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Sept 15, 4:25pm - Broncos at Giants
Game 2
Broncos 0 10 14 17 41
Giants 3 6 7 7 23
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Giants lose to the Broncos 41-23.
Eli Manning was 28 of 49 for 362 yards with 1 TD and 4 INTs.
David Wilson rushed for 17 yards on 7 carries.
Brandon Jacobs rushed for 4 yards on 7 carries and had 1 TD.
Da'Rel Scott rushed for 2 yards on 5 carries and had 2 catches for 30 yards and 1 TD.
Victor Cruz caught 8 passes for 118 yards.
Hakeem Nicks caught 4 passes for 83 yards.
Brandon Myers caught 6 passes for 74 yards.
Larry Donnell caught 3 passes for 31 yards.
Rueben Randle caught 3 passes for 14 yards.
Bear Pascoe caught 2 passes for 12 yards.
Ryan Mundy had 1 fumble recovery.
Josh Brown kicked field goals of 36, 24, and 41 yards.

Game Notes:
"Weather-wise It was a great day for a football game at MetLife Stadium. As you took your seat you knew you were going to see a special game between the Manning brothers and Bill Parcells was being honored at halftime. As a bonus, all the other teams in the NFC East, Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington had just lost their games. It would be totally perfect if the Giants could pull off a win here against the Broncos.
The Broncos had the ball first and got off to a fast start, but failed to score when they fumbled into the endzone and the Giants recovered. Cruz caught a nice pass from Eli Manning and Wilson got 5 yards on a carry, and then it was thrilling to see Brandon Jacobs on the field for the first time getting 5 more for the first down. That drive ended with a field goal and the Giants were up 3-0. I was in heaven.
The Broncos scored a touchdown to take the lead and the Giants nibbled away with two field goals to regain it 9-7. The Broncos got it back with a field goal to make it 10-9. Eli didn't have much time left, but got the ball down to the Broncos 28 yard line and tried for a touchdown pass, but it was intercepted in the endzone so the score stood. The halftime ceremony was great and t
hat's when I should have left.
The Broncos ended up with a 41-23 win.
Some good news is that the Broncos now move on with their super offense to play the Eagles, Cowboys and Redskins over the next few weeks. To show I'm not really a downer, I'll finish this report by saying that the Broncos are playing better than us right now, but we'll see what happens when we catch them again in the Super Bowl."

Game Notes:
"Things got off to a poor start for the Giants. On the first series they couldn't stop anything and it was up to the Broncos to stop themselves. At the three yard line, rookie Montee Ball fumbled and the Giants recovered the ball in the endzone. The Giants turned that mistake into a field goal to get the first points on the board.
As the second quarter started, Knowshon Moreno got himself a 20 yard touchdown run to put the Broncos ahead 7-3. Other than that, neither team had much of a ground game going and a
t the end of the half neither of the Manning brothers had thrown a touchdown pass. The Broncos were ahead with a 10-9 score.
The third quarter saw the Broncos score a touchdown followed up by one with the Giants scoring, after repeated tries by an emphatic Brandon Jacobs from the one yard line. Once again the score was one point apart with the Broncos up 17-16. That didn't last long as Peyton Manning quickly ran a no huddle drive that ended with a Moreno 25 yard touchdown run. His team up 24-16 to basically end the quarter.
Eli Manning's pass was intercepted at the Giants 36 yard line on the first play of the fourth quarter, and they could have called it a day when Peyton threw for a touchdown five plays later. That was soon followed up by an 81 yard punt return by Broncos wide receiver Trindon Holliday. The Giants scored once more when escape artist Eli Manning flipped a ball to Da'Rel Scott and he ran it 23 yards for a touchdown. One more field goal by the Broncos and the final score was 41-23 in their favor.
Overall the running game started working for the Broncos in the second half, but you never saw a spark of that from the Giants in the entire game. It looked like the Giants offensive line provided no help for the running backs and they totaled 23 yards on 19 carries. Peyton Manning finished with 2 touchdowns. Eli had one, but also threw 4 interceptions, a few being desperation/gamble shots to the endzone."

First Quarter
Play: Josh Brown 36 yard field goal, 7:41
Drive: 7 plays, 62 yards in 3:09
New York 3-0
Second Quarter

Play: Knowshon Moreno 20 yard TD run (Matt Prater extra point is GOOD), 14:22
Drive: 4 plays, 40 yards in 0:4
8 Denver 7-3

Play: Josh Brown 24 yard field goal, 6:53
Drive: 6 plays, 37 yards in 2:31
Denver 7-6

Play: Josh Brown 41 yard field goal, 2:19
Drive: 7 plays, 37 yards in 3:46
New York 9-7

Play: Matt Prater 42 yard field goal, 0:47
Drive: 8 plays, 56 yards in 1:32
Denver 10-9

Third Quarter

Play: Wes Welker 2 yd pass from Peyton Manning (Matt Prater kick), 8:58
Drive: 9 plays, 53 yards in 4:28
Denver 17-9

Play: Brandon Jacobs 1 yd run (Josh Brown kick), 3:08
Drive: 9 plays, 81 yards in 5:50
Denver 17-16

Play: Knowshon Moreno 25 yd run (Matt Prater kick), 0:25
Drive: 7 plays, 80 yards in 2:43
Denver 24-16

Fourth Quarter

Play: Julius Thomas 11 yd pass from Peyton Manning (Matt Prater kick), 12:19
Drive: 5 plays, 36 yards in 2:34
Denver 31-16

Play: Trindon Holliday 81 yd punt return (Matt Prater kick), 10:13
Drive: 0 play, 0 yard
Denver 38-16

Play: Da'Rel Scott 23 yd pass from Eli Manning (Josh Brown kick), 3:59
Drive: 4 plays, 71 yards in 1:13
Denver 38-23

Play: Matt Prater 47 yd field goal, 2:38
Drive: 7 plays, 15 yards in 1:21
Denver 41-23

Giants are 0-2 for the first time since 2007. They went on to win Super Bowl XLII.

Giants had 19 rushing attempts for only 23 yards, their lowest since a Rams game in 1989.

Giants Eli Manning's 4 interceptions ties his career-high. He's done it four times.

Giants Eli Manning is 0-3 in head-to-head matchups with his older brother.

Giants Brandon Jacobs' 57th career rushing touchdown extended his franchise record.

Giants Da'Rel Scott scored his first career touchdown.

Broncos comitted 13 penalities.
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