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Aug 26, 8:00 pm (WWOR) - Jets at Giants
Preseason Game 3
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Jets 0 7 7 0 14
Giants 3 6 3 3 15
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Giants beat the Jets with field goals 15-14.
Tim Hasselbeck was 9-for-17 for 85 yards.
Jesse Palmer was 7-for-12 for 84 yards.
Jay Feely kicked 5 goals and recorded a tackle on a kickoff.
Michael Strahan got a sack, his 2nd of the preseason.
S James Butler, a rookie free agent, had 2 sacks.
DE Justin Tuck, the third-round draft pick, had 2 sacks on back- to-back plays.

Game Notes:
It was a strange game. There was no scoring at all by the Jets offense, but somehow they were winning halfway into the 4th quarter. The Giants fans didn't get to see their starting quarterback, and the Jets fans wished they hadn't seen theirs. Eli Manning was on the sidelines with a sprained elbow and Chad Pennington was on the field playing like a, pardon the expression, Giants backup quarterback.
This was a great opportunity for Tim Hasselbeck and Jesse Palmer to show they had what it takes, but by the end of the game, you were wishing that Jay
Lorenzen would get some playing time. The offensive line for the Giants was better than last week against Carolina, but not by much, and every time the Giants fielded a punt you felt like cowering in your seat. The big news for the Giants was Jay Freely hitting on 5 field goals, but you can't live off that for very long."

Game Notes:
"The Giants wanted to find out where they stood with the backups if Eli Manning couldn't play. Well the end result for the offense was lots of turnovers and a total of only 15 points all off of five field goals. The word on Hasselbeck is that he can manage games, can scramble if necessary, make plays, and that he knows how to get the job done. Tim Hasselbeck got his chance to start a preseason game and looked good for awhile, but when things started turning bad for him, they just got worse. It looked like the pressure got to him.

To be fair, there was a lot on the line here for Hasselbeck with every play, and that might have crept into his mind as his playing time wound down. Both he and Jesse Palmer are struggling to show Tom Coughlin that the number two spot should be theirs. It's a lot different for someone like the Jets Chad Pennington. He can play a lousy game, and shrug it off, because as the recognized starter, it's just a practice tune-up preseason game.

Jesse Palmer got off to a horrible start when he took over. On his first play, he tossed the ball back past Derrick Ward into the endzone, and the Jets jumped on it for a touchdown. Palmer shook that off and had good control for the rest of the game. Still he like Hasselbeck, missed a few opportunities with poor throws and decisions.
OK, here's a tip for Palmer and Hasselbeck. Remind Tom Coughlin that last year in the 3rd preseason game, Kurt Warner completed 9 of his 11 passes for 104 yards, while backup Eli Manning had his first pass intercepted, completed only 4 of his 15 passes for just 20 yards and a total of 2 interceptions."

Early Stats:


First Quarter
Play: Jay Feely 52 Yd, 9:12.
Drive: 9 plays, 34 yards in 5:48
Second Quarter

Play: Jay Feely 21 Yd, 8:19.
Drive: 7 plays, 21 yards in 4:08

Play: Bryan Thomas, 0 Yd fumble return (Mike Nugent kick is good), 2:00.
JETS 7-6

Play: Jay Feely 54 Yd, 0:01.
Drive: 3 plays, 13 yards in 0:22
Third Quarter

Play: Ryan Myers, 0 Yd fumble return (Mike Nugent kick is good), 6:10.
JETS 14-9

Play: Jay Feely 35 Yd, 1:15.
Drive: 11 plays, 56 yards in 4:55
JETS 14-12
Fourth Quarter
Play: Jay Feely 33 Yd, 7:48.
Drive: 13 plays, 39 yards in 6:31
GIANTS 15-14

Game Stats:
Total First Downs    6 18
   By Rushing 2 7
   By Passing 3 8
   By Penalty 1 3
Third Down Efficiency 2-13-15% 7-16-44%
FourthDown Efficiency 0-1-0% 0-0-0%
Total Net Yards 109 280
   Total Offensive Plays (inc. times thrown passing) 48 71
   Average gain per offensive play 2.3 3.9
Net Yards Rushing 77 133
   Total Rushing Plays 23 39
   Average gain per rushing play 3.3 3.4
   Tackles for a loss-number and yards 3-4 3-8
Net Yards Passing 32 147
   Times thrown - yards lost attempting to pass 5-31 3-22
   Gross yards passing 63 169
Pass Attempts-Completions-Had Intercepted 20-8-2 29-16-1
   Avg gain per pass play (inc.# thrown passing) 1.3 4.6
Kickoffs Number-In End Zone-Touchbacks 3-0-0 6-4-1
Punts Number and Average 8-42.1 4-39.5
   Had Blocked 0 0
FGs - PATs Had Blocked 0-0 0-0
Net Punting Average 39.5 37.8
Total Return Average (Not Including Kickoffs) 9 26
   No. and Yards Punt Returns 2-7 6-21
   No. and Yards Kickoff Returns 4-88 3-63
   No. and Yards Interception Returns 1-2 2-5
Penalties Number and Yards 5-45 8-69
Fumbles Number and Lost 1-1 7-4
Touchdowns 2 0
   Rushing 0 0
   Passing 0 0
   Fumbles 2 0
Extra Points Made-Attempts 2-2 0-0
   Kicking Made-Attempts 2-2 0-0
Field Goals Made-Attempts 0-0 5-5
Red Zone Efficiency 0-2-0% 0-3-0%
Goal To Go Efficiency 0-1-0% 0-1-0%
Safeties 0 0
Final Score 14 15
Time Of Possesion 23:25 36:35

Jay Feely, who provided all of the Giants' offense with 5 field goals, making him 7-7 in preseason.
Feeley connected from 21, 33, 35, 52 and 54 yards, and he also recorded a tackle on a kickoff.
Feeley's career long is a 55-yarder in his first year with the Falcons.

Jets scored both of their touchdowns on Giants' mistakes.
Hasselbeck and Michael Cloud collided in the end zone, the ball fell loose and defensive end Bryan Thomas fell on it.
In the second half, Jesse Palmer attempted a pitchout to Derrick Ward, who didn't catch the ball. Ryan Myers recovered in the end zone for the second score.

Luke Petitgout left the game in the first half because of an injury to his ribs.

S James Butler, a rookie free agent, had 2 sacks coming free on a pair of blitzes in the 3rd quarter. DE Justin Tuck, the Giants third-round pick, had sacks on back- to-back plays late in the 4th quarter to knock the Jets out of field-goal range.

CB Corey Webster, the Giants' second-round pick, forced his 3rd turnover in two weeks , intercepting Chad Pennington in the end zone on the Jets' first drive.

PR Mark Jones, the starter entering camp, remained inactive with a foot injury.
Michael Jennings muffed two attempts and bobbled another.
Ataveus Cash fumbled his third punt return.
The Giants averaged just 3.5 yards on 6 punt returns.

Giants must cut 15 non-exempt players by Tuesday to reach the NFL roster limit of 65 (plus their seven exemptions).

Last year at this time, Ron Dayne rushed for 47 yards on 8 carries and scored a touchdown.

Next Game
Thur, Sept. 1 Giants at New England, 8:00 PM ET

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