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Nov 24, 4:25pm - Cowboys at Giants
Game 11
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Giants lose to the Cowboys 24-21.
Eli Manning was 16 of 30 for 174 yards and 2 TDs.
Andre Brown rushed for 127 yards on 21 carries and had 4 catches for 11 yards.
Brandon Jacobs rushed for 75 yards on 9 carries.
Rueben Randle caught 3 passes for 64 yards.
Brandon Myers caught 3 passes for 39 yards and 1 TD.
Victor Cruz caught 2 passes for 27 yards and had 1 fumble.
Jerrel Jernigan caught 2 passes for 24 yards.
Bear Pascoe caught 1 pass for 5 yards.
Louis Murphy caught 1 pass for 4 yards and 1 TD.
Antrel Rolle had 1 interception.
Cullen Jenkins had 2 sacks.
Justin Tuck had 1 sack.
Mathias Kiwanuka and Linval Joseph shared in 1 sack.

Josh Brown kicked fields goals of 21 and 23 yards.

Game Notes:
"If you were at the stadium waiting for the game to start, you had to be thinking what it might feel like in these seats in February for the Super Bowl. For today though, I was hoping that the Cowboys would feel the chill and that it would play into our advantage. The Cowboys got the ball first and had a nice starting spot at their 32 yard line. Before long though Tony Romo took his first sack by either Linval Joseph or Mathias Kiwanuka or both combined. Romo couldn't connect on a third and long and after the punt the Giants had the ball on their own 10 yard line.
They didn't get far and after the ball changed hands a few times, the Giants came up big when Tony Romo's pass came off the hands of Dez Bryant and was intercepted by Antrel Rolle at the Giants 21 yard line. That was exciting until Victor Cruz caught a pass and had it pulled from his hands and returned all the way downfield for a touchdown to put the Cowboys up 7-0.
In the second quarter the Giants got close, but had to settle for a field goal to make it 7-3. About five plays later, Tony Romo hit Jason Witten for a 20 yard touchdown and I got this sinking feeling. Still, Andre Brown had been running strong and on the next series he had a nice 11 yard run and when they rested him, Brandon Jacobs reeled off 9 yards. That was nothing because on his next carry Jacobs ran almost 40 yards and almost took it in, but was stopped at the Cowboys 4 yard line. Brown came back in and everyone in the house knew what was coming next and unfortunately so did the Cowboys. Brown got the ball and the play was blown up for a six yard loss. Then Manning couldn't connect with Brandon Myers and for some reason, from 10 yards out, gave the ball to Brown again. He got 5 yards and we had to settle for another field goal and before long the half ended with the Giants down 14-6.
The good thing was that the Giants were getting the ball to start the second half and right away Brown was ripping up the field again, but that drive stalled at the Cowboys 35 yard line even with the Giants going for it on a fourth down-and-six. When the Cowboys scored a touchdown on the next drive to make it 21-6 I thought all was lost, but Manning completed a pass to Brandon Myers, who fell down and then got up when no one touched him and continued on for a touchdown.
When the Giants later tied it up 21-21 in the fourth quarter my hopes were high. They had to make a two point conversion to do that and had been trailing the whole game up to that point, but this doesn't seem to be the year that the Giants can work their magic. They let the Cowboys chew up the whole four and a half minutes or so that were left and finish them off with a field goal. The day started off windy and cold and ended up really chilly and dark for all the fans at the stadium and also maybe for as far as the rest of this season will go."

Game Notes:
"After you win four games straight aren't you allowed a little leeway, dropping one by a measly three points? NO! Not when you started off the season by losing six straight. If you want to pull off the all-time super NFL miracle, and come back from the dead to play in your own stadium in the Super Bowl, you can't take a loss to the Cowboys here like the Giants did today.
Eli Manning didn't have Hakeem Nicks at his disposal. For whatever reason he was suddenly out for this game, and the Cowboys were so effective covering Victor Cruz that Manning threw only four passes his way. Cruz caught two of them, with one being stripped from his hands and returned 50 yards for a touchdown.
Still they did manage to comeback from a 21-6 deficit to tie the game and give the fans a short lived thrill in the fourth quarter. The Cowboys had the ball with 4:45 left at their 20 yard line. It was all on the Giants defense to stop them and get the ball back into Manning's hands, but that didn't happen. Tony Romo used up all the time as he marched his unit down to the Giants 11 yard line and a 35 yard field goal sealed the game for the Cowboys.
Overall the defense gave up two touchdown passes and one field goal for a total of 17 points. The offense gave up 7 and settled for field goals twice instead of touchdowns even though both times they had first-and-goal inside the Cowboys' 10-yard line. With the limitations of the offensive line and no Hakeem Nicks, Eli Manning played like he had one arm tied behind his back. Andre Brown and Brandon Jacobs provided a real nice ground game, but without Manning connecting with his receivers, or with him being sabotaged by them, you end up with a loss like this. Right now the best the Giants can do on the season is finish 9-7. The Cowboys are 6-5 and have all the tiebreakers they need if they finish up even with the Giants. At least 10 more teams in the NFC have better records than the Giants right now so things don't look real good for any post season games."

First Quarter
Play: Jeff Heath 50 yard fumble return for TD (Dan Bailey kick), 4:17
Drive: 0 play, 0 yard in 0:00
Dallas 7-0
Second Quarter

Play: Josh Brown 21 yard field goal, 12:40
Drive: 10 plays, 74 yards in 6:37
Dallas 7-3

Play: Jason Witten 20 yard TD pass from Tony Romo (Dan Bailey kick), 9:37
Drive: 5 plays, 80 yards in 3:03
Dallas 14-3

Play: Josh Brown 23 yard field goal, 5:18
Drive: 8 plays, 60 yards in 4:19
Dallas 14-6

Third Quarter

Play: Jason Witten 2 yd pass from Tony Romo (Dan Bailey kick), 6:54
Drive: 10 plays, 65 yards in 5:41
Dallas 21-6
Play: Brandon Myers 27 yd pass from Eli Manning (Josh Brown kick), 4:33
Drive: 6 plays, 67 yards in 2:21
Dallas 21-13

Fourth Quarter

Play: Louis Murphy Jr. 4 yd pass from Eli Manning (Andre Brown 2pt Rush), 4:45
Drive: 8 plays, 58 yards in 4:13
Tied 21-21

Play: Jason Pierre-Paul 24 yd interception return (Josh Brown kick), 10:49
Drive: 0 play, 0 yard
New York 27-13

Giants Antrel Rolle’s interception was his fifth interception of the season.

Giants Andre Brown topped his career high 115 yards set two weeks ago with 127 yards.

Giants Brandon Jacobs 37-yard run was the Giants longest run in 2013.

Giants Louis Murphy caught his first career touchdown on his second catch of the season.

Giants Hakeem Nicks missed a game for the first time this season.
Nicks has never played a full 16-game season in five years.

Giants came up with four sacks for the third time in four games.

Cowboys 50-yard fumble return was the longest against the Giants since Dec. 13, 2009.

Cowboys second quarter touchdown pass was the first allowed by the Giants in 20 quarters.
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