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Oct 6, 1:00pm - Eagles at Giants
Game 5
Eagles 3 16 3 14 36
Giants 7 0 14 0 21
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Giants lose to the Eagles 36-21.
Eli Manning was 24 of 52 for 334 yards with 2 TDs and 3 INTs.
David Wilson rushed for 16 yards on 6 carries and 1 TD.
Brandon Jacobs rushed for 37 yards on 11 carries and lost 1 fumble.
Hakeem Nicks caught 9 passes for 142 yards.
Rueben Randle caught 6 passes for 96 yards and 2 TDs.

Victor Cruz caught 5 passes for 48 yards.
Brandon Myers caught 2 passes for 35 yards.
Jerrel Jernigan caught 2 passes for 13 yards.
Mathias Kiwanuka and Cullen Jenkins shared 1 sack.

Game Notes:
"The Giants really needed to win this game. Hey, all the fans needed it and it started out great. The Eagles were three and out, and then Eli Manning led a nice quick drive for the first touchdown of the game. We were up 7-0, and David Wilson even gave us two endzone flips after his touchdown run. The Eagles moved the ball a bit on the next drive, but then we had them stopped, or at least it looked that way because it was fourth down with a few yards to go at around midfield. The Eagles had also committed a penalty so I thought their offense would be off the field. Instead, we took that penalty to give them another shot now at a 3rd and 19. Of course, Michael Vick takes off for a first down and they go on to score a field goal.
They kept scoring and we didn't for the rest of the first half and they led 19-7. I was hopeful when we scored two more touchdowns to go ahead 21-19, but we just kept making too many mistakes. Even the coaching staff seemed confused with taking penalties and losing extra timeouts on a challenge. Michael Vick left with an injury and our defensive secondary made Nick Foles look like he should be the starter instead. Foles got real comfortable and threw two touchdown passes in the fourth quarter and we ended up losing another one 36-21.
I don't want to sound like a downer. I'm a real big Giants fan. I almost feel like I wish I could go down there on the field and do something. Of course I can't and don't really know what, but I bet a lot of loyal Giants fans feel the same way. They have given us so much enjoyment in the past. The players don't look like they don't care or have given up, and I'm not giving up on them."

Game Notes:
"Part of the story once again is the offensive line and this time it's a slightly better story. Last week starters David Baas, Chris Snee and David Diehl were missing from this group and it showed, with Eli Manning taking hits. Now they at least have Diehl back and things looked a bit better, but it still wasn't enough. They scored on their opening possession and then stalled on a drive with back to back penalties. Next shot David Wilson injured his neck in the last play of the first quarter.
Brandon Jacobs took the rest of the runs for the game and averaged 3.4 yards per carry, but the rust was there and that hurt their efforts. Jacobs fumbled once and he wasn't on board for a few passes that Manning threw his way. The Giants had lost their first quarter lead, but managed to regain it and were ahead 21-19 on a touchdown pass to Rueben Randle in the third quarter. That was it for their scoring while the Eagles added a field goal and two more touchdowns for the win.
From the start the Giants defense was able to stop running back LeSean McCoy, but not Michael Vick when he took off. Vick injured himself running on one play late in the first half, but still had more yards (79) than McCoy who finished up with (46) playing out the full game. Nick Foles came into the game and it looked like the Giants defense didn't spend much time studying up on how a passing game could hurt them since that's not Vick's strong suit. Foles marched his team downfield close enough to get a field goal to put them up 19-7 at the half.
Eli Manning brought the Giants back in the third quarter with two touchdown passes, but overall he self-destructed, throwing three interceptions in the fourth and don't forget those three intentional-grounding penalties. They sent the Eagles home with a win and maybe a new set of issues. Michael Vick showed that he can run with the ball and get hurt as usual, but Nick Foles showed that he can make passes work with the same players Vick has at hand. Which quarterback has a better chance of going the distance and staying with his team for the long run.
On the bright side for the Giants, later today if the heavily favored Broncos manage to beat the Cowboys, the Giants will still be just two games out of first place in the division. Also Antrel Rolle may remind you. What's to stop his guys from winning out over the rest of these games to finish at 11-5?"

First Quarter
Play: David Wilson 5 yard TD run (Josh Brown kick), 11:37
Drive: 5 plays, 62 yards in 2:24
New York 7-0

Play: Alex Henery 40 yard field goal, 6:49
Drive: 10 plays, 58 yards in 4:48
New York 7-3
Second Quarter

Play: Alex Henery 27 yard field goal, 10:40
Drive: 8 plays, 51 yards in 3:21
New York 7-6

Play: LeSean McCoy 1 yard TD run (Alex Henery kick), 8:11
Drive: 4 plays, 71 yards in 1:29
Philadelphia 13-7

Play: Alex Henery 29 yard field goal, 2:38
Drive: 8 plays, 36 yards in 3:51
Philadelphia 16-7
Play: Alex Henery 36 yard field goal, 0:00
Drive: 11 plays, 75 yards in 1:33
Philadelphia 19-7

Third Quarter

Play: Rueben Randle 26 yd pass from Eli Manning (Josh Brown kick), 6:58
Drive: 7 plays, 87 yards in 3:44
Philadelphia 19-14

Play: Rueben Randle 6 yd pass from Eli Manning (Josh Brown kick), 3:46
Drive: 7 plays, 51 yards in 1:57
New York 21-19
Play: Alex Henery 41 yd FG, 1:04
Drive: 8 plays, 57 yards in 2:42
Philadelphia 22-21

Fourth Quarter

Play: Brent Celek 25 yd pass from Nick Foles (Alex Henery kick), 10:26
Drive: 1 play, 25 yards in 0:09
Philadelphia 29-21

Play: DeSean Jackson 5 yd pass from Nick Foles (Alex Henery kick), 8:24
Drive: 4 plays, 38 yards in 1:38
Philadelphia 36-21

Giants Eli Manning's 140th consecutive start is the longest active streak among quarterbacks.

Giants have given up at least 31 points in each of their first five games.

Giants have just five sacks in five games.

Eagles Michael Vick left the game late in the second quarter with a hamstring injury.

Eagles and Giants have combined for 10 of the last 13 NFC East titles.
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