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Oct 17, 1:00 PM Rams at Giants
Game 6
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Giants lose to the Rams 38-11

"I don't know what to say anymore. The Giants games have been so disappointing. This one started with them getting a penalty on the opening kickoff. Daniel Jones first play was a sack fumble losing 8 yards, having them at the 11-yard line. After a 4 yard run by Devontae Booker , it was 3rd-and-14. That's when Jones completed a nice 17 yard pass to Kadarius Toney for a first down.
That sparked the Giants, and they didn't hit a third down until they were at the Rams 8-yard line, needing 7 for a first down. They didn't get it, and Graham Gano kicked a 27 yard field goal. Considering how this drive started out, seeing the Giants recover and score the first points of the game, felt pretty good. That was especially so when the Giants held the Rams scoreless for the rest of the first quarter.
The Giants didn't score as well, and during that time we found that Toney re-injured his ankle on the first series. The Giants certainly missed his skills. Toney had 3 catches for 36 yards, and 2 first downs. Jones had thrown only one more first down pass, that one to Sterling Shepard, by the end of the half. At that point the game was all but over, as the defense gave up four touchdowns.
It's hard for fans to enjoy halftime ceremonies celebrating the 2011 Giants Super Bowl team when their current team is in a super blowout 28-3 game. After halftime the blowout continued, with the Rams scoring twice more before the Giants finally came up with one touchdown before the game ended with a 38-11 score.
As for the rest of the Giants games, I don't know what to say. Just enjoy all the halftime ceremonies they come up with this year. Manning's jersey was retired, the Super Bowl team honored, Strahan's jersey will be retired, and who knows what's next? I for one, would like to enjoy celebrating the Giants winning some games this season."

"The Giants didn't make it easy on the Rams in the first quarter, but then it was all downhill. There was even one play where Joe Judge was somehow confident enough to run a fourth down play from the Giants own 41-yard line. Daniel Jones couldn't pick up the yard they needed on the keeper. The defense came up strong, handing the Rams a three-and-out when they sacked Matthew Stafford for the second time in the game.
Their first sack killed the Rams previous drive, so maybe that's why Judge thought to go for the risky fourth down this time. Whatever his defense was doing right in the first quarter, it all disappeared in the second when the Rams scored four touchdowns. Although to be fair, on two of those drives the defense came out on the field trying to stop the Rams from their own 12-yard line, and 14-yard line. The score was 28-3 in favor of the Rams at the end of the half.
The Rams 'earned' their opening drive field goal to start off the third quarter, with a long nine minute, 13 play, 68 yard drive. They added another touchdown when Stafford took the field again after Jones was intercepted at midfield. That was Jones third interception on the day, and he had also fumbled twice, with the Rams recovering one of them. Jones poor play today gives some thought that maybe he hasn't fully recovered from the concussion he suffered a week earlier.
Judge could have replaced him with Mike Glennon when the Giants went down 38-3 in the fourth quarter. Glennon looked good when he first stepped in for Jones last week before making some mistakes. He did get more practice this week with the first unit before Jones was cleared to play, and it might have been beneficial to see what Glennon could do if called on again.
Maybe Judge was concerned that inserting Glennon could add a quarterback controversy, especially if the Rams let up, knowing that the game was already in hand by a large margin, and they may have. After holding the Giants scoreless the entire game after that opening series field goal, the Rams gave up a touchdown on one of Jones two last drives. It was a miserable 38-11 loss for the Giants. They are now a 1-5 team getting ready to host the 3-3 Carolina Panthers next Sunday."

First Quarter

Play: Graham Gano 27 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 14 plays, 73 yards, 5:39
Giants 3-0

Second Quarter

Play: Robert Woods 15 Yd pass from Matthew Stafford (Matt Gay Kick)
Drive info: 6 plays, 66 yards, 3:05
Rams 7-3
Play: Cooper Kupp 3 Yd pass from Matthew Stafford (Matt Gay Kick)
Drive info: 4 plays, 12 yards, 1:17
Rams 14-3
Play: Darrell Henderson Jr. 2 Yd Run (Matt Gay Kick)
Drive info: 4 plays, 14 yards, 1:17
Rams 21-3
Play: Darrell Henderson Jr. 25 Yd pass from Matthew Stafford (Matt Gay Kick)
Drive info: 6 plays, 73 yards, 1:41
Rams 28-3

Third Quarter

Play: Matt Gay 32 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 13 plays, 68 yards, 9:15
Rams 31-3

Fourth Quarter

Play: Cooper Kupp 13 Yd pass from Matthew Stafford (Matt Gay Kick)
Drive info: 9 plays, 49 yards, 5:03
Rams 38-3
Play: Elijhaa Penny 4 Yd Run (Daniel Jones Pass to Kyle Rudolph for Two-Point Conversion)
Drive info: 12 plays, 53 yards, 3:27
Rams 38-11


Giants 60 rushing yards matched their season low on opening day against Denver.

Giants 4 turnovers, 3 interceptions and a lost fumble, is their highest total since 2019.

Giants 3 turnovers in a quarter, a lost fumble and 2 interceptions, is their first since 2016.
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