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The Post ranks the most memorable NFL moments at Giants Stadium. Here's 25 things you didn't know about the Giants. Plenty of Meadowlands memories as Giants Stadium enters final season. The Top 10 Giants moments at the Meadowlands. Named after the team, Giants Stadium opened on October 10, 1976. Giants controversial move from New York to Jersey. First game at the Stadium. NY Giants -Wikipedia.
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2019 NY Giants Games
Sept 8at DallasL  35-17
Sept 15    BuffaloL  28-14
Sept 22at Tampa Bay32-31
Sept 29     Washington24-3
Oct 6     MinnesotaL  28-10
Oct 10at New EnglandL  35-14
Oct 20    ArizonaL  27-21
Oct 27at DetroitL  31-26
Nov 4     DallasL  37-18
Nov 10at JetsL  34-27
Nov 24at ChicagoL  19-14
Dec 1     Green BayL  31-13
DEC 9at PhiladelphiaL  23-17
DEC 15     Miami36-20
DEC 22at Washington41-35
DEC 29     PhiladelphiaL  34-17
2019 Preseason Games
Aug 8    Jets31-22
Aug 16    Chicago32-13
Aug 22at Detroit25-23
Aug 29at New England31-29

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Transcripts: Daniel Jones, Joe Judge, Dave Gettleman | Giants TV Schedule
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2020 Regular Season Schedule
Mon 9/14   Pittsburgh7:15 PM Sun 11/15    Philadelphia1:00 PM
Sun 9/20at Chicago1:00 PMBye Week
Sun 9/27   San Francisco1:00 PM Sun 11/29at Cincinnati1:00 PM
Sun 10/4at Los Angeles4:05 PM Sun 12/6at Seattle4:05 PM
Sun 10/11at Dallas4:25 PM Sun 12/13    Arizona1:00 PM
Sun 10/18   Washington1:00 PM Sun 12/20    Cleveland1:00 PM
Thu 10/22at Philadelphia8:20 PM Sun 12/27at Baltimore1:00 PM
Mon 11/2   Tampa Bay8:15 PM Sun 1/3    Dallas1:00 PM
Sun 11/8at Washington1:00 PM Complete Schedules - All Teams
2020 Preseason Schedule
Thu 8/13at NY Jets7:30 PM Sat 8/29    Green Bay6:00 PM
Sat 8/22at Tennessee8:00 PM Thu 9/3    New England7:00 PM

2020 NFL Draft - New York Giants
1Round 1 - 4th pick (4) Andrew ThomasOT
2Round 2 - 4th pick (36)Xavier McKinneyS
3Round 3 - 35th pick (99)Matt PeartyOT
4Round 4 - 4th pick (110)Darnay HolmesCB
5 Round 5 - 4th pick (150)Shane LemieuxG
6 Round 6 - 4th pick (183)Cam BrownLB
7Round 7 - 4th pick (218)Carter CoughlinLB
8 Round 7 - 15th pick (238)T.J. BrunsonLB
9Round 7 - 24nd pick (247)Chris WilliamsonCB
10Round 7 - 32nd pick (255)Tae CrowderLB
NFL Draft tracker by round - All the picks  l  NFL Draft - Team-by-team picks and grades.
NFL Draft grades for all 32 teams. | Grades for every team - who aced? | Experts grade the Giants.

Aug 8 Cornerback DeAndre Baker will be prosecuted in Florida on four counts of robbery with a firearm, Broward State Attorney Mike Satz announced Friday. If convicted, Baker faces a mandatory minimum of 10 years and up to life in state prison. Baker, 22, is unlikely to play another down for the Giants.

NFL News
NFL changes coronavirus testing protocols after Matthew Stafford false positive.

Aug 7 Identifying the biggest missing element in the Giants' pass rush. For the last several years, the Giants coaches, players, and even general manager Dave Gettleman have tried to calm frustrated Giants fans by telling them that the scheme will fix all that ails the pass rush. Except it hasn't. According to league stats, the last time the Giants ranked in the top-10 in sacks per pass attempts was in 2014. That year, they recorded 47.0 sacks despite only managing 284 total pressures.

Aug 6 For Joe Judge to achieve even a measure of success this season for the Giants, there will have to be more - much more - of what went down to bring Markus Golden back into the fold. When the Giants back on April 27 dusted off the rarely used "May 5" or "Unrestricted free agent" tender, it was generally assumed Judge brought this little trick with him from New England where he saw Bill Belichick use it on running back LeGarrette Blount in May 2017.

Aug 5 If Daniel Jones is to meet his Giant expectations, he must first master the little obligations that are vital to all successful NFL quarterbacks. Jones is no different from the other offensive players in that he is trying to master a new scheme. But his performance will largely dictate how successful the team is in executing it.

Aug 2 When Joe Judge filled out his Giants coaching staff heavily with former college coaches, there was some logic behind that. It was a smart tactic for the NFL Draft, bringing in a group of coaches that had direct familiarity with many of the players coming into the league this year, or could tap into the resources to learn about others.

Aug 1 Joe Judge will try to make this football season as normal as possible, knowing it is likely improbable. "There are unknowns in every season going in," the Giants' first-year coach said on a Zoom call with reporters today. "This year is no different, it just has a different element that we haven't dealt with before. As we go, we'll see how things change and how they shake out. Right now, we are looking to go ahead and build the strongest team we can."

Former Giants
Tom Coughlin was hospitalized for one night last weekend after a bicycle accident left him with four broken ribs, a collapsed lung and required stitches in his head.

Jul 30 Giants left tackle Nate Solder, who started every game the previous two seasons, has opted out of the 2020 NFL season due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Under the agreement reached last week between the NFL and the Players Association, players can choose not to play in the upcoming season without penalty. The opt-out is irrevocable.

Jul 28 Training camp 2020: It's on! Although it might have been touch and go there for a bit at the end of the day there was just too much at stake for both sides not to get an agreement done so that training camp could get started. That's where things currently stand. The Giants, whose rookies have already undergone their two rounds pf COVID-19 testing, and up next the Giants veterans, who report to camp on Tuesday.

Jul 27 Special Report - In the last few days, the NFL and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) hashed out details, made concessions, smoothed out the rough spots and came to an agreement on exactly how and when to open training camps and get this show on the road. So, beginning this week, if it hasn't already happened around the league, players will arrive, be tested for the COVID-19 virus, be given physicals and take in the processes and procedures for Training Camp 2020 (The Pandemic Edition).
For now, there is a blueprint for how things will work, as long as the virus doesn't take over and shut it all down. There is little doubt that there are alternate blueprints in a room someplace that consider a slowdown or even a shutdown of the season if problems arise. Here are some of the key details

Jul 26 Hours after releasing Aldrick Rosas on Sunday, the Giants found their replacement, signing former Jets kicker Chandler Catanzaro, an individual with knowledge of the signing confirmed to NJ Advance Media. Catanzaro, 29, is entering his seventh NFL season after originally signing as an undrafted free agent out of Clemson by the Arizona Cardinals in 2014.

The extra hurdle Joe Judge faces heading into Giants camp. The best teams are the most cohesive teams, and cohesion is born out of familiarity. All this is counterintuitive amid a pandemic, and all this is exactly what falls at the feet of Judge, a first-time head coach thrown into the deep end of the NFL pool at age 38.

Jul 25 The Giants have not told DeAndre Baker to stay away. And so he is planning on coming back. The troubled 2019 first-round draft pick, arrested on four counts of armed robbery and four counts of aggravated assault in Florida, is expecting to report to training camp, alongside other veteran players, on Tuesday.

Jul 21 There will be no preseason in 2020, and that could have a particularly unfortunate impact on the Giants, a young team with a new coaching staff and a roster full of new players. If any team could've used a preseason game or two, the Giants would be at, or near, the top of the list. Yes, the games are meaningless. But there won't be many chances for coach Joe Judge to watch his players in pads. The schedule the NFLPA is pushing for only calls for 10 padded practices before the start of the season.

Jul 20 Giants' 2020 Roster Report Card: Grading the Quarterbacks. For the first time since 2004, you won't see Eli Manning's name among the Giants quarterbacks list ahead of training camp. Manning's retirement aside, an argument could certainly be made that the Giants upgraded their quarterback spot compared to where it was this time last year, and here's why.

Jul 19 Giants believe Nate Solder can put woeful season behind him. New head coach Joe Judge knows what he is getting with Solder, more so than with any other player on his roster, other than, perhaps, former Patriots special teams ace Nate Ebner. Solder got to New England in 2011 as a first-round pick. A year later, Judge arrived as the assistant special teams coach. They spent eight seasons together - plenty of time to forge a relationship and learn what makes one another tick.

Jul 18 The virtual Saquon Barkley must not be as good as the real deal. At least that is what this year's Madden NFL 21 data says about the New York Giants running back. Barkley was the top running back choice for NFL insiders in a recent ESPN survey, but was tied for the fifth-best grade at his position in this year's Madden video game.

Jul 16 The Giants went into the offseason with shoring up the offensive line as one of the team's top priorities. They achieved their goal after drafting three offensive linemen in the first five rounds of April's NFL Draft, including the selection of Georgia offensive tackle with the No. 4 overall pick.

Jul 14 There will be no long-term extension for defensive tackle Leonard Williams. The deadline for franchise players to sign long-term deals is 4 p.m. on Wednesday. That deadline will come and go with no contract agreement, meaning Williams is not allowed to sign a multi-year deal until after the 2020 season.

Jul 12 Giants' Andrew Thomas forming bond with Nate Solder. Thomas went fourth overall and is expected to protect quarterback Daniel Jones and create space for running back Saquon Barkley for years to come. The Georgia product is one of the Giants' highest draft picked ever at his position.

Jul 11 A search warrant shows evidence that New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar paid off their alleged victims of an armed robbery.
DeAndre Baker's lawyer disputes allegations: Witness wasn't paid off. DeAndre Baker did not pay off any witnesses and a new warrant that surfaced on Friday will help exonerate him, one of the attorneys for the Giants cornerback told The Post.

Jul 10 Giants' Nate Solder, B.J. Hill and Wayne Gallman must step it up. One down season is cause for alarm and two of them, coming in successive years, is enough to grease the skids for an ouster. Add in the presence of a new coaching staff and the urgency to impress now, not later, increases exponentially.

Jul 8 Co-owner John Mara has made it clear that Dave Gettleman is on thin ice. Mara wants to see progress now. He is sick and tired of losing. Here's what the Giants' general manager must accomplish to finish rebuild - and keep his job.

Jul 7 In 2019, the Giants made edge rusher Oshane Ximines the first NFL draft pick in Old Dominion football history. After passing on edge rushers in the first two and a half rounds, a position seen as one of the Giants' greatest needs, general manager Dave Gettleman took a chance on the Queens, New York native, with the 95th overall selection, a pick acquired from the Cleveland Browns in the Odell Beckham Jr trade.

Jul 3 Safety Xavier McKinney prides himself on being comfortable in any situation. Wow, 2020 is putting that to the test. McKinney and the Giants wrapped up the virtual off-season program two weeks ago, setting the stage for training camp as the first opportunity the team will see each other in person this year. The Alabama product said it will be a challenge, at first, just because the team has not been on the field together yet. But he believes everyone prepared the best they could.

Jul 2 NFL to cut preseason schedule in half. What does that mean for annual NY Giants-Jets game? Currently the Giants and Jets are scheduled to play each other on Aug. 13 in what would be the opener for both teams. That matchup would be wiped out if the NFL does not alter its existing schedule.

Jul 2 NFL to cut preseason schedule in half. What does that mean for annual NY Giants-Jets game? Currently the Giants and Jets are scheduled to play each other on Aug. 13 in what would be the opener for both teams. That matchup would be wiped out if the NFL does not alter its existing schedule.

Jun 28 Giants gifting Andrew Thomas left tackle job would be mistake. Make him earn it. By all means, provide Andrew Thomas immediate access to compete for a starting job as a rookie. Anything short of Thomas lining up with the first team for the Giants on opening day will be a disappointment for the first-round pick. Just make sure he embarks on his NFL career at right tackle, even though he was selected to be the left tackle of the future.

Jun 25 16 early Giants predictions for 2020: Dave Gettleman's fate (and trades), Xavier McKinney's award, Daniel Jones for 4,000 yards.

Jun 22 Giants give season ticket holders choice whether to keep tickets in 2020 due to coronavirus | How PSL owners will be impacted.

Former Giants
Eli Manning - Giants President and CEO John Mara told the media that Manning's No. 10 jersey number would be retired into the franchise's Ring of Honor. The Giants won't be the only ones retiring the legend's number. Ole Miss Vice Chancellor for Intercollegiate Athletics Keith Carter announced on Monday that Manning will have his No. 10 uniform number retired during the Auburn football game on September 19.

Former Giants
David Tyree is no longer with the New York Giants organization as director of player development. It's a role he's held since 2014, after spending most of his playing career with the team. Tyree will currently concentrate his time and efforts on a Clean Juice shop he's been opening in Morristown, New Jersey. The move came after the Giants completely restructured their player engagement area this offseason.

Jun 21 On Father's Day, Giants' Joe Judge remembers his late dad. This is the third Father's Day Giants coach Joe Judge will spend without his dad, named Joseph at birth and called "Joskie" by almost everyone. Those closest to their parents feel the loss, every day, and especially at times like this.

Jun 17 Giants kicker Aldrick Rosas was arrested and jailed for misdemeanor hit-and-run and driving on a suspended license, according to a California Highway Patrol incident report. Alcohol impairment is believed to be a factor in the crash.

Jun 16 If the Giants are to have any chance whatsoever at a playoff berth this season, they must get off to a fast start and come out with a winning record against their NFC East division opponents. But if analyst Adam Rank's forecast comes anywhere close to fruition, it looks like the Giants are headed for another disappointing year.

Jun 14 Special Report - So what's new in Giants Land? Not too much, to be honest. The team has finished with its virtual meetings, missed the entire off-season workout program, all Organized Team Activities (OTAs) and will not hold any minicamps. Next up, we are told, will be formal training camps at a date yet to be determined. As per NFL mandate, all camps must be held at team facilities, not at an outside location.
According to many reports, all clubs will start camp on the same day; there is a strong possibility that teams will circle July 28 on the calendar. There have also been reports that the preseason will be cut to two games to give teams more time to prepare after missing the entire offseason Could a shortened preseason become the new normal in future years?

Jun 13 Daniel Jones needs to find balance in his play to take off in 2020. Time will tell if Jones becomes a quality NFL quarterback, but the foundation for him to be a long term starter for the Giants is there. Jones has big shoes to fill as he officially becomes the face of the Giants' franchise - his rookie year should leave Giants fans feeling hopeful that he can competently step into that role.

Jun 11 Daniel Jones should give offense a boost with aggressiveness downfield. Jones has a long way to go before reaching the heights of Manning's career as a two-time Super Bowl champion. However, if Jones maintains his aggressiveness, improves on his disappointing 29.6 completion percentage on passes thrown more than 20 yards downfield, while playing behind an improved offensive line, the Giants' offense could be in for a quick turnaround in 2020.

Jun 9 The New York Giants remain a long way from NFC East contention, but their offseason moves suggest that tides could turn. ason Garrett, the former Cowboys head coach who became the Giants' offensive coordinator in January, will likely carry with him many of the Cowboys' ideologies to East Rutherford.

Jun 6 The Giants have vastly improved their roster this off-season after addressing several holes on the team throughout free agency and the draft. However, one area they did not address was the wide receiver position. Instead of devoting premium free agency money and/or a draft pick, they instead signed three undrafted free agents to compete with some returning players who were on the practice squad last year.

Jun 4 Giants bigwigs among limited attendees at reopened facility. It had to start somewhere, and for the Giants, opening up their practice and training facility on Wednesday was that start.

Jun 2 As the Giants try to mold Daniel Jones into one of the NFL's top quarterbacks, expect more than a couple of pages to be ripped from the playbook the Dallas Cowboys used to develop Dak Prescott.

May 28 The Giants will be a better-coached team in 2020 than they were the past two years. This statement, at the present time, must be filed away as opinion, although a sampling of interested observers inside and outside the Giants facility are in agreement this will turn out to be a truism.

May 27 Giants move closer to returning on limited basis. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced Tuesday morning that professional sports teams in the state may return to training and even competition "if their leagues choose to move in that direction."

May 24 Special Report - Well, Giants Nation, one of the more progressive "sports books" in Vegas came out with the early point spreads for all games on the schedule this season, so I thought it might be fun to dive in and see where it feels that the "experts" are not giving the Giants enough credit, and in other cases, where they may have given them too much respect.
I realize very few E-GIANTS readers actually bet the games, so consider this a metaphorical exercise just to assess how these games stack up competitively on the schedule, at least as far as the wagering authorities are concerned. Without further ado, here are the lines, and the direction I am leaning vs. the point spread given.

May 23 It's hard to predict how things will unfold for a rookie head coach like the Giants' Joe Judge. But Judge has a good shot of winning his first game in 2020, at home against the Steelers on a Monday night, Sept. 14.

May 20 Whatever went down last week at the Miramar, Fla., house party happened in another room, and DeAndre Baker barely caught a glimpse of it. Why? Because he was playing "Madden." This is the latest defense of the Giants cornerback accused of serious crimes that, if found guilty, could detonate his NFL career.

May 19 Dave Gettleman did his part in revamping Giants' offensive line. The pursuit of the goal, oft-stated by general manager Dave Gettleman, reached a fever pitch after the Giants took offensive linemen with three of their first five picks in the 2020 NFL Draft. This, Gettleman said, hopefully solved the problems in this area "once and for all."

May 18 DeAndre Baker's the victim of a 'shakedown,' says Giant cornerback's attorney Attorney Patrick G. Patel. For now, Baker is out on $200,000 bond and temporarily staying at Patel's house in Florida. Eventually, Patel said, they will petition the court to transfer his bond to New Jersey so Baker can rejoin the Giants.
There have been plenty of twists and turns in the case of DeAndre Baker. The prosecutor found it "suspect" that the witnesses recanted within 36 hours of their original statements. Ultimately, the judge heard enough to deem Baker and Quinton Dunbar eligible for bond, against the prosecution's wishes.

May 17 In the wake of DeAndre Baker's arrest on four counts of armed robbery and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, much has been made about "red flags" surfacing regarding Baker prior to the 2019 NFL Draft.

May 16 Late Friday night, Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker had yet to turn himself in to Miramar Police in Florida, even after his attorney issued a statement via Instagram proclaiming his clients' innocence. The 22-year-old had a warrant issued for his arrest on Thursday with charges including four counts of armed robbery and four counts of aggravated assault.

Cornerback was a huge need for the Giants when the offseason began, which is why the biggest chunk of free-agency spending went to James Bradberry to start opposite Baker. Here is a look at the top available options.

May 15 Arrest warrants have been issued in South Florida for New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar in connection to an armed robbery investigation.
If convicted, how long could Baker go behind bars? What exactly happened in the alleged crime? What does it mean for his NFL future? Here are nine things to know about the incident and what could come next.

May 14 There are naysayers who do not believe in Daniel Jones the way Joe Judge and the Giants believe in him, and not because of his toughness and mobility and poise and makeup and how accurately he throws the football. It is almost entirely because of how careless he was with the football since taking the football from Eli Manning. He fumbled 18 times - 12 passing, six rushing. He lost 11 fumbles.
If things were right, Giants quarterback Daniel Jones would be in New Jersey right now. He'd have already spent weeks over at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center with his teammates, working out, getting ready for the season. Instead of throwing to Darius Slayton and Evan Engram, he's tossing the ball around with some local college kids and old high school friends.

May 13 No one can say for certain when the Giants will debut their new schemes on the practice field, let alone in games. Until then, fans - and opponents - will have to wait. Joe Judge, however, just provided the best glimpse yet as to what anybody can expect.

May 12 The Giants have begun the process of scouting potential training camp sites outside of their team facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey, should it be their only option this summer.

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