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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Heres 25 things you didnt know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands. Named after the team, Giants Stadium opened on October 10, 1976. Giants controversial move from New York to Jersey. First game at the Stadium. NY Giants -Wikipedia.
Warner DVD NFL: New York Giants -
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2019 NY Giants Games
Sept 8at DallasL  35-17
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Sept 22 at Tampa Bay32-31
Sept 29     Washington24-3
Oct 6    MinnesotaL  28-10
Oct 10at New England L  35-14
Oct 20    ArizonaL  27-21
Oct 27at DetroitL  31-26
Nov 4     DallasL  37-18
Nov 10at JetsL  34-27
Nov 24at ChicagoL  19-14
Dec 1    Green Bay L  31-13
Dec 9at PhiladelphiaL  23-17
Dec 15    Miami36-20
Dec 22at Washington41-35
Dec 29    PhiladelphiaL  34-17

2019 Preseason Games
Aug 8    JetsW 31-22
Aug 16    ChicagoW 32-13
Aug 22at DetroitW 25-23
Aug 29at New EnglandW 31-29

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Transcripts: Eli Manning, Pat Shurmur, Dave Gettleman | Giants TV Schedule
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The New York Giants 2020 opponents - *2019 playoff teams.
Home:     Dallas Cowboys, *Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins,
*San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Dallas Cowboys, *Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins,
Chicago Bears, *Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Rams, *Seattle Seahawks.

2020 NFL important dates to follow.

Feb 20 A multi-step plan to address the Giants' biggest personnel needs. The Giants proved in 2014 and again in 2016 that spending like a wild man out of control in free agency is not the way to build a football team. So don't expect them to go crazy this year.

Former Giants
Ike Hilliard spent the 2019 season helping Terry McLaurin become the NFL's best rookie receiver. Now, Hilliard will be tasked with trying to build the Steelers' receiving corps into one of the league's best.

Feb 18 Why the Giants need to re-sign Leonard Williams. The Giants have decisions all across their roster to make this off-season, but perhaps none looms more significant than how to handle the contract for defensive lineman Leonard Williams.

Feb 14 Special Report - As the Giants continue to realign their payroll, decide on roster structure and search not only the available college athletes in preparation for the April draft, they are also attempting to "clean house," as it were, in terms of which players to whom they must bid farewell. This will be determined by two factors - how did they play last season and how much money do they make?

Feb 13 Markus Golden, who last year signed a one-year prove-it deal with the Giants, became the first Giants defender to produce double-digit sacks (10.0) since defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul recorded 12.5 sacks in 2014. He was also the first Giants linebacker to accomplish the feat since Lawrence Taylor last did it in 1990 when he recorded 10.5 sacks.

Former Giants
Ben McAdoo to be hired as Jaguars quarterbacks coach. The former Giants head coach had been out of the league for the past two years after being fired by the Giants in 2017.

Feb 11 Darius Slayton already taking steps to building on stunning rookie season. One week after he was on Super Bowl Radio Row - a sign of just how much his star quotient has changed in a year - Slayton met up with Jones on Duke's campus to stay sharp.

Feb 10 Giants head coach Joe Judge announced the composition of the team's 2020 coaching staff. Judge's 20-member staff is comprised of nine coaches who arrived from other NFL teams, including two who were head coaches last season; five who spent the 2019 season coaching collegiate football; and six who were with the Giants last year.

Feb 6 Owning his mistakes: Giants' John Mara insists he can turn the floundering franchise around, but some have their doubts. Their rebuilding process wears on, with yet another new head coach, Joe Judge - a gamble by Mara.

Feb 5 Daniel Jones said last week in Miami that he planned to continue one of Eli Manning's traditions: Gathering Giants wide receivers for some throwing and route-running sessions in the offseason. Given that Manning often ran these sessions at Duke, it made sense that Jones would do the same, given that he actually played at Duke.

Feb 4 NFL News
2020 NFL important dates to follow.

Feb 1 Joe Judge's initial Giants coaching staff is almost complete. He has hired all of his primary position coaches, with Sean Spencer (defensive line) being the latest. Some lower-profile hires could still be coming. But the staff is essentially set.

Jan 31 Dave Gettleman stepped to a podium in East Rutherford on Dec. 31 and flaunted the Giants' hiring of "four computer folks" and "software" as the organization's newfound commitment to analytics. "We are committed to being forward-thinking," he said. (Gettleman, by the way, later insisted his analytics taunt was a joke.)

Jan 30 There is a collective groan every time Giants GM Dave Gettleman mentions running the ball or "old school" football. It makes him seem out of touch to a generation dazzled by analytics and some dizzying passing statistics. But building a team around running the ball and stopping the run remains Gettleman's philosophy, and it appears to be one he shares with new Giants head coach Joe Judge.

Jan 28 Giants to hire Freddie Kitchens as tight ends coach: What it means for Evan Engram, Kaden Smith. The 45-year-old joins rookie head coach Joe Judge's offensive staff under new offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. With Scott Simonson expected to hit free agency, Kitchens' hire will directly impact tight ends Evan Engram and Kaden Smith.

Jan 26 Its unfair to measure an athletes career by such a small segment, but in Eli Mannings case it fits. To understand why Giants fans took to Eli, all you needed was to be there for the 70 days connecting Nov. 25, 2007, and Feb. 3, 2008.

How old is this baby-faced kid? Does he even shave? That was my first impression of Eli Manning. I remember thinking, Im going to have to hold his hand and babysit this kid his rookie year. Boy, was I wrong. It only took a few film sessions with him to realize, This kid gets it. He can read defenses and he understands protections. This is going to fun and we are going to win some games. Looking back, I learned more from him than he probably learned from me.

Jan 25 The Giants started Eli Manning as a rookie in 2004, inserting him in late November. He lost his first six starts. He had three touchdowns, eight interceptions, and a 47.5 quarterback rating in those games - including one game with a 0.0 rating and another with a 16.9. Thats what the Giants were dealing with, entering their Week 17 home game against the Cowboys. "He hadnt done all that much," Mara said. "We all had some doubts: Had we made the right decision?"

Its only right for Eli Manning to be a First-Ballot Hall of Famer. During his 16-year NFL career, Eli Manning did more than enough to be named a Hall of Famer when his time arrives. "Wellington Mara always said, Once a Giant, always a Giant, Manning said. "For me, its only a Giant."

Eli Manning brought the curtain down on his momentous 16-year career at an emotional ceremony and news conference in the fieldhouse at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center, where team president John Mara said, "no Giant will ever wear No. 10 again." Mara also said, "you will always be the ultimate Giant, and we would be honored to induct you into our Ring of Honor next season.

Jan 24 Who caught Eli Mannings touchdowns? Breaking down all the Giants receivers. Eli Manning is retiring with 366 career touchdown passes - seventh-most in NFL history - thrown to 58 different receivers, including 19 one-and-dones. The first went to Jeremy Shockey and the last went to Darius Slayton.

Jan 23 Eli Manning is ready to write the final chapter of his historic career. One of the best, most popular and most decorated players in Giants history, Manning, a two-time Super Bowl winner and most valuable player, will announce his retirement Friday.
Ernie Accorsi will be forever linked to Eli Manning. It was Accorsi - as the Giants general manager in 2004 - who acquired Manning in that years draft., ending a 16-year career spent entirely with the team he joined in a draft-day trade in 2004.
Eli Manning will officially retire on Friday, bringing a 16-year Giants career to a close. The longtime franchise quarterback has had plenty of defining moments over his career. Here are the best. Eli Mannings Top 10 moments.

Jan 21 As the Chiefs and 49ers prepare to meet in Super Bowl LIV, the Giants are once again watching from home, as general manager Dave Gettleman tries to get them back on track. But how did the Giants get here in the first place?

Jan 20 Jason Garrett reveals why he took Giants offensive coordinator job. Jason Garrett didnt know Joe Judge very well before becoming the new Giants offensive coordinator, but the former Cowboys head coach quickly believed the two would work well together after interviewing for the job.

Jan 19 Eli Manning will do it his way as Giants future grows clearer. He volunteers as his oldest daughter, Ava, competes in the pool. Manning also helps coach Avas youth basketball team and jokes that the parents can be more of a handful than the media he dealt with for 16 years as an NFL quarterback.

Jan 18 Jason Garrett is the new offensive coordinator of the New York Giants. New coach Joe Judge made the announcement Friday night, hiring the former Dallas Cowboys head coach less than two weeks after he was let go by the Giants NFC East rivals.
Giants coach Joe Judge announced the three most significant members of his coaching staff: coordinators Jason Garrett (offense), Patrick Graham (defense) and Thomas McGaughey (special teams). Graham will also serve as assistant head coach.

Special Report - As new head coach Joe Judge assembles his staff of assistants -- even former Dallas head coach Jason Garrett has interviewed for the open Offensive Coordinator position -- he will eventually have to look at the roster and make some tough decisions. Shaping the roster will play a role in what the coaching staff looks like, and vice versa.
So, while there are still plenty of coach openings, especially on offense (that will come together once the OC is in place), the Giants roster, the one with several young building blocks, veterans and backups that managed to finish the 2019 season at just 4-12, will likely look very different next season.

Jan 17 After a dismal performance in the regular season by the NY Giants, attention has been diverted to the upcoming 2020 NFL draft. The Giants possess the number four overall pick in the draft and have a plethora of options available to them at their respective draft slot.

Former Giants
Odell Beckham Jr. - Dave Gettleman was right: Trading OBJ was best for the Giants.

Jan 16 The Giants bosses thought enough of Jason Garrett that they planned to interview him for their head coaching job last week. They always knew hed be tough to sell to their fan base, though. Selling him as their new offensive coordinator would be a lot easier. And it would make much more sense.

Jan 14 Blueprint for how the Giants should handle their important 2020 offseason Dave Gettleman and Joe Judge have a daunting task ahead of them as they prepare for an organizational rebuild.

Joe Judges first two decisions were, reportedly, to bring back the special teams (Thomas McGaughey) and wide receivers coach (Tyke Tolbert) from Pat Shurmurs staff. Two other hires (defensive coordinator Patrick Graham and quarterbacks coach Jerry Schuplinski) have ties to Judge from their time in the New England Patriots organization.

Jan 13 Joe Judge will shake up Giants with key Bill Belichick philosphy. "What I learned from Coach Belichick was real simple: Be flexible within your personnel," Judge said. "Dont try to shove round pegs into square holes. Figure out what you have. Let them play to their strengths."

The New York Giants are hiring a familiar face to fill the vacant defensive coordinator role on Joe Judges inaugural staff. Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Patrick Graham is being hired by the Giants in the same capacity.

Jan 12 New Giants coach Joe Judge huddled with Steve Serby to talk everything from his influences to his approach and philosophy, to why he is the right person for the job.

Jan 11 Eli Manning seemed to slam the door shut on returning to the Giants. John Mara cracked it open. Two weeks after Manning called it doubtful he would return to the Giants as a backup to Daniel Jones, Mara told WFANs "Moose and Maggie" on Friday that Manning still is weighing his future options.

Jan 10 To illustrate just how excited the New York Giants are about new head coach Joe Judge, they held his introductory press conference in the glitzy Coachs Club within MetLife Stadium instead of the auditorium in the teams headquarters on the other side of the parking lot.
The Giants have won just 12 games in three seasons that have dispirited their fervent fan base. But Judge, who won three Super Bowls in his eight seasons as an assistant coach with the New England Patriots, said change is coming.
Judge was introduced as the new Giants coach at MetLife Stadium on Thursday and was in his element, waxing poetic about his ideas and philsophies as a coach, and how important it is to be a teacher, too. His first teaching job was less ... enjoyable.

Jan 9 Digging into Joe Judges mysterious Giants coaching staff. Described by one coach familiar with the set up in New England as "one of the most trusted assistants Belichick has ever had there," Judge is telling people his offensive staff is nearly set.
Judge joined the Patriots in 2012 as the teams assistant special teams coach, a position he held for three years. He was elevated to special teams coordinator in 2015 and was given the additional responsibility of coaching the wide receivers in 2019 after Chad OShea left the Patriots to become the Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator.
In eight years under Belichick, mostly running the Patriots special teams, Judge became a sidekick of sorts to one of the greatest head coaches in NFL history, who "absolutely loved him," the source said. He even spent countless hours talking with Judge about everything that goes into coaching -- not just special teams.

Jan 8 How Joe Judge became the Giants head coach: Sources weigh in on the timeline of events "He blew everyone away".
The casual Giants fan probably hasnt heard much about Joe Judge before he was hired as the teams head coach. So heres what you need to know about the franchises big swing at a dark-horse hire.
Matt Rhule was viewed as the front-runner for the job. He chose not to even interview with the Giants before accepting Carolinas seven-year, $62 million deal on Tuesday. The Giants declined to meet those terms -- cant blame them -- and turned to Judge.
Joe Judge, who blew the Giants away during his interview, is known as a fiery coach who isnt afraid to ruffle feathers with players. His path also has a strikingly familiar feel to Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh, who was the Philadelphia Eagles special-teams coach for nine seasons under coach Andy Reid.

Jan 7 The Giants 2019 offensive line apparently wasnt as bad as some people thought. Thats the opinion of Pro Football Focus, whose Ben Linsey ranked the Giants as the 17th best unit out of 32 teams, topping four playoff teams--Seattle, Buffalo, Houston, and Minnesota--in the rankings.

Jan 6 Now that the Giants have fired coach Pat Shurmur and opted to retain general manager Dave Gettleman for 2020 (though perhaps not beyond that), lets take a look at what Gettleman needs to do, in order to get results from this Giants rebuild.

Former Giants
Pat Shurmur on the Redskins Radar? Shurmur was last the offensive coordinator when Case Keenum and the Minnesota Vikings went to the NFC Championship game in Philadelphia.

Jan 5 Matt Rhule is expected to interview for the Giants head coach vacancy as soon as Tuesday. The 44-year-old native New Yorker was an assistant offensive line coach under Tom Coughlin in 2012 and counts Bill Parcells as a mentor. Rhules contractual buyout from Baylor is believed to be more than $10 million and there are questions regarding who he will target as assistants given his lack of NFL experience.

Jan 4 Special Report - While you are busy getting yourselves together to watch the weekends variety of non-Giants playoff games, consider this: The last time the Giants had any post-season action was 2016, a one-game-and-done affair, and before that they won the Super Bowl (in February of 2010).
Seems like a lot of empty Januarys, doesnt it? So now its just the same old thing for Giant fans, a massive letdown after another disappointing season ... rumors circulating on the identity of the next head coach ... questions about why the general manager has been retained ... wondering if quarterback Eli Manning is definitely going to leave (yeah, he is) ... it just goes on and on.

Results are in from the NFL players who vote to identify the league player who best exemplifies outstanding character and leadership in the home, on the field and in the community. Eli Manning of the New York Giants is the winner of the 2020 Athletes in Action/Bart Starr Award.

Jan 3 As the Giants front office begins its search for the teams next head coach, team president John Mara, chairman Steve Tisch and general manager Dave Gettleman spoke about the key qualities and attributes that the ideal candidate would possess.

It took winning only nine games in two seasons and nearly getting fired, but a humbled Dave Gettleman finally admitted his flawed approach to running the Giants.
The humbled general manager said hes willing to put his pride aside if its in the best interest of the organization. That means that if the next head coach desires more of a say in building the roster, Gettleman will acquiesce without so much as a peep of resistance.

Jan 2 Deep dive into the Giants seven head coach candidates Candidates, interviews and competition as the search continues. The Giants search for a new head coach began long before they fired Pat Shurmur.

Jan 1 Dave Gettleman took a beating in 12-round bout with media. Dave Gettleman in one corner, the media in the other corner, they should have held this one inside the squared circle at Madison Square Garden.
Dave Gettleman is right about 1 thing: He can still rescue the Giants (no, really). Gettleman shipped two draft picks to the Jets for defensive tackle Leonard Williams in late October, even though Williams will be a free agent at the end of the season.
Asked how he would grade his first two seasons as the teams general manager, Gettleman said, "Not good enough. Really, it hasnt been good enough." But he quickly added, "It will get better."

Dec 31 Giants part ways with Head Coach Pat Shurmur.
Daniel Jones, Giants
feeling guilty for Pat Shurmurs downfall.
Eli Manning: Everything is an option except the Giants.
Dave Gettlemans retention comes with firm Giants warning.
In wake of Giants firing, why Pat Shurmur never had a chance.
John Mara takeaways: How he thinks Giants will win in 2020.
Giants request to interview Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.
Giants coaching search: Why Matt Rhule makes sense as Pat Shurmurs replacement.
Matt Rhule the early favorite to replace Pat Shurmur as Giants head coach.

Dec 30 Giants lose to the Eagles 34-17.

On the Game Game 16
Gamegirl ..."I was really hoping the Giants could close out the season with a win..."
Mikefan ..."Coming off a 41-35 win over the Redskins you may have expected more..."

Injury-ravaged Eagles beat Giants 34-17 to win NFC East.
Instant Analysis: Giants lose season finale to Eagles, 34-17.
Giants report card: This was classic Pat Shurmur.
Giants hand Eagles playoff spot as Pat Shurmur firing looms.
Inside the Giants owners cruel Dave Gettleman dilemma.
The Giants must fire Pat Shurmur and Dave Gettleman in order to improve.
Giants takeaways from Sundays 34-17 loss to Eagles.
Eagles 34, Giants 17: By the Numbers.
Shurmur: Giants locker room is in better shape now than how he found it.
Barkley cracks 1,000-yard mark, but 4-12 record tells him there is more work to do.
Eagles win NFC East at Giants expense.
Philadelphia Eagles 34 - New York Giants 17.
Doug Pederson leads Eagles nobodies to NFC East title in his best season yet.

Game 16 Preview Giants (4-11) Eagles 8-7)
The Philadelphia Eagles have been chasing the Dallas Cowboys all season long. They had caught up, and then pulled ahead last week with a 17-9 home game win at Lincoln Financial Field.
Last Sunday the Giants scored their most points in any one game this season. Still, they needed an overtime period to finally come away with a 41-35 win over the Washington Redskins.

Dec 29 Sunday is expected to be Eli Mannings last game in a Giants uniform and he will spend the day on the sideline, as the backup to rookie Daniel Jones. When Manning exits, after 16 years, those in the building and within the franchise will be left with indelible memories of Eli the quarterback, No. 10, and Eli the person. Here are some of those memories...

Dec 28 Seven reasons why Giants could consider keeping Pat Shurmur for 2020. Shurmur is 9-22 through nearly two seasons with New York. there are definitely things working in Shurmurs favor and those factors will all get a long look from John Mara and Steve Tisch early next week.
Pat Shurmur stood there in the New York Giants field house following Thursdays practice talking with certainty about next year and what he believes will be the unveiling of a foundation created by playing so many young players in a lost season. The uncertainty is whether Shurmur will be around to see this rebuild bring success.
As soon as the scoreboard clock in Sundays Giants-Eagles game hits all zeroes, all eyes among Big Blue fans will turn to the teams ownership. Will coach Pat Shurmur return in 2020? Will general manager Dave Gettleman be back?

Dec 27 Two titles, 210 straight starts, one Eli: How Manning conquered New York. For a while there Archie Manning, who had his prime wasted by the hapless New Orleans Saints, wondered whether Eli or the coach, Tom Coughlin, would get run out of town first.

Dec 26 Giants must consider mayhem that comes with another coaching change. Continuity and stability are the hallmarks of any successful franchise, and the upheaval that enters the room when an entire coaching staff heads for the exit is real, disconcerting and counter-intuitive to long-term winning.

Dec 25 Heading into the final game of the season, the man who leads the New York Giants in receiving yards and touchdowns is rookie Darius Slayton, with 690 yards and 8 TDs.

Dec 24 The Giants will play their final game of the 2019 season on Sunday. They would like to force the Philadelphia Eagles to do the same. Despite those weighty stakes, the Giants focus in the game will not be how it affects the Eagles, but in playing well and ending the season with a three-game winning streak.

Giants cant fall into this dangerous Pat Shurmur trap. The entire body of work, and not the uptick the past few weeks, will be the measuring stick to determine Shurmurs fate, and just like Carlo had to answer for Santino, Shurmur will have to answer for the nine-game losing streak that spoiled this season rotten.
The Giants could be in the final countdown, with the clock possibly hitting zero on the Pat Shurmur era in less than a week. It would come as no surprise if the Giants fire Shurmur following their Week 17 game on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Dec 23 Giants win over the Redskins 41-35.
On the Game Game 15
Gamegirl ..."I liked what I saw today from Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley. I dont care about upcoming draft picks compared to seeing my team win..."
Mikefan ..."I didnt think this game would go into overtime, but it did..."

Jones throws for 5 TDs, Giants beat Redskins in overtime.
Instant Analysis: Jones, Barkley have monster games in 41-35 OT victory over Redskins.
Daniel Jones career day lifts Giants in overtime thriller.
Saquon Barkley makes history in eye-opening performance.
Daniel Jones has officially killed controversial Giants narrative.
Giants report card: Pat Shurmur isnt going quietly.
Are Giants in the midst of saving head coach Pat Shurmurs job?
Let yourselves be happy, Giants fans.
Giants rave about savage Daniel Jones after win at Redskins.
Saquon Barkleys career day powers Giants.
Giants takeaways from Sundays 41-35 win over Redskins.
Daniel Jones outduels Redskins Dwayne Haskins in first of many NFC East battles.
Giants edge Washington in overtime, 41-35.
New York Giants 41 - Washington Redskins 35 (OT).
The Redskins have found the perfect formula: Show some fight but lose anyway.

Game 15 Preview Giants (3-11) Redskins (3-11)
The Redskins are coming off a close game with the Philadelphia Eagles. The lead changed hands many times, but a touchdown with 26 seconds left put the Eagles up by four points. A fumble returned for a touchdown on the Redskins last drive, made the score 37-27 in favor of the Eagles.
On Sunday the Giants started Eli Manning, and they scored their highest points of the season. It was a 36-20 much needed win over the Miami Dolphins that ended their long 9 game losing streak.

Dec 22 Giants have simple goals for Daniel Jones over his final two starts of rookie season. "Going to the right guy with the football, getting the ball there on time, and accurately," offensive coordinator Mike Shula said following Thursdays practice. "Just the consistency of that decision-making."

This will be the first of ... how many? Daniel Jones starting at quarterback for the Giants, Dwayne Haskins behind center for the Redskins. A pair of 22-year old rookies drafted in the first round by rivals in the same division, closing out this decade with their first real duel when two bad teams with matching 3-11 records meet Sunday at FedEx Field.

Dec 21 Will Eli Manning go into broadcasting or coaching after NFL retirement? What will Manning, a lifelong football player born into the first family of the sport, do after retiring? One former teammate is not sure, but he thinks itll have nothing to do with the game -- not coaching, not broadcasting, nothing.

Dec 20 Wayne Gallmans disappearing playing time is a Giants mystery. Gallman has not knocked on Shurmurs door demanding an explanation as to how he slipped from 118 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown in Week 4 to a healthy scratch the past two games. That game, against this weeks opponent the Redskins, accounts for 55 percent of Gallmans yardage this season.

Former Giants
Tom Coughlin had no business running the Jaguars anymore 14 The Jaguars shouldve known Tom Coughlin would leave the roster in ruins. He already did it to them before.

Dec 19 An in-depth look at why the Giants shouldnt think about firing GM Dave Gettleman Rumors have Gettleman on the hot seat, but it wouldnt make sense for him to pack his things.

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