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Giants - Chiefs
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Sun Sept 29, 1:00 PM - Giants at Chiefs

Giants (0-3) vs Chiefs (3-0)
Last week Andy Reid's players ensured their new head coach was paid respect due when facing his old team for the first time. The Kansas City Chiefs showed the Philadelphia Eagles that they had embraced Reid's winning philosophies, coming away with a 26-16 victory.
Last week the Giants gave one of their worst performances ever in a game against the Carolina Panthers. Both teams went in with 0-2 records looking for their first win and the Panthers got it bigtime with a 38-0 victory in front of their loyal, and likely surprised, home crowd.

Kansas City Chiefs.
Put a head coach with a 4-12 record in charge of a 2-14 team and what do you get? A 3-0 team. What? Andy Reid was the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles for 14 years until he was fired last December. Reid had guided his Eagles team to 140 wins and 6 division titles, with the last one as recent as 2010. Still with all that, he could never bring home the big one, the Lombardi Trophy. Although Reid got them to the Super Bowl once, the Eagles are one of the few teams to have never won one. Still, the Philadelphia fans greeted their long time head coach with a standing ovation. Reid was the winningest coach in their franchise history, a winner in their eyes.
Just to prove it, he notched up another one, this time against his old team. At the end of the game Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and Reid embraced. Reid had reached out to Vick and brought him back into the game of football after his prison term. In his last two years with the Eagles, Reid was 8-8 and 4-12 and he was gone. Vick during that time threw 24 interceptions and fumbled 21 times for his coach and in doing so maybe
inadvertently cut Reid loose. One thing for sure is that Reid is enjoying his own prison break' from Philadelphia with his 3-0 Chiefs.

Chiefs offense.
Compared to the defense and special teams unit the offense is the weakest part of this undefeated team, but as all coaches say, 'You have to win the turnover battle'. The Chiefs are 3-0 and have not yet committed a turnover. Last season they
turned the ball over 37 times and finished 2-14. Quarterback Alex Smith is smart and he plays it safe and doesn't throw the ball downfield all that much. He can do that because his productive running back, Jamaal Charles, is a great outlet and is also the second leading receiver on the team. Smith takes off at the right times and enough so that he has become the second leading runner on the team. All this has the Chiefs at above average in rushing yards and way below in passing yards.

Chiefs defense.
This defense is running hot right now. Last week they sacked Michael Vick six times, scored a touchdown on an interception return, and forced three other turnovers. In three games they have 15 sacks, 7 1/2 from linebacker Justin Houston, who feasted on Vick with 4 1/2 and he now leads the league. The Chiefs played their game early last week and had the opportunity to watch the Giants play in Carolina. If he did so, Houston is probably worried.
That worry would be that he might not be the sack leader this week since everyone seems to get a hand on Eli Manning these days. Seriously, this is a dangerous defense led by a head coach who knows how to play these Giants. The best way for the Giants to slow down the Chiefs defense is to make a statement with David Wilson. The Chiefs have a low rated rush defense and and give up almost 6 yards per carry. Get the ball to him any way you can and bigger things will open up for Eli Manning.

Giants offense.
Eli Manning finished last week going 12-for-23 for 119 yards and an interception and he was lucky for those numbers, as during the game Manning was sacked 7 times and with 6 coming in the first 17 minutes. This offensive line was blown away from the start and whatever they were doing out there, they never had a chance to establish any kind of offense. Once again the running game got nowhere, and what's going to change this week? It turns out quite a bit, but not because of any master plan, only due to injuries that have starters guard Chris Snee and center David Baas out for this game.
Center Jim Cordle might get his first start, as well as James Brewer switching to guard. Second-year lineman Brandon Mosley, who was on injured reserve last year,
and even David Diehl whose been out with a thumb injury, might be called on because it's 'all hands on deck' at this point. The offense has averaged just 4.45 plays per drive this season, which puts them last in the league. It doesn't matter how good your quarterback or running backs or receivers are if you don't give them a chance to do their jobs.

Giants defense.
The Giants as a team have allowed more points and committed more turnovers than any other in the NFL. This defense is certainly not being helped out with these 'extra opportunities' to rush back onto the field that has been afforded them. They are tied for last place in the league with 3 sacks and although Alex Smith is a more sackable target, then some that they've faced, he also uses his feet. The defense will have to be alert playing him as well as watching out for Jamaal Charles and receiver in Dwayne Bowe. They say that Jason Pierre-Paul is coming along better each week. This would be a good time for him to show it.

Giants Yaysayers.
They lost the first game to the Cowboys, a division team. Those things can go either way, They lost the second to Peyton Manning's Broncos. That team is on track to go all the way to the Super Bowl and the rest of the NFC East teams will take their licks. The third game was a disaster with the Panthers having a big edge with Chase Blackburn on their side. Even changing signals, after eight years he knows what he sees when they line up in front of him and that tipped the scales.

Giants Naysayers.
This team is old and last week showed it. Kevin Gilbride runs plays that the fans can call at home. Jerry Reese should not have let Osi Umenyiora, Ahmad Bradshaw and Martellus Bennett walk. - (OK enough of the nay-saying for this report. The Giants need a win).

One team is 3-0 and the other 0-3 so it's easy to jump to conclusions. Why even play this game? The Eagles were able to run big on the Chiefs, but Eli Manning and David Wilson are not Michael Vick and McCoy. Despite his 14 yard run last week Manning would pass on taking off on a regular basis. Now if Wilson could even come close to what McCoy did, 158 yards on 20 carries, that would be plenty enough to let Manning do what he really does best. That's providing the offensive line shows up this week.
You don't like to hear that only 3 of the 115 teams starting at 0-3 over the last 23 NFL seasons made it to the playoffs, but look at the horse race these Giants are in. The NFC East has a combined record of 3-9. The Cowboys are riding high, owning two of those wins. It's entirely possible that by the end of this weekend the Giants, Eagles and Redskins will all be 1-3 sitting right behind a 2-2 Cowboys team.

NFC East
The whole division is on the road this Sunday. The Giants play at 1pm and all the rest have 4:25pm start times. The Eagles (1-2) face the Broncos (3-0). The Cowboys (2-1) are up against the Chargers (1-2), and the Redskins (0-3) are going for their first win against the Raiders (1-2). The Cowboys are the only division team favored to win their game. Check out.
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tgtwitter TeamGiants on Twitter.Notes.
Giants Eli Manning has been sacked 11 times this season, tied for second most in the NFL.

Chiefs haven't started 4-0 since 2003 when they went 9-0.

Chiefs Justin Houston last week was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week.

Chiefs Andy Reid has won 7 of the last 9 matchups with the Giants while with the Eagles.
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