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Jan 1, 1:00 PM Colts at Giants
Game 16
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Giants win over the Colts 38-10

"The Giants were the favorites, but it didn't look certain at the start of this game, especially when they gave up a 49 yard pass completion on the Colts second drive of the game. That big play gave the Colts a 1st-and-10 on the Giants 14-yard line. The Giants held them to a field goal, and then went on to score a touchdown when Daniel Jones hit Richie James with a pass in the endzone. The Giants built on that 7-3 score on their next drive when Jones threw a touchdown pass to Isaiah Hodgins.
The defense got into the act as well on the Colts next turn, when Landon Collins came up with an interception, and he ran the ball back 52 yards for a touchdown. The Colts went nowhere on their next drive, leaving the Giants with only 42 seconds left in the half. Things had been going their way this game, and Jones completed passes and scrambled enough to get the team down to the Colts 18-yard line. Graham Gano then kicked a 36 yard field goal, and i
t was great for the fans to see the Giants have a 24-3 halftime lead on their way to the playoffs.
That good feeling went away a bit right after the Giants received the second half kickoff, and Darius Slayton made a catch and fumbled the ball away at the Giants 30-yard line. Quarterback Sam Ehlinger came in to replace Nick Foles, as he was injured on their last play of the the first half. The Giants defense held, and after the Colts missed on their field goal attempt, the Giants scored another touchdown on an 18 yard run by Jones, and now they had a 31-3 lead.
On the Colt's next drive they finally came up with a touchdown, but the Giants made them earn it. They had to convert two fourth down plays, and burned up almost all the rest of the third quarter in the process. When Jones ran the ball in for his second rushing touchdown from 10 yards out, it was 38-10, and you knew this game was over. The next time the Giants had the ball, Tyrod Taylor came in at quarterback, though he didn't throw any passes. Barkley was on the sidelines, and Matt Breida and Gary Brightwell were running with the ball on every play.
The Giants chewed the clock down to the two minute warning, and could have added a field goal, but instead turned the ball over on downs, on a 4th-and-2. The Colts made no real attempt at that point, and three plays later the game was over. It was great to see the fans cheer Jones after he had his second running touchdown. They cheered Jones again coming off the field when Taylor was subbed in, and now they were loud and cheering again that the Giants had just clenched a playoff spot."

"The Giants were playing the Colts, and at this point in time they are not a very good football team. The Giants took advantage of that, and except for one major miscue, they hit on all cylinders. Darius Slayton caught a pass from Daniel Jones on the first play of the second half, and fumbled the ball over to Indianapolis. The Giants defense was just back from their halftime break, expecting their counterparts to be out on the field for at least a few minutes or so. They found themselves suddenly called onto the field at the 30-yard line.
Against a better team, the Giants may have found themselves giving up a touchdown, or at minimum, a field goal that would have cut into their 24-3 lead. If so, the opposition would have seen that a second half comeback was in their sights. The struggling Colts missed on their field goal attempt, and the Giants lead stayed intact. Unfortunately, the Giants won't be drawing the Colts when they move on to the playoff game they earned today.
Costly mistakes against a playoff caliber team will have them one and done. Head coach Brian Daboll was seen explaining that fact to Slayton on the sidelines. Daboll gave much needed safety Xavier McKinney the go ahead to play today after having him miss the last seven games. McKinney did show some rust early in the game on one play that resulted in a 49-yard reception for Parris Campbell to the Giants 14-yard line. The Colts, being what they are, ended up with just a field goal.
Landon Collins put points on the board for the Giants with his 52-yard pick six late in the second quarter. This defensive touchdown pretty much put the game out of reach for the Colts the way things were going. Overall the defense came up with 2 sacks, and limited the Colts to 128 rushing yards, and 124 yards passing with 1 touchdown.
The offensive line kept Jones sackless, and he completed nearly 80 percent of his passes. Jones was responsible for all 4 touchdowns today, 2 rushing and 2 passing. Jones ran with the ball 11 times for 91 yards, and Saquon Barkley, who was pulled in the fourth quarter, had only 12 carries for 58 yards.
Richie James caught all seven passes that came his way for 76 yards and 1 touchdown. Isaiah Hodgins caught 4 out of 5 passes for 42 yards and 1 touchdown. Slayton was targeted only 3 times, and caught 2 for 14 yards, and Daniel Bellinger caught all 3 of his passes for 42 yards. The competition gets a lot tougher next week when the Giants travel to Philadelphia. The Giants are in the playoffs with a win or a loss, and the Eagles are trying to cling to their No 1 seed spot in the playoffs."

First Quarter

Play: Chase McLaughlin 23 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 9 plays, 75 yards, 5:50
Colts 3-0

Second Quarter

Play: Richie James 6 Yd pass from Daniel Jones (Graham Gano Kick)
Drive info: 11 plays, 71 yards, 6:48
Giants 7-3
Play: Isaiah Hodgins 6 Yd pass from Daniel Jones (Graham Gano Kick)
Drive info: 9 plays, 64 yards, 4:49
Giants 14-3
Play: Landon Collins 52 Yd Interception Return (Graham Gano Kick)
Drive info: 6 plays, 21 yards, 2:36
Giants 21-3
Play: Graham Gano 36 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 9 plays, 43 yards, 0:46
Giants 24-3

Third Quarter

Play: Daniel Jones 18 Yd Run (Graham Gano Kick)
Drive info: 6 plays, 62 yards, 3:19
Giants 31-3
Play: Michael Pittman Jr. 6 Yd pass from Sam Ehlinger (Chase McLaughlin Kick)
Drive info: 16 plays, 68 yards, 8:32
Giants 31-10

Fourth Quarter

Play: Daniel Jones 10 Yd Run (Graham Gano Kick)
Drive info: 8 plays, 70 yards, 5:11
Giants 38-10

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Jan 8 Giants at Philadelphia
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