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Nov 6, 4:05 pm (FOX) - Giants at San Francisco
Game 8
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Giants 3 7 0 14 24
San Francisco 0 0 6 0 6
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Giants come away with the expected win, 24-6 over San Francisco.
Eli Manning went 18-of-33 for 251 yards and 1 TD.
Jeremy Shockey caught 4 passes for 71 yards and 1 TD.
Plaxico Burress caught 5 passes for 79 yards.
Amani Toomer caught 3 passes for 38 yards.
Tiki Barber rushed for 71 yards on 21 attempts.
Brandon Jacobs rushed for 3 yards on 5 attempts for 2 short TDs.
Derrick Ward rushed for 22 yards on 3 attempts.
Brent Alexander had 1 INT.
Antonio Pierce, Gibril Wilson, Osi Umenyiora each had 1 sack.

Game Notes:
"From the way this game started, a 28 yard pass from Eli Manning to Jeremy Shockey, you would have thought you were going to see a repeat of last week, when Tiki Barber took the ball for a 57 yard run against Washington, but after that, nothing looked easy for the offense.
Here's a reality check. Eli Manning is still a rookie quarterback, and not yet up to playing like his brother Peyton Manning. Eli makes bad throws, but he still knows what he should be doing out there, and he certainly knows how to control the offense. Get used to Eli showing flashes of brilliance and then playing like an average quarterback until he gets it all worked out. In the meantime, enjoy the wins he's more than a big part of."

Game Notes:
"I guess I was expecting more after last week, Manning didn't improve much on his completion percentage even though he came up with some big plays. He was playing against the league-worst pass defense and wasn't able to come up with much. The offensive line could have given him a bit more time.
The Giants defense was able to contain Cody Pickett to 12 completions on 21 attempts for 102 yards, but is that saying much considering that the San Francisco offensive line penalties mostly stopped Pickett before he ever got started?
One thing that surprised me was that Coughlin preached all week to the players that they shouldn't underestimate San Francisco. Saying things like 'Any team that can come back off 52-17 [the 49ers' loss to the Redskins two weeks ago] and play like they did last weekend and get a win under that circumstance playing their third and fourth quarterback . . . It's going to be a test, believe me.'
Then Coughlin decides to go for it on a 4th and 1 with the game less than 3 minutes old.
Coughlin does it again at the beginning of the 2nd quarter and this time he comes up short. That was a great way to spark a weaker team down just 3-0. Lucky for him, San Francisco just didn't have the talent necessary to carry through, and that the Giants players know better than to listen to what Coughlin says compared to what he does."

First Quarter
Play: Jay Feely 22 Yd, 9:24.
Drive: 12 plays, 58 yards in 5:36.
Second Quarter
Play: Jeremy Shockey, 32 Yd pass from Eli Manning (Jay Feely kick is good), 0:13.
Drive: 4 plays, 41 yards in 0:39.

Third Quarter

Play: Joe Nedney 48 Yd, 10:24.
Drive: 10 plays, 44 yards in 4:36.

Play: Joe Nedney 52 Yd, 4:42.
Drive: 4 plays, 27 yards in 2:51.

Fourth Quarter

Play: Brandon Jacobs, 1 Yd run (Jay Feely kick is good), 13:19.
Drive: 6 plays, 62 yards in 2:12.

Play: Brandon Jacobs, 1 Yd run (Jay Feely kick is good), 6:18.
Drive: 10 plays, 68 yards in 5:22.

Game Stats:
Total First Downs    19 9
   By Rushing 10 3
   By Passing 8 2
   By Penalty 1 4
Third Down Efficiency 6-16-38% 3-14-21%
Fourth Down Efficiency 2-3-67% 1-1-100%
Total Net Yards 344 138
   Total Offensive Plays (inc. times thrown passing) 65 46
   Average gain per offensive play 5.3 3.0
Net Yards Rushing 93 52
   Total Rushing Plays 32 22
   Average gain per rushing play 2.9 2.4
   Tackles for a loss-number and yards 4-11 5-10
Net Yards Passing 251 86
   Times thrown - yards lost attempting to pass 0-0 3-16
   Gross yards passing 251 102
Pass Attempts-Completions-Had Intercepted 33-18-0 21-12-1
   Avg gain per pass play (inc.# thrown passing) 7.6 3.6
Kickoffs Number-In End Zone-Touchbacks 5-0-0 3-0-0
Punts Number and Average 5-45.8 7-44.6
   Had Blocked 0 0
FGs - PATs Had Blocked 0-0 0-0
Net Punting Average 39.8 39.6
Total Return Average (Not Including Kickoffs) 54 30
   No. and Yards Punt Returns 6-35 3-30
   No. and Yards Kickoff Returns 3-81 5-103
   No. and Yards Interception Returns 1-19 0-0
Penalties Number and Yards 10-81 12-80
Fumbles Number and Lost 1-0 1-0
Touchdowns 3 0
   Rushing 2 0
   Passing 1 0
Extra Points Made-Attempts 3-3 0-0
   Kicking Made-Attempts 3-3 0-0
Field Goals Made-Attempts 1-1 2-2
Red Zone Efficiency 2-3-67% 0-0-0%
Goal To Go Efficiency 2-3-67% 0-0-0%
Safeties 0 0
Final Score 24 6
Time Of Possession 33:05 26:55


Eli Manning's 2nd-quarter touchdown pass to Jeremy Shockey, was the 9th consecutive game in which he threw for a score.

Eli Manning got his first win away from Giants Stadium.

San Francisco's Joe Nedney, has been responsible for all 21 San Francisco points the past two games.

Next Game
Sun, Nov. 13 - Minnesota 1:00 PM
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