 record. The playoffs had pitted Washington up against Tampa Bay, and they took a 31-23 loss. Things have been tricky for Washington with their quarterback situations.
Last year it was a mixture of Dwayne Haskins, Kyle Allen, Alex Smith, and Taylor Heinicke. Smith was the starting quarterback when they won 5 of their 7 games, and Heinicke was the last man standing after Smith was injured. Heinicke, in just his second pro start, ran for 46 yards and a touchdown, and threw for 306 yards and 1 touchdown. It wasn't enough to stop Tom Brady and his Super Bowl bound crew, but Heinicke, Washington's "quarantine quarterback", who
was taking online math classes at Old Dominion when Washington called on him, showed that he had the right stuff.

Washington Offense
Alex Smith was named the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year. Smith returned from a compound leg fracture he suffered in 2018 that almost cost him his right leg. Smith retired, and now works for ESPN as an NFL analyst. Washington brought in Ryan Fitzpatrick to be the experienced starter for the team. That plan lasted just one game, as Fitzpatrick suffered a right hip injury midway through the second quarter in the season opener with the Chargers. He had thrown just six passes, and has been placed on injured reserve.
Taylor Heinicke came in to replace Fitzpatrick, and he completed 11 of 15 passes for 122 yards, and one touchdown. He will be the starter for the Thursday night game with the Giants. Terry McLaurin was the top receiver last year, and was on Sunday also, catching all four passes when he was targeted. Tight end Logan Thomas, the third leading receiver last year, caught all 3 passes that came his way, including the one lone touchdown pass from Heinicke. Antonio Gibson was the top running back last year, and he got right back to it, rushing 20 times for 90 yards, and he caught 3 passes for 18 yards. His performance was marred when he fumbled the ball over to the Chargers at the Washington 4-yard line. That led to a Charger touchdown that took the lead, and Washington didn't come back.

Washington Defense
On Sunday, Washington's offense can be excused for the unforeseen quarterback change. Their defense did well after Taylor Heinicke managed to have Washington take a 16-13 lead, which they held into the fourth quarter. Cornerback William Jackson even intercepted a pass at the Washington 4 yard line. Unfortunately, running back Antonio Gibson fumbled it right back to the Chargers on the very next play, and the resulting touchdown had Washington down 20-16.
After the Washington offense stalled, the defense had the Chargers at their own 12 yard line needing 16 yards on 3rd down, and gave up a 17 yard pass completion. Washington allowed three more third down conversions, down to their 7-yard line. Quarterback Justin Herbert took three knees to mercifully end the game. Overall, Washington
let the Chargers make 14 of their 19 third downs, including the kneel down.
They will have to play better if they want to win games. Upfront they are strong, coming off a year where they were ranked 2nd in pass defense and 6th in sacks. The Chargers did a good job handling Chase Young, no sacks and just three tackles. The Giants will have to do the same.

Giants Offense
Daniel Jones keeps promising to improve his ball handling, but in the very first game of the season, he was at it again. Jones scrambling red zone fumble in the third quarter basically ended the Giants chances of making a comeback in the game. The number now is 39 turnovers in 28 career games, Some of the problem is that Jones is still under pressure to make something happen when it's not there. To his credit, he threw to eight different receivers in the first half, looking for a weak spot. That's quite a lot considering Jones threw only 12 passes during that time, and he did complete 9, including a 37 yard touchdown to Sterling Shepard.
Jones couldn't rely on the run game, which was non existent. Saquon Barkley's return was supposed to spark the offense, but that didn't happen. Barkley finished with 26 yards on 10 carries. In the end, Jones was the leading rusher of the game with just 27 rushing yards. Is the offensive line the problem?
To be fair, because of injuries, the starting offense barely played together very much during preseason. Jones is very familiar with Shepard, who was the standout receiver in the game, with 113 yards and a touchdown. Kenny Golladay, new to the team, had four catches for 64 yards. Tight end Kyle Rudolph, and rookie Kadarius Toney, played in the opener despite missing most of training camp. They will look to be more productive playing together for the second time in this next game.

Giants Defense
Whatever the Giants defense had worked out in advance to stop Ryan Fitzpatrick's passing game went right out the window. Taylor Heinicke will be running Washington's offense. Last year Washington allowed a lot of pressure on their quarterbacks, and they gave up 50 sacks as they shuffled quarterbacks in and out. Fitzpatrick took two sacks before Taylor Heinicke came in to replace him, but Heinicke was sack free for the rest of the game. The Giants came up with two against Teddy Bridgewater on Sunday, and quarterback pressure up front will be key in this game. Heinicke hasn't had much playing time with his receivers, and could be pressured into making mistakes.
The Chargers were able to shut down Washington's wide receiver Terry McLaurin after he caught 4 passes in the season opener. The Giants would be wise to do that from the start. In the first half Sunday, the Giants defense made some good plays and held the Broncos to just 10 points, but they couldn't get them off the field. That continued as they let the Broncos dominate the clock from the start of the third quarter with a 16 play drive that took over eight minutes, and ended with a touchdown. One thought on why the defense had such problems was that their former head coach Pat Shurmur, currently the offensive coordinator for the Broncos, was familiar with the defensive tendencies of some of the players he recently coached. Giants fans can hope that was it, and the defense will be more effective this game.

Both teams are coming off opening day losses with a fast turnaround for a Thursday night game. There are a lot of things to work on in a short period of time. The only good news is that after the game, one team will have quickly evened their record to 1-1. The loser however, will be 0-2, and have an extra long week to think about that, and the possibly of starting the season at 0-3. For that third game, the schedule has Washington visiting the Bills, and the Falcons traveling to MetLife stadium to face off with the Giants.
Both those teams lost their opening games as well, so maybe one of these losing NFC East teams will get their chance then. Someone is going to win this Thursday night. There was a reason Ryan Fitzpatrick was the starting quarterback, and not Taylor Heinicke. That difference, without much time for Washington to prepare, should swing things in favor of the Giants.

NFC East Games
Thursday at 8:20pm Giants (0-1) at Washington (0-1).
Sunday at 1:00pm 49ers (1-0) at Eagles (0-0).
Sunday at 4:25pm Cowboys (0-1) at Chargers (1-0).
Washington is the only NFC East team favored to win in these games.
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Daniel Jones has 8 total career wins, and 4 of them have come against Washington.

Saquon Barkley, in the 2 games he played at Washington, ran for at least 170 yards.

The Giants have won the last 5 games they've played with Washington.
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