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Sept 29, 1:00pm - Giants at Chiefs
Game 4
Giants 0 7 0 0 7
Chiefs 0 10 7 14 31
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Giants lose to the Chiefs 31-7.
Eli Manning was 18 of 37 for 217 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT.
David Wilson rushed for 55 yards on 13 carries and had 2 catches for 8 yards.
Da'Rel Scott rushed for 26 yards on 5 carries and had 1 catch for 0 yards.
Brandon Jacobs rushed for 5 yards on 1 carry and had 1 catch for 5 yards.
Victor Cruz caught 10 passes for 164 yards and 1 TD.
Hakeem Nicks caught 3 passes for 33 yards.
Rueben Randle caught 1 pass for 7 yards.

Spencer Paysinger had 1 sack and recovered 1 fumble.
Prince Amukamara and Antrel Rolle each had 1 interception.
Josh Brown missed on an attempt at a 44 yard field goal.

Game Notes:
"This was a game where the Giants needed some things to come together. In the first half Eli Manning had two sacks on him, but the offensive line wasn't showing the kind of breakdown that they did last week. That kept me from having the nervous breakdown that I had then. Manning had thrown one touchdown and had no interceptions and the Giants were picking up some yardage on the ground for a change. There was even a partially blocked field goal.
It was disappointing that Josh Brown missed a field goal for the second time in two weeks or the score would have been tied. Instead, the Chiefs were up 10-7, but I felt we had seen the best they had to offer and just a glimmer of maybe what the Giants could do.
The halftime TV report annoyed me as they made sure to point out that Kansas City doesn't turn over the ball. That came from both Jimmy Johnson and surprisingly Michael Strahan as well. Weren't they watching the game at all? The Giants already had one turnover and they caused two more before the game was over.
Anyway, I was wrong too in my thoughts. I had already seen the best of what the Giants could do as they scored no more points in the second half. Manning threw two interceptions. There were no more missed field goals, but none were attempted. Special teams allowed a touchdown runback on a punt return, and the defense let the Chiefs score two more touchdowns. It was all very disappointing, and sadly, the Giants are now 0-4.

Game Notes:
"What we saw here today was that the Giants are trying to manufacture some kind of work around to function around a bad offensive line, and for awhile it was sort of working. The defense also was holding up in the first half. Who would have thought that the Giants would have more yards rushing than the Chiefs even with them having more attempts at that point. Quarterback Alex Smith ran past the Giants defense a few times, but running back Jamaal Charles was going nowhere averaging 2 yards a carry.
The one telling point was that the Giants were only 1 for 6 on their 3rd down efficiency. The score was almost tied except for a missed field goal, but the Giants were getting the ball to start off the second half and as a fan your hopes were up. Unfortunately all the Giants could manage by the end of this game was putting a dent in the Kansas City Chiefs almost perfect record. They committed three turnovers where they had had none and Alex Smith committed his first interceptions of the season.
The Chiefs will have to live with those dents as much as it will bother them, because on the plus side they scored more points than in any other game this season and they are 4-0. Andy Reid continues his march through the NFC East and has only to beat Washington to have a perfect winning score against them."

First Quarter
Second Quarter

Play: Sean McGrath 5 yard TD pass from Alex Smith (Ryan Succop kick), 14:47
Drive: 11 plays, 98 yards in 5:38
Kansas City 7-0

Play: Victor Cruz 69 yard TD pass from Eli Manning (Josh Brown kick), 13:53
Drive: 2 plays, 74 yards in 0:54
Tied 7-7

Play: Ryan Succop 51 yard field goal, 1:55
Drive: 5 plays, 31 yards in 1:53
Kansas City 10-7

Third Quarter

Play: Dexter McCluster 89 yd punt return (Ryan Succop kick), 1:34
Drive: 0 play, 0 yard Kansas City

Fourth Quarter

Play: Jamaal Charles 2 yd pass from Alex Smith (Ryan Succop kick), 5:43
Drive: 14 plays, 80 yards in 9:17
Kansas City 24-7

Play: Dwayne Bowe 34 yd pass from Alex Smith (Ryan Succop kick), 3:06
Drive: 3 plays, 35 yards in 1:25
Kansas City 31-7

Giants are 0-4 for the first time since 1987.

Giants Antrel Rolle got his 18th career interception.

Chiefs committed their first turnovers of the season.

Chiefs Alex Smith has thrown only 12 interceptions and 3 were by Antrel Rolle.
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