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Nov 19, 1:00 PM Giants at Washington
Game 11
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Giants win over Washington 31-19

"How can you feel happy after seeing your quarterback take 9 sacks in a game? I guess when he also throws 3 touchdowns and comes up with a win. There haven't been many wins this year, and Tommy DeVito did all he could to get the Giants one. DeVito had the Giants scoring first today on their third drive in the game. That was helped by Cor’Dale Flott forcing a fumble that Xavier McKinney recovered at the Washington-45 yard line.
In the next four plays, DeVito threw back to back 24 yard completions to Darius Slayton and to Saquon Barkley for a touchdown. Washington followed up with a field goal, but in the second quarter DeVito hit Darius Slayton for a 40 yard touchdown. Before you could get too excited that the Giants had a 14-3 lead, the defense let Washington have their best drive of the day ending with quarterback Sam Howell running the ball for a 7 yard touchdown. After a missed extra point the half soon ended with the Giants up 14-9.
On the first play of the third quarter, Washington fumbled on their kickoff return, and the Giants had it at their 34-yard line. I was expecting more points, but this drive was over fast with the offensive line having DeVito take two more sacks, for a total of eight so far. Washington had the ball for about only 10 seconds on their first drive, but this time controlled it for over seven and a half minutes.
The Giants defense got pushed around a bit, but held them to a field goal and a 14-12 score. The next time Washington had the ball, Bobby Okereke forced a fumble, and Micah McFadden recovered the ball The Giants did better this time with that turnover opportunity, starting off with Saquon Barkley taking off on a 36 yard run, and that ended the third quarter.
On the next play, DeVito hit Daniel Bellinger with a pass, and that 26 yard gain put the ball at Washington's 6-yard line. Three plays later, Barkley had a 5 yard touchdown catch to put the Giants up 21-12. If that wasn't good enough, on Washington's next drive, cornerback Darnay Holmes intercepted a pass from Howell for another turnover, and the Giants next added a field goal.
It was hard not to get excited seeing everything going the Giants way, and holding a 24-12 lead with more than half the fourth quarter gone. Of course the Giants defense let Washington convert on two fourth down plays on their next drive, and score a touchdown. Of course the Giants offense went 3-and-out, and with the score at 24-19, Washington was within striking distance with just under two minutes left.
I watched as Washington moved the ball from their own 19-yard line to having a 1st-and-10 at the Giants 43-yard line. I was happy to see them get hit with a false start penalty, and even happier on the next play when Isaiah Simmons intercepted Howell, and ran it back 54 yards for a touchdown. The Giants ended up with a 31-19 win. I feel sad for DeVito's mom watching him take all those sacks, but I am hoping to see him play again next week against New England with maybe the same overall results, minus the sacks of course."

"Tommy DeVito showed his skills today, and in only his second career start working behind a subpar offensive line, he came up with three touchdowns and there were no interceptions. In the process DeVito took nine total sacks, six in the first half and three in the second, so I guess you can say that was improvement of sorts, and they were moving in the right direction. Most of that came from Saquon Barkley, who had shown worse than no movement in that first half, where he had 6 carries for minus 2 yards. Barkley did have 3 catches for 52 yards and 1 touchdown.
Still, with the running game being nonexistent, they didn't even have Barkley touch the ball on the Giants first two drives in the third quarter. After seeing DeVito take three more sacks during that time, they gave Barkley another shot, and this time he broke out with an explosive 32 yard run. Barkley kept it up for the rest of the game, and ended up with 14 carries for 83 yards, and he had another touchdown catch, giving him two on the day.
Darius Slayton was the leading receiver with 4 catches on 5 targets for 82 yards, and had one 40-yard touchdown. DeVito was deprived of Slayton's skills for the whole second half as he never returned after that second quarter touchdown. After Barkley's big run, DeVito threw only 3 more passes on that opening fourth quarter drive, and that was it. DeVito finished with 18 completions on the 26 passes he managed to throw, for 246 yards and 3 touchdowns with no interceptions.
Tight end Daniel Bellinger was the third leading receiver behind Barkley, catching all three passes, including the 26-yard one that got the Giants close enough in range for Barkley's 5-yard touchdown catch. Wan'Dale Robinson caught 3 of 4 and one was for 21 yards. Isaiah Hodgins was 2 of 3 on his receptions, including one for 16 yards.
The Giants had given up 79 points in the past two games and had no sacks, even though their opponents were on the field for long stretches, racking up those points. In the first half alone, they had 2 sacks, and 2 forced turnovers, and could have had three, but Jason Pinnock dropped an easy interception. The Giants had ten takeaways before this game, and added six today, which set up opportunities for the offense to score 17 points. There were 3 interceptions and 3 fumble recoveries. Five were on defense, and there was one on special teams.
To sum things up, the Giants ended their three game losing streak by beating Washington today. Two of their three wins have been against Washington, and t
hey need to show they can move on and beat other teams as well. They get their next chance when they host the New England Patriots next week."

First Quarter

Play: Saquon Barkley 24 Yd pass from Tommy DeVito (Randy Bullock Kick)
Drive info: 4 plays, 45 yards, 1:10
Giants 7-0
Play: Joey Slye 23 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 9 plays, 70 yards, 4:17
Giants 7-3

Second Quarter

Play: Darius Slayton 40 Yd pass from Tommy DeVito (Randy Bullock Kick)
Drive info: 6 plays, 62 yards, 2:45
Giants 14-3

Play: Sam Howell 7 Yd Run (Joey Slye PAT failed)
Drive info: 12 plays, 75 yards, 4:26
Giants 14-9

Third Quarter

Play: Joey Slye 42 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 13 plays, 68 yards, 7:37
Giants 14-12

Fourth Quarter

Play: Saquon Barkley 5 Yd pass from Tommy DeVito (Randy Bullock Kick)
Drive info: 5 plays, 68 yards, 2:10
Giants 21-12
Play: Randy Bullock 36 Yd Field Goal
Drive info: 7 plays, 46 yards, 4:23
Giants 24-12

Play: Jahan Dotson 8 Yd pass from Sam Howell (Joey Slye Kick)
Drive info: 12 plays, 75 yards, 4:32
Giants 24-19

Play: Isaiah Simmons 54 Yd Interception Return (Randy Bullock Kick)
Drive info: 7 plays, 33 yards, 1:33
Giants 31-19

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