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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Here's 25 things you didn't know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands. Named after the team, Giants Stadium opened on October 10, 1976. Giants controversial move from New York to Jersey. First game at the Stadium. NY Giants -Wikipedia.
Warner DVD NFL: New York Giants -
10 Greatest Games


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2020 NY Giants Games
Sept 14   PittsburghL  26-16
Sept 20at ChicagoL  17-13
Sept 27   San FranciscoL  36-9
Oct 4 at Los AngelesL  17-9
Oct 11 at DallasL  37-34
Oct 18    Washington20-19
Oct 22 at PhiladelphiaL  22-21
Nov 2    Tampa BayL  25-23
Nov 8 at Washington23-20
Nov 15    Philadelphia27-17
Nov 29 at Cincinnati19-17
Dec 6 at Seattle17-12
Dec 13    ArizonaL  26-7
Dec 20     ClevelandL  20-6
Dec 27at BaltimoreL  27-13
Jan 3     Dallas24-19

2020 Final Standings
NY61003-53-5 280 357
Dallas61004-42-6  395 473

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Transcripts: Daniel Jones, Joe Judge, Dave Gettleman | Giants TV Schedule
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The New York Giants 2021 opponents - *2020 playoff teams.
Home:     Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, *Washington Redskins,
Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, *Los Angeles Rams, Las Vegas Raiders.

    Dallas Cowboys, *Philadelphia Eagles, *Washington Redskins,
*Kansas City Chiefs, *New Orleans Saints, *Chicago Bears, *Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Los Angeles Chargers.

NFL PLAYOFFS    Check out the game recaps and current headlines.

Jan 27 Eli Manning is the only quarterback alive who has this over Tom Brady - the seemingly ageless wonder who is headed to his 10th Super Bowl, his first with the Buccaneers. Brady is 6-3 in his previous Super Bowl appearances, all with the Patriots, and the first two losses came at the hands of Manning and the Giants.
"It's one of those things, it's not something I ever say or ever think a lot about,'' Manning told The Post. "I've been around Tom numerous times, and I've never brought up a Super Bowl or our games versus them. He actually brings it up. It still bothers him a little bit, especially the '07 one when they had the chance to go down as the greatest team of all time."

Jan 26 Special Report - So what if the Giants try a different way of making the team better and more capable of earning a post-season position? What if they used their 11th spot in the first round of the draft for that world-famous "best available athlete" and instead focused on veteran free agents? Need a wide receiver? Need a pass rusher? Need another piece for the secondary?
Well, it might make sense to try a veteran rather than make a colossal blunder on a rookie drafted too high, you know? There are many wide receiver mistakes in the history books, including some the Giants chose to anoint, such as Thomas Lewis (1994). And Ike Hilliard (1997) and Hakeem Nicks (2009) weren't exactly Pro Bowl products, either.
Current reports indicate that such wide receivers as Allen Robinson (Bears), JuJu Smith-Schuster (Steelers), Will Fuller (Texans) and Corey Davis (Titans), among others, are available for the right amount of cash.

Jan 23 They say you can't judge a team's performance in the NFL draft until at least two full seasons have passed. Well, that is where we are with the 2019 NFL draft, which saw the New York Giants select three players in the first round. Pro Football Focus is chiming in with their grades for the frost round of last year's draft and they have given the Giants an average grade overall on their three picks.

Jan 22 Five players who need to step up in 2021. One of the franchise's main goals has to be how to use their best assets on the field properly and efficiently and take the next step from a 6-10 team to a legit playoff-bound team that other opponents won't want to face.

Jan 21 Figuring out what Daniel Jones is, what he might become and projecting his legacy after he's through wearing a New York Giants uniform is more risky and uncertain now than it was a year ago. And that is unsettling. So much more should be known about Jones now, at 23 and two seasons into his NFL career, than what we thought we knew after his rookie year.

Jan 20 The NY Giants passed on Buffalo Bills' quarterback Josh Allen in the 2018 NFL Draft, and now must hope that Daniel Jones can take the same leap Allen did in year three of his career. Ironically, Allen's first two years were similar to Jones' -some flashy plays to go along with some ugly turnovers, leading to a front office unsure of what they have. Allen's Bills did more winning, but they also had a much more talented team around him.

Jan 19 Jason Garrett didn't get Chargers job, will likely return as Giants offensive coordinator: Why that's both good ... and bad. Giants general manager Dave Gettleman recently said he felt "antsy" about the possibility of losing offensive coordinator Jason Garrett to one of the NFL's vacant head coaching jobs. He's likely feeling a little less antsy now.

Jan 18 Joe Judge wants the Giants to take a break, mentally and physically, from the grind of the season. This does not mean a complete distancing from football. Not entirely. Most players tune into the playoff games. Many are engrossed in the sport they make a living in, or they have friends around the league they want to check in on, or they are scouring the market for a potential future employer. The bottom line is, they watch. When they do, Judge wants the entertainment viewing to also turn into a teaching moment.

Jan 17 The NY Giants this season went against a team in every game to be played in the divisional round of the 2020 NFL Playoffs. So, while the Giants won't be picking up any playoff experience this season, it doesn't mean they don't know what it would take to be there.

Former Giants
Eli Manning has been out of the NFL for a year now, and he hasn't had much choice but to be away from the game because of the coronavirus pandemic. But one thing the two-time Super Bowl winner did find was Twitter -- and a way to show a different side of his personality.

Jan 16 It would be difficult to classify James Bradberry's first season with the Giants as anything short of a success. Bradberry was a dominant force in Big Blue's secondary. Big Blue finished the year ranked ninth in points allowed and 12th in yards allowed, while their 22 passing touchdowns surrendered tied for the fifth-fewest in the league. The the secondary will likely look very similar to how it did in 2020. Bradberry, Logan Ryan, Jabrill Peppers, Xavier McKinney, Julian Love, and Darnay Holmes remain under contract, along with Isaac Yiadom, Madre Harper and several others.

Jan 15 It would be great if Jones came out of Duke setting the league on fire the way Justin Herbert did in 2020. Didn't happen, and doesn't happen for most young quarterbacks. Didn't happen for Eli Manning or Peyton Manning. Didn't really happen for Drew Brees until his fourth year in the league. Philip Rivers didn't play until his third season. Aaron Rodgers didn't play until his fourth year. The first 4,000-yard passing season of Tom Brady's career came in his sixth season.

Jan 14 The encore to the best game of Andrew Thomas' rookie season was ankle surgery. The Giants' left tackle posted a photo Wednesday on Instagram of his left foot wrapped in a cast, along with the caption "everything went well. Thanks for the prayers." Sources told The Post that Thomas had ankle surgery to correct an issue that was known when he entered the league and had nagged him since training camp. He waited to get it fixed without fear of doing further damage.

Jan 13 Joe Judge doesn't golf. He hasn't been hunting in a while. His off-season hobby is spending more time around the house with his family. While the offseason is a time to recharge, he can't fully take off the coaching cap. He spent much of the time texting with members of the staff about what they were seeing in the playoff games. He also told his players to do as much before they went their separate ways last week.

Former Giants
Devonta Freeman - Bills are signing RB Devonta Freeman. As long as Freeman tested negative for COVID-19 on Monday and continues to test negative through Friday, he could be available to play Saturday for the Bills but wouldn't be able to practice.

Jan 12 New York Giants QB Daniel Jones didn't take that step forward many hoped he would in his second season from a statistical perspective. But how much of that was on him versus his supporting cast? And is Colt McCoy worth bringing back on another contract?

Jan 11 Giants didn't get enough from wide receivers in 2020. The New York Giants have already made it clear. They need more playmakers for an offense that finished 31st in the NFL in 2020. Let's review the performance of the players the Giants used at wide receiver in 2020.

Jan 10 It may be early, but it's not a stretch to say that the NY Giants' already made their most important offseason move. When Patrick Graham was hired on January 17th, 2020, it wasn't met with much praise of fanfare. Now, he's become a vital piece of the team's future.

Jan 9 The Giants did a lot more right than they did in recent seasons. But there's still a long way to go in some areas, especially on offense. Here is a look at three statistical areas that are screaming for improvement.

Jan 8 NY Giants: 7 reasons to be excited about the future. - It's no surprise that the Giants' offense struggled in Saquon Barkley's absence. Even with strong play from Wayne Gallman, there's no substitute for a superstar like Barkley. And the offense has no where to go but up once he's ready.

Jan 7 Giants co-owner John Mara confirmed that Dave Gettleman would be returning as general manager in 2021 for his fourth season: "He's coming back." The biggest reason: Gettleman's positive collaboration with Giants coach Joe Judge, who just completed his first season on the job.

Jan 6 Patrick Graham will return for a second season as the New York Giants' defensive coordinator and assistant head coach after signing a contract extension with the team Tuesday. Graham decided against pursuing any head-coaching opportunities for 2021, including with the New York Jets, who had requested permission on Monday to interview him for their vacancy.

Jan 5 Joe Judge scolding Eagles is further proof he's right man for Giants. "We will never do that as long as I'm the head coach of the New York Giants." -- Joe Judge on Doug Pederson on Monday night.

Jan 4 Giants win over the Cowboys 23-19

On the Game - Game 16
Gamegirl ..."I like the way the Giants played today. There were some mishaps along the way, but they finished on a winng note.."
Mikefan ..."The Giants gave themselves a shot. We'll have to see how things turn out..."

Recap: Giants defeat Cowboys 23-19; now they wait
Giants one step closer to playoffs after thrilling win
Giants players, Eli Manning livid over Eagles' shenanigans
Giants miss playoffs after 'sickening' Eagles decision
Resilient New York Giants top Dallas Cowboys, 23-19
Giants eliminated from playoffs as Washington tops Philadelphia, 20-14
Giants outlast Cowboys 23-19, stay in running for NFC East
Eagles' questionable moves in loss to Washington keep Giants out of playoffs

Game 16 Preview - Giants (5-10) Cowboys (6-9)
The Cowboys got off to a slow start in their game with the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday. Once they pulled ahead, there was no stopping them. The Cowboys held the Eagles scoreless while they added 17 more points to finish with a 37-17 win.
The Giants were no match for the Baltimore Ravens in the first half of their game last week. They found themselves trailing 20-3. The Giants did better after that, holding the Ravens to just one more touchdown, but they still lost 27-13.

Jan 3 The 5-10 Giants hope to end a three-game losing streak when they host the 6-9 Dallas Cowboys, winners of their last three games, Sunday at 1 p.m. in MetLife Stadium. The losing team will begin its offseason Monday morning, while the winner will remain in contention for the NFC East title. For several hours. First place will be officially decided Sunday night, when Washington -- also 6-9 -- will clinch the championship if it wins in Philadelphia or hand it to the Giants/Cowboys winner with a loss.

Jan 2 The Giants probably won't get the help they are looking for on Sunday night. Friday, the Eagles ruled out nine players for their Week 17 matchup with the Washington Football Team. That's a tough break for the Giants who need the Eagles to beat Washington in order to have a shot at the NFC East title.

Jan 1 Team-first mentality and sense of accountability at both the player and coach level has defined Patrick Graham's defense in his first year as the Giants' defensive coordinator. He took a team that was ranked in the bottom 10 of the league in yards allowed per game and catapulted them to 13th overall in 2020. Over the course of many close games this season, the defense has kept the Giants competitive.

Dec 31 Giants face tough task: Keeping up with the Cowboys. Can they keep up? Judging from what transpired the past five weeks and, really, for much longer than that, the answer is no. For the Giants to keep alive their strange-but-true playoff-aspiration reality, the answer might have to be yes.

Dec 30 Daniel Jones must show Giants he is their franchise QB in pivotal finale against Cowboys. The Giants have more than a potential NFC East Division title and playoff berth riding on a Week 17 game with Dallas.

Dec 29 Giants aren't apologizing for wild NFL playoff scenario. Blake Martinez saw his head coach get fired in December 2018 and played in two meaningless games. What happened to the Packers then is what normally happens to six-win teams in the NFL. This is not. If Martinez's Giants beat the Cowboys on Sunday to get to six wins, they have a chance to become the first-ever 10-loss playoff team, win a division title and host a wild-card game.

Dec 28
Giants lose to the Ravens 27-13

On the Game - Game 15
Gamegirl ..."This game felt like a repeat of the game last week, or maybe the one before. I can't keep track..."
Mikefan ..."The Giants did something today that they don't do very often. No, they didn't win a game. They threw for a passing touchdown. They have just 9 on the year, 30 last year..."

Game Recap: Giants fall to Ravens, 27-13
Giants' playoff hopes on life support after terrible loss
Giants' playoff possibility is downright absurd
Giants need Daniel Jones to push them across ugly finish line
The Giants' best asset was demolished by Ravensd
As Giants season crumbles, there is 1 person to blame: Dave Gettleman
Giants still alive after loss to Ravens, because Eagles, Washington stink
Six NY Giants to blame for 27-13 blowout loss to Baltimore Ravens

Game 15 Preview - Giants (5-9) Ravens (9-5)
The Baltimore Ravens had a 26-0 halftime lead over the Jacksonville Jaguars in their game on Sunday. They finished up with a 40-14 win, and have now won three straight games.
On Sunday night the Giants took their second loss in a row. The Cleveland Browns had them down 13-3 at the half, and the final score was 20-6.

Dec 27 Daniel Jones is expected to start Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens after missing last week's game with ankle and hamstring injuries, a source told ESPN. Jones, who was listed as questionable for the game, passed all the checkpoints this week at practice. Coach Joe Judge was looking to see if Jones could protect himself on the field and have some of the mobility that allowed him to be a running threat prior to the injury.

Dec 26 The New York Giants and safety Logan Ryan agreed to a new three-year extension that will tie him to the team through 2023, a source confirmed to ESPN. The deal is worth $30 million with $20 million guaranteed, according to the source. The two sides, led by Giants assistant general manager Kevin Abrams and agent Joel Segal, worked through Christmas Eve to get the deal done, per the source. It's now a nice gift for all having been finalized on Christmas Day. Ryan, 29, earned the extension with his strong play this season.

Dec 25 Giants have expensive Leonard Williams decision to make. Leonard Williams got a big contract after a quiet season. What's he in store for following a big season? That's a major question for the direction of the Giants' offseason.

Dec 24 Special Report - If you thought Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray were problems for the Giants, just wait for Lamar Jackson to get started Sunday afternoon. He's the Baltimore Ravens' quarterback, yet another first-round draft choice (2018) and so far this season he has completed 215 of 332 passes for 2,461 yards and 21 touchdowns - and he has rushed 135 times for 828 yards (that's 6.1 per trip) and scored seven times. So what about their quarterback, Daniel Jones, who missed last week's loss to Cleveland because of a sprained Achilles tendon and a sprained ankle? Will he play?

Dec 23 Week 16 in the NFL season is here and the entire NFC East still has a chance. The Giants need to pull off the upset against the Ravens in Baltimore. A loss Sunday and a Washington win would eliminate the Giants from contention. If Washington loses, regardless of what happens against the Ravens, the Giants would remain alive in Week 17. Their hope would be flickering, though, if the Eagles beat the Cowboys.

Dec 22 This unique NFL season took another twist for James Bradberry and Evan Engram, who learned they earned their first Pro Bowl selections although the game will not actually be played. Bradberry is the first Giants cornerback to be voted in since Janoris Jenkins in 2016, while Engram is the team's first Pro Bowl tight end since Jeremy Shockey in 2006.

Dec 21
Giants lose to the Browns 20-6

On the Game - Game 14
Gamegirl ..."I was feeling good. The Giants were going to score on their first drive in this game with either a touchdown or a field goal, but then..."
Mikefan ..."The Giants had a chance to move into first place. There are only two more games left to do that..."

Recap: Giants generate little in 20-6 loss to Browns
Giants completely outclassed in worrisome loss
Giants on the brink after big gamble comes up short
Giants' 20-6 loss to Browns exposed 3 huge weaknesses
Giants' loss to Browns reveals harsh truth: Their playoff hopes are toast
Giants takeaways from 20-6 loss to Browns, including dropping to third place in NFC East
Mayfield sets team completion percentage record in 20-6 victory over the Giants

Game 14 Preview - Giants (5-8) Browns (9-4)
On Monday night the Cleveland Browns played one heck of a game with the Baltimore Ravens. There was plenty of football action, but the Browns ended up on the losing side of a 47-42 score. The Giants game a day earlier was much less exciting, at least for their fans. The Arizona Cardinals controlled the whole game, and left MetLife Stadium with a 26-7 win.

Dec 20 Joe Judge choosing Colt McCoy on Sunday night against the Browns instead of Daniel Jones feels like one of those damned-if-you-do damned if you don't situations. It is the right call, if only because Judge saw the need to protect his young franchise quarterback from himself and live to fight another day with him ... and hindsight being 20/20, if he had sat Jones last week, he likely would have had him available for this week.

Dec 19 Giants await decision on Daniel Jones for Sunday. If Joe Judge knows whether Jones will play, he isn't ready to reveal it. The second-year quarterback is listed as questionable on the team's final injury report of the week. Jones has injuries to his right hamstring and left ankle. The former prevented him from playing two weeks ago in Seattle and he sustained the latter injury last week against Arizona. If Jones can't play, Colt McCoy will start. McCoy played the entire game in the Giants' victory against the Seahawks.

Dec 18 Cleveland Browns are 4.5 point favorites over NY Giants. Who knows the last time the Browns were an odds-on favorite to win a road game in late December? The last time the Browns beat the Giants in New York was on December 1, 1985.

Dec 17 Daniel Jones suffered 2nd leg injury, putting status for Browns game in doubt. Wednesday, coach Joe Judge said that Jones has "another lower leg issue" in addition to the hamstring injury the Giants quarterback was already dealing with from a few weeks ago.

Dec 16 As he routinely does on his Zoom calls with reporters, Joe Judge gave detailed and thoughtful responses to numerous queries, which unsurprisingly focused on quarterback Daniel Jones. But the coach's two most significant responses can be condensed to these: no (he doesn't lament playing Jones) and yes (Jones will start again Sunday night against Cleveland if he's able).

Dec 15 The last thing expected from a Joe Judge-coached team is happening to the Giants at the worst possible time. Special teams - albeit three different units - have made critical mistakes to gift points to the opponent in three straight games. The Bengals returned a kickoff for a touchdown. The Seahawks blocked a punt for a safety. And the Cardinals forced a kickoff-return fumble Sunday that set up their offense at the 21-yard line and led to the decisive touchdown in a 26-7 victory.

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