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Oct 21, 8:40pm - Giants at Vikings
Game 7
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Giants win over the Vikings 23-7.
Eli Manning was 23 of 39 for 200 yards and 1 TD.
Peyton Hillis rushed for 36 yards on 18 carries and 1 TD and had 5 catches for 45 yards.
Michael Cox rushed for 23 yards on 11 carries and had 2 catches for 1 yard.
Victor Cruz caught 5 passes for 50 yards.
Rueben Randle caught 3 passes for 40 yards and 1 TD.
Hakeem Nicks caught 2 passes for 28 yards.
John Conner caught 3 passes for 17 yards.
Brandon Myers caught 2 passes for 15 yards.
Bear Pascoe caught 1 pass for 4 yards.
Justin Tuck had 1 sack.
Zak DeOssie and Jacquian Williams each recovered 1 fumble.
Antrel Rolle had 1 interception.
Josh Brown kicked field goals of 35, 23, and 36 yards.

Game Notes:
"When was the last time you got to sit at MetLife Stadium and see the Giants start off with a drive like that? They looked nearly unstoppable and they owned the Vikings as they chipped away with one first down after another until they were at the Vikings 16 yard line. It was third and three and that's where Hakeem Nicks should have caught a pass for a touchdown. . Instead reality set back in as after that impressive offensive effort we had to settle for a field goal. Even as I say this I realize that I'm actuality satisfied because now we're ahead in the game and looking pretty dominant on the field.
Next up was suppressing my worrisome feelings as I watched our defense took the field. What kind of game would they give us this week? Then they did done just fine against quarterback Josh Freeman and running back Adrian Peterson. I was so happy I forgot to be worried about our special teams unit.
They let the Vikings right back into the game on a punt returned for a touchdown. All the good work was gone and suddenly we were losing 7-3. In the second quarter things turned back in our favor when Eli Manning hit Rueben Randle with a nice long 24 yard touchdown pass and the half ended with the Giants up 10-7.
For the rest of the game the Giants notched up the score and surprisingly time got some help from special teams recovering a fumble. The defense did a good job with pressure out there and Justin Tuck even came up with a sack. Then again with Freeman throwing over fifty passes they did have some opportunities. I really hate these late games and I'm sure all the fans at the stadium will be glad to get home and have a good night's sleep."

Game Notes:
"The Vikings started a quarterback who never played a snap for the team so the Giants spotted them the running back position. Brandon Jacobs was not able to play so rookie Michael Cox got his first start and he was assisted by Peyton Hillis. Both also had never taken a snap for their team. Then if was almost as if the Vikings were being extra neighborly spotting their running back in return because he was held to 28 yards. Actually that was just a result of the Giants doing a good job on Adrian Peterson who usually can't be stopped. They were aided in this task knowing that the passing defense could skip a few beats considering that Josh Freeman barely knew the names of the receivers let alone their best and worst traits.
If you think about it, it was almost an insult to the Giants that coach Leslie Frazier decided this would be a good place to start his newly signed quarterback. That tells you how dismal the Giants must appear to the rest of the league. The real dismalness(?) came from the special teams unit when they allowed Marcus Sherels an 86-yard punt return to put the Vikings ahead early on. You could say they redeemed themselves on two other plays.
In this game the Giants were effective enough to win dispite Eli Manning throwing two passes that could have been intercepted but weren't. Manning ended up with one touchdown and no interceptions for the first time this season. His numbers could have been much better, but something is really wrong with the Manning to Nicks connection. Nicks had a team high 10 passes thrown his way and came up with only 2 for 28 yards. The Giants can mathematically go 10-6 on the season and to start that off they need to build on this easy win. Still it's all pointless if they can;t take down their division rival next week in Philadelphia."

First Quarter
Play: Josh Brown 35 yd FG, 5:24
Drive: 17 plays, 68 yards in 9:36
New York 3-0

Play: Marcus Sherels 86 yd punt return (Blair Walsh kick), 0:23
Drive: 0 play, 0 yard
Minnesota 7-3
Second Quarter

Play: Rueben Randle 24 yd pass from Eli Manning (Josh Brown kick), 9:33
Drive: 7 plays, 82 yards in 3:34
New York 10-7

Third Quarter

Play: Peyton Hillis 1 yd run (Josh Brown kick), 8:37
Drive: 2 plays, 3 yards in 0:41
New York 17-7

Fourth Quarter

Play: Josh Brown 23 yd FG, 12:13
Drive: 16 plays, 75 yards in 8:31
New York 20-7

Play: Josh Brown 36 yd FG, 11:03
Drive: 4 plays, 0 yard in 1:00
New York 23-7

Giants ran the longest drive timewise in the NFL this season.

Giants led at halftime for the first time in 2013.

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